tagToys & MasturbationPlay with Me Ch. 02

Play with Me Ch. 02


Rebecca watched the digital clock on the dresser. Five fifty-eight. In two minutes her phone would ring and it would be Michael. She enjoyed their early morning play. His voice still husky from sleep. Their hushed voices as they told each other what they wanted to do.

The phone rang and she quickly answered it.

"Play with me." She whispered into it.

Michael laughed. "Good morning young lady."

"Good morning." She said, her body arching, aching to play.

"How are you?" He asked, his voice deep and muffled.

"Wet. And you?"

"Hard. Always hard for you Rebecca. Are you ready to play?"

"Oh yes."

"Are you naked?"


"Any toys?"

"My vibe."

"Turn it on Rebecca. I want to hear it as you play with your clit."

Rebecca turned it on and slowly began to rub it over her swollen and slick clit.

"How is your cock this morning?" She asked breathlessly.

"Throbbing baby. I have my cock ring on just for you. I wish you were here so I could fuck that sweet cunt of yours."

Rebecca closed her eyes. She wished she was there too. She wanted to be held in his strong arms and feel his body pressed against hers.

"Fuck me Michael." She moaned, her vibe buzzing steadily away on her aching clit.

"Hmmmm....I'm going to fuck your tight ass this morning Rebecca. Would you like that baby?"

"God yes." She answered, her body practically on fire.

"It's so tight. I cannot wait to slide my thick cock deep inside you. Then I'll reach around and play with that shaved cunt of yours. Pull your hard nipples and make you cry out."

Rebecca arched her body, straining towards something that wasn't there. Michael's deep voice had her body on fire. Her nipples were hard and aching. She cupped a breast in her hand, squeezing it, her fingers finding her hard nipple and pulling and twisting it.

"Fuck my ass Michael. Fill it up with your hot cum." Rebecca begged. She slipped the vibe down to her ass and teased her virgin hole.

"Oh yes Rebecca. I'm going to fuck you there so good. Feel my cock baby. Feel it pounding that sweet ass of yours. Tell me how bad you want it." He growled, his breathing becoming heavy.

"I want your cock Michael. Stretch my ass. Fuck me good. I want to feel your balls slapping against me." She pleaded. She moved the vibe back to her clit and rubbed it against the swollen nub.

"Fuck yes baby. I love it when you talk like that. You should see how hard and thick my cock is for you."

"Yes....please..." She continued to beg.

"Play with your clit Rebecca. I want to hear you come before I fill your ass up."

Rebecca spread her legs wider and moved the vibe back and forth across her clit. She was soaked now. She could here her wetness as she moved the vibe over her soaked pussy.

"Are you going to come for me Rebecca?" Michael asked.

"Yes Michael."

"That's a good girl. Come for me. Let me hear you baby."

Rebecca arched her back and cried out as her orgasm swept over her. She played the vibe over and over her clit as she stuck one finger deep inside her, feeling her pussy clench on it.

"Damn you Rebecca, that was so hot. Are you ready baby? Are you ready for my big load of cum in your ass?"

"Yes...yes.....yes Michael." She panted. Her body still shuddering from her intense orgasm.

"Here it come Rebecca. Take this load baby. Take it all. TAKE IT REBECCA!" He cried out.

Rebecca felt her body shudder again as she listened to him cummimg, the sound of his growl as he emptied his cock, his heavy breathing. Her chest rose and fell as she caught her own breath.

"Rebecca?" He whispered her name.

"Yes Michael."

"I do like playing with you."

Rebecca laughed. She absolutely loved playing with him.


"Yes Michael."

"We need to meet."

Rebecca was quiet as she thought about it. They certainly did need to meet. She hadn't known him all that long however. But it felt right.


"I'll call you soon sweetheart."

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