Playing Doctor Ch. 02


I thought mom's jittery behavior would end all the fun so I agreed to her demand. She exited to another room and came back with two filled hyperdermic needles full of the drug. "Why two I thought?"

Mom handed me the injections and bent over the exam table face down. "Stick in my ass" I heard mother cry as I savored the sound of her words. I swabbed mom with an alcohol swab and injected her butt with the drug.

"I want one too!" I heard my topless sister cry from the back of the room.

"You'll have to lose the skirt nurse" my mother stated.

"Yo......u can inject it in my arm? Can you?" My sister said with uncertainty.

I told Amy, "No nurse it's in your rear or not at all."

Looking defeated Amy said "all right." She leaned over face down next to mom and pulled her skirt down just enough to view a cheek of her ass. Boldly getting to her knees mom said, "let me help with that doctor!" and started slowly cutting through Amy's skirt and panties with the shiny surgical scissors. In a matter of minutes mom and I watched as the fabric covering Amy's private's fell to the tiled floor in a disorderly pile. Amy started to protest but I quickly injected her bottom so that she wouldn't have time to contest mom's actions. Kneeling down, mom continued to slice off Amy's white stockings, shoe's and any other clothing resulting in her complete nudity. With the drug having an effect and if I asked Amy to do it, she would have walked out the building and taken a stroll around the block in the buff. Thinking of all the legal proceedings this would cause, I decided against the idea. Mom stood up and with uncontested displeasure, discarded the rest of Amy's shredded decency.

After the injections things started to get interesting as mother demanded I give her a proper breast exam. I ordered my nurse to help the patient out of the rest of her clothing as Amy stepped (once again) in between mom and the open window. This time was different as Amy exposed her ass and beaver to everyone's view. I heard a couple of honks from a car outside as my sister bent forward giving the show of a lifetime to the lucky driver.

"That's a good assistant, show them everything" I told my sister gleaming with pride.

"Show them that Ryan family pussy" mom blurted out almost out of character.

Amy reached back between her spread legs and with two fingers unfolded her sex to the open window.

"Honk!" "Honk!" Shouted the driver's approval as he drove away.

After the show Amy spied a shiny cart located on the side of the room. On it was the scissors mom had used earlier. I saw my sister smile as she picked up a shiny new surgical scalpel, an instrument often used to cut through bone and tissue. Amy approached the exam table obstructing mom's view of the window once more.

"Time to disrobe Ms. Canyon, its doctor's orders" Amy announced to mom wearing her shit eating grin and displaying the shiny instrument in plain sight for everyone to see.

Mom was sitting on the exam table in her favorite tank top and bra, when I saw her eye's grow bigger at the sight of the scalpel. It was then I knew mom was aware of what Amy had in mind. Amy took mom's shirt from the bottom and held it out from her sides placing the sharp instrument inside. Mom was cautious not to move as Amy drew back easily slicing the material from the neck opening all the way down making a complete exit of the fabric. Completely naked, Amy then moved around mother repeating the process again on the opposite side of mom's tank top. Standing on the right side of mom, my nude sister grabbed the shirt with both hands and ripped it away from mom's torso swiftly, leaving her bra covered tits exposed. I was astounded that mother and Amy could be so cruel to each other while tearing their clothes off. But it was all part of the fun in our family game.

It was mom's turn to be nude when Amy went behind mom with the scalpel and cut her bra strap in two with no resistance at all. Mom sat there with both hands cupping over the material covering her breast in a last chance effort to save her dignity. Walking around to face mom Amy reached up and violently took the last remaining clothing from mom's nude body and surrendered her torn clothes to an already full trash can.

I put both of mom's hands to her sides and uncovered her last womanly treasure. I gazed upon the milk makers I had nursed upon as an infant. They were a little saggy from age but moms melons were bigger and better than most the girls I had ever dated. In fact if I didn't know better they were almost like seeing Amy's tits just a tad smaller.

"It's time to give the pelvic exam, right doctor?" I heard my nude sister say.

"Yes it is" I replied while finding my blue latex gloves and coating them with lube.

I returned to the exam table and to my surprise, Amy was shoving a speculum in mom's hairy pussy.

I walked over and observed mom's gash as open as it would go. Looking at the pink tunnel internally I had Amy take several pictures as a stranger stopped to observe. I recognized him from school; his name was Ben and a good friend of mine.

"Hey Ben how you doing?" I yelled out through the window.

"Whaaaat'cha doing with all that beaver in there?" Ben yelled sarcastically back staring into mom's open pussy.

It was then that Ben gasped and realized who it was he was staring at. "Hello Ms. Ryan having a good day? Looking over to his right he immediately recognized my sister "Hello Amy nice to see....all of you?"

"Hello Ben" I heard my mother and sister yell in unison.

"How's your mom Ben, she doing okay?" my mother asked if nothing was wrong and the tranquilizer having its way with her.

"She's great Ms Ryan, great" Ben declared choking on his own words.

"Watch this Ben" I said in an almost inaudible tone.

"Ms. Canyon do you mind doing a favor for me please?"

Looking calmer mom said, "Sure doctor anything."

"Would you mind giving my colleague a closer look at your cunt please?" "It would greatly help in his medical education on female anatomy."

"Of course doctor I would be glad to help." Mom declared with a fake smile.

I positioned the exam table in such a way that it was right up against the bug screen on the window. I adjusted mom to her back with her legs spread and back above her head as far as they would go. I then had Amy get on top of mom in a 69 position, and told her to hold the speculum in mom's hairy cunt just a fraction of an inch in front of Ben's cock. I heard mom say to Ben, "you won't tell anyone about this Ben?" "Will you?"

Ben said laughing, "Don't worry Ms Ryan nobody would believe me so it will just be our little cream pie secret."

To my surprise Ben took out his hardened cock right in public and began to stroke the monster right up against the bug screen that was serving as mom's shield. Aiming his erect penis directly into the speculum Ben was well on his way to orgasm.

"Go ahead Ben come in her pussy, she wants a baby" my sister said with such a calm that I knew it was drug induced.

Getting as close as possible to Ben's cock my mom had her pussy so tight against the screen that I could see little red square marks appear on her ass. In the middle of daylight here was my friend Ben jacking off on a screened window which was separating him from mom's pussy. Still to this day I have a hard time believing it.

Soon I heard Ben grunt and announce he was coming. At the same time mother had her pussy humping the screen window so bad, I was afraid it would break. I knew if Ben could have done it he would have drilled his prick into mother, but that was the beauty of it all. I pulled the table away from the window after Ben had finished and noticed a big load of cum leaking down the bug screen. I looked at mom who had a small amount of Ben's cum on her pubic mound. I gave Amy a flashlight and had her shine it down the speculum inserted inside mom's cunt. You could clearly see a glob of Ben's cum at the bottom of mom's love tunnel.

After taking a few pictures with a camera I told my friend, "good job Ben you may have got my mom pregnant!" "We'll know in nine months if you are a daddy!"

Ben started to look worried and began to frantically apologize. Mom began to laugh and so did my sister and I as poor Ben was stuttering apologies at mother. I then pulled the speculum out from mom's seeded pussy and turned to Amy, "Would you please clean that bug screen up nurse!"

Without a seconds notice, Amy approached the window and bent over licking all of Bens cum off the drenched screen with her tongue. Ben bent over and put a lip lock on my sister sharing the screen and his cum between them. What a sight!

I caught Ben putting his hand to his head like it was a cell phone and while reluctantly walking away mouthed the words "call me". I nodded yes and off he went probably eager with the thought of hearing from me if mom was pregnant.

Feeling horny form all the buildup, I announced to mom and Amy that the fertility treatment was to commence for Ms. Canyon's baby.

Amy and mom shouted joyously and promptly threw me onto the exam table and quickly took off all my clothes. Taking turns the two incestuous women gave me one of the best blow job's I have ever had. Not thinking of what was happening, I felt my hands and feet being tied down to the exam table. Mom was the first to act as she sat on me reverse cowgirl style. I looked up at Amy as she told me a group of six onlookers had just stopped by to view our show.

Looking through the V in mom's legs positioned just above my hard prick, I could make out a few faces of people I thought I knew and some I didn't. It was really turning me on knowing more than one person would captivate the moment I inseminated mother for the first time.

Mom paused before insertion and stated aloud through the window, "today is the day I'm getting pregnant." "I want you all to observe the inception of life." After a great applause mom sank balls deep on my cock and began to bounce up and down. "Yesss" mom yelled as her tits giggled up and down. A great feeling enveloped me as mom fucked me for the first time and Amy moved on top of me straddling my head in preparation of putting her pussy on my mouth. "Incest is great" I remember telling myself.

"That's it eat me little brother!" my sister yelled relinquishing her rights to the car. "Stick your tongue in my cunt and fuck it!"

The crowd was definitely closer to the window as I heard a guy tell mom to say cheese as he snapped a picture of her pussy getting fucked on his cell phone. The view must have been terrific of my exposed mother with her son's cock up her pussy. Later I saw the illicit video he took on a XXX website. Mom protested at first, but later recanted when I sold the man more of our dirty pictures for a hefty sum that I shared with mom and Amy.

"Knock her up!" I heard one of the spectators yell. After coming on the brink of cumming several times, mom stopped and completely pulled out to let my hard member rest between her hairy folds. Several times mom would continue to fuck me and when I told her I was cumming she would stop and hold the base of my cock tightly until the feeling subsided to the crowd's dismay.

"Get her pregnant son" I heard one young woman yell outside the window.

Eventually mom stopped and shouted to the onlookers, "I want you all to know that the person I'm fucking right now is my son." "He has moved away from home and unless he says he is moving back, I cannot let him be the father of my baby!" "I'm sorry but I can't let my lover live so away from the responsibilities of fatherhood."

My mother turned to face me and asked the question I was dreading once more in a loving tone. "Son please tell me you will come home and be a good parent to the children your sister and I want you father." "Tell me you will, and I'll let you cream pie our pussies together."

With my sisters hairy snatch just inches from my gaze I had a big decision to make as I realized mom and Amy had set me up all along. They planned this and maybe even paid the crowd to pressure me into moving back home. What an ingenious plan. I couldn't believe my mom and sister could come up with this premeditated conspiracy. Perfect in every way!

There were several boo's coming from the crowd of now seven people from what I could see. There was a chant started that went, "go home shoot your cum!" "go home shoot your cum!" "go home shoot your cum!"........

I started to crack under the pressure and shouted, "I'll do it mom! Give me a baby and I'll move back home." She turned and smiled at me giving me a full mouthed tongue dueling kiss right there in front of the applauding audience.

I asked her the question that I had been dying to say, as she snaked my cock back into her cunt.

"I still get the car right?" I asked her deliriously.

"You sure do son! You sure do!" Mom picked up the tempo as Amy unstrapped my hands so I could grope mom's perfect ass while she impregnated herself on my stiff fuck tool.

"That's it son give mommy your baby." "Everyone here wants to see a good show!" "I want my baby makers first then I want you to impregnate your big breasted sister!" "Fuck us up our cunts and plant your incestuous seed!" "Make your mother and sister your sexual slaves!" "I denounce ever wearing clothing around the house again!" "Your sister and I will be nudist and share our bed with you every night!" "Do the audience proud son and show them my hairy pussy leaking your sperm!" "You want to see that don't you?" A great roar of applause came from directly in front as I heard, "fuck her son, give us a good show!"

"Make mommy pregnant, pervert!" I heard a woman say in a little girls voice that I knew was not her own. I couldn't hold it back any longer as I saw the look of expectation on the crowds face's that mom was possibly on the verge of orgasm.

"Yesssssssssss I'm cumming!!!!" yelled mom as her pussy muscles contracted around my stiffened prick.

"I can't hold it any longer mom I'm about to cum in your cunt" I yelled feeling a flood of my baby makers force their way up my fuck pole and squirt out.

"Do it! Be a mother fucker and complete our act of incest." "Make mommy pregnant honey." My mom shouted directly facing the large crowd.

I groaned as I shot several ropes of my sperm into mom's hairy pussy. Before I could finish, she reached down and quickly held the base of my cock with her fist so the rest of my seed couldn't escape.

"Come sit on your brothers cock Amy and get pregnant!!!!" "Time to do your sisterly duties and become a woman." "That's what your pussy was made for darling!" "Come give mommy and your brother a baby and inseminate your fuck tunnel!" "Do it for mommy!" mother ordered.

With not a moment to spare my mother helped insert my cock firmly in my sister's womanhood. Amy squatted down on my raging pole with her legs spread apart, giving mom a nod to release her grip. With no resistance I shot three more ropes of my baby batter into my sister's cunt.

"Yessssssssssss" is all I could say as orgasmic pleasure surrounded me and I went semi unconscious.

My last memories after our incestuous event were the cheers when Amy and mom spread their legs and displayed (without an ounce of shame) my sperm leaking from their pussies in full view of the growing crowd. The man with the camera phone was right up front taking pictures when I heard him curse "damn, the card is full."

Amy looked over her shoulder winked in my direction and asked, "How about my best friend little brother?"

"I'll help you two hold her down," replied mom smiling.

I uttered to both mom and Amy, "Do you think she would like to play Doctor?"

Mom stated aloud as if it was a normal thing to say, "as far as I'm concerned, the incestuous bitch really doesn't have a choice. She has an OBGYN appointment in my office next week and I think it's time I confront her mother about her rapist husband. I think with a little persuasion she will permit a COMPLETE exam of her daughter." Looking in Amy's direction with her legs still apart mom asked the question, "Right my loving daughter?"

"How right you are mom, how right you are" Amy replied shortly before giving mom a mind blowing open mouthed kiss while the crowd stared at their exposed sex and hence confirming the results of our incestuous deeds. So it was our destiny to be incarnated to the religion of incest, a belief that in our small town had more members practicing it than I anticipated.

To be continued...

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