tagIncest/TabooPlaying with Fire Ch. 02

Playing with Fire Ch. 02


Here's the second part.

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"Don't worry about it Jim!"

"She probably thinking I'm a fucking weirdo to get a boner at a restaurant!"

"Come on! You guys were so close when you grew up, you really think this is the first time she felt your cock?"

"No I... We are not kids anymore mom! I can't see how can she not be creeped out about feeling my hard cock during a family dinner!"

"So, you're okay with fucking your mom but worried when you sister 'accidentally' feels your cock?"

I could feel she was angry. Her eyes were sharp and her nose was flaring. I was getting angry too. I didn't want to fuck up any relationships over our situation. I always tried to keep our relationship a secret. Not because I was ashamed of it. But because she was my mom. I love to have dates without being worried about seeing as a weirdo, introduce her as my girlfriend... It took me sometime to realize what just happened. Girlfriend. Even though we've been fucking for so many times, having dates, almost living together; we never talked about a serious relationship. When we started this, it was implied that this was a 'friends with benefits' kind of a deal. We didn't agree on that but we both understood. Now I was getting attached.

"Mom... what we have... our feelings are mutual. But Katie don't know any of this! What if she finds out about us? All I'm saying is we should have some limits." I hate being the reasonable one.

"I didn't hear you complain when we fuck in the fucking men's room!"

She got me there. The thought fucking mom in a men's room never would cross my mind if it wasn't for mom's teasing. I was so turned on I didn't care who's going to catch us.

"Try to understand mom, we can have our fun! I'm enjoying it too. But what I'm saying is let's be careful."


For next few days things were quiet. I haven't heard from either mom or Katie. I was worried that I pissed off mom and creeped out Katie in the same night. I decided to text Katie and see if I'm right to be worried or I was being paranoid. I've sent her a simple text: "How is the new job?". I've got a reply after few minutes.

"Its great! Bit harder because I'm new but that's not a big deal"

"Awesome! You deserve the promotion!"

"Thank you, Jim! Hey, have you heard from mom lately?"

"No why?"

"I think she's dating"

"What? How do you know?"

"I don't know for sure, but I feel like she's being busy with someone. I mean I've never gone a week without three or four calls from mom per week but for the past few months, I've rarely got any calls from her."

"I don't know sis. Maybe she got bored of you?"


"Really though, maybe it's nothing."


Well I was relieved my hard cock situation wasn't bad as I thought it was. But it all went away when she said mom dating someone.

It was around 9 pm when I got to mom's place. I thought mom was still mad at me but on the phone, she sounded happy that I've called. As soon as she opened the door and I went inside, she began kissing me.

"I missed you Jim!"

"I missed you too mom!" I kissed back.

Mom's wondering hands stroked my crotch as she kissed me. I forgot the thing I wanted to talk and found myself playing with her breasts. Like many nights before, she led me to her bedroom. Mom was wearing one of her pink robes. She pushed me on to the bed and began getting out of her robe. Inch by inch I saw her pale skin and her black laced teddy. I'm pretty sure that my jaws dropped to the floor.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it mom! You look wow!"

"I've picked it yesterday. Thought you might like it..." She was slowly walking towards me.

"I love it mom! And you look fucking hot in it!"

"I see." Her eyes dropped to my crotch. My cock made an impressive tent in my pants.

Mom knelt in front of me and unzipped my pants. I've got up and helped her remove the barriers between her warm slippery mouth and my hard cock. After getting my clothes off, mom begin her treat. She licked the head as she looked at me. She loved seeing me enjoying her blow jobs. She smiled at me and began slowly swallowing my cock. I couldn't stay in my position so I laid down on the bed. Mom worked her way down to my balls and back up. I was getting closer to cum. Mom felt it too and she stopped everything.

"Today you're going to fill your mom up with your cum Jim..." She got on top of me and position my cock with her wet pussy. She then slowly sat down on my cock.

"Mmm... Love your cock in me..." She whispered as she slowly began to ride me. She was still wearing her teddy so I pulled it off of her.

She began to speed up and her breasts now hanging free began to sway in front of me. I licked and sucked her nipples as she rode me. Mom loved it.

"Mhm... suck my tits baby..."

After few minutes of fucking like that, I flipped her over on her back and got on top of her. My cock was still in her and I continued what mom began. Mom pulled me closer and kissed me. After the kiss, I nibbled my way down to her neck. She looked amazing when she's about to cum.

"You're so beautiful mom..."


I sped up. I felt mom's pussy gripping my cock tight. Her eyes were closed and her face was bright red. I'd never get tired of seeing mom cumming hard. Then the moaning began. Like every time she came, she moaned my name repeatedly.

"Fill my pussy baby... fill your mom's pussy with your cum!"

I did what she told me. I filled her up with my cum. It took us few minuets to calm ourselves down from our orgasm. I laid down next to her.

"Mom... we've got a problem" I knew this is going to kill the mood, but we had to talk.

"A problem? With what?"

"With Katie"

"Not this again..."

"Mom... please listen. She thinks you're dating someone."


"She said you guys used to talk few times a week and you aren't anymore."

"Look... don't worry about Katie. Just leave it to me. We have nothing to worry about!"

"You keep saying that... but what if..."

"Don't worry. She will find what's going on between us and she'll be okay with it. So drop it."

"But why would she do that?"

*** *** ***

"Mom! What are you doing!?" Katie yelped as she felt her mom's tongue touched her neck. Ruth didn't care her daughter's resistance. She kept licking Katie's neck while her hand grabbed handful of Katie's blonde hair.


Ruth's tongue found its way to Katie's jawline. And then to her mouth. She pushed her lips on to her daughter's resistive lips.


Katie's taller fit mother easily had the upper hand. With one hand Ruth held her head in place while she kissed her. She rubbed Katie's pussy through her jeans with the other. Katie was confused by everything. Her mind yelled to get away while her body told her to lean in. Her body won the fight. Katie leaned in to her mom's forbidden touch.

With her daughter's resistance long gone, Ruth managed to throw away her t-shirt. She then quickly undid Katie's little bra and shifted her mouth's focus on Katie's smaller breasts. Katie's breasts were barely a handful but her long thick nipples stood proudly before Ruth. She began playing with Katie's nipples. She sucked on them and bit them lightly, making Katie moan. After playing with her breasts, Ruth undid Katie's jeans and panties. Katie's panties were soaked with her wetness. She threw away Katie's clothes and stood beside the bed, observing every inch of her naked daughter.

"You're so beautiful honey!"

Ruth laid on top of her daughter and began kissing. This time, Katie kissed her back. Ruth's mouth slowly travelled towards her pussy leaving trail of kisses and licks. Katie's pussy was clean shaven and soaking wet. Ruth teased her by slowly nibbled on Katie's beefy lips as she pushed her crotch on to Ruth's face. After spending few minutes teasing her, Ruth pushed a finger in. For the first time a woman was pleasuring Katie. Her mom's finger expertly probed her wet pussy. One finger became two and soon the probing became fucking. Ruth's tongue touched Katie's erect clit and Katie responded with another yelp. With both fingers and wet tongue pleasuring her, Katie couldn't stay put. She was tossing all over the bed. Ruth then pulled out her fingers and cleaned Katie's sticky wetness with her tongue. When she felt like Katie's going to cum, she stopped.

"Do you want mommy to stop sweetie?" Ruth asked while touching her daughter's exposed clit with her nose.

"No... please don't..."

"Are you sure?"


Ruth sucked on her pussy lips and pushed her tongue into Katie's pussy. Her hand moved up and pinched Katie's nipples as she lapped away. After eating her pussy for a while, Ruth again replaced her mouth with her fingers. She got up while still keeping her two fingers in her daughter's pussy and focused on her breasts. She alternatively sucked and nibbled on Katie's nipples and her fingers curled up and massaged Katie's sensitive pussy. She felt her daughter again getting closer to cum. Ruth grabbed her daughter by her hair.

"Cum for mommy baby..." Ruth whispered while finger fucking her.

She felt Katie's pussy clenching around her fingers. Katie came from a woman's touch for the first time. Ruth waited until Katie opens her eyes and then kissed her. Ruth licked clean her two sticky fingers and kissed her again.

"Mommy's turn"

Ruth got up, shed all of her clothes and climbed back on to the bed. Katie watched her naked mother sliding next to her. She never seen her mother naked. She have seen her accidentally, but never this close. She couldn't help but admire her mother's full breasts, curvy hips and tall fit body. Katie knew what she had to do.

Katie got on top of her mother and began kissing her. She didn't felt like she's doing something wrong. Kiss moved on to mom's breasts. Katie licked, nibbled and kissed every inch of Ruth's breasts. She was copying what her mom did to her. Ruth was inpatient, she grabbed her daughter by her hair again and pushed her towards her pussy. For the first time in her life, Katie saw a vagina other than her own in the flesh. Ruth's pussy was also clean shaven. She gingerly touched her mom's pussy lips with her tongue. With no objections from mom, she then began licking it. The taste was strange but she soon got used to it. Like her mom, Katie moved from licking to fingers. She slowly finger fucked her mom while teasing the clit with her tongue.

"Faster baby... faster"

She obliged. Katie's sped up the finger fucking and replaced her tongue with her soft lips. She sucked on her mom's sweet little clit.

"Fuck yes Katie! Just like that! Fuck fuck fuck..."

Ruth's pussy walls constricted around Katie's two fingers. She knew her mom was going to cum so she pushed her fingers further in. Within few seconds, Ruth came. Katie cleaned up the sticky mess her mom made with her tongue and laid down facing her.

"You were great baby!" Ruth gave Katie a kiss.

"Mom... what the fuck just happened?"

"We uh..."

"This is so fucked up!"

"I know..."

"I mean... are you a lesbian now?"



*** *** ***

- Two days later -

"You fucked Katie? Mom!?" I didn't know why exactly but I was pissed off.

Things were getting back to normal once again. Until mom told me that she fucked Katie. I was pissed off. But I wasn't. It was a strange couple of minutes, going through many emotions seconds apart. I soon realized that I was pissed because I was supposed to be pissed.

"Oh, come on Jim... you're telling me that you've never thought about fucking Katie? You? One that jerk off to my panties didn't fantasize about you sister?"

"No mom. I've never thought about it!"

I actually never thought about her like that before. Of course, I've noticed my sister is a very beautiful woman. But I was really into older women, so my fantasies hovered around my mom.

"Well I have..."

"So are you a lesbian now?"

"No! I'm not a lesbian!"

"Fuck... does she know about us?"


"But you want to tell her about us don't you?"


I sighed and sat down on the couch.

"This is how you deal with Katie eventually catching us? By fucking her?"

Situation was beyond fucked. As I drove back to my apartment I wondered what I got myself into. I felt really bad about the situation with Katie. I know mom said she enjoyed what happened but it doesn't correct the fact mom forced herself to Katie. I remembered my first time with mom. I wondered if Katie liked mom the same way I did. What are the chances of that happening? When I got home, I saw a text from Katie. She wanted to meet me. She asked me if she could come and see me now. It was getting closer to midnight but I felt like I didn't have any choice. So I said yes. She came sooner than I thought. She probably already on her way when she sent me the text.

"I'm sorry Jim... I wanted to see you earlier but..."

"It's okay Katie. Do you want some coffee or something?"

"I'll take a beer if you have some."

I fetch her a beer and sat down next to her on the couch.

"So what's going on?"

"I really don't know how to say this Jim... It's so fucked up!"

My suspected that she wanted to talk about what happened with mom and I was right. I didn't know what should I tell her about that. I can play dumb and not tell her about me and our mom. And when mom tell her about us I'd be the lier. Or I can tell her everything and hope she doesn't freak out.

"Is it something..."

"I fucked mom! Well actually she fucked me first but... yeah"

"I uh... what?" It is really hard to play surprised. I knew just from the look on her face, she knew I knew.

"You know... did mom told you about it?"


"Just fucking tell me... did mom told you about what happened?"


"Why the fuck would she do that without talking with me!? I mean how would that even coming up in a normal conversation? 'Oh hi son, by the way I fucked your sister'"

"It's not like that!"

"How it happened then?"

"Katie look; there's a lot of things going on that you don't know about. Mom told me that she'd tell you about everything. That's not something I wanted but mom wanted to do it any way. And for the record I did not know about what happened with you until about an hour ago."

"What's 'a lot of stuff'... Oh my god! You two are fucking! What the fuck man!?"


"I feel like an idiot!"

"You're not... It's just..."

"Did she seduce you too? Or you did it first?"

"She did... but I uh... I wanted to..."


"Look mom told me what happened and I'm sorry that she uh she forced you to do this... let's just talk through this okay..."

"How long?"

"About six or seven months."

"Wow... so you were the one she's been busy with!"


"Wow! I don't know what to say... I mean I can't be angry at you for not telling me. This is not something you'd want others to know about. I can be angry at you for fucking our mom all this time. But I... I liked fucking her too. So I really can't blame you. I can however blame mom for dragging me to your fucked up lives."

"Look... mom's been lonely and you know she never dated anyone after dad. Maybe she wanted us to be closer. Well bit closer than a normal family."

"Right. Were you two playing footsie or something at the restaurant?"


"I knew I felt something! I thought it's your phone or something."

"How can a phone..."

"I don't know... it's a better alternative than thinking it's your cock poking me!"

"I'm sorry about that."

"What were you two guys doing anyways?"

"Mom... mom rubbed my uh cock under the table."

"I guess you went home with blue balls that night."

"Not really."

"Oh right... you two now dating right... was it mom's place or here?"


"You did her in the car!?"

"In the men's room."



"You two are bad! I mean... I've had pretty 'out there' boyfriends, I told you about Tim right?"


"Even with him I've never done that."

"Well it's amazing. I can tell you that."

"Was it the risk of getting caught that turns you on?"

"Well I was pretty horny after hour of teasing. But I think mom loves the thrill of getting caught."

I just noticed that Katie was getting closer to me on the couch.

"I can kinda picture you two going at it in the men's room. I agree it's kinda hot." She placed her hand on my thigh. "You know... I know what mom looks like naked, but I never seen you naked. It's make things harder to picture in my mind."

Right then it wasn't the only thing that was getting harder.


"Why don't you help me out?"

This time I haven't get any nagging feelings in my mind. Things are already messed up and this isn't going to change anything. And I was getting horny, that took away any remaining doubts out of my mind.

I got up and dropped my pants to the ground, leaving semi hard cock dangling between my legs. Katie dropped on to her knees in front of me. She then swallowed my still soft cock all the way down. With the help of her licks, kisses and all the teasing, my cock rose up.

"Fuck you're big! Your cock is bigger than my wrist!"

Well she being tiny really does helps with that. She kept licking the head and tried to swallow it. Her tiny mouth couldn't even swallow half of my cock so she rubbed my shaft while sucking on the head.

"How does mom call you when you guys are fucking? Jim or son?"


"So should I call you brother or Jim?"


"Okay brother" She smirked and got up. "I believe I'm overdressed for this."

I sat down on the couch and watched my sister getting out of her clothes. While her face looked like mom's, her body wasn't. Mom was tall, fit because of all the running and yoga, breasts were way bigger than a handful and had a curvy ass. My sister on the other hand was about 5'1", little bit skinny, breasts were small but very perky and had an ass that fit her body. She still was hotter than most of my girlfriends.

When Katie done undressing, I sat her down on the couch. It was time to return the favor. I spread her legs and began teasing her by kissing and licking anywhere but her pussy. She put her hand on my head and guided me towards her pussy. Her pussy was getting wet and I couldn't believe the size of her lips. I've never seen anyone with lips that big outside of porn. I licked her pussy up and down then sucked on her lips. She moaned just like mom and began thrusting her pussy onto my mouth. After few minutes I pushed my fingers in while my tongue flicked on her clit. It didn't take much time after that to make her cum. I got up and kissed my way up to her tiny breasts and sucked on her nipples. And then I moved to her lips and kissed them. After few seconds of kissing her, Katie pushed me in to the couch and sat me down next to her and got on top of me. She grabbed my cock and slowly pushed it down into her tight pussy.

"Fuck Katie... you're so fucking tight!"

"And you're so fucking big!" I could see the pain in her eyes but she kept going on. It took some time but my cock went all the way in. Katie put her legs on the couch and with my support she moved up and down on my cock.

Things were slow at the beginning, she was still getting used to my cock. But when her pussy stretched out, she sped up. She kept kissing me as she rode me, moaning how big I was. I tried very hard to keep myself from cumming in her tight hole.

"Oh god I'm cumming!" She whispered.

We rode her orgasm together. After that, Katie hugged me while she got herself calmed down. I could feel her heartbeat on my chest.

"Fuck! That is man..." She tried to talk but with all the panting she couldn't.

"Great? Awesome? Best sex you've ever had?"


"Second best sex you ever had?"

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