Playing Musician


It was several months since Kayden took it upon herself to teach Josh the sexual ropes. She said she wanted him to be ready when his soul mate came along, ready so that he would not drive her away due to lack of sexual prowess or experience.

And so she had taken him into her bed and taken his virginity, teaching him and guiding him as she fucked him, and it was now to the point, after several sessions spread over several months, where Josh felt very comfortable and confident in bed with her, even a little adventurous. In fact, in many ways Josh felt like he would be more comfortable with a girl in bed than he was anywhere else, and Kayden agreed: he was very skillful between the sheets, but had almost zero chance of getting a girl into such a situation.

Josh did not mind at the moment: his guitar and Kayden herself were more than enough for him, although moments with the girl were few and far between even at their heaviest.

Which is why any opportunity to call upon Kayden was highly valuable in the eyes of Josh, and one of his best excuses was not actually classifiable as an excuse at all: Kayden was a music major at USC and an excellent lyricist, and she and Josh often collaborated on songs.

And so at four o'clock that afternoon, Josh borrowed his mom's car, lacking one of his own, and drove the thirty minutes it took to get down to the university, and parked outside the bungalow-style apartment complex at which Kayden and her three roommates kept their residence, and headed inside with his guitar in hand.

"Hey, squirt," Kayden said with a smile when she opened the door.

She was just as gorgeous as ever with her blonde hair loosely held up in a ponytail, thin wire rim glasses, a plain white tee-shirt and grey sweatpants. She looked equally beautiful dressed down as dressed up, sometimes even better. When she drew him into a hug, Josh smiled.

"I've missed you," he said with genuine feeling. It had been almost a month since he last saw her, not since the end of summer when she returned to college.

"I've missed you, too," she told him, squeezing him tighter and letting the hug linger, "and I've worried about you. How've you been?"

She smelled fantastic and Josh could not help but notice the feel of her breasts against his chest. But he cared for Kayden in addition to lusting after her, and right now, while he could feel things beginning to stir within him, he was more happy to see his truest and most trusted friend than anything else.

"Decent," he admitted. "I've had better months, although yesterday was incredible."

Kayden, ever exuberant, squealed happily and clapped her hands. "Really? Do tell!"

Josh sighed. "Just jamming at the beach with a guy I met. We must've played for hours. There were people all around us listening to us play, soaking in the music. It was incredible, Kay. I wish you'd been there to see it."

"Ahhh," Kayden said as realization struck. "You've got music stuck in your head."

"Had to come to the best," he said with a grin. "My partner in crime, the only girl I trust."

Kayden giggled. "The only girl you actually know," she teased.

"Semantics, my dear," he scoffed, loving the playfulness of their exchange. "Just semantics."

"Alright then, Casanova, let's hear it."

And so Kayden and Josh hunkered down on the couch in the middle of the apartment, both of them thankful her roommates were out for the evening, and the latter lifted his instrument and closed his eyes, and began to play.

When the song was finished, a song stitched together from the finest moments of the night before, and the echoes of the last notes faded and the room descended into silence once again, then and only then did Josh open his eyes.

To find Kayden staring at him with wide, wondrous, beautiful dark green eyes, mouth open slightly as if she wanted to speak, but had not the words.

He felt himself flush and lowered his eyes, then raised them again and asked, "Do you like it?"

"You wrote that yourself?" she asked.

Josh shrugged. "Not so much wrote it. It's more like I happened upon a few killer chords and found an easy way to tie them together."

Her voice was soft, which was saying something as Kayden tended to dominate rooms and conversations, no matter how many (or few) the number of persons involved. "That was amazing," she breathed. "The music has so much feeling. It's incredible, Josh, truly."

"It needs lyrics," he told her.

"I don't know if I could add lyrics strong enough to do it justice," she admitted. "There is so much emotion, the lyrics might only slow it down. You'll have to help me."

"Of course," he said, very much surprised by the reaction.

"That song moved me, Josh," she told him then. "It moved me deeply. It's the kind of harmony that sticks with you, haunting almost, and very sensual. My body feels so hot right now."

Kayden met his gaze then and her dark green eyes looked right into his browns, and it felt in many ways like she was looking all the way down into the depths of him. The corners of her mouth curved upward, the kind of smile that speaks of slow realization, which when appearing on the face of Kayden meant one thing and one thing only: hunger, carnal and all-consuming.

Josh felt something twitch against the front of his jeans.

"I saw that," Kayden said with a sudden grin.

Josh played dumb. "Saw what?" he asked.

"It," she stated emphatically with a pointed glance at his crotch. "I saw it move. It wants to play."

Josh got the sudden image of a lioness on the hunt, which is exactly what Kayden was when she was horny. The person in her path was toast. "Perhaps," he countered.

Kayden whispered, "I've missed it, baby. I've missed my little high school boy, my cute little project. It's been more than a month since I've played with it . . . " She trailed off, remembering.

Josh was stoked, but there was also business to discuss. "What about the lyrics?" he asked. "When can we . . ."

She raised one of her fingers to his lips and shushed him up. "Pillow talk, baby," she said gently, and now there was a strange little glint in her eye as she gazed at him intently. A knowing grin crept onto her face as she reached out and touched his shoulder. "You know what comes first."

And before he could respond, before he could even think, beautiful green-eyed Kayden leaned in and brushed her lips lightly against his, and lifted her hand from his shoulder and grazed her thumb across his lips.

Josh could feel his heart pounding a hole through his chest; Kayden never failed to deeply affect him. In the initial stages, the flirting and foreplay stages, he was practically putty in her hands.

The girl smiled softly at him, knowing from experience his lack of early initiative. It had been some weeks since their last encounter and Josh had come a long ways, but he sometimes still needed to be guided with a delicate mixture of gentility and force. She moved her thumb away from his lips and replaced it with her mouth, and kissed him gently at first. His mouth parted and her tongue pushed past his lips.

From the very beginning, before he had any experience with women at all, Kayden had discovered that Josh had a natural talent for kissing. She enjoyed making out with him greatly, more so than most of the older men she met; Josh was content with kissing, happy with anything, really, as long as it involved intimacy with her, while older men usually were so rushed to get down to fucking. It made Josh that much more desirable.

Which was one reason why Kayden, a girl who churned through boys like butter and rarely gave a guy a second shot, much less three or more, so often returned to him. That, and she thought he was such a sweetie, so cute and vulnerable and in need of a girl like her. He was like the little brother she never had, only fuckable. It was kind of dirty, kind of naughty, and totally hot, and never failed to heat her up.

Kayden crawled into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, and not for the first time Josh wondered just how in the hell he was lucky enough to have acquired repeated access to her lusciousness. The girl smoothed her hands across his chest and snuggled closer to him, winding her arms around his neck, their noses inches from touching as they stared at one another.

He enjoyed these moments, the quiet moments before the real action began; they were the most intimate moments of his life. He had come to care deeply for Kayden and viewed her as far more than just his sexual mentor; she was his friend, truly, and he would never forget it.

Then she flicked her tongue and trailed it across his lips, lingering over first the top and then the bottom as her fingers snaked around behind his head and blazed a trail up through his shaggy and rather uncouth brown locks.

Josh struggled to maintain himself. The golden-haired sorority girl was perched in his lap, teasing his lips with her tongue, and he was already hard and growing harder. He shifted in his seat and his erection pressed against her leg, and she groaned and grabbed his head, and mashed her lips into his.

Kayden was super horny, Josh thought, but he did little further thinking when her hands slid over his shoulders and down the contours of his back, and her ass quivered and ground into his lap. His erection grew almost unbearable. She slurped his tongue into her mouth and suckled it, and then broke away, panting loudly, chest heaving, her large and lovely breasts jiggling faintly beneath the cotton of her shirt.

"Stand up," she purred. She slid off his lap and onto her feet, and he rose with her. She came up to just below his chin and looked up at him, those dark green eyes smoldering.

Kayden grasped the bottom of her shirt and drew it up over her head, and his eyes dropped instantly to her chest. Her breasts were pear-shaped mounds of perfection: firm and high, and very real. They jiggled and swayed as she sucked in heavy breaths of air, her honey-blonde locks sweeping across the rounded crests and shriveled light-red nipples.

"Touch them," she ordered as she put her hands on her hips.

There was a gorgeous female half-naked before him and Josh was not about to complain. He reached out and took her supple flesh in his hands, cupping them both and skimming his thumb across her nipples.

"Suck them," she commanded, and again Josh did as he was told. He leaned over and placed his tongue against the nipple of her left breast, and suckled tenderly at the taut peak, taking time to caress it with his tongue every time his teeth scraped the sensitive flesh. He carelessly rolled her other nipple between the thumb and fore-finger of his right hand.

"Oh, yes," the buxom blonde sighed, throwing her head back.

Josh savored the deliciousness of Kayden's breasts as he turned his attention to the neglected one. Suckling them was like feasting on the most magnificent ice cream cones ever, soft and pliant and wonderful. Truly, he could worship them for hours.

And then Kayden pulled back and smiled wickedly at him, and wiggled her hips as she slithered out of her sweats. They dropped to the floor at her feet and she kicked them away, leaving her naked but for a pair of flimsy white panties. Kevin gazed again at her gorgeous breasts, ripe cantaloupes and twice as juicy with pink quarter-sized aureoles around stiffened light red nipples. He marveled at the sight of her scrumptious legs, long and lean.

"Come and take me, Josh," she said with a grin. "You know how I like it."

Which is how he came to find himself several minutes later fucking the beautiful woman doggie-style on the floor of the living room, her whimpers and wails filling the apartment and almost assuredly echoing through the bungalow-style courtyard outside as he slapped her ass hard and repeatedly at her own request, before dumping his seed deep inside her pussy.

And hours later when a second and third round of fucking were finished and the pair had long since retired to the privacy of her bedroom, they lounged naked on her queen-sized bed, her head on his stomach, his hand stroking tenderly the skin of her stomach and arms and breasts as they collaborated enthusiastically to put words to his song.

And when they were finished with that, Kayden was feeling particularly inspired by their time of artistic invention and channeled the overflow of her passion by sucking him leisurely to his fourth climax of the night, which was totally fine with Josh.

Just another happy ending to a night with Kayden James.

* * *

About the same time Josh Redding was plowing the beautiful Kayden from behind for this first time that night, Brigitte Erikson was also experiencing waves of pleasure. They were self-induced, brought on by her own fingers twiddling her rubbery pink folds, a leisurely session of masturbation upon her bed without need to reach climax quickly.

She was taking her time, and enjoying it.

It began in the shower with the water sweeping over her skin, always a lovely feeling, and continued when she took more than enough time on her breasts drying off, strumming her nipples and relishing the sensations. Her nipples had always been extremely sensitive, which is one reason she so rarely let her boyfriends play with them; they were always too rough.

And so she found herself stretched out naked on her bed, thoughts drifting aimlessly, hands wandering in a similar fashion but always returning to the center of her sex. She was, she knew, a sexual creature at heart, but it was rare for her to bestow her full energies on a man; he would have to be someone significant for that to happen. She certainly never had for Brent, who was just the latest in a long line of subservient boyfriends, and little more than a stop-gap before she got to college and went after real prey.

She felt her orgasm building and decided to allow it to crescendo, and moments later her limbs were trembling and her eyes were fluttering as a pleasant, if not powerful climax rolled over her. Still, the smell of sex was in the air, and she smiled lazily and sighed.

She would call Jamie, she decided, and boast of her orgasm; Jamie was a little slut, too, at heart, and probably had a story of her own to share. She picked up the phone and dialed, and giggled when she heard her friend answer.

Oh, how good it was to be her.

* * *

The drive home was particularly pleasant.

Of course, sexual trysts with beautiful women tended to have that effect. Not just any woman, mind you, but a buxom, blonde, built-for-sex bombshell like Kayden James, from whose intimate embrace Josh had just recently departed.

It was impossible for Josh to overcome the feeling that he owed the girl a great deal; she was very nearly single-handedly responsible for much of his confidence and, truly, many facets of his current personality and character. She was his angel, his muse; Kayden was his inspiration. While he knew there would never be old age and eternal bliss in their future, Josh loved her very much and would always carry a piece of her with him in his heart.

He was surprised to see a silver sports car parked outside his house as he rounded the corner and rolled down his street: flashy cars were rare in his neighborhood. He pulled into the driveway, noting the dark figure sitting in the driver's seat, wondering just who it was and what was going on. Josh slipped out of his seat and the first half of that mystery was solved as the sports car door opened, too, and Rex Jennings rose from within.

"Hello, Josh," the man said with a smile as he drew near. "You seem surprised to see me."

Josh was exactly that. "A little. I don't remember telling you where I live."

The man's grin widened. "It's my job to know where the talent lives," he replied, "and you, my friend, are definitely talent. Can we sit and chat for a bit?"

"Sure," Josh said with a shrug. The man seemed decent enough and was a friend of Michael, the man from the beach, whom Josh had liked a great deal. He pointed at a couple of chairs on his porch and each took a seat.

"I'll get right to it, Josh," Rex said then, his voice very business-like all of a sudden. "I'm here for two reasons. First, you blew Michael away last night at the beach and Michael has an excellent ear for music. He could not stop talking about you. He thinks you have incredible potential. Have you ever considered pursuing music as a profession?"

"I've thought about it," Josh admitted with a nod.

"Singer-songwriters are hard to find and even harder to manage," Rex said. "They require a great deal of patience and encouragement, and support, but the rewards can be some of the best in the business. I'm keeping my eye on you, Josh. You and I might become very good friends."

"And the second reason?" Josh asked.

Rex sighed. "Has anyone ever told you, Josh, that you look exactly like Damien Taylor?"

Josh frowned, then chuckled. "The rock star? I can't say that they have."

"I suppose," Rex said, "it's because some of the accessories don't really match up at all. Your hair styles are completely different, your eye colors are different, you dress about as differently as is humanly possible, and you are clean-shaven. Damien has a perpetual five o'clock shadow, almost like he had someone tattoo it onto his face."

Not knowing what to say, confused as to where this was going, Josh said simply, "Interesting."

Rex chuckled. "Not really," he said, "but this part is: take away those things, and those things are easy to work with, and your facial structure is remarkably similar to that of Damien Taylor. Honestly, you're a veritable doppelganger. I know; I spend way too much time around the guy, up close and personal."

"Interesting," Josh said again, and he could've kicked himself for sounding so lame.

Rex leaned back in his chair. "I know, I'm not really making any sense. Let me lay it on the table: Damien Taylor has two events lined up this Saturday, two important events, but he's being the same stubborn irresponsible prick he's been since he got famous and wants to blow them off to party half-a-world away. His decision is going to anger a lot of people and cost him, and me, a great deal of money. That's where you come in, Josh."

Josh was beginning to worry about where this was going. He was about to say so, when Rex said something that completely shocked him.

"Josh, how would you like to make twenty thousand dollars cash?"

"Excuse me?" Josh replied, incredulous.

"Damien Taylor has chosen to flake on his scheduled events this week," Rex continued. "There are two events, both with minor publicity and buzz surrounding them but both important to me personally. I'm ashamed of him. He's put me in an awkward position, so I'm doing something about it. I have a professional team of stylists at my disposal. Bottom line: I want you to pretend to be Damien Taylor on Saturday of this week. In return, I'll give you twenty thousand dollars, cash."

It was the most incredible and ridiculous thing Josh had ever heard. "How am I supposed to pull off being Damien Taylor?" he asked sharply.

Rex grinned. "Leave that to me. What you need to know is that Damien only plays a three-song set at private parties, none of which were written by him, all of which can be played acoustically. The radio and record versions are souped up electronically; Damien's actual singing voice is a small part of it. It won't be hard to pass off sounding like him on an acoustic version; he's never recorded acoustic versions before. Just learn how to play those songs acoustically and leave your looks to me."

Josh was speechless.

"What do you say?" Rex asked, but his voice was sure, like he already knew the answer.

The mind of Josh Redding whirled through a thousand different possibilities, very nearly overwhelming itself as it contemplated the idea. The idea was ridiculous, yes. The idea was hare-brained, also yes. He had no idea how to pull off what the man was asking him to pull off. In the end, however, he kept coming back to one key element, which meant that no matter how ridiculous, no matter how high the likelihood of embarrassment, the answer was simple.

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