tagRomancePlease Love Me Ch. 03

Please Love Me Ch. 03


The next morning, Reagan woke up still feeling hurt from how Jace dismissed her on the baby subject. She sat in bed for the next half hour, just staring out of the window, wondering how she was going to face Jace today. What am I going to say to him? I very well can't talk to His Prick-ness about a baby after last night. Maybe I should just leave it alone. She laughed at the name she came up with for him. But the laughter didn't last long. The baby discussion kept rearing its ugly head in her mind. Thinking about it, she felt a pull in her heart. It hurt her to the core to feel so defeated about this. She sighed and strengthened her resolve to get out of bed a face the world and push this disappointment to the back of her mind. She couldn't let this get her down. She should just go back to her earlier resolve; if he didn't care, well then neither would she. But that was easier said than done.

As she rose out of bed, and went into the bathroom, she couldn't help but gaze at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was startled by what she saw. Her appearance seemed to have aged overnight. Her beautiful tanned skin lost it glow and she had bags under her eyes. She wished those bags were big enough to pack herself away in. All she could do was turn away and step into the shower and hope that the hot water could wash away some of her tension.

After the shower, she made her way to the kitchen, dreading that Jace would be in there. That thought made her steps get heavier and harder to make. For once she wished that he was at the office so she wouldn't have to face him. All her fears were justified; there he was sitting at the table eating a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast with a glass of orange juice. He looked up from his plate and saw her enter.

"Good morning, love" he said. Last night seemed to not quell his mood. He said it in a tone that seemed to not remember how harsh he was. He gazed at her intently, waiting for her reply.

"Hey" was all she could muster. All of last night's emotions came rushing back. She had to turn away to keep from looking in his eyes. She didn't want him to see her cry about it. After a few minutes and fixing her composure, she turned around and went about fixing her own breakfast. Anything to keep from looking him in the eye. When she was through, she got her plate and stood at the counter to eat. He was still staring at her intensely.

"Come sit down next to me."

"I'm fine. I need to hurry and eat any way. I need to clean the house and run some errands today," she lied. She just didn't want to be around him and she hoped he did have to go to the office.

"But I still want you to sit next to me."

"Okay." She conceded. If it would get him out of here quicker, then so be it.

"Next weekend is the office's annual get together. I need to make a good impression on the on the other senior consultants. It could be just what I need to get on the fast track. I need you looking spectacular."

She couldn't believe what she just heard. He was so dismissive to her about something that she that was important but he could turn around and ask something of her? He had balls the size of melons to ask that. She should just dismiss him like he had done her and see how he felt about it. If he could just feel the way she felt when he dismissed her maybe he could understand. He is a total prick. While she sat toying with that idea, Jace just kept staring, at her waiting on her to reply.

"Reagan...Reagan," he called. It seemed she was ignoring him.


"What?" She sat there innocently as if she didn't ignore him. She didn't intentionally but she didn't want him to know that.

"Why are you ignoring me?" The tone in his voice was hard border lining with annoyance.

"I wasn't ignoring you. What is it?"

"I said that next weekend is the annual office's get together. This is important for my career and I need you to look spectacular."

"Okay." She tried to say it as nonchalantly as possible to hide her anger about his complete prick-ness.

"Is that all you have to say about it?" She got up and started clearing the dishes from the table and headed towards the sink without answering his question. While her back was turned to him, she started to formulate how she would answer him. Maybe a dismissal was in order for him.

"I said okay. I will do what I can. I'm sorry if it isn't anything new that you want me to say so that is as much as I can answer. Look, I got to really gets started on these errands or I will be really behind. Sorry babe. Love you." With that she walked briskly over to him and gave him a small kiss on the cheek and walked from the kitchen before he could respond. She hoped he got the message.


Jace sat there for the next half hour contemplating what Reagan had said to him. Did she just tell me off? Wow, I didn't know it was like that. Whatever, damn woman. With that, he pushed it to the back of his mind and didn't give it a second thought. He got up and left for the office.

When he arrived, Kyle was waiting at his office door. Kyle Jennings had been Jace's assistant for almost a year. He came with exceptional references. He was a numbers genius just trying to get his foot in the door and working for another numbers genius like Jace Stanton was just the opportunity he needed. He was a genius in college and grad school but his physical appearance said JOCK. He was tall and muscular like Jace, but he had a sensitive side to him that made women swoon. But he couldn't find the perfect one. But he was having fun trying.

"Good morning Jace." Kyle said reaching out to shake his hand.

"Good morning Kyle, what's on the agenda today?"

"Well, the numbers came in for the Hardison deal. The higher-ups are very impressed." He handed Jace the papers to look over while they walked into the office and took their seats.

"Well...looks like we have struck gold. Cha-Ching!!!!" He said, raising his fist and bringing it back down again. He was feeling great. That feeling was short- lived as his mind ran back to the situation with Reagan. Kyle immediately saw the change in Jace.

"What's wrong Jace? Worried about completing the deal?" Kyle joked, knowing that Jace could do his job without breaking a sweat. It was his way of trying to get him to open up and relax.

"It's things at home. My wife wants to start having kids. She came to me with some nonsense about starting a family. Do I look like I need to think about a baby right now?" Jace's tone reeked of disdain about a baby. The thought of a baby irked him to no end. He cringed at the thought of early morning feedings, shitty diapers, and daycare. He visibly shook himself to emphasize his disgust.

"Well, I have always been fond of the little rug rats, even though they can cause trouble."Kyle smirked, thinking about his future children.

"Well, you can have them. I don't need them right now." Jace said.

"Touchy, aren't we? Did you talk to your wife about it?"

Jace rolled his eyes heavenward. "I put my foot down about it. I don't want to talk kids or even think about them. She should understand what I'm saying. If she isn't complaining about kids she's complaining about me not being home and spending time with her. I have to work to make a living." He sat back in his expensive chair and leaned his head into his hand.

"Okay. Well it seems to me that she just wants you around. Can you blame a wife for wanting her husband to be around sometimes? I mean, you guys are married. It is natural for a married couple to start thinking about children."

"I know, Kyle. But I'm not ready. So that's it."

"Well to me she isn't asking much."

"Well, when you get married, you can have all the children you want. We need to get to work. I've got to step into the boss's office to talk to him for a minute. I'll be back" Jace said, getting up and moving to the door.

"Okay. I will be here."Kyle sat back and thought about what Jace said. The man had serious issues. Kyle didn't know what to think about it. He always thought Jace would have been happy to have a baby. This is getting too personal for me Kyle thought.

As Kyle was looking around the office, he spied a picture that he had never really noticed before. With all the work that had to be done, he never got to actually look at Jace's office. As he got up to cross the room to take a better look, the face in the photo came into a clearer view. When he reached the photo, he saw the most beautiful face he had ever seen. And he had seen some. Her features were beautiful and her skin looked baby smooth even in the picture. He stood and admired the beauty in the picture for what felt like a long while. He was entranced. He couldn't move away. He didn't even hear Jace come back into the room.

"Hey man, what are you looking at?" Jace said, coming to see what had his assistant's attention.

"Who is this in the photo? She kind of looks like you a little." Kyle said, never taking his eyes off the picture.

"No, we aren't related. That's my wife Reagan. She's the one giving me issues." Jace said walking back to his seat.

"Will she be at the annual get together? I would to like meet her." Kyle tried to keep the anticipation out of his voice. Here he was, lusting after his boss's wife. He was in serious trouble.

"Oh...that's right. You haven't met her yet. Yes she will be there." Jace turned back to his work on his desk.

Kyle took one more look at the picture and sighed to himself. How could he not want to have children with this beautiful woman? It should be considered a sin not to stay buried between her thighs, giving her all the cum he had in him to give. Yep, the man had serious issues. If it were Kyle, he wouldn't let her move within two inches of him without trying to make love to her. She looked like she should be cuddled and loved on constantly. But that wasn't his place. She didn't belong to him. For the first time, he was angry with Jace for having this beautiful creature and to be neglecting her like he does. Kyle pushed these thoughts far from his mind and walked back to the desk to get back to work. But it wouldn't be easy.


On the other side of town...

Reagan pulled into the parking lot in front of the boutique and shut off her car. Things this morning were really awkward. This was like some sick and twisted game that the universe is playing and she was up against her biggest opponent-her husband. She had always believed that they had the perfect marriage out of all her friends and she couldn't figure how and where her entire relationship had gone wrong. She just couldn't take walking into the house and having another argument with Jace again. She would sure as shit lose her mind and she desperately needed to keep her sanity right now.

She just could understand why he didn't want a baby. They were at the perfect stage in their lives. They were young and healthy, had a great life, and the resources to take care of an infant. Their infant. She sighed at that thought and almost gave up on the idea of a baby. Maybe Jace didn't desire a baby with her. Maybe she wasn't sexy enough and he didn't want any children that would look like her. Maybe he regrets marrying me and wishes for another woman... she thought sadly. She sat there for a few more moment wallowing in her self-pity when it dawned in her-the problem wasn't her it was him!! She was a damn good woman and she knew it. He just didn't know what a real diamond was. Whether he knew it or not she was damn sexy and most of the men that she had seen staring at her appreciatively whenever she went to the grocery store or the mall. All those men wanted her but she stayed true to him no matter what. She had been real, warm, loving, and honest with him from the moment they met and he was taking her for granted. That bullshit was coming to an end though. But that was okay, if he didn't appreciate her, she would surely find someone else who would treat her like the good woman she was. With this annual office get together coming, she knew she would need an outfit to remind him of what he had. With that in mind, she gathered her composure and got out of the car with a mission in mind: get him back.

She entered the boutique and looked around; spotting all types of dresses that looked amazing.

"Hello, how may I help you this afternoon?" said the saleswomen from behind the counter.

With a mischievous grin and sparkle in her eye Reagan said "I want something sexy but not slutty for an office party that I have to attend. I trust that you have what I need?"

The sales lady caught that look and replied "Certainly ma'am. Right this way."

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