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Pleasant Surprise


The kids were away for the weekend and Ben and Sharon were going to make the most of it. Although they had been married for nearly 20 years the thought of caressing his wife's beautiful 36c breasts and feeling her nipples harden to his touch never failed to get Ben hard. The feel of her cool, soft, skin moving against his on the rare occasions when they could steal the time to explore each other always left him wanting more.

Gazing into her grey/blue eyes and running his hands through her long blonde hair and along the nape of her neck while her tight wet pussy enveloped him filled him with so much pleasure that these moments would never last long, Ben tried to hold back from coming for as long as possible but he was always spent too soon.

Over the years they had learned how to give each other great pleasure. Sharon had become an expert at caressing and stroking his cock, using her warm soft mouth to coax him to energy sapping climaxes. Ben loved the taste and smell of Sharon's pussy, he loved to alternate running his tongue through its folds with fingering her tight opening while sucking on her sweet, stiff clit. Hearing her moan and feeling her legs tighten around his head as she writhed around, her pussy contracting around his fingers, made his cock ache in anticipation.

In recent times the opportunities to fully enjoy each other had been dwindling, when they did arise Ben was so horny that they were over too soon, a simple command from his wife to 'fuck me hard" was enough to push him over the top. Sharon would never get the long hard fuck that she so desired and deserved. Ben wished for many things, a bigger cock, greater stamina, but in the end it came down to one thing, he wanted to stroke his wife into a state of rolling, convulsing bliss, to take her to the heights of pleasure to which she so easily took him.

Throughout the 20 years they had been together they had never exchanged their personal fantasies, Ben had often wondered what Sharon would think of the fantasies he conjured up while her tongue was darting around the head of his cock. Despite her great imagination and creative streak, Sharon was reluctant to share her fantasies, much of the time Ben had no idea about what she yearned for...

One thing that they shared a liking for was mild bondage, using pantyhose to tie her to their bed Ben had shaved Sharon's beautiful strawberry blonde bush, all the time savouring her rich musk. When he'd finished he peeled apart her outer lips and gently probed her depths with his tongue, roughly massaging her buttocks while he licked from her pulsating hole up to her twitching clit. He'd lapped up her juices which flowed freely as she struggled against her ties, writhing and trying to escape the sucking of his soft lips as they pulled her clit into his mouth where he flicked it back and forth with his tongue. She'd cried out to have his cock inside of her but he knew he would not last long buried in her sweet wetness - not with the smell of her on his face and her beautiful round breasts pressing her hard nipples into his chest.

Instead Ben moved up her body, kissing his way gently across the sensuous curve of her hips, licking his way across her belly and up to her breasts, suckling on each and pulling her nipples into his mouth flicking them with his tongue as they became engorged. As he lightly kissed his way up her neck Ben slid his cock between the outer lips of Sharon's pussy, she raise her hips to accept his cock but he avoided her hot wet entrance and instead slid the head of his cock up to her clit, resting his shaft between her lips. Slowly he moved up and down, teasing her by running the mushroom shaped tip of his cock from her opening to her clit and back, slowly pushing just the tip of his hot, pulsing cock into her before withdrawing and sliding back to her clit, smearing their juices along his shaft as he went.

Sharon was aching to have his cock inside her, with her hands tied she could only plead as he brought her closer and closer to the brink. She was hot and wet and longed to feel him push into her, opening her up and relieving her yearning. Pinning her arms to the bed with his own, he was obviously enjoying her helplessness. She could feel her orgasm building, her legs began to twitch and, as Ben pushed the tip of his cock into her a little deeper she cried out as her orgasm burst and washed over her, at the same time she felt Ben's cock slide into her pulsing tunnel, hot hard and throbbing. She felt his balls tight against her lips and he let out a moan as his cock stiffened and his come flowed up its length and was released inside her. They both laid there panting as Ben's cock softened inside of Sharon, they kissed and after undoing the ties drifted off to sleep with their legs entwined.

With fond memories of that evening, tonight the candles were ready and the ties lay waiting as both looked forward to hot, wet, noisy unrestrained sex. This time though it would be different, unknown to Sharon Ben had a plan, it was risky, he was relying on her sense of adventure but lately it had become his number one fantasy.

The evening started with dinner at a local restaurant, both were horny with anticipation and Ben spent most of his time mentally undressing Sharon (which was not difficult given her lack of bra and panties) and caressing her legs with his feet under the table - if he was honest he wasn't following much the conversation very well and was just itching to feel her nakedness against him. Sharon noticed he was a little distracted and hoped that he would last the distance, she felt the bulge in his jeans as she ran her foot across his crotch this, and the growing dampness between her legs, was a sure sign that it was time to sate a more ravenous appetite.

Having raced home Sharon left Ben to light fragrant candles in the bedroom and attach one pair of pantyhose to each corner of the bed, when she entered the dimly lit room the rose fragrance met her at the door, in the flickering candlelight Ben was sitting on the edge of the bed naked, his cock was hard and she could see his balls were tight - this could be a very short evening she thought. She walked over and stood in front of him. Looking him in the eye a smile flitted across her face as, bending over slightly, she cupped his balls in her right hand and gripped his curved shaft with her left hand sliding it up its length -- it was warm and pre-cum was trickling from its head.

Ben reached up and cupped her breasts -- her nipples hardened and he continued to massage them with the soft skin of his inner wrist as he undid the buttons down the front of her dress. Sharon knelt down and took the head of his cock in her mouth, she sucked gently on the tip, running her tongue along the slit, tasting its slippery saltiness.

Ben slid her dress off of her shoulders and reached down to fondle her breasts, as he pulled her to her feet Sharon resisted momentarily and ran the head of his cock across her breasts. As she stood up her dress fell away, she stood naked her beautiful curves and pale skin accentuated in the candlelight. Ben ran his hands over her soft inner thighs, she parted her legs slightly as his hand reached the soft hair of her pussy. He ran his forefinger between her lips feeling the heat emanating from deep within her, slowly he drew his finger out, dragging it across her inner lips and the hood of her clit. Ben stood up, as he did Sharon's hand returned to his cock, stroking it, milking more pre-cum from its tip. He guided her onto the bed, as she lay down he took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, it was salty from where she had rubbed his cock on her chest earlier but not unpleasant he thought.

As he tied her right hand she continued to stroke his cock with her left, once she was secured hand and foot Sharon could only move each limb a few inches. Ben grinned at Sharon, he went over to the dresser and pulled out a blindfold, tying it over her eyes he leant down and kissed his way from behind her left ear down across her neck. As she lay motionless Ben ran his tongue over Sharon's lips. She responded by opening her mouth to receive his kiss, her breath was hot as their tongues probed each other's mouths and Ben ran his hand down her body, tracing his fingers over her breast cupping it before running them across her soft stomach and resting them on her soft mound.

He then broke free of the kiss, straddling her stomach facing the foot of the bed. With the ties and now his weight holding her down he was free to play. He ran his hands up her thighs feeling the warm softness of her skin. Sharon was burning up, the sensation of Ben's hand caressing her inner thighs was driving her crazy, he ran his fingers right up to her pussy which was exposed, and open to his gaze. It must have been obvious the effect this was having on her as she felt her wetness flowing down between her buttocks. She tried raising her hips to encourage him but he took his time. She felt helpless, usually when Ben straddled her like this she could reach around and stroke his cock and soon enough he would give up and give her what she wanted, but now he was out of reach.

Ben finally moved his hands to where they were needed, he gently parted the outer lips of Sharon's pussy and stroked the inner lips from her opening up and across the hood of her clit. He used his thumbs to pull her pussy up and open. As he circled his fingers with ever increasing pressure, he could hear Sharon's breathing getting more rapid as her legs began to twitch.

At that moment there was a banging sound at their front door. Ben leapt off of Sharon, pulling on his jeans he leant down and whispered in her ear not to go anywhere while he got rid of them -- he chuckled as he left the room. Fantastic timing thought Sharon. As she lay there she could hear a muted conversation, she was starting to cool down and wished Ben would hurry back. Meanwhile he was in the kitchen talking to the visitor, Josh. Josh's untimely arrival was not an accident - Ben had met him at a Christmas party at Sharon's work and could tell straight away that Sharon and Josh were attracted to each another. Ben had told Josh that Sharon wanted a threesome with Josh and that he had agreed so long as Josh followed his instructions and kept within certain boundaries.

Ben told Josh that he should not speak while they were in the bedroom and they agreed that only one of them would touch Sharon at any time unless Ben gave a signal. Ben and Josh both stripped off in the lounge, Josh's cock was already hardening and Ben was pleased to see that it was probably 3 inches longer than his and a little thicker, Josh was also circumcised, which would make their ruse easier to maintain. As they're entered the room Sharon asked who had been at the door. Ben said it was the neighbours wanting them to feed their cat while they were away. Meanwhile Josh stood running his eyes over Sharon's body, he slowly moved his gaze down her soft neck, across her full breasts and still erect nipples, down over her beautiful belly to the mound of soft blonde hair between her legs. As he drank in this view of the woman he desired his cock twitched and he had to hold himself back from reaching out and caressing her.

As Josh stood lustfully admiring Sharon, Ben had moved across to the bed and was running his cock gently across Sharon's lips, she ran the tip of her tongue around its head and slowly turned in his direction taking his cock into her mouth with a loud slurp. Ben ran his fingers through Sharon's pussy, she was wet and warm, and gave a soft moan as he stroked her clit. Ben signaled for Josh to come around to the same side and, withdrawing his cock from Sharon's mouth he moved to the end of the bed.

Ben signaled for Josh to take his place, gingerly Josh moved forward, placing the tip of his cock on Sharon's lips, she sucked the tip into her warm mouth and swirled her tongue around it, as she did an odd expression came over her face, she pulled back slightly but he pushed as much of his cock into her mouth as he thought she could accept, she reciprocated, bobbing her head up and down his shaft with increasing pace. Josh reached down and roughly fingered her snatch, only stopping to raise his fingers to his mouth and taste her juices -- they tasted exquisite, his cock pulsed as her musk filled his nostrils. As he roughly pinched Sharon's nipples she responded by thrusting down upon his shaft even harder.

Sharon knew something was different --Ben was fingering her harder than she could remember him ever having done before, his fingers felt bony and long as they plunged into her saturated tunnel. At the same time the thrusting of his cock was demanding, he was fucking her mouth, usually he would have come by now and she would be left wanting -- she was enjoying the new Ben, her body craved more of his rough, animal lust.

Ben signaled for Josh to pull out and move away, as he did Sharon let out a moan of disappointment, her nipples felt a little raw and her pussy ached but she wanted more. Ben moved his hands up her legs as he zeroed in on her pussy. He pulled apart her lips and ran his tongue over her. She raised her hips as he pushed his tongue deeply into her, she was overflowing and her engorged lips pouted at him as he ran his tongue over them and sucked her clit between his lips. Sharon's legs began their familiar twitching, Ben could tell she was close to an orgasm. She was bucking her hips and desperately wanted Ben inside her but he was holding out," I want you in me" she cried, but to no avail.

Ben moved up her body, placing the tip of his cock at her opening - he pushed in far enough to feel her yield to his thickness, "I know you want this" he whispered to her," you will have it but first I have a surprise" Sharon thrust her hips upwards, trying to pull him into her but Ben withdrew, slowly tracing a wet line down her body as he moved off of the end of the bed. Josh moved in to take his place, as he moved between Sharon's legs Sharon had that odd feeling, it seemed that Ben's shoulders felt broader, she tried to spread her bound legs to accommodate him as he ran his tongue up her inner thighs to her saturated pussy. She was being forced open a little wider by his shoulders and could feel the cool air hitting her opening. Soon enough this was replaced by Josh's tongue he lapped vigorously at her pussy, sucking her lips into his mouth and releasing them with a wet smacking noise, Sharon felt a wave building up, her asshole was pulsing and her knees began to tremble.

Just as she began to climax she felt a hand on her arm -- Ben grabbed her hand and guided it to his cock. She began stroking it automatically as the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her body. She struggled against the ties as her legs convulsed and her pussy contracted strongly around Josh's fingers. Sharon let out a screech, "oh fuuuuck" , her hips bucked against Josh's tongue as she tried to escape his thrusting fingers, all the while her hand was firmly clamped around Ben's cock.

As the waves ebbed away Sharon felt the head of a cock resting against her opening, straight away she knew that they were not alone -- Ben bent down and whispered in her ear that he had always wanted to see her fuck another man, Sharon asked who it was, when Ben told her it was Josh she tried to hide the smile she felt inside -- she demanded that they take off her blindfold and untie her.

As soon as Ben removed the blindfold Sharon looked Josh in the eye -- he licked his lips and smiled - her gaze then wandered down to Josh's cock, again she smiled to herself. As they untied her hands she stroked each of their cocks. Josh, being the younger of the 2, had a hard, straight shaft, it was thicker and longer than Ben's with a more pointed tip.

Ben whispered in Sharon's ear "I want to see you suck his cock again", she look at him nodding, I will do more than that she thought as she sat on the side of the bed and beckoned him to her. Sitting with his cock only inches from her face Sharon ran an appreciative eye over it, she raised her right hand, and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, she then wrapped her left hand around his hard pulsing shaft and drew him toward her mouth. She kissed the tip of Josh's cock before opening her lips to take him in.

Ben stood by watching the scene, the ecstacy Josh was experiencing was plain from his contorted face - he was floating in a world of his own. Ben had often commented on Sharon's "world famous" blowjobs and had secretly yearned to see her work her magic on another man. Seeing her caressing Josh with her tongue, tickling his balls while she milked him with her hand he knew the rapture that Josh was feeling, the loving attention she was paying to him as she coaxed him towards his climax was a sight to behold. As she sucked deeply on the tip of his cock Josh gave a guttural groan, he pulled back, not wanting to come in her mouth without permission but she pressed forward. Clasping his head between her lips she felt his cock expanding and prepared for a salty flood.

Josh felt as though the tip of his cock had exploded as his come surged out of his spasming cock into Sharon's warm waiting mouth, she held him in her mouth as the waves abated, swirling his come around before swallowing it down. She then looked up, and winked at Ben. He moved over to her, pushing her backwards onto the bed, she lay with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. He pushed her legs up and apart and plunged his cock straight into her. She was surprised by his roughness and the speed of his thrusts, she was so wet her pussy squelched as he thrust into her and he tried to hold his orgasm off as he looked down upon her, her breasts bouncing and heaving as she met his thrusts.

"Flip me over" she panted. Ben pulled out and turned her over, her pussy was at his waist level, open and begging to be filled. She wanted to be fucked hard and long as she buried her face in the mattress, gripping it with her hands in preparation. Ben again plunged into her, holding her hips he thrust at an increasing pace, his tight balls slapping against her clit as her wetness seeped into his crotch and down the back of her legs. She groaned as he thrust violently into her, it felt like he was trying to push the whole of his being into her. He reached around and cupped her breasts as they swayed beneath her. Soon the combined feeling of her silky tightness, the musk of her sex and the excitement he felt as Sharon moaned overcame him and with one final thrust he emptied himself as deep within her as he could.

As he pulled out he looked across to Josh who was still semi erect, sensing Sharon's unabated lust Josh moved in behind her and began rubbing the tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy, she reached back and opened herself to him, needing no further invitation he slid the full length of his still hardening cock into her. She felt him hardening inside of her and began to rock back and forth on his cock, rotating her hips as she went. Josh's cock was reaching places within her that had previously been untouched scratching an itch that had long been unattended. She felt her pussy stretched its full length as the tip of his cock hit her cervix and they fucked each other with an abandon unlike anything she had experienced before.

"Fuuuuck" she moaned as he increased the pace of his strokes "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck". He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her toward him as he thrust forward. Ben lay under her sucking her breasts as he ran circles around her clit with his fingers, her chest was flushed and her breathing labored as Josh continued to pound at her from behind, she felt as though she was being impaled and never wanted it to end.

As Josh's cock begin to pulse and engorge she knew he would soon come, she wanted to come with him -- pushing away Ben's hand she vigorously stroked her clit, pulling her lips tight around Josh as she felt the first waves of her orgasm approach. An electrifying sensation shot from her clit to her pussy as she began to contract around Josh milking him into her. Josh felt the pulses of her orgasm gripping and massaging him, as she collapsed forward on the bed he withdrew from her and flipped her onto her back.

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