tagBDSMPlease Don't Spank Me In Public

Please Don't Spank Me In Public


Acknowledgment: I like to thank Tasia Dawn, Literotica Volunteer Editor, whose guidance and encouragement made possible the submission of this story.

It was around the time that Mark broke off with Amanda that he first met Karen on the tennis court.

Mark was a 32-year-old bachelor, the tennis pro at the club who thought that he could charm any woman. He easily won Amanda over when they first met.

Amanda was a 28-year fun loving girl, who worked as a secretary and was unhappy that she always had to take orders.

Initially, their relationship was perfect, the sex was fantastic, or so Mark thought, but later on, Amanda seemed less and less excited about their lovemaking. Mark could not understand what was going on and slowly they drifted apart.

Karen, on the other hand, was a successful businesswoman, happily married yet totally independent. Although she was 38-year-old, she was fit and trim. She always dressed neatly and in the latest fashion. Even at the tennis court, her tennis outfit was a sleeveless and thigh high trend. Every time Mark played mix double with her, his mind got easily distracted by the sight of her bikini panties as she crouched or jumped in front of him to retrieve balls.

Unknown to Mark, Karen liked to play with him as her partner. It was one of the few times where she could trust someone else, as Mark was a good player and a good strategist. She knew how Mark liked to steal glimpses of her panties whenever they played together, and she got a big kick out of it.

Mix double night at the club is Friday night, and after the games, players usually went to dinner together. Karen never joined the group. Mark asked her several times, but she always politely declined. The only time she socialized with other players was during breaks in the games, and when the conversation moved toward anything sexual, she would excuse herself.

Mark was thus surprised when one day out of the blue, Karen asked him whether he had read the "Story of O." Mark said he had but that it had been a long time ago. He remembered vaguely that it was about a young woman named O who was taken to a chateau by her lover and was subjected to torture, humiliation and domination.

When Karen read the story, she could not help getting hot, but could not understand how one could derive sexual gratification from pain. She asked Mark about it. Mark explained, as he understood it, that O believed the more pain she endured, the more she proved her love. Karen countered that she thought it was more about control and submission.

Mark told her that he would like to continue this conversation but that he had to go to a birthday party. He invited her to attend as well, so they could continue the discussion there, and Karen accepted.

The party took place at James's house. When it turned kind of dull and boring, James suggested they play a game to enliven the event. The guests were divided in to two groups. Both would performed a series of tasks called by James, the one who completed the task first would win.

The first task was to bring a blue necktie to James. Mark happened to be wearing one, so he took it off while running up front and handed it to James. Karen, who was sitting next to him, touched his hand when he returned and stated approvingly, "that was a smart way to do it, Mark." Her compliment and especially her touch stirred a pleasant sensation in him. He smiled, and said "thank you, Karen," using it as an excuse to touch her arm gently.

Several assignments later, Mark and Karen's team was ahead by one point when James called for a lace bra. Mark tapped Karen gently on the shoulder and asked, "You have one, Karen?" She shook her head.

A woman in Mark and Karen's group tried to get her bra off without exposing herself but was beaten by a girl from the other team who just flung her shirt open, unclasped her bra and handed it to James. The crowd clapped their hands, as for a brief moment they were treated with the sight of her voluptuous breasts.

Karen watched curiously and wondered why she had agreed to play this childish game. She looked at Mark, who appeared excited, and was reminded of the times Mark would be watching her panties instead of the tennis ball. She felt uneasy but could not help getting a little excited herself.

James announced that the score was tied and that there was one assignment left, the winner would be rewarded handsomely, while the loser would have the surprise of their life.

James asked for pink silk panties. Mark looked at Karen, but she shook her head. Fortunately or unfortunately, a girl noticed that Karen was wearing some because, as she sat with her legs crossed, they were made clearly visible.

Karen was shocked her face was pale in total terror, "No! Oh my, no, not me," she said.

"No, you can't back off. Come on Karen, we are counting on you. Hurry up," her team tried to encourage her.

Karen stood hesitantly in her high heels, slipped off her pink panties from underneath her black skirt. She began to shudder feeling very vulnerable as all eyes were on her. As Karen pulled off her panties, to Mark it was like being on the tennis court, except her panties were coming down all the way, and Mark briefly got a glimpse of her naked ass. His heart beat faster and he was getting aroused.

"Run Karen, run, take it to the James," her group yelled.

Karen rushed her panties to James, but alas, another girl was one step ahead of her. This girl just ran forward, lowered her white shorts and pulled her pink silk thong panties off and handed them to James, then calmly put her shorts back on. The audience went wild. Mark stood up to get a better look and couldn't believe his eyes. The girl was Amanda! His face was flushed with excitement, and although he had seen Amanda naked and slept with her many times, this was somehow different. How it was different, Mark did not know, but maybe it was the combination of seeing Karen's ass and Amanda naked in public. He quickly sat down as he felt the blood begin to surge through his cock, and he tried to suppress the imminent erection.

Karen stared in total disbelief, what in the world was she thinking, taking her panties off in public, she who was always so proper and classy.

James congratulated Amanda, "your team win, and what would you like to have for a prize?" Amanda smiled, looked at Karen and said, " I want to spank her ass with my thong panties, that is if my group agrees." Her teammates roared their approval.

Karen laughed it off nervously, looking at James, "you can't be serious, she can't do that can she?"

"Well, yes..." James replied.

Amanda wore a white halter top, a white, hip hugging pair of shorts, high heels with open toes. She smiled, pulled a chair and said, "Come here, Karen." As Karen remained still, Amanda began to look angry and in a commanding voice demanded, "Come here Karen!"

Karen, in her black skirt and high heels, surprisingly found herself getting up. Partly out of curiosity what spanking would do to her, and partly overwhelmed by Amanda's commanding voice. She placed her hands on the seat of the chair, her backside facing the crowd, wondering whether they could see her ass.

Amanda slowly lifted Karen's skirt. Mark's held his breath, as after months of just seeing her panties, now he would finally see what lurked underneath the tantalizing material. Karen screamed as she jumped out of Amanda's way, holding her skirt down and her face turning red. Mark took a deep breath, somewhat disappointed.

Karen found herself shaking, wondering how this could be fun, realizing that Mark and strangers almost got to see her naked behind. She looked at Mark and noticed the profound effect she was having on him and the others, and secretly, she began to enjoy being at the center of attention. She also noticed that Amanda was breathing faster, and that her body shook slightly.

James said "unless someone else wants to take your place, you better get back there Karen."

Amanda yelled "get back here!"

"Wait a minute" Karen tried to reason, "no bare butt, please?"

Karen looked at Mark, then at her other teammates, waiting. When no one supported her, she turned to Amanda and stated, " I don't think I want to play this game anymore"

"Come on, Karen," everybody cheered her on, "show her what you have!"

"O My God, I can't, no I can't!" Karen said. She was torn, on the one hand she would appreciate the attention, but on the other hand, she was panicked about having her ass shown in public.

"Or would you rather kiss and lick my ass if I show you mine " said Amanda. She took Karen by her hair, and gently but firmly guided her back to her original position. Except this time, she pushed Karen's head down so that it was touching the seat of the chair. For some reason, Amanda's decisiveness brought calm over Karen, and she felt relief at not having to think about anything. It was not her wish to have her ass shown in public, but it was beyond her control.

Karen was silent in this awkward, almost uncomfortable position, and her skirt rode up. Amanda smiled at Karen and mockingly patted her head as everyone laughed. Mark's was tense his palms sweating and he began comparing Karen to Amanda. To his surprise Amanda seemed to really enjoying her role. Mark suddenly realized that having control was what Amanda missed in her relationship with him. Being a tennis pro and instructor at the club, Mark was used telling everybody what to do, and only now did he understand why Amanda always preferred to be on top when they made love.

Amanda pulled Karen's skirt higher, now barely under her ass cheeks. The audience were really into it now, "Higher, higher! " they chanted. Amanda lifted the skirt a little bit more, and Karen closed her eyes in embarrassment, totally humiliated.

Pink flesh glistened between Karen's legs, surrounded by neatly trimmed hair. The crowd screamed shamelessly, "Higher...Amanda...higher!"

"Oh my God, Amanda please, stop, please, I am so ashamed!" Karen said as her skirt lifted above her bare bottom.

Amanda laughed, further demeaning Karen, but she felt dampness creeping between her legs. Her heart beat faster, her hand trembled as she stroked Karen's ass cheeks. "How nice, so firm and so smooth," she smiled as her fingertips grazed the rim of Karen's anus.

Karen squirmed and begged, "Amanda please don't touch there."

Mark was unable to suppress his erection any longer, as he finally saw Karen's naked ass, the object of his obsession since he first met her.

Amanda looked at James, "how many lashes?" Soft hearted as he was, James said, "Three lashes with your thong panties Amanda."

Amanda touched Karen's naked behind, "Ready Karen...?"

"No, no..." she whimpered, "please, just hurry and get it over with." Amanda lifted her thong panties like a whip and shouted, "One." But as she cracked her "whip," she lost her grip, and her open palm fell on Karen's naked butt as the panties flew into the air.

Karen jumped, a red streak appeared on her right ass cheek. Her face turned red and she pleaded unconvincingly, " please, I am so sensitive down there, may I leave?"

Amanda looked at her and mocked sternly, " No...two more, " One could easily see how Amanda was enjoying herself more and more.

After Amanda spanked Karen, her skirt had fallen back covering her bottom, so Amanda lifted her skirt once again," Ready Karen?" Karen shook her head. The crowd screamed, "more, show more!"

Amanda, responding to the scream, pushed Karen's ankles apart with her feet, spreading her ass cheeks wider and revealing her anus. Mark almost let out a gasp, his fully erect cock is now throbbing in his pants.

Karen was holding still in her position, and her feet were beginning to hurt. She felt Amanda's finger on her tight anus, teasing the rim. Her heart was racing, her breasts swelled, her nipples tightened, her breathing became faster. She began to understand part of what "O" must have felt in the story, but it was not due to physical pain that Karen felt this way. Was it because of the humiliation she felt...or because of Amanda's control over her?

Karen squirmed on her feet, churning her hips as she felt Amanda's touches. Her pussy was getting moist and her labia fluttered. Amanda tried to push her finger in Karen's anus, but it was too dry. "Please stop, Amanda...please get over with the spanking," Karen pleaded softly.

Amanda ran her fingers up the crack of Karen's ass and yelled, " Two!" She spanked Karen's other cheek. Amanda was shaking, her face warm, her nipples hard, her clitoris throbbing. She never thought that having control over Karen was about to bring her an orgasm of a magnitude she never achieved, not even with Mark.

Karen moaned, her breathing labored, her hips shaking, and between her thighs, her pussy was glistening with wetness.

Karen's transformation was not missed by Amanda, and suddenly she yearned to have absolute power over Karen. She made Karen get on her knees on the chair. Karen, trembling, submitted to Amanda.

Amanda extended her high heels in Karen direction, in between her legs and touched her pussy with her bare toes. Moaning, Karen let her.

Karen felt goosebumps creeping all over her warm skin, her feet tingled, her nipples were now fully erect, her clitoris engorged. Her mind wondered to the first time she had sex, it was nothing like this. Her whole body was trembling like a leaf, her nerve endings were on edge.

The crowd was becoming wild, and they strained their necks, some even stood on their chairs to get a better look. Mark was speechless, not understanding what was happening in front of him. All he knew was that he wanted to have both women, and a glistening drop of pre-cum formed on his throbbing cock at the thought.

Willingly Karen hiked her skirt up, and Amanda expertly rubbed Karen's glistening, pink inner lips. She moved her toes toward Karen's clitoris and asked if Karen had ever tasted herself.

Karen looked disgustingly at Amanda and shook her head with an emphatic "NO."

"Would you like to?" Amanda asked, "Instead of having the third and last spanking?"

Karen looked at Amanda sheepishly and answered, "yes...just don't spank me anymore. "

Amanda smiled mischievously, "yes what...you want to taste yourself?"

"Yes," came Karen's barely audible reply, all she wished was for Amanda not to stop touching her pussy. Tears run down her cheeks when Amanda pulled her toes back.

Amanda laughed, looked around the room and saw Mark, "You came with Mark, right?"

Karen again softly said, "Yes."

"Mark," Amanda said loudly, "come over here and help your date taste herself"

Karen murmured, "please no, Amanda." The room was dead silent as Mark walked over to Amanda.

She whispered, "Mark, she is very close, you know what to do"

Standing behind Karen, his passion, or rather his lust, was ablaze. He wanted so much to take Karen right there, but instead he bent down. His hands trembled as he spread her labia and smelled the sweetness of her pussy. His fingertips glided over her quivering, wet pink inner lips, parting them and revealing her swollen clitoris.

"Mark please, please not here" Karen whimpered. She felt her pelvic muscles contracting sending chills to her spine.

Mark kissed her wet pussy, and the instant his tongue touched her clitoris, she ejaculated violently into his mouth. Mark licked her pussy dry, never tasting anything so sweet before.

Karen moaned loudly, she saw no stars or fireworks in the sky, but a serene calmness swept over her, she felt happy and peaceful. She finally experienced first hand that indeed, a women could ejaculate.

Amanda gasped for air and the center of her white shorts was soaking wet. Her voice trembled as she said, "Now, let Karen taste herself!"

Mark pulled Karen off the chair, into his arms and kissed her lips.

"No, no, please no," Karen moaned but parted her lips and sucked his tongue hungrily into her warm, wet mouth.

Amanda, breathing rapidly, asked softly, "Well Karen, how does it taste?"

"Get me out of here Mark, please."

Mark led Karen to the library and locked the door.

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