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Pizza's Here


"You two take care now."

"Bye mom." Gen called, closing the front door.

"I cannot believe your parents are letting you have an open house for the weekend." squealed Natalie.

"I know. I don't see why it would be a problem. We're both eighteen now anyway. You're folks are okay with you spending the night, right?"

"Totally. As long as I call tomorrow morning, I'm good to go."

"We are going to have so much fun tonight."

Genevieve Gordon and Natalie Miller had been best friends since their early childhood. Both were in high school and considered popular by the general population. At homecoming they had a dead even tie for homecoming queen and shared the crown. There almost twin personalities paralleled there similar appearances.

Gen was the taller and curvier of the two. She had bright blue eyes that always seemed to have a cheerful glitter to them. Her hair was a mix of ash and dirty blonde that came down just past her shoulders. Her round faced accentuated her full pink lips and lightly freckled cheeks. Two apple-sized breasts sat perky on her chest. Her pale skin was like ivory. Of the two girls she was the risk taker. This weekend she was determined to break any boundary previously laid down.

Natalie was about an inch or two shorter than Gen and a bit slimmer. While still a blonde, her long hair was a deep reddish gold and her skin was a lovely olive. Her eyes were like melted pools of milk chocolate on her impish face. A perfectly round ass made up for her small but well-formed breasts. She was more cautious than her counterpart, but curious nonetheless. Often, she found herself following Gen's lead. And that is exactly what led to this evening's events.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Kris Pierce was cleaning tables at the local pizza place. He would have quit the job months ago if the chicks that ate there weren't hot. The money flowing into his pockets was good too. He was saving up money to go to college next year. Kris was often given late night shifts while his coworkers went to party during the weekends. He frequently wondered why he never had any luck with girls. He supposed that some girls may have flirted with him, but he was too oblivious to ever notice. And then the girls he did pursue always said he was "sweet, but not their type".

Kris, though not particularly handsome was quite cute for the average high school male. He was always a bit lanky, and grew up to be a tall and slightly awkward. His dark brown hair curled from his head loosely. He had a defined muscle tone but managed not to become a complete meathead. Swimming had paid off to give him a light build.

"Hey, Kris! We got a late delivery order. Can you take this one?"

"Aren't we closed?"

"Nah, still got 5 minutes left. Just take the pizza there on your way home."


"I can't believe we're doing this!" Natalie exclaimed as Gen hung up the phone.

"What's done is done. Now come on the pizza place is only a 10 minute drive and we need to make sure we're ready."

"Can I at least wear a skirt?" Natalie pleaded.

Both girls stood in only their sexiest lingerie in the middle of Gen's living room. They had run out of things to do with their freedom and soon became bored and hungry. Although it was Natalie's idea to order pizza, it was Gen's idea to answer the door wearing hardly anything at all. Gen wore a black lace demi-cup bra and matching thong. The darkness of the bra contrasted her light skin and helped show off her greatest assets. Natalie, on the other hand, was in a light blue bra that closed in the front and lacy blue boy shorts.

"No, you can't wear a skirt. That would defeat the whole purpose. I know you want to show off that hot body of yours, so stop pretending to be modest."

"What if the delivery boy calls the cops?"

"Don't worry about it. He'll probably be so hot after seeing us he'll give us the pizza for free."

"But what if...?"

Natalie's "what if?"s continued for some time. Each time Gen assured her that everything would be fine. What Natalie didn't notice was Gen straightening up the living room. Little did Natalie know, Gen had no intention of letting the delivery boy just give them the pizza and leave. She wanted to have fun that night. Their bickering was cut short, however, when the doorbell rang. Both of the girls jumped at the noise and went to answer the door.


Kris thought, as he pulled up to the house. He now had to drive 4 miles out of the way to deliver a pizza to what was probably a bunch of stoners who had late night munchies. As he drove down the dark suburban street he double checked the address he was going to. The faster I get this over with the sooner I can go home. Kris would probably go straight to his computer when he got home. He'd bought all the parts with the money he'd made working at the pizza place and built it himself. He was planning on staying up late and surfing for some porn before going to bed. Slowly he pulled up to the house, got out of his car, and walked to the front door with the warm pizza.

He rang the doorbell.


"OMG! I know him!" Natalie exclaimed, shocked. "He's in my English class!"

"This should be interesting then," replied Gen. She was starting to get turned on at the thought of showing off her body to the cute boy at her door.

"We're still going to do this?"

"Totally." Gen opened the door.


Kris's jaw dropped at the stunning sight before him. He recognized both girls, of course, but never in his lifetime would he ever expect to see even one of them the way they were in front of him. His eyes were filled with curves and skin. He could almost feel the warmth of their bodies radiating towards him. His cock twitched in his jeans.

"Hey there, stud," Gen said, breaking the silence. "How much do I owe you?"

"I...uh...15...I think." Kris was shaking. He was becoming more and more aroused by the second. Moments ago he just wanted to give them the pizza and leave. Now, he stood teetering on the edge of the doorstep wishing he never had to leave.

"I think I left my money in my wallet. Why don't you come in while I fish it out of my pants?" Gen glanced at the crotch of Kris's jeans, noticing the bulge that was developing. A slight shiver ran up her spine as she walked towards the couch, where her discarded clothes lay. Kris watched her swaying thong-clad hips disappear into the other room and crossed the threshold. When he looked up from Gen, he saw Natalie's eyes tear themselves away from his body, blushing. She ran into the other room. He followed them further into the depths of the house.

As Kris turned the corner, he saw Gen bent over the couch digging through her pants pockets. Her round ass faced him and he couldn't help but stare at the way tiny thong spreading her pussy for him. Shit, he thought, she's wet. Although he'd never been with a girl intimately, he'd seen enough porn to know exactly what that meant. Kris gulped loudly and Gen spun around.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Gen purred. "I hope I didn't show you too much."

"I-it's fine..." Kris stuttered.

"I bet you'd rather have seen Natalie here bent over and ready for you." Gen said, motioning towards Natalie who was standing awkwardly in the corner, her arms covering her breasts. She struggled slightly as Gen pulled on her arm to get her to stand next to her. "I mean come on. Just look at her."


"If you had to pick between us..."

"Th-this is rather unfa— "

"I mean just look at these." Gen said stepping behind Natalie and grabbing both her breasts with manicured fingers.

"Hey!" Natalie struggled to get free, inadvertently rubbing her round ass into Gen's hips. Kris felt like he was going to faint. He could feel his cock twitch with each heartbeat as well as precum slowly oozing from the tip. Although dying to adjust himself he didn't want to ruin what was happening.

"Well, you can't really see them very well," Gen continued, ignoring Natalie's protests. "This might help" In one quick motion with her fingers, Gen unclasped the front of Natalie's bra. Natalie was mortified. She had never shown her body off like this, especially to a man. A deep flush crept across her tan skin. Trying to cover herself only led to her holding her friend's hands tightly to her chest. Gen's fingers, after throwing the bra to the ground, pinched and teased Natalie's nipples behind her arms. Each one came to a stiff peak as Natalie gasped from Gen's actions.

"I r-really think you're both very pretty," Kris said, his eyes the size of saucers as he watched the two girls.

"But who's prettier?" Gen asked, batting her eyes innocently. "Oh, oops. You need something to compare her to." With that, Gen removed her bra as well, revealing two pale, round breasts tipped with pink nipples that matched her lips. She watched Kris's eyes dart between her exposed breasts and Natalie's partially covered ones. Her legs trembled slightly, Gen cupped both her breasts and pushed them forwards, offering herself to Kris.

Kris could feel his heart pounding in his temples. He stared openly, mouth agape. This was his first time seeing breasts in person. He tried desperately to control his shallow breathing, but it was too hard to concentrate. Gen had begun to sway her hips to imaginary music, sliding her hands down her round hips. Hooking her thumbs in the elastic of her thong, she pivoted on the balls of her feet. She glanced behind her at Kris one last time with a sly smile before bending forwards. Her hands traveled down her long legs, pulling her thong down with them.

Natalie watched the whole ordeal unfold before her. Her best friend was now bent over naked in front of this innocent boy from her English class. Gen's wet pussy was completely exposed and she was loving it. She jerked her head, indicating that Natalie should follow suit. Natalie shook her head. Sighing with frustration, Gen straightened, approached her friend, and ripped off her remaining clothing. Natalie gasped in surprise. She too was wet and desperately trying to cover her most private areas. Gen, still being the aggressor, took Natalie's head between her hands and kissed her firmly, shoving her tongue between the other girl's soft lips.

Meanwhile, Kris had been staring wide-eyed in surprise. He realized that he had begun to slowly rub his throbbing cock through his jeans without noticing. This was every man's dream. He could clearly see the girl's tongues wrestling and caressing each other. Natalie's resolve had started to slacken. Her arms dropped to Gen's waist and her lips pressed into Gen's with equal force. She let her hands travel up the small of Gen's back, pulling her into a gentle embrace.

Gen felt the tension in her best friend's body release. After enjoying the feeling of their breasts push against one another for a few moments, Gen reached into Natalie's lacey blue boy shorts. Natalie moaned into Gen's mouth. She had never been touched like this before. The sensations running through her body were surprising and enjoyable all the same. Gen searched the warm folds of her friend's pussy until she found the clit. Pressing gently, she made small circles with her fingers as Natalie's body trembled against her. Stepping away suddenly, Gen pulled Natalie's panties off and pushed her on to the couch behind her. She threw them at Kris who surprisingly caught them in the air.

"Your turn," She said.

Gen walked straight up to him and cupped the bulge in his jeans. Kris gasped at the sudden contact. Lowering herself, Gen continued to rub his hardened cock as she slowly unzipped the fly of his jeans. Meanwhile, Natalie was sitting back on the couch flustered by the events taking place. She was shocked, yet turned on at the feel of Gen's lips and fingers. Rising she made her way over to Kris and Gen. Kris had deftly removed his shirt and helped Gen remove his remaining clothing. He was panting now. He could swear he was going to pass out any minute. Natalie reached for Gen, hoping to continue the previous kiss. Surprisingly, Gen pushed Natalie away and instead kissed the head of Kris's throbbing cock.

Kris's loud groan was muffled by Natalie's soft lips. Natalie, who had kissed Kris to spite Gen, shoved her tongue into Kris's mouth. It was a heated, passionate kiss, full of tongue and lips. Kris kissed back with the same force. Their tongues wrestled for control, slipping and sliding against each other. Gen, meanwhile, had been lightly licking the head of Kris's cock. Her hand snaked up Natalie's leg and touched her dripping pussy. Natalie, in turn, moaned deeply against Kris's lips. Kris was completely lost in bliss. He found his hands wandering across Natalie's body and up to her perky breasts. Her erect nipples pressed into the palm of his hand as he massaged them gently.

Gen swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock. Sucking in only the head, she focused on sucking and swirling her tongue on the spongy flesh. She felt and tasted the precum oozing out from the small slit in the head and wriggled her tongue in it. She then removed her mouth completely, giving him one long, hard lick from the base of his stiff cock to the very tip again. Kris moaned against Natalie and finished their kiss. He then leaned her back slightly and placed his lips around one of her hard nipples. He supported her back with on hand and used the other to tease and flick the other nipple. His mouth tasted her sweet flesh as it suckled on supple flesh. Natalie began to moan louder as Gen, who had been previously just barely touching her clit, began to rub against her harder with more force. Her juices ran down her legs to the floor. Her hands clenched and unclenched, trying to find something to hold on to. She then grasped on to the stiff shaft of Kris's cock. Gen saw Natalie's hand come down and bobbed her head in rhythm with Natalie's strokes. She maneuvered her hand once more to gain better access to Natalie's hard clit and rubbed with the sole purpose of bringing her friend over the edge. Natalie was overwhelmed by all the sensual feelings coursing through her body. Her hips bucked violently as wave after wave of her orgasm crashed through her. Warmth spread from her hot pussy to her toes as she moaned loudly into the night. Stars danced across her vision as she tried to remember to keep breathing. When the feelings subsided, she walked shakily backwards and collapsed on the couch. Bliss spread across her face.

Gen had been worked up from the start and still hadn't gotten off yet. She had been sucking on Kris's cock for a while now and was surprised that, through everything, he hadn't cum yet. She glanced up at him and yanked slightly on his cock, motioning for him to join her on the floor. Kris obliged immediately, looking forward to taking things further with these beauties. Gen straddled his hips. She rubbed the head of his throbbing cock against her soaking pussy. She moaned as it came into contact with her own clit. Kris's head was thrown back and his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the torture to end. Finally, Gen positioned herself over the cock and began to slide herself down. She winced at his size and withdrew before coming down again, more slowly this time. Kris thought that, if he were ever to go to heaven, it would feel like this. Her pussy was like a hot, wet, velvet glove. Her juices had covered his thighs and the friction between them was incredible. When she finally impaled herself all the way onto his hard cock, she stopped to take a breath and let herself adjust to his size. She could swear she could feel him all the way in her uterus. Kris reached up to the full bosom that was in front of him. He flicked his fingers across her nipples and massaged them both gently. Gen started to rise again, reveling the feeling of his hard cock slipping slowly out of her. She wasn't going to last long on something of this size in her. She started to ride him, slowly at first and then picking up speed. Kris lifted his hips trying to meet her thrusts. Her thighs slapped against his hard with every thrust. Her breasts bounced in his hands.

"Oh God! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" she cried.

Natalie, recovering from her own orgasm had crawled over to the pair and straddled Kris's face. Instinctively, Kris sucked her pussy against him. His tongue lapped at her sweet juices. He saw her clit and sucked it hard. Natalie reached for Gen as they kissed once more. Both girls moaned in ecstasy from what this boy was doing to them. Kris picked up speed. He could feel cum boiling in his balls and he knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate.

"I-I'm going to cum really soon!"

"Cum inside! Let me feel you inside me!" Gen moaned.

Kris groaned hard as he exploded inside of her. His first shot hit him like a tidal wave. His second, though not as hard, was just as powerful. Gen, feeling torrents of cum inside her, felt her own orgasm rip through her. Her hips bucked violently against Kris who's tongue was going wild inside of Natalie. Gen collapsed and slid Kris out of her. The friction of his semi-hard cock sent small mini-orgasmic waves through her sensitive pussy.

Kris was still licking at Natalie's dripping pussy. It tasted so good. He felt like he discovered the nectar of the Greek Gods. Natalie leaned forward to taste Kris's cock that was slowly rising to duty once more. She could taste the mix of his salty cum and Gen's sweet juices. She kissed his way down his shaft, while grinding her pussy against his face. Her hands cupped his balls as she tried to take all of him into her small mouth. She gagged almost instantly, not use to something pressing against the back of her throat. She rolled off of him despite his small whine of protest. She stood up and away from him.

In a whisper, she said, "I want you to be my first."

Kris stood up and picked up her small body. He lowered her slowly on to him as she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and shoulders. She had torn through her hymen ages ago but she was still apprehensive about her first time. Kris could feel Natalie clawing at his back in slight discomfort and did everything he could to prevent himself from ramming into her tight pussy. She felt like a vice around him. Never in his mind did he think pussy could be this tight. When he finally had his cock in her up to the hilt, he repeated what Gen had briefly taught him. He stayed like that for as long as he could bare, hoping that she had adjusted. He slid out and in again slowly. Gazing into his eyes, Natalie let him know she was ready. Kris began to pick up the pace but still tried to be as gentle as possible. Natalie could feel her juices running between them. She never thought sex could be so wet but now she loved the feeling. She closed the distance between their mouths with a tentative kiss before parting his lips with her tongue. She could taste her pussy in his mouth as he could taste his own cum and Gen's in hers. They moaned into each other at the sensations coursing through their bodies.

Suddenly, he saw motion out of the corner of his eye. Gen was standing in the doorway wearing a thin, black, strap-on dildo. Neither one of them had even noticed Gen leave the room. Kris carried Natalie away from the wall while continuing their gentle humping motions. He lay back on the floor so Natalie was riding him again. He kissed and nibbled at the skin of her neck and jaw line. Gen fingered herself and lubricated the dildo with her juices. Taking the same fingers she spread the lubricant around Natalie's puckered ass. Natalie's body tensed once more. Alien to the sensations around her backside. Kris murmured calming words into her ear as he continued to thrust into her gently. Gen inserted a finger, continuing to lubricate as much as she could. Slowly she removed her finger and pressed the dildo against Natalie's ass. Kris held her hips still as he pumped in and out of her, licking and whispering into her ear. A sharp pain shot through Natalie's body. Her pussy clenched hard around the vice around Kris's cock. Kris moaned hard and pumped more. Gen stood still, letting Natalie get used to the feel of the rigid plastic in her ass.

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