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Playing With Fire


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe.

This and all of the other stories we write are for entertainment purposes only. If you do not like what we choose to write about, Literotica offers many other stories for you to read instead.


Backstage at a SmackDown and ECW television taping in the early part of December 2006, Rebecca DiPietro the sultry and alluring Extreme Correspondent from ECW is standing near the ECW interviewing set as she glances over her notes for an interview she is conducting later in the night. Rebecca presses her soft, sultry lips together as she glances down at her notes on a sheet of paper, while she's dressed in a short black skirt and a tight-fitting red tank top.

As the sultry, seducing Extreme Correspondent reviews her notes for the ECW broadcast, fellow ECW Vixen, the hot and feisty Full Bodied Italian Trinity approaches Rebecca as she is dressed in a short black leather skirt, a piece of yellow caution tape wrapped around her chest, and a black leather cap onto of her soft black haired head.

"Yo...Bec, you got sec?" The hot Italian Vixen Trinity asks in her hot Italian accent as the sultry, alluring Rebecca DiPietro presses her lowers together and slowly turns around the face her fellow ECW Vixen.

"Umm yeah, sure Trinity...what's up?" Rebecca asks softly as she gently folds her arms against her largely rounded, firm chest.

"Well, you know, Bec...I've been hearin' those rumors about ya..." Trinity begins to say.

Rebecca pauses and raises an eyebrow "What rumors?" Rebecca asks.

"Oh, you know, girl...those ones about you and that boy K-Fed" Trinity says as she presses her soft Italian lips and nods her head before she smirks "You know...the ones 'bout you and him...bein' an item"

Rebecca's eyes widen as she's in a slight state shock before she shakes her head "Umm...Trinity, I have no clue what you're talking about..." Rebecca starts to say with a soft laugh "Honestly...K-Fed? Kevin Federline? Please... Trinity, he's not my type, he really isn't..." Rebecca states towards her fellow ECW Vixen.

"Oh...yeah...I didn't think so Bec, but ya know those rumors get started..." Trinity says with a nod of her head back as she glances away from Rebecca for a moment "But listen Bec...I gotta get goin' to warm up my boy Guido...catch ya later girl..." Trinity says before she starts to step away from the sultry Extreme Correspondent.

Rebecca nods her head and softly smiles "Yeah...see you later Trinity..." Rebecca says as she watches Trinity exit down the hallway. Rebecca raises an eyebrow and presses her soft, alluring lips together and slightly smirks "Yeah...he isn't my type...but I sure got one hell of an Extreme Exclusive from him..." Rebecca says as she slowly licks her soft, luscious lips.

* * *

(A Few Weeks Ago...)

Inside a fancy hotel room, the most hated man in America, Kevin 'K-Fed' Federline, is admiring himself in a mirror, "Damn boy, you've got it tight, John Cena ain't gonna be able to handle all of this...." Federline says to himself. He's wearing some baggy jeans and a long t-shirt and he picks up a bottle of cologne from the dresser in order to put some on. "Cause he can't see me.... Neither can all them posers...." Federline says when there's a knock on the hotel room door. Federline puts the bottle of cologne down on top of the dresser and goes to open the hotel room door, "Hey I didn't order any room service..." Federline says as he looks out into the hall, but he instantly raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit when he sees the sultry hot Rebecca DiPietro standing out in the hallway, "But I do like what came up..." Federline says, "What do you want?" Federline asks as he leans against the doorway of his hotel room.

The sultry, alluring ECW Vixen Rebecca DiPietro presses her soft, luscious lips together as she stands out in the hallway in front of hotel room door belonging to Kevin Federline. "Hello there..." Rebecca says in a soft, alluring tone as she's dressed in a short black skirt and a tight-fitting white buttoned up long-sleeved shirt with the first three buttons loosened to show over some of her slyly alluring cleavage. "I'm Rebecca...ECW's Extreme Correspondent..." Rebecca says as she locks her soft, slyly seductive eyes on the most hated man in America "I hear...you're going to playing things RAW in the next couple of weeks..." Rebecca says as she lightly tosses her soft light brown hair back "And...seeing as I am...the Extreme Correspondent...I'd love to get an Extreme Exclusive with you."

Federline rolls his eyes a bit, "God damn it... I can't ever get away from the damn press...always hounding me and shit...." Federline says as he as he looks at Rebecca, "But at least you're a hot looking one..." Federline says in his usual cocky tone as he steps back, "So come on in...."

Rebecca slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she casually steps into the surprisingly very fancy hotel room of Federline. "Oh...Kevin...or can I call you K-Fed?" Rebecca asks with a soft, seductive laugh as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips and allows her lust-filled eyes to glance at the baggy-clothed body of Kevin Federline.

"Shit, it don't matter to me.... all the press calls me the same shit at the end of the day anyway...." Federline says as he closes the hotel room door once Rebecca has entered. "So.... let me ask right off... what has got you coming here? Cause if it's about that whole shit with Britney I ain't talking..."

Rebecca slyly bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her lust-filled, alluring eyes locked on Kevin Federline "Oh...K-Fed, Kevin...I'm not here to talk about her...I'm here for the extreme scoop on you..." Rebecca says with a sly, seductive smirk as she slowly licks her soft, luscious lips. The sultry Extreme Correspondent takes a step forward towards Kevin Federline as she keeps her seductive hands on her smoothly rounded hips. "That's all...and maybe...I could show you the meaning of extreme..." Rebecca says in a soft, alluring voice. "But first...things first...what's your strategy against John Cena?" Rebecca asks with a sly smirk.

Federline smirks, "Hey now... that's top secret...." Federline says as he slightly checks Rebecca out as she steps towards him, "But what I can say is that... I've got it all planned out... my boy Johnny Nitro... he's been showing me all of Cena's weaknesses.... and he won't be seeing more... or what's coming when I pin his ass...." Federline answers.

Rebecca nods her head as she raises an eyebrow "So...you like playing... with fire?" Rebecca asks in a soft, seductive before she presses her lips together "I do...I love playing...with...fire..." Rebecca says with alluring, lust-filled smirk.

Federline notices the sultry seductive look on Rebecca's face and he smirks, "Hey... playing with fire is what I'm all about.... I hook up with a hot piece of ass.... and I get flamed all over the place by everyone..." Federline says, "No one realizes that I was a professional dancer. a model, an actor, and that I'm a rapper... and now a wrestler.... shit.... I do it all... and people still throw me into the damn fire..." Federline says, sounding extremely bitter towards how he's treated by the media.

Rebecca seductively grits her teeth together as she takes another step forwards so that she is standing directly in front of Kevin Federline, practically face to face "You know...Kevin...I'm part of the media..." Rebecca says with a soft, seductive voice as she reaches forward and places her seductive hands against Federline's baggy t-shirt covered chest "And...I love giving everyone the extreme exclusive...they deserve..."

Kevin Federline raises an eyebrow, "What's this crazy shit? You wanna dance with this pimp?" Federline says with smirk as he feels Rebecca's hands moving slightly over his baggy t-shirt covered chest.

Rebecca presses her soft, luscious lips together as she locks her lust-filled, seducing eyes with Kevin Federline before she slowly nods head "Oh yeah...I want to play...with fire..." Rebecca DiPietro says with sly smirk as she moves her seductive hands down from his baggy t-shirt covered chest to his stomach.

Federline's smirk gets a bit bigger as he licks his lips, "You know... I get all caught up in this shit... and jackoffs keeps on talkin' and trying to make me snap and lose control and shit... but you're all right baby...." Federline says as Rebecca slowly moves her hands over his t-shirt covered stomach before moving them further down.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow and smirks "I always deliver...the extreme exclusive...and you're about to get one hell of an extreme exclusive...one that only someone like you...deserves..." Rebecca says in a soft voice as she lowers her hands and places her seductive hands against the crotch of Federline's baggy jeans.

"Damn baby.... now that's a privilege that's got my total attention..." Federline says as Rebecca gently presses her hands against the large crotch of his baggy jeans. Federline smirks as he grabs the bottom of his baggy t-shirt and he lifts it up and over his head, revealing his nicely toned upper body and he drops his t-shirt down on the floor, "So... you really want to play with some of this fire?" Federline says as he slightly poses in front of Rebecca as she lightly squeezes the crotch of his jeans.

Rebecca presses her soft, seductive lips together as she slowly nods her head while licking her luscious lips "Mmm...oh yeah...I want to play with some of that fire..." Rebecca says with a smirk as she removes her hands from Federline's crotch when she takes a step back from the most hated man in America as she places her hands against her white shirt and begins to unbutton her white long sleeved shirt.

Federline smirks again, "Then get ready baby.... cause you're gonna get a real exclusive on why Britney married me and shit..." Federline says as he unbuttons and unzips his baggy jeans. He opens them up and then pushes them down from his waist revealing a pair of gray colored briefs that are fitting tightly against his bulging crotch.

Rebecca slyly bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her sultry eyes and locks them with the large bulge of Kevin Federline's crotch, restricted by his tight-fitting gray colored briefs "Mmmm...I can't wait to play with fire..." Rebecca says in a soft, seductive tone as she unbuttons the final button of her white shirt before she opens up her white shirt to expose her smoothly toned, gorgeously tanned body. Rebecca DiPietro removes her white shirt from her seductively shaped body as she reveals her large, smoothly rounded extremely hot tits to Kevin Federline.

Federline licks his lips as he looks at Rebecca's large, firm round tits, "Damn... now those are hot...." Federline says as he starts to lower down his gray colored briefs and his large, thick ten inch cock springs free a fter a few moments. Federline lowers his briefs down completely and he steps out of them, "So how about it baby? You ready to play with this flame thrower?" Federline says as he points right at his cock.

Rebecca presses her lips together as she soft, seductive eyes widen at the sight of Kevin Federline's hard, thick ten inch cock "Mmmm...ohhh I'm ready to get extreme with that..." Rebecca says with a soft, seductive moan as she places hands against her smooth, tanned waist and begins to push her short black skirt down from her waist. Rebecca lowers her skirt down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal her bare, smoothly shaven, hot and sultry pussy before she steps out of her skirt and now stands completely naked in front of the most hated man in America.

"Well you can get extreme with it right now baby..." Federline says as he licks his lips. He looks right at Rebecca's hot smooth hot pussy as he wraps a hand around his cock and he lightly strokes it a bit. Rebecca licks her lips as she locks her sultry, alluring eyes with Kevin Federline's thick, hard cock with his right hand wrapped around it. Rebecca takes a step towards Federline once again before the sultry Extreme Correspondent kneels down on the hotel room floor in front of K-Fed. Rebecca presses her lips together and tosses her soft light brown hair back before she reaches forward and gently wraps her smooth, seductive hands around Federline's cock and begins to gently stroke her hands against his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... yea..." Federline moans and licks his lips as he leans back against the hotel room's dresser and he places his hands on the edge of it as Rebecca moves her hands back and forth along the length of his thick ten inch cock.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow as she glances up slyly at Kevin Federline "Mmm... It's a shame Britney left you..." Rebecca says in a soft, seductive tone as she continues to smoothly stroke her seductive hands against his hard, thick shaft. Rebecca leans her head down as she keeps her seductively alluring eyes locks with Federline as she gently slaps her wet, warm tongue against the head of his cock before she starts to circle her tongue around the head of his cock, lightly coating it with her wet saliva.

"Ahhh yeah baby.... shit... Britney is a dumb bitch... she ditched me and went to a nobody...." Federline moans as Rebecca moves her wet sultry tongue around the large head of his cock. Federline closes his eyes and tilts his head back as Rebecca covers his cock in a light layer of her warm saliva which drips down the length of his dick.

"Mmm...yeah she is dumb..." Rebecca slightly moans as she slowly closes her eyes and gently slaps her wet tongue against the piss-slit on tip of Federline's cock before the sultry Rebecca DiPietro drops her wet, warm tongue down from the head of his cock and begins to guide her sultry, wet tongue down the length of his thick cock. Rebecca slowly and teasingly lowers her wet, warm tongue down the underbelly of his shaft, heading towards his ballsack.

"Awww yeah.... mmmm yeah...." Federline moans as Rebecca practically bathes his entire cock with her warm wet tongue. "You sure know what a top star like me likes..." Federline moans just as he feels the tip Rebecca's tongue against his surprisingly large ballsack. Federline places his left hand on Rebecca's head and he pushes her hair back as Rebecca flicks her tongue against his balls.

"Mmm...ohhh...I'm going to give you one great extreme exclusive..." Rebecca slightly moans as she opens her eyes and glances up to lock her seductively alluring eyes with Kevin Federline once again before she swirls her sly, seductive tongue against K-Fed's large ballsack before opening her warm, wet mouth and taking Federline's ballsack into her seducing mouth. Rebecca closes her soft lips around his ballsack and begins to gently bob her head against his ballsack as she sucks on his balls.

"Mmmmm ohhh yea... mmm... suck them balls baby...." Federline moans as he feels Rebecca's warm mouth closed around his large ballsack as she sucks on them. Federline slides his fingers through Rebecca's brown hair as he grips his saliva covered cock once again and he starts to stroke it slowly. "Fuck babe.... Britney would never do that unless I ate the bitch..." Federline moans.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Rebecca moans against Federline's ballsack as she continues to slowly bob her head against his large ballsack before she starts to flick her slyly seductive wet tongue against his ballsack, flicking her tongue against one ball at a time. Rebecca's hot, wet saliva drips against his large ballsack as she presses her lips tighter against his balls

Federline licks his lips and he gently pushes Rebecca's head away from his saliva covered balls, "Mmm fuck babe... you're a fucking hot number..." Federline says as he pulls Rebecca up to her feet and guides her towards the bed, "Lay down and spread 'em..." Federline says with a smirk.

Rebecca presses her lips together and sly raises an eyebrow as she seductively looks at Kevin Federline "Boy...aren't you pushy..." Rebecca smirks before flashing her seductive eyelashes at Federline "I like it..." Rebecca says with a sly wink before the sultry Extreme Correspondent lays back onto the hotel room bed of Kevin Federline and she spreads her smooth, tanned legs apart as the most hated man in America kneels onto the bed in front of the seductively laying Rebecca DiPietro

Kevin Federline gets between Rebecca's sexy legs and then slides his long fat cock deep into the wet, tight hot pussy of the sultry Extreme Correspondent. "Mmmmm yea..." Federline moans as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of Rebecca's pussy with slow, sharp thrusts as he puts his hands on Rebecca's hips.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as the sultrily ECW Vixen arches her back slightly "Ohhhh shit..." Rebecca seductively groans as she closes her eyes slightly as she places her soft, seductive hands against Federline's arms as he thrusts his cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy. Rebecca gently wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Federline's waist as she starts to rock against the bed mattress.

Federline licks his lips as he remains sitting on his knees as he pumps his cock in and out of Rebecca's pussy. "Awww yea.... ohhh yea.. fuck... now you're playing with fire...." Federline moans as he thrusts his cock faster.

Rebecca presses her soft, luscious lips together as she gently thrusts her hot, sultry body against Federline's most hated cock as he thrusts his cock deeply and quickly into her hot, tight pussy "Ohhh...mmm...yeah give me that dick!" Rebecca moans seductively as she starts to grind her pussy easily against his cock with her smooth legs wrapped around Federline's waist "Britney was so dumb to leave you..." Rebecca groans as she gently slides her soft, seductive hands against Federline's arms.

"Damn... straight...." Federline moans as his slides his hands back and forth over Rebecca's sexy hips as he pounds her hot pussy with his big fat cock. "Ohhh yea.... mmmm fuck.... Britney is such... a fucking cunt..." Federline says with a lot of bitterness in his voice as he sharply slams his dick deep into Rebecca's pussy which makes her arch her back in response.

Rebecca gently grits her teeth as she rocks smoothly back and forth on top of the hotel room bed while Kevin Federline slams his cock deeply into her warm, sultry tight pussy "Ohhh...mmm...this is one great exclusive..." Rebecca moans as she opens her eyes and locks her lust-filled, seductive eyes with Kevin Federline as she starts to push her hot, sultry body against Kevin Federline's cock at a slightly quicker rate as she tightens the grip of her smooth, tanned legs around his waist.

Federline licks his lips as he takes his hands off of Rebecca's hot round hips, "Mmmmm fuck.... yeah... this is playing with fucking fire...." Federline grunts as he pulls his cock out of Rebecca's hot tight pussy and he turns the sultry Extreme Correspondent over onto her stomach. He pulls her ass up into the air and with Rebecca's head resting on the mattress, Federline slams his fat cock back into Rebecca's pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy!" Rebecca seductively moans as she lifts her head off of the mattress and glances over her shoulder at Kevin Federline as he pumps his cock in and out of Rebecca's tight, sultry pussy "Mmmm... playing with fire....is amazing." Rebecca moans as she starts to smoothly and firmly push her hot, rounded ass back against K-Fed's waist forcing his cock deeper into her wet, tight pussy.

"Ahhhhh.... mmmm yeah... damn fucking straight it fucking is...." Federline grunts as he holds on to Rebecca's round sexy hips as he slams his cock in and out of Rebecca's pussy with deep fast thrusts. Federline grunts as Rebecca's ass hits against his waist and crotch as his balls swings back and forth and hits between Rebecca's thighs.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah....fuck that pussy...mmmm yesss!" Rebecca groans as she presses her lips together and closes her eyes as the sultry Rebecca DiPietro guides her hot, seductively alluring body back against Kevin Federline as the Extreme Correspondent matches his thrusts as her hot, rounded ass gently collides with Federline's smooth waist.

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