tagRomancePlaying Up Ch. 03

Playing Up Ch. 03


'Let me get this right, you shagged him, three times in one evening, then walked out?'

Sian playfully pursed her lips and nodded, 'Yep, that's about right.'

'Three times. Hot sex, a bit of a kink? Less vanilla, more...' Clare fanned her face.

Sian grinned, 'Depends where you draw the line at kinky. Light bondage?'

'That's nothing, Alex ties me up all the time. Proper ties, handcuffs, masks and we're even getting a special-'

'Whoa, stop right there. Definitely TMI. Well, when I'm sober...'

'So, bondage-lite for a start, a little domination. Sado-masochism?'

'Spanking. That was go-ooood.' Sian wriggled in her seat. 'Which reminds me, his fingers went where they-'

'No!' Clare started giggling, 'Anal? On a first date? It took us months to go there!'

'He really seemed to enjoy giving. He was so masterful.'

Sian and Clare were enjoying a lunchtime coffee in one of the cafes lining Harford Green. Sian had texted Clare on her way home on the train, while she was still on a sexually-gratified high. Clare insisted on meeting the next day.

'So, what do I tell Alex? Is Rob messing you around or not?'

Sian sat back and contemplated the situation, 'Tell him nothing. Nothing happened.'

'Mindfucking? Keeping him hanging?'

'Perhaps. I just haven't decided how I feel yet.'

'So, what will you do next time you see Rob?'

'I've no idea. There's a chance he thinks I'm a bit of a nutter, which would be embarrassing. I didn't know how to react when he went all...I don't know, cruel?'


'Maybe more crude? A bit blunt. I wasn't expecting to be romanced, things went a bit fast for that, but the way he spoke about what we'd done. I felt a bit hurt. And used.' Sian stared into her coffee. 'There's also something I overheard, I don't know whether getting involved is a good idea.'

'Home game this weekend. You can't miss that match, it's a big cup game.'

Sian grimaced, 'I'll...I'll just behave like it never happened. Neither time. Polite but friendly. Not think about jumping him again. Really not.'

'You really think you can do that?' asked Clare, raising an eyebrow.

'I can try.'


This time Rob wasn't teased for scratch marks down his back, instead they noticed a bite mark on his neck. The banter in the changing room after the showers wasn't any better than before.

'She must be a fox, mun. First scratches, now bites. Okay boys, do we know who this vixen is?'

Marcus could only shake his head honestly; he hadn't seen Sian's hasty exit. Gavin had his head buried in his kit bag so no one picked up his slight blush. Alex only glared at Rob, daring him to say something.

A younger voice piped up from the other end of the changing room, 'From my place, I did see a woman in a red dress strutting out of his flat. Didn't see her face but she looked vaguely familiar from behind. Hot too.'

Another voice groaned quietly, 'What is it about scrum halves that made them so bloody irritating? If it isn't Alex on a wind-up, it's Damo the fucking kid. Why won't he shut the fuck up?'

Damian giggled on regardless, 'I'd so do her, on her hands and knees, so it didn't matter what her face looked like.'

Rob wasn't expecting the flash of anger he experienced. He wanted to keep Sian to himself, how dare Damian! To cover his feelings, he turned his back to the rest of the players and towelled himself off.

He'd awoken that morning still confused by Sian's exit, unsure what to do next and embarrassed by his behaviour. Should he call her again after last night, or was that too much like stalking? Sent a text to say sorry for being rude? He should have sent one last night, maybe the time had passed?

He wanted to have a word with Alex, but he'd just shrugged his shoulders at him and mimed that he knew nothing. Fuck.

Even more worrying was that he was hardening every time he remembered his exploits with Sian. When he remembered when she must have bitten him, that first time that night as she straddled him, squeezing him tightly as she came. Screaming into his neck.

Last night he'd started changing the sheets but the smell of them together had got him so hard, he had to stop for a wank, which felt confusingly unsatisfying without her there. She definitely would have lent a hand or two, or even a mouth. Her mouth, with that flicking tongue, sucking and licking him like a lollipop. He wanted to see her on her hands and knees, completely absorbed in enjoying his body. That first time where she used her boobs and swallowed everything? He thought that was so hot and natural. She really loved to lick him all over too, her obvious enjoyment feeding his own arousal.

It was a good thing Rob had continued dressing while thinking of her, otherwise he couldn't have closed his jeans for the erection now straining against the heavy denim. He grabbed his bag, slinging the long shoulder strap so it covered his groin area and departed, waving a hand towards the catcalls and flying comments.


Heavily muscled legs surged and worked together with purpose as opposing legs and hands grappled for purchase. Slowly, the heaving mass of bodies rolled forward and down. Shouts and cries rang around the field as the home crowd cheered the action in front of them.

Sian gasped along with the rest and cheered, 'Yes! We scored! Woohoo!' She grinned happily, nudging Clare next to her, 'Nice pushover try.'

They watched as the players untangled themselves, patted each other on the back. One mud-covered hulk got more pats than the rest, a filthy Rob. Only his clean, white smile stood out from the rest of his face until he grabbed a water bottle and doused himself so his features began to emerge.

In the gap between one of the opposition players needing attention and restarting the match, Sian watched him put fresh tape around his ears, globs of Vaseline on and around his head. She wasn't the only one watching him.

A girlish giggle intruded into her thoughts, 'That Rob's a bit of alright, isn't he?'

There were several younger girls a couple of rows below, shivering in their fashionable jackets and gossiping about most of the players.

'I dunno, my dad says he's a bit of a journeyman, going from club to club and filling in. Nothing special.'

'Durr, you idiot, I was talking about him being a bit cute, in a rough and muscley way.'

'You're the idiot; it's muscular, not muscley. You're supposed to studying for an English A-level!'

'I'd rather study Rob. In my A-level Art Life Drawing class.'

The girls dissolved into giggles and Sian allowed herself a wry smile, tamping down the snakes of doubt. She didn't care, did she? 'Drink, anyone?'


'Oh, bollocks,' swore Sian as her tipsy fingers knocked the change off the bar. She steadied herself against a stool and bent over, picking up the coins.

Despite being knackered after another eighty-minute match and full of post-match grub, Rob's body was still on sexual high-alert. The sight of Sian's curvy jean-clad arse wiggling as he walked into the bar made him groan aloud and curse as his cock plumped up.

Luckily the only person in the vicinity was Gavin who handed him a beer and grinned at his predicament, 'You have got it bad, haven't you?'

'Fuck, yes.' Rob dragged his gaze away from the fascinating view, and stared into his pint.

'So, what happened? You were getting on so well when I...interrupted.'

'I blew it. Said the wrong thing the wrong way.'

Gavin nodded, 'Been there, done that. Birds can be sensitive after you've shagged them. Need to give 'em a bit of a cwtch not slap 'em in the chops. You fucked up, mun.'

Rob raised his eyebrows at his young flatmate sounding so knowledgeable, 'Ok, I know I'm going to regret this but what would you do now?'

'Ignore her for a bit, mun. Play it cool. Get her coming after you once she's no longer pissed off. You've already asked her out, why's it up to you to do all the running?'

Rob frowned; not while he was still so horny. He glanced back towards Sian. She really looked good that day. For a change, her curly hair was twisted up in a knot, the slender, pale nape of her neck exposed above her dark red top. He wanted to kiss her there gently as he screwed her from behind.

Gavin carried on, 'But before you're able to do that tonight, you'll have to go and knock one out. Calm down your hormones.'


Before he could continue further, the two of them were surrounded by several young girls, all swishing hair, high heels and giggles. 'Hiya, I'm Tania, my dad's on the committee. So...are either of you single?'


A couple of hours and several beers later, Rob was seriously considering Gavin's advice. They'd moved on from the club to a local upmarket bar and Sian's crowd were there also, on the other side of the room.

He was trying not to look her way at all, afraid that he wouldn't stop in time. Now he knew what obsession was like. Incessant need to touch, to hold and to taste, he kept remembering events from the nights with her. When she had sucked him inside, ridden him like a horse as she searched for her own pleasure, or let him take control. Fuck, he was horny.

He had to stop it, before he embarrassed himself over her.

The nearest gents were on the other side of the bar, on his way past he saw her laughing and smiling at two besotted chaps from a rival team. He scowled and hastened to the sleekly-decorated loo area, managing to nab a larger stall in the corner which even had a small window to the side covered with heavy damask curtains. Locking the door and leaning back against it, he unzipped immediately, his hands going to his already-hardening cock and tightening balls. He only just held back a groan from the temporary relief of touch.

A pool of spit and he easily started working himself. Up, down, squeeze, twist. Oh, that was so good. His mind replayed images of the two of them together. Sian smiling up at him as she held his cock, and her tongue on him that first morning. God, he was hard. Coming between her gorgeous tits. In her mouth. Her swallowing him up. Him restraining her, and her moans as he did what he wanted to her luscious body.

Pre-come oozed from the head, running down, mixing with his hand, making him more slippery. But not as slippery as her... Rob bit his lip and groaned as he came, spurting over the floor and narrowly missing his clothes. He breathed deeply as the last tremors shook him. Done.

In those few minutes, the loos had become busier which luckily had covered any noise he made. Unfortunately, impatience banged on the door, 'Hurry up mate, there's blokes dyin' for a piss 'ere.'

Rob panicked, looking around for something to wipe his cock and hands off on. He patted futilely at the empty toilet paper holder. There weren't any spare rolls either. A light breeze from the small window gave him an idea. He waddled over to the curtains, selected an area hidden from view and carefully wiped himself enough to close his trousers. He rearranged the fabric, hiding the evidence apart from what was hardly visible on the floor.

A quick wash of his hands in the sink and he was presentable again, and a lot less horny. Thank fuck for that!


It was a strange evening. Sian pretended she was enjoying herself, certainly flirted with more men than she usually did. Rob was around, she thought she had caught a few hot gazes before he had looked away and turned his broad, club-shirt-covered back to her.

With her hair up, she couldn't rely on her normal tendency to hide behind it. The crimson silk top with the deep cleavage and cinched waist paired with her jeans and red strappy heels made her feel girly and confident. And perhaps the vodka had helped a little with her confidence? She felt sexy and indestructible.

'Wanna join us at a club? We'll treat you,' offered the taller of the two youngsters chatting her up.

She laughed and shook her head, 'Nah, thanks. You're both charming but I'm not in a clubbing mood tonight.' And the last time she went clubbing, who did she meet? She caught a dark glower from the man in question as he barrelled past.

The boys took her refusal with good grace, leaving her with kisses on both cheeks and promises to go for a drink another time.

A short time later while she was leaning back against a pillar on the periphery of a conversation, Rob came out of the loos, moving a lot slower that time. She watched as he rejoined the Harford players in their red matching shirts. One of them she knew, Gavin, shot a glance her way, said something and bumped knuckles with Rob.

Hmmm, what was going on? While she was pondering, Rob turned to face her way. He laughed at something one of the others said, clinked his bottle and looked around.

His gaze passed over her without stopping, without acknowledgement. Ouch. Sian felt as if someone had physically slapped her. Ice trickled down her spine. Was he embarrassed to be seen with her? Even looking at her?

Fury grew within her at the thought, her inhibitions swept away by the alcohol she'd consumed. Fuck him and his attitude. A few steps was all it took. 'Hi, Rob.'

Rob's face was nonplussed, 'What do you want?'

Sian leant in to murmur in his ear, 'I want you. I want to lick and swallow you down like an ice-cream, to suck you like a lolly. I want you inside me, for you to fuck me and come until you feel like you're turning inside out. I want you hard and fast, and slow and deep. And after we finish once, I want you to fuck me again, and again, and again.' She nearly moaned but held it back. 'But I know you don't want me, and what I want...well, as my mother used to say, "Want, want, doesn't get". So I'll go to bed alone and think of how good you smell and how you might feel inside me.'

She slowly straightened, avoiding his eyes. If she hadn't aroused him, she'd aroused herself. She headed for the loos, intent on tidying her make-up and using the loo before making the trip back to her flat.

Leaning over the mirror, she noted the flush in her cheeks. Just seeing Rob and thinking what they had shared was enough to do that. She rinsed her hands under the cool water, quelling the impulse to hide in there all night.

Time to go. Sian girded her loins and opened the door, seeing the exit clear for her escape. A few steps and she would be-

A strong arm circled her waist and she was pulled into a corner. She clutched at Rob's biceps and squeaked in shock.

'What the fuck made you think I didn't want you? What do you think this is?' Rob pulled her hips into his, forcing her against his bulging jeans. 'I've only just come, then you whisper that litany of sex in my ear and I'm ready like a schoolboy again.'

Sian couldn't stop herself rubbing against him, the ache increasing. She sucked in her breath with a gasp, trying to focus on why this was such a bad idea but Rob's continuing torment was reminding her body of how good he felt.

'Well?' Rob was breathing heavily too. 'Look, I'm sorry I was so rude to you, I really didn't mean for you to take offence. I like you,

'I thought you were embarrassed to be seen with me?'

'I thought you wanted things to be kept quiet.'

Another push of his hips and she gasped, 'I don't fucking care, just don't stop!'

The bellowing voice of the landlord rang out, 'Oi! You two, keep it family-friendly or take it home!'

Half the bar, including the Harford boys, turned around to look for whoever was misbehaving.

'Aye up boys, we've found the mystery woman.'

'What's up with that? They look good together. Can I watch this time?' Damian grinned expectantly.

Sian hid her face in his neck with embarrassment.

Rob whispered mischievously in her ear, 'Remember biting me there? As you sat across my cock, my hands-'

'Shut the fuck up before I come on the spot,' growled Sian back.

'I was serious, you know I've been ready for you all day, I'd only just calmed myself down shortly before you whispered in my ear and I was off again like a teenager. You don't play fair.' He punctuated that with another press of his hips into her, and a surreptitious squeeze of a breast.

'Neither do you!' she gasped.

'Well, you'll just have to wait.' His hands moved to gently cup her face and he stared into her eyes, smiling lightly but seriously. 'We need to have a chat before we jump into bed again.

Sian nodded in agreement as her arousal calmed to a simmer.

He lightly kissed her, 'Let's say a few words before we head off. Ready?'

She nodded and he took her hand and led her over to his friends as her confidence spiked. He wanted her to be by his side! He wasn't embarrassed to be seen with her! She felt like a freeing weight had been lifted from her shoulders.


'So much for your advice, Gav.'

'It worked, didn't it?' Gavin grinned at them both. 'Kill or cure, I was hoping she'd have a bit of a tiger in her.'

Rob scowled, 'You twat.'

Bravery had obviously been an additive to Gavin's beer, 'Before I forget to say it, nice tits honey.'

'Glad you liked them, you're not seeing them again. I'll rip your balls off if you dare.' Sian glanced at his crotch as Gavin winced.

Damian overheard that, 'Ooh, feisty. I like 'em hot. Fancy a threesome, Rob?'

'Damian, I have one thing to say to you.' Sian crooked a finger.

Damian grinned as he leant in towards her, his eyes dropping down to her cleavage, 'Yes, sexy babe.'

Sian rolled her eyes, 'A small matter you can help me with.'

'Anything for you, gorgeous. I have plenty to spare, and not so small at that.'

'Do.....Fuck. Off.' She smiled angelically at him.

He blushed as all the rest of the boys guffawed at his embarrassment.

Rob chuckled and kissed her lightly, 'I think that's said it. Let's be off.'

She waved happily to her friends as they exited the bar, hand-in-hand.

'Want to go for that meal I never treated you to?'

Sian couldn't hide her surprise, 'I thought we'd be heading back to either of our places?'

'I meant it about slowing things down. Let's have a go at it. A few proper dates, maybe some that don't end or even start in bed. See if we get on as well as I think we will.'

'Great plan, agreed.' She beamed.

'As long as we shag often enough that you wear me out, I've been climbing the walls since I saw you last. Been rock hard most of the time with the need to be inside you.'

Sian gasped, and pinkened with arousal. 'Rob!'

He held open a restaurant door for her, 'Tapas, talking and teasing for the next hour. See if I can get you as hot for me as I've been for you.'

'Hmmm, I'm already there that shouldn't be difficult,' Sian promised, whispering. She glanced down as they were led to a secluded table, 'There's one more thing I need you to tell me though.'

'What might that be?'

'Is that stuff on your shoes what I think it is?'


I hope that you've enjoyed Playing Up. Please vote and leave feedback, I love to hear from readers. There's more about the Harford Scarlet series on my profile page, and Rob & Sian feature in a couple of my other works. Tx

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