tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanetfall Ch. 01

Planetfall Ch. 01


"Prepare for warp transition."

The sultry, sexy female voice of the ship's computer sang softly, almost like a Siren calling out to the crew.

Richard Jensen strapped himself in firmly to the well cushioned seat. He hated these transitions. Warp travel got you places, but putting your body through these episodes almost countered the desire to ever want see the galaxy in this way.

"Warp transition in ten seconds. Prepare for normal space time. Nine, eight." the voice of Sylvia, as the computer was affectionately known dispassionately counted down the inevitable.

Richard closed his eyes and started to exhale completely. He had been taught this was the best method of countering the mind numbing effects of warp transition. There was no drug to ease it. He was the ship's Chief Medical Doctor and Science Officer. He knew there was nothing. It wasn't a physical condition, or even a mental one. They had said it was the readjustment of the body to the shift in the quantum space time continuum. It only lasted as long as the transition. That split second always seemed to last a lifetime.

"Three, two, one..."

He gripped the armrests and tensed his whole body against the expected onslaught. Nature did not disappoint. He felt as is his whole being were being flung out to the stars. Kaleidoscopic colours swam in his head and the universe reeled in every direction at once.

Suddenly it was over. No sense of nausea. A bit of giddiness, but everything was normal as it had been a moment ago. Maybe he was getting used to it.

Sylvia announced their arrival with the usual dispassion, "Normal space time achieved. Systems nominal. Impulse power at one hundred and ten percent. Post transition sequence initiated."

He breathed a sigh of relief. Another jump over. Travelling at nearly thirty percent of the speed of light on impulse seemed like a stroll in the park compared to the jump. He remembered his first year at university and the lessons in basic warp theory. Nothing could exceed the speed of light. Those theories had held for hundreds of years, however nothing said space couldn't be bent, folded like a piece of paper so one could punch through from one layer to the other in a short cut that would take hours or days at the most when normal light would take years the long way around.

So man had left the confines of his home planet and gone to the stars, but as civilisations had always grown, so had they fallen and the time between the first stellar explorers to now was no exception.

"Doctor Jensen," a deep commanding male voice sounded in his ears. "To the bridge please."

Richard responded immediately, "On my way Captain."

Quickly looking around the medical bay to check everything was in place, he unstrapped himself and proceeded to the inter-deck lift.

"Bridge please Sylvia," he asked, for some reason always saying please. He knew she, it, was a computer, but somehow it didn't seem right to just rudely demand.

Sylvia's voice purred back at him, "Yes Doctor Jensen."

The lift door closed and swiftly took him up to the command center.

"Ah! Doctor!" the smiling face of Captain Eric Wainwright greeted him as he looked up from his command desk on the bridge. "How was the transition? Getting used to it now?"

Eric Wainwright was the commander of the research spaceship Bountiful. It was a small scientific research vessel on a three year mission to explore parts of the galaxy that by accounts of the old records may have housed earlier explorers. Since many of the records were missing or destroyed to some extent, the mission was one of hit and miss in many cases.

The ship held a crew of about fourty comprising various scientists of various disciplines: astrobiology, planetary, stellar, geology and so on. The non scientists made up the various functions of the ship from officers to crew. Some of the scientists joined the expedition as couples, Richard being no exception. His own young wife, Jane, was a warp engine specialist. She was assigned the task of managing the warp engines and tuning them with complex mathematical models through the quantum computer. She was brilliant in her field and disarmingly attractive too.

"A little I think Captain," Richard replied trying to shake the memories of the event from his head. He knew that the seasoned jumpers could go through the transitions standing up, barely feeling the effects. He felt it would be a long time before he was at that stage.

"Come over here," the Captain motioned to him. "Interesting system we have here. Came up with some signals at the last moment before the scheduled jump so I changed course and decided to investigate before we resume our regular track. Sorry I didn't consult you about it, but you were occupied in the medical bay and we had a very short window to move on. Jane barely managed to complete the calculations for the new course in time."

He pointed to a map, "G class star, nothing unusual really and would have been missed apart from the very faint signal. It's gone now, but we picked it up about one hundred light years out so it was most likely on it's last legs a century ago. Midshipman, give us a system overview."

We looked up at the forward screen as the midshipman punched some buttons on his console and bought a schematic of the stellar system we had just entered into view.

"See, there," Eric pointed, "Just past the sixth planet, the gas giant. See that planet there, the seventh one?"

"Yes," Richard answered peering closely at the display.

"Easy to miss because it's masked by the gas giant, but that's the only habitable planet in the system. Earth sized, maybe point nine of a gee, breathable atmosphere, water vapour, moderate temperature, stable orbit." He looked at Richard. "What do you think."

Richard pondered for a moment. "Satisfies all the criteria. You think there's life down there?"

"That's what we're going to find out Richard. Might have something more than rocks to look at yet!!" he laughed. They had already spent eighteen months on the mission and drawn a blank on every destination.

"Pilot!" the Captain barked. "Take us into orbit around the seventh planet."

"Aye captain," the young midshipman answered.

They watched the view of the planet on the screen getting bigger by the minute. The ship's computer had by now reduced their speed to a fraction of that of light so they could manoeuvre safely.

Sylvia's voice broke in on the spectators, "Captain, there is a ring of rocky debris circling the planet. I recommend a close orbit inside of it."

"Make it so Sylvia," the Captain answered.

Sylvia continued, "Commencing orbital insertion. Prepare for thrust braking."

The ship turned on it's length as it approached the planet and then fired it's heavy thrusters till it had slowed to the correct speed.

"Equatorial orbit established at three hundred kilometers. All systems nominal."

"We'll hold a briefing in two hours with all the scientific staff. Meantime we'll let Sylvia do a preliminary survey and report the results to us then," the Captain informed the bridge crew. "Sylvia, inform all relevant personnel."

"Aye Captain," the disembodied voice replied.


Two days later the scientists were grouped around their table for another update.

"Well ladies and gentleman," Richard said addressing the assembled group, "I think we can precis the results to date. We have established the planet below, as yet unnamed as a potential harbour for human life. It is within the correct range for temperature, atmospheric constituents, free flowing water and potentially habitable land masses. Radiation is low and the gravity at zero point nine three of a gee.

He paused a moment before continuing. "We have established the presence of plant life, quite abundant even reaching to the poles, which are unfrozen. Early this morning a stratospheric probe discovered what appears to be animal life."

There was hushed, but excited talk amongst some of the scientists. "As of yet we have not identified the extent of these lifeforms, but they appear to range in size from large, even massive quadrupeds or hexiped creatures to possibly much smaller animals. We don't yet have the optical resolution to determine that until we fly lower and get the advanced scope operational. There is no reason not to expect the lifeforms to cover the habitable surface and by extension, the seas of the planet.

"Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered human life, but we have a lead that I discovered this morning in the archive that may help us to determine if it exists, or did exist on the planet below."

Now there was an excited hum from the scientists and Richard had to speak louder.

"As you already know, we received an extremely faint signal about one hundred light years from this system, which now no longer transmits, assuming it wasn't an echo off an intervening nebula which is a possibility. From my investigations however, and trying to tie leads together, it appears that this system was considered for colonisation about nine hundred years ago."

The hum turned to visible surprise and excitement with some of them voicing it loudly.

Richard patted his hand in the air to hush them up. "Yes, about the time of the first wave and with two breakdowns in civilisation since then there isn't much of the record available. However, a preliminary survey was done and then there isn't any further mention. So, it is possible that it was colonised. Whether it survived the last nine centuries, we'll that's now for us to discover. Based on this new information I will be sending a probe on an ordered flight pattern. I have Sylvia computing the most likely areas for habitation and the optimum search pattern. It may take days or weeks. In the meantime we will continue our analysis of the data gathered. I'm sure you will all be very busy."

The group suddenly broke out into questions from all at once and he was hard pressed to answer what he could before terminating the meeting so they could get back to work.


"Jane!" Richard called out as he entered their cabin, the door silently opening to let him through before closing automatically behind him.

"Yes darling!" She came out of the en-suite barefoot and wearing a small nightie. Richard whistled at her.

"God, are you a sight for sore eyes! All I've seen all day are figures, figures and figures!"

She smiled sexily and posed her lithe body at him, the curves barely hidden by the sheer material. "How about thirty six, twenty three, thirty four?" as she ran her hands down her sides and pouted at him.

He growled in his throat, "They're the only figures that count! Come here baby!"

She slinked forward into his arms and rested her head on his chest as they hugged.

"You heard the news?" he asked.

"It's all over the ship! There are people down there?"

"Yes baby, we found the colony."

"Do you know more yet?" she probed, trying to get some advance information.

"Very little. It's low tech. Population unknown. We'll focus the advanced scope on it and study the site in more detail tomorrow. For now, all I want to do is make love to the girl that spins my head."

She laughed, "I know you hate warp jumps honey. Maybe I'll discover a formula that makes the transitions easier, but for now I can spin your head some other way perhaps."

Saying this she slid to her knees and unzipped his pants. Putting her hand into the opening she expertly fished his limp member out and popped the head into her hungry mouth.

"Ahhhhh! Fuck that's nice baby. You suck cock so well. Who would ever think you tinker with warp engines?"

She pushed more of his growing cock into her mouth and looked up at him with innocent brown eyes only able to answer him with her throat gripping his bloating glans.

Richard hummed as she fellated him with finesse. She knew she could make him spurt his load into her sucking mouth easily, but her pussy ached to have his manhood thrusting into her soft tight tunnel. Their work schedules over the last few days had kept them apart and now they both felt the need for each other's body.

Jane withdrew her face from his groin, letting the saliva drip from his raging erection. She stood up and went to the bed, kneeling on the edge and putting her shoulders to the mattress. Her tight backside pointed right at him. Reaching back with one hand she pulled the panties covering her mound aside.

"Fuck me baby, take me now and fuck me hard!" she purred sexily.

Richard needed no further encouragement and stepping out of his pants walked over to the bed and the hot, wet pussy that presented itself to him at groin height. Without hesitation he placed his bulbous knob against the soft entrance to her sex and pushed in. The hot tightness enveloped his glans immediately causing him to groan. Jane joined him and wiggled her hips trying to draw the thick rod further in.

He grabbed her hips and pushed his long fat shaft into the sucking wetness of her sex, the hot folds of her inner flesh giving way reluctantly to the invading organ. He revelled in the feeling of being buried completely inside his young wife's pussy and soon began to thrust in and out. Long, slow movements that started to build in pace as Jane reached a hand under her belly and rubbed her clit as the thick cock started to hammer into her yielding cunt.

"Oh! Fuck baby! I'm going to cum!" Richard grunted, feeling the spasm in his loins that preceded a climax.

"Yes! Fuck me!" she panted in ecstatic reply. "Fill my tight little pussy with cum! Fill it baby!"

He grunted again, feeling the walls of her sweet pussy gripping his shaft as he swelled within her confines.

"Oh GOD!" he cried and shuddered as a huge jet of hot semen spurted from his cock and into his wife. Five more spasms shook him as he exploded deep into her pussy. As he did, Jane's hand finally triggered her own orgasm and simultaneously they climaxed together.

Richard's knees gave out and he slumped forward, resting them on the bed between her parted legs. She looked so erotic like this; bent over with his cock filling her swollen pussy. When he pulled it from her he would watch the semen run from her gaping hole into her hand with which she would catch the sticky fluid before transferring it to her mouth and lick clean. He knew why he loved his little warp slut so much.

A little later that night, when they had recovered somewhat, they made love; slow, gentle love now that the frantic urge had been satisfied. He ate her out and then came in her again twice more in pleasure filled hours that bought them both more climaxes.


"Jeremy," Richard called to the astrobiologist next to him, "have a look at this. I've enhanced the image somewhat."

Richard was using the advanced optical scope to magnify the human habitation below them. It was difficult work as cloud cover would intervene and their orbit only gave them a limited viewing time on each pass.

"Umm, yes," he murmured. "Yes, it's the village. Buildings, people, domesticated animals. Looks normal. What am I looking for?"

"What don't you see Jeremy?" he asked quizzically.

"What do you mean 'What I don't see'?"

"Look at the people. What do you see and then what don't you see?"

Jeremy scrutinised the screen, zooming in to maximum magnification and trying to discern the difference Richard was cryptically pointing out. The optics allowed incredible detail even from this height. Individual facial features could almost be made out.

"Well, I see a girl sitting, another, no make that two walking nearby. Another few girls about ten meters away. Some women at a table, making something perhaps. Some other women at another table. There's a few carts with people, no that's women driving them. There's a...." his voice died away.

Richard quickly punched a few buttons. "We don't have long before it goes on this orbit, but have a look at this area about three kilometers away."

Jeremy's eyes locked onto the scene, eyes flitting from one person to another.

His voice was hushed as the image faded and the craft slid over the horizon, "There are no men!"

"Exactly!" Richard exclaimed.

Jeremy's brain suddenly went into a whir, "We have to validate this. Lock down the co-ordinates of every habitation location, get Sylvia to identify, record and track every humanoid on every pass till we can get enough data to collate and analyse."

They spent the next three days in shifts gathering the data then poured over the results, compiling them into an obvious and stark result. An emergency meeting was held, much to the annoyance of those scientists who had just gone to bed until they heard what Richard had to say.


"Gentlemen! Ladies! Please, some quiet!" Richard's raised voice and hands pleaded to the gathered crowd. It had an effect and quickly decorum was established.

"I'm sorry for calling this unscheduled meeting and disturbing your work or sleep or other activity, but we have made a significant discovery that I feel needs to be shared immediately."

He went on to outline their investigation, the data they had gathered and their analysis.

"In short, we do not find any evidence of males in the population under study."

Stunned silence greeted him so he added the final finding, "In addition we find a very low incidence of children. So low in fact that if this selection is representative of the whole community, it may not be able to sustain itself into to near future."

"Preposterous!" one voice shouted. "how can there be no men? The colony wouldn't have survived fifty years without any males to breed with. They should have all been dead centuries ago!"

Another voice piped up, "Perhaps the men are kept elsewhere, or this area is a females only enclave."

There was laughter, "Haha, yes, tied up in the houses and treated as sex slaves!"

"Or maybe they have a sperm bank established from their initial landing and are maintaining their population from that." came another suggestion.

Another voice countered, "You've seen the data, it's a level zero technology. There is no evidence of any major manufacturing, power generation or large scale infrastructure. How would they keep it maintained? I doubt the sperm would survive centuries in any case."

The discussion and arguments continued for an hour until finally Richard bought it to a halt.

"Well, one thing is for sure, we won't solve the problem debating the issue up here. We will need to establish contact, which is a whole other issue before we can get to the bottom of this."

The room quickly dissolved into further debate over what Richard had just said and he left the meeting to wrap up his findings before finally getting some rest.


Richard lay naked on his back his erect cock laying up along his belly. Jane straddled his groin, her wet pussy mashed down on the thick pole, labia hugging it's length as she worked her hips slowly to and fro.

"Mmmmmmm," she hummed, tilting her hips so her clit made contact with his shaft. Moisture seeped from her hole, coating his dick and lubricating her sensuous movements as her vulva massaged the turgid flesh.

"So," she said, grabbing her breasts and rolling her hard nipples between her fingers, "a planet full of women only! Sounds like a man's paradise!"

Richard replied jokingly, "Yeah, maybe they screw his brains out and then eat him afterwards!"

She looked at him, still rubbing her pussy on his cock, "Tempted to go down and find out then?" A sly grin crossed her lips.

"Oh baby! You know you're the only one for me! And anyway it's probably not wise to send any males along on the first contact. We don't know what the reception might be if we add an unknown variable into the mix."

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