tagLoving WivesPlease, Please Me!

Please, Please Me!


"Please, Clint, please?" Barb begged as I prepared for bed. "I promise no one will know I am even there! I can get my mom to take care of Cindy and Kyle."

"Barb, the boss was extremely clear on this. He wants no wives anywhere near this convention. He suggested that he would fire anyone that brought their wife," I responded. "I know you always wanted to see San Francisco, but it will not be the weekend our company is there."

"I'll suck your cock, Darling. You always wanted me to do that," she teased. "If you take me I'll suck you off both nights, and even swallow!"

"Do you like living in a nice house? Do you like having a good car? Do you like being able to stay home and take care of the children?" I asked. "You know we cannot afford to lose this job! I was one of 250 applicants, for Christ's sake, Barb! I've only been there for a couple weeks."

Still the thought of Barb finally sucking me off after 12 years of marriage was a real temptation! She was a loving and sweet wife, but not willing to experiment or go much beyond the missionary position.

"I know I am being selfish, Clint, but one know I have always dreamed of going to Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Now you will be seeing all that while I am watching your children," she added.

Ever notice that they are your kids when the do something wrong or require some sacrifice. The minute the kid finds the cure for cancer, hits 75 home runs, or starts an internet company worth billions, it becomes her child.

"I promise I will take you there in the next couple years, Sweetheart. This is a business trip for me and I will not be sight seeing," I reminded her.

"Well, then I promise to suck you off sometime in the next couple of years, Clint," she laughed. "We both have something to look forward to now."

The next two weeks went quickly as I adjusted to my new job and prepared for my first trip for the company. I did not tell Barb that the reason the boss wanted no wives, under any conditions, was that he wanted all of us, and especially himself, to be free to get laid a few times without fear that someone would tell his wife, or anyone's wife. He well knew that once one woman found out what went on, all of them would know soon enough.

The boss, Ralph Lister, made it a point to stop in and make certain I understood the rule about a week before we were scheduled to leave.

"Yes sir," I answered. "My wife took it really hard because she always wanted to see San Francisco, but I explained it was not possible,"

"You did the right thing, Clint. I would not be happy to learn any of my employees went against my wishes here," agreed the boss. "I assume your wife is young and attractive and will have many years to enjoy trips with you."

"She is a looker, Mr. Lister, I have to admit. I'll have to introduce you sometime. You'll see I am not stretching it at all," I bragged.

Lister nodded and wandered down the hall, deep in thought. I could almost see the wheels turning. That was why he was so successful. He was always planning and preparing. He bragged that he could predict a person's actions after just hearing them described by a few other people. It was the reason he was so adept at negotiating.

We were scheduled to catch our flight early Friday morning and spend Saturday and Sunday in the hotel at the trade convention. We were leaving for home Monday morning.

The cab was waiting for me as I kissed Barb good-bye. She was trying to be a good sport but I could see it was eating her up inside.

"Remember, Barb, I have promised you will see San Francisco, and it will be sooner than you think," I pledged. "I love you and I will think of you all the time."

"You had better be thinking of me and how you will be showing me that town some day, Mister," she sighed. "I love you, too. Be careful and think of me."

I kissed her and hopped into the cab. It was a long flight and I was exhausted when we finally got to our hotel. I ate a quick meal with Mr. Lister and the other fellows and went to my room. I was glad we each had our own room. The other guys sounded like they were going to be carousing most of the night. I tried calling home and there was no answer. I left a message as I wondered where Barb and the kids were.

I had been sleeping for a few hours when I heard a knock at my door. Surprised I went over and opened it. To my eternal damnation and surprise, Barb rushed into my room!

"Barb! What the hell are you doing here?" I demanded. "How did you get here? Did anyone see you?"

"I flew out on the very next flight, Clint. A courier showed up right after you left and handed me a round trip ticket to San Francisco! I had won some kind of drawing, or something. I didn't have time to read it too closely. I called my mom and gave her the kids, packed a little overnight bag and caught the plane," she babbled. "Now I am in San Francisco!"

"Barb, Mr. Lister made me swear I would not bring my wife! If he catches you here, I will be fired. Those guys are going to be hiring hookers and don't want any wives to find out," I explained. If they find my wife here, I will be screwed!"

"They should all be ashamed of themselves," opined Barb. "I have half a notion to tell their wives!"

"Now you see why they do not want any wives!" I almost screamed. "These guys will be with working girls all weekend and do not want their wives to know. Do you understand that? If you tell on them, they will know you were here!"

"They never saw me, Clint. Tell them I am a cousin," suggested Barb.

"Damn it, Barb! That lie wasn't very good in high school. It would not fool any body. There is no way I can explain you being here in my room!" I groaned. "I will be fired. I may as well accept it."

"I have an idea, Clint! You said all the men will have working girls in their room. No one in your group has ever seen me, so they won't know I am not some whore you hired!" beamed Barb.

"So you are going to pretend to be a whore?" I asked. "What happens when they meet my wife in a week or two, or next month? Am I going to tell them I brought a whore back to be my wife and raise my kids? Did I kill their mother, or did she run off with an internet lover?"

"I saw a wig shop in the lobby, Clint! Hurry down and get a red one," she urged. "I will be a red headed whore this weekend. I will be touring the city all day and hide in the room all night, so no one is likely to even see me. Hurry down and get the wig! While you are gone, I will order some room service and take a shower."

It was a really weak plan, but I was not able to think of a better one. I grabbed my wallet and hurried down to the wig shop. I was surprised that it was only 8:30. Then I remembered the time change. It was like 11:30 on the east coast. I bought a cheap, very red wig, and quickly returned to the room.

Barb was just coming out of the shower as I returned. She was wrapped in a towel and I admired how good she looked. After 12 years, she still had a tight ass and perky tits. They weren't huge, but they were very adequate. I showed her the wig and she went to the mirror to try it on. I had to admit that it did make her look different, and very sexy! Just then there was a knock on the door.

"That must be room service," offered Barb. "I'll put on a robe. Be sure you tip him."

How the hell could a married man ever survive without his wife to issue instructions for all social occasions? I checked the peephole and saw a hotel employee looking back. I opened the door to let him in. As he pushed a cart in, he was followed by Mr. Lister! Barb was standing near the bathroom in her wig and a robe and he saw her immediately. I knew the jig was up!

I dejectedly handed the delivery guy a five-dollar bill and he left. I knew the shit was about to hit the fan.

"Would you care to introduce me to the lady, Foster? She appears to be quite comfortable here in your room," he pointed out.

My brain froze as I looked from Barb back to my soon-to-be former boss.

"This is B..B.."

"Betty!" Barb almost shouted. "I am Betty, and how are you, sir?" she asked.

I am Ralph Lister, Miss. Pleased to meet you," he offered as he strode across the room to shake Barb's hand.

Barb thought she was thinking on her feet, but I felt the earth collapsing under mine with her next sentence.

"Hello, Ralph," she smiled. "I was just going to entertain Clint here for the night. He is very generous, if you know what I mean."

"I do indeed, Betty," gushed my boss. "How generous is he, if I may ask?"

I have no idea where Barb was getting her numbers, but she had them.

"Oh, he is about a thousand dollars generous," she smiled. "I don't come cheap."

"I guess you don't, but I can see you are well worth it," responded Mr. Lister. "Clint you don't mind if I toss in another thousand and sample this lady's charms also, do you?"

I was flabbergasted! Now what? Barb had that deer-in-the-headlight look as she struggled for a response.

"I meant a thousand a night and Clint has asked me to stay both nights," Barb still attempted a smile.

"I can certainly understand why he would, Betty," smiled Lister.

He pulled out his wallet and counted out four, five hundred dollar bills and tossed them on the dresser. Barb went pale and I was ready to shit.

Lister walked over to Barb and gently removed her robe. She was too flustered to resist. I could see her trying to think of an out, but Lister was not to be denied! All she wore was a pair of black bikini undies. He reached out and grabbed Barb by her lovely tits and squeezed. He pulled down on Barb's nipples and she winced and dropped to her knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a respectable cock, already beginning to harden.

"Suck my cock, whore!" he hissed.

He grabbed Barb by the back of her wig-covered head and pulled her to his stiffening member. She looked at me for some sign, or some way out, but I was stumped. As the cock brushed her lips, Barb opened her mouth and took Lister inside!

"This is quite the little cocksucker you found Foster," he chuckled. "Watch this whore deep throat my cock."

With that he began pushing Barb's head farther and farther onto his slab of meat. She was drooling and making some strange noises as she had his cock forced down her throat. Eventually Lister found a rhythm he liked and a depth that pleased him and he settled into a serious face fucking.

"Come around here, Clint," he directed. "I want you to see this nasty whore swallow my cum."

Then he spoke to Barb, "I want you to hold it in your mouth, slut, until I tell you to swallow, understand?"

He jerked her head back so Barb was looking at his face with about half his cock in her mouth. I had never seen her look so wanton and sexy. My cock was as swollen as it could get! Barb nodded slightly and Lister went back to jerking himself off with her throat. Suddenly he held his cock buried to the hilt in Bar's throat and his cock jerked. I knew he was feeding my wife his spunk. He backed her head off until just his cock head was in her mouth. Barb gasped for breath though her nose as Lister pumped more sperm into her mouth. After what seemed like a full minute, he pulled his cock from her.

"Let me see my cum on your tongue," he ordered.

Barb opened her mouth and Lister and I both could see she had quite a mouth full. He smiled down at Barb and patted her on her head.

"Very good, you slut!" he praised. "Now you get your reward. You may swallow my cum!"

It sounded more like an order than a reward and Barb started swallowing. It appeared to take her a few tries to get it all down, but she did it. I was so turned on I almost came in my shorts.

As soon as she finished, Barb jumped up and ran into the bathroom. We could hear her brushing and then gargling.

Lister looked at me and laughed, "I like a whore with good oral hygiene!"

Barb opened the door and walked hesitantly back into the room. She was still wearing nothing but a pair of bikini panties.

"It is good to see you are so health conscious, Betty," boomed Lister. "Now get over here and suck Clint's cock. I am sure he is hard as hell watching you suck my cock so well."

Barb slowly walked over to me and, when she thought Lister could not see her face, shot a glare at me that would freeze Hell. I was too horny to try to stop now. If she didn't like the game she had plunged herself into, she could quit. She knew she would get me fired if she did, so technically, she was a hooker. It was all about the money!

"Drop to your knees and suck my cock, slut," I ordered. "Show me how you love cum."

If looks could kill, I would have fallen dead right there. But Lister was coming around next to her and placed a hand on Barb's shoulder and pushed. Barb dropped to her knees. I was still in my boxers and Barb slowly lowered them. I think she was surprised to see how engorged my guy was. She looked up at me with her eyes wide and then began to take me into her mouth.

"This slut is some cocksucker, isn't she Clint?" asked Lister.

I thought it was a rhetorical question and just concentrated on the pleasure I was receiving. Then Lister kneeled behind Barb and lowered her panties. I saw her eyes get big as he pulled them off one leg and then the other, but she kept sucking my cock.

He then dropped onto his back and slid between her legs and buried his face in my wife's sweet pussy. Barb gasped and let my cock drop from her mouth as she looked between her legs to see Lister looking back up at her. His hands were holding her ass and he appeared to be getting some serious penetration with his tongue. Barb moaned a little and pulled my dick back inside her mouth. Then she seemed to get more serious about sucking my cock. I noticed that her movements mirrored Lister's exactly. The faster he moved his head and tongue, the faster Barb would bob on my pole.

Then she began to moan as an orgasm swept over her. It was too much for me and I felt my balls tighten and my load headed for the exit! Barb had pulled back from my cock to gasp for air as her orgasm hit, and my cock spit spunk all over her cheek and left eye. That brought her mind back to me and she stuffed my exploding cock back in her mouth and sucked me dry! Lister was still probing Barb with his tongue and then he brought a hand around and slid two fingers inside her. Barb was writhing on his face and sucking my now deflated cock like it was the source of life.

I gently pulled out and quickly sat down before I fell down. My knees were actually shaking! I watched as Lister tormented Barb for at least another three minutes. Her orgasms were continuous and she had a sheen of sweat covering her body. Finally Lister pushed her ahead and off his face. Barb collapsed on her hands and knees, desperately trying to catch her breath.

Lister sat up and swung around on his knees to face her lovely ass. He grabbed her hips and slammed his cock home before Barb even knew what was happening.

"Aghhh!" she moaned as she started in with her orgasms again. Lister was power fucking her doggy-style and she was swinging back to meet him. His hands left her hips and found her nipples. He pulled her back to him as he pinched her buds and she moaned even louder.

"I am going to give you another load slut," groaned Lister as he pumped. "That pussy is trying to milk my cock!"

Barb somehow focused long enough to realize she could get pregnant from this man fucking her. I had a vasectomy after our second child was born and she did not use birth control!

"Don't,, don't come inside me!" she pleaded.

"I won't if you swing around and suck my cock when I pull out, whore," promised Lister. "Are you ready to suck my cock?"

"Yes!" was all Barb said.

The sweat was now dripping off her nipples and pooling on the carpet. Just then Lister pulled his cock from Barb's cunt and she swung around and engulfed it like a child nursing from its mother. Lister remained still as and his hands at his sides as Barb sucked his cock.

He smiled down at her and chuckled, "Here comes another load, you dirty cocksucker! Don't spill any!"

I could see his shaft throb and Barb swallow to keep up. She kept him in her mouth for a full minute and then allowed it to fall from her mouth. She looked around dazed. My sperm still coated her face but was beginning to mix with her sweat and run down her cheek. My cock had turned to stone as I watched Lister fuck her and I knew I had to relieve it!

I stood, caught Barb under her arms and picked her up. I tossed her on her back on the bed and pushed her legs apart. She was making strange noises, but nothing that made any sense as I plunged my cock into her steaming pussy. I was a bit thicker than Lister and it was very tight as I went in. I held her legs up and her heels far apart and slammed her mercilessly. At this point, Barb seemed to be going in and out of consciousness. Her head flopped back and forth and drool and sperm dribbled from her mouth. I had never fucked her so deep, so hard and so fast!

I was ready to shoot when I remembered that she didn't want Lister to cum inside her. I had to pretend the same rules applied to me. I pulled out and slid up her chest. I pinched her tits together and began fucking them. After about four strokes I started to cum and I put my cock head on her face. It pulsed cum on her lips and all over her chin. To my surprise, Barb opened her mouth and sucked my cock in. She held it there until it began to shrink again.

I flopped off Barb and collapsed next to her on the bed. I remember hearing Lister close the door when he left.

I awoke just as I had fallen asleep. I was naked and my cock was a bit crusty. Barb was a mess. There was cum all over her face and chest. Her pussy looked a bit swollen. She was still sleeping so I staggered off to the bathroom. It was almost time to get up anyway. I took a nice long shower and shaved. I felt much better and was considering the chances of waking Barb and going another round. Recalling her performance with Lister the previous evening made me hard. Barb had finally sucked my cock! I wondered if I would ever be able to get her to do it again.

I opened the door and turned the corner in the room to see Barb on her hands and knees on the bed sucking on Lister's cock! He smiled at me and beckoned me over.

This cocksucker you found is fantastic! Look at her work on her breakfast," he chuckled. "There is nothing better than a first class whore. They know how to please a man, don't they, Clint?"

I was naked and my cock was throbbing, so I just nodded to Lister and climbed behind Barb and slid into her very wet slit. She just moaned and pushed back against me. I reached around and pinched her nipples the way I had seen my boss pinch them. Barb started moaning and her cunt contracted on me. It was almost painful as she milked my cock as she sucked on Lister. I squeezed her tits harder and slammed into for all I was worth. Her orgasms were running together as she was ridden from both ends. I could stand only so much and had to cum.

"Switch!" I yelled as I pulled out and swung Barb off Lister's cock and guided her head to mine. She never missed a beat and took as much of my cock as she could into her mouth just as I went over the edge. She was suckling me like a babe as Lister pounded her cunt. Once again I had to gently pull my cock from her mouth and sit down to catch my breath.

Lister began slapping her ass every time she pushed back against him. It just seemed to spur Barb on. She moved faster, seemingly, to receive more slaps. Her ass was red and she was constantly moaning.

"You like my cock, don't you whore?" he demanded. "Tell me you love my cock!"

"I love your cock!" Barb admitted (Too quickly, I thought.) "I am your whore. Please fuck me! I want you to feed me your cum. You taste sooo good!"

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