tagLesbian SexPittsburgh Women Ch. 01

Pittsburgh Women Ch. 01


I am Katarina, but everyone calls me Kathy. We Pittsburghers are a pretty traditional bunch, from a neighborhood of tough-guy Polish people. My Dad is a life-long steel workers union member, now forced to retire with a plant closing after 30 years. My Mom can cook, clean and drink beer with the best of them. We grew up in the Catholic Church and with big holidays and heavy lessons of guilt and suffering.

This was the example for my older sister and me. I followed the example, but Paulina never did.

We all knew she was different from an early age. Prettier, and more charming than me, she never enjoyed being dainty or shy. I was always her height even though she was 3 years older. I had long legs, knobby knees and broad shoulders like a football player or coal miner. Yet I was the dainty one, who liked to cook and play with dolls. I envied her looks, but I just watched as she invited trouble.

She was strong and independent, and when her hormones took over, she took a surprising turn to seduce girls. She never even kissed a boy. Not even when she was young, so we should have known. We were surprised by the fervor and quantity of conquests she had.

The whole town sighed in relief when my sister left for college. She finished her Bachelors degree and stated graduate school the same year I started community college. We always figured she would be whooping it up in lesbian bars and corrupting freshman girls.

As my sister pursued her master's degree, she also pursued one particular woman, Donna. After a few weeks my sister announced that she was the one and was going to settle down with her.

For my sister this was a big step, almost incomprehensible. My sister screwed everyone in town, my friend's sisters, teachers, people wives, and she'd also pickup women in lesbian bars for one night stands. She slept with femmes, butches, doms and women of various races, too. We never expected her to stop fucking a dangerous variety.

I always dated guys --big Polish guys. Not Quarterbacks, linebackers, and offensive tackles--heavy, sweaty, muscular boys who didn't talk much. I'd get one rose on Valentine's Day, and a funky cheap catholic necklace at Christmas. These boys expected either intercourse or a blowjob.

My current boyfriend was Olek and he was a little more interesting than the others. I met him in community college where he played ice hockey. He was taking calculus courses. He would eat more than steak and potatoes, and this made him more interesting than most boys. As a matter of fact, he ate everything, and loads of it. He had quite an appetite.

After a big meal, he offered to eat my pussy. He was terrible at it, but he still scored brownie points. I bought him brownies then next day.

My sister was bringing Donna, her roommate, special girlfriend, partner, or whatever for thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving was strange. My Dad and Mom were totally chummy with her, hugging her and welcoming her into the family. They were even going to let them sleep together in Donna' s bedroom. Rather accommodating, to say the least.

She seemed like a normal girl, actually plain in many ways. She didn't have a hot, curvaceous body, and wasn't especially sexy or perverted and I wondered what my sister saw in her. Obviously, the only odd thing I knew about was that she slept with my sister, rolling around, licking each other everywhere.

Olek said he was ok coming to Thanksgiving Dinner with my sister and new lover, but in reality he wasn't. He ate enough, but he provoked an argument with Paulina, and my sister is one to never back down. She argues from facts and she traps people in their own words.

Poor Olek never had a chance. Once, she picked him apart, he just blew up and stormed out of dinner. Olek didn't eat desert. News flash!

Well I guess I had to skip my mother's pie and ice cream. "You'd better save some for me," as I ran out the door behind him. I thought he wanted to punch something, but might settle for a cold November drive and blowjob.

In reality, he just wanted to punch something, and demolished our mailbox with his bare hands. He hopped in his car, stomped the gas, burning rubber and drove off without me.

Thankfully, I got to eat my dessert. Still I wasn't in the mood to socialize, so after cleaning up dishes and packing leftovers, I decided to retreat to take a relaxing bath and sleep early.

Several hours later, I was awakened hearing clunking footsteps from people coming upstairs. My bedroom is right next to my sister's, so that night I was treated to squeals and moans from my sister and her lesbian friend. "Oh, Oh, Oh my god! Oh, I'm coming," somebody screamed, until they started giggling together and shushing each other.

The next morning was awkward, too. I cooked and cleaned with Mom so I could keep busy. My sister was lazy and happy to be served. Donna was trying to not make herself a nuisance. She offered to help clean plates, and refill coffee.

My mother, Dad and Donna went into the others to show baby photos, and Paulina and I were left alone in the kitchen.

Paulina looked at me very seriously, and said, "If anything ever happens to me, I want to swear that you will help take care of Donna."

"C'mon," I said, "What are you talking about? You're immortal, a cat with nine lives."

"No, I'm serious," she replied. "Do you remember how in Medieval times if a man's brother died, then the other brother would take her in and clothe, feed and protect her , too? That's what I'm talking about. Kathy, I want you to promise for me."

As much as I tried to deflect the topic, she was very stubborn about this point until I agreed.

One final thing she discussed was too much information. "Kathy, I know that you are not a lesbian, and may not enjoy it, but if you ever want to have sex with Donna, I would give you permission. She is such a fantastic lover, and has the most amazing body."

"Shut up," I shot back, "I don't want to hear your shit. Last night, I could hear you guys up all night in the next room."

"No, seriously," continued, "She has the biggest most amazing nipples. When they are in my mouth I am like a baby again."

"Oh, my God, shut up," I squealed.

"And the most amazing thing," she said, "is her clitoris. It swells up several inches like a mini-penis. You gotta try it sometime. You will never go back to men."

"Och! I can't listen to this BS anymore. I can't believe I have such a wacko for a sister."

So they returned to Grad School, and I was left without a boyfriend, and decide to get a part time job for the holidays.

Almost a month later, we were expecting my sister for Christmas. It was snowing a few inches that night, but nothing too unusual for western Pennsylvania. She was not coming with Donna this time, who was travelling to see her own parents.

My Mother received the fateful phone call from the State Police. "I'm sorry to call with bad news Ma'am, but your daughter's been involved in a serious car accident. She is in critical care and was transported by helicopter from the Turnpike."

We all drove slowly to the hospital, and my sister never regained consciousness. She stayed in a coma for several days, and died on Christmas Day, the same day the Jesus Christ was born.

My Dad felt guilty for letting her drive, and everyone of us expressed some regret that we didn't support her or love her well enough. I know that it was true of me. All those tough Polish people reduced to weakness and suffering.

We had somber church services, and we met Donna's entire family, and many of Paulina's college friends. All those people had finally come together for Paulina, dressed in black and crying. Olek and several of my other ex-boyfriends showed up.

A hush fell on my life and my parents' too. We were grateful to have responsibility and obligation, as a reason to wake up the next day. The bleak, dark winter snowed often, until February, when Donna called me from her college apartment. She wanted me to come and go through Paulina's clothes, books, photos, etc, and she could settle everything.

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