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Pleasant Conversation


I'm not sure if I should tell you this, especially at a time like this, but hey, what can you do about it? Considering everything you probably have a right to know. It was me; I was the one who fucked your wife, not your best friend Charlie.

Hey, hey calm down, you might hurt yourself. You know you can't get at me, even if you did what would you do with all these witnesses around? All they can see is us having a pleasant conversation. Just a few last words between... adversaries? I'm not sure that's the correct word but I guess you get my meaning.

You don't believe me? Well let me fill in a few of the details:

After several drinks, Mojitos are apparently her favorite. Anyway, after a Mojitos she enjoyed dancing and after a few dances seemed to enjoy the idea of something more private. Well from there it didn't take much before I was slipping off her panties and getting a nice look at that pretty pussy of hers. Ah, what really made it special was the grooming. Must have taken some time to trim her hair into that pretty little heart.

Okay, yeah believe me now? Well just in case you're not completely convinced I thought you should know she asked me to go down on her. She explained she liked to do that first. Apparently the guy in her life was a little quick for her taste so she wanted to cum that way first.

Frankly, I was more than happy to oblige and hey, speaking of taste, she did taste really good... tangy, with a hint of earthiness that really turned me on. She wasn't shy, giving me instructions...what did she say? Yes, I recall, she told me to, "Take it around the world..."

Oh, I guess she must say that to you too. Starting to believe me? Well, once she came... twice, she came twice. Anyway, after she came she wanted me to put it in while she was still on her back but then asked me to take it out and do her doggie style.

Oh wow and she was wet by then. She got up on all fours swaying that ass back and forth till I took hold and gave it to her. I tell you, when I eased my cock into her it felt so good I almost came right there, but didn't. No, I figured your wife's so fine she deserved a bit more than "your" ordinary fuck.

Making sure I stayed in control I worked my cock in and out of her for quite some time. I took it good and slow, letting her slide over me until she begged me to go faster. She came twice, maybe three times... guess I lost count before I finally came.

I tell you it was special and the one thing that I remember... hell, I will never forget was the way she moaned when she came, with that little bit of a squeak when it all happened. Yeah, you know that squeak, I can see it. Yes, you do believe me.

Okay now, the doctor has arrived and I'll need to cut my story here short, no need for them to hear all these details. I just wanted you to know who really fucked your wife and how good it was for the both of us. She even told me she'd never felt like that before, then asked me if I could come back and do it with her again. You know how clingy she could get, well at least when she was well fucked. All in all she truly was a loving wife.

They're gonna get you ready, but don't worry I'll be right here. They'll ask you if you have any last words and you just shake your head, "No." They'll dab your arm and you'll feel a slight stick. Then all we do is wait for that second hand. Tic tock, tic tock.

Innocent? You still say you are innocent. You didn't kill your wife? You didn't kill your best friend? You know I think every convict I have met is innocent. Same thing for everyone here, they have heard all the lies.

Funny thing, of all the people here, I'm the only one... the only one who knows for a fact that you are innocent. Now, you'll feel a slight burning sensation... yeah, there it is. It burns for just a second then...

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by Anonymous

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by c24j05/06/18

Great argument against the death penalty!!!

Well done! Though I'm not sure why he wouldn't say anything.

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