tagGay MalePlease Wreck My Ass!

Please Wreck My Ass!


So you really want the first time with me to be fulfilling for me and you want to treat me with the tenderness and respect you feel. That's great, so long as I still get full hard-cock benefits in my mouth and ass. As much as for you this might be the way you've wanted to touch me for a long time, for me its just trusting a friend to do things to me that I've been curious about but so embarrassed I would trust almost nobody. I think we can put our motives together and both of us enjoy it very much. What are friends for?

Start by finding us a nice warm private room. A hotel room with fluffy bed and pillows. A private room means maybe on the end with no one in the room on the other side. Or maybe just a nice enough place that the walls are made of wood. I want to be completely unrestrained.

Please take a shower. That's how I want it right before I invite you to cum into my mouth!

Come out in your towel and sit comfortably in a stuffy chair. Let me do a strip tease for you. I really will strip and I really will tease. The teasing will be by posing in various positions and by brushing different parts of my body against you. I don't know if it will be for a long or a short time, but probably short because already in my mind I just want the hot dick deep in my mouth.

I bet I can make you cum! Lay me back, I recline willingly. Kneel on the bed and rub your cock all over my neck then my cheeks and forehead then part my lips with it and slowly keep pushing it in deeper as I experience my first-ever dick-in-the-mouth! Mmmmmm!! I want the heat and thickness and depth to stretch and goo and throb me into begging your cum to run down my throat. I will swallow it. Take your dick out of my throat and play with my very wet sugary mouth, rub against and between my slippery lips and beat my face playfully with it and smear it around my cheeks and forehead and chin and rub it on my neck, then wipe my lips with it slipping into my mouthy wetness again and feel the heat as I eagerly suck your throbbing cock as you burn the entire length of my tongue on your fat hot rod stuffing my mouth and goo-banging the back of my throat.

Let me practice sucking you as hard and deep as I can without gagging. I want my jaw smooshed open as wide as possible to feel the maximum volume of your cock, from my parted lips all the way back into my hungry throat. However much you might rub it all over my face and lips and neck, please get it deep in my throat before happily gushing the cum that you can't hold back. I feel the hot goop in the back of my mouth, it slides down my throat as I swallow, sucking your cock until the throbbing fades.

Now, to catch your breath and recharge your batteries, I want you to roll me over and shave the crack of my pale ass so its baby-smooth. Finger me so lightly and tenderly as you make it smooth. Gently and carefully shave my buns and crack. Make me baby smooth so you can run your gooey cock along my crack. Massage and slap my soft white ass cheeks as you desire, pull my fanny open so I feel the breeze in my butthole. Oh how I want to stick it out and spread it open for you to watch and touch and spank. Put your tongue up my butt, PLEASE!!!

Do whatever gets you hard again because once you've given my ass the shave and massage and spankfully playful licky examination I crave, I want you to put a glob of cold vaseline right on my asshole and prick it with the full length of your dick. But wait! First start by sliding your drippy dick head just up and down my crack until you are fully hard again, ready to fuck --that's when you grease me and start probing. I'll tell you how I want it --just an inch at first, then slowly pump in and out a little deeper each time until finally your pelvis spreads my buns flat with staccato smacking against my buttocks while your full cock invades my hot pleasure-hole. Enjoy the soft white mushy buns in your hands! Grind your bush into my crack, your shaft into my interior!

I'm dirty now, and I close my eyes to embrace the full pleasure of a full ass! Feel the pillow softness and hear the slapping as you fuck me with joy and enthusiasm. Feel free to handle my buns or back or legs or cock or balls. Put your fingers everywhere you want, everyway you want, just so long as you keep my ass truly stretched and filled with your cock, in and out over and over bang bang bang please make me feel it as deep as you can and just watch your force ripple through my entire body. Make my buttocks jiggle like jelly around your thrusts. Watch your force absorbed into my spine, bumping my head forward with each fast thrust of your cock in my rear.

Don't hold back!! When you feel cum welling up inside you just keep your favorite rhythm and technique, feel the greasy squeezing heat of my aching hungry buttfuckhole and let the tickly sensations in your balls give way to ecstatic spasmic explosion, grease my hot pan, put your gravy deep in my mashed potatoes, your butter in my buns, your cream in my donut, your cum in my fanny! Aaaahhhh! I continue to pump and squeeze with my wrecked ass as you spurt until you can't stand it anymore and you pull out, dripping more on my runny crack as I adjust to the rush of cool air and physical emptiness where I had so securely enjoyed hot dick a moment before.

Now roll me onto my back so I can sit up and drip onto a towel. My ass is a cream cake! By now you are truly relieved and sated down below, and now I must count on your more cerebral levels of desire to keep your interest in my achey naked body. I hope you like to look and touch and tease and play with my cock and balls and belly and thighs as you massage and stroke me to an exhibitionist orgasm shooting through your fingers into the air and all over my belly and chest but please keep stroking as the cum diminishes please keep stroking until I push your hand away.

Now a few more minutes for me laying back and dripping cum onto the towel, catching my breath. Then I take a shower and get dressed, ready for that brunch we are gonna get now in the restaurant down the street.

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