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Pleasurable Rape


I bolt upright in bed as the phone rings. I can hear you swear beside me, before you pick it up. I look at the bedside clock. Its 2 am. I know what a call at this time of the night mean.

“Sorry love,” you say getting out of bed.

“I know, I know. It’s an emergency,” I reply. You hurriedly get dressed, kiss me shortly and then speed off. I know that I wont be able to get back to sleep again so soon, so I grab the sheets and wander to the couch to watch TV. Even though it is night, it’s still warm, so I don’t bother to put anything on, but I just wrap the light sheet about my body. It doesn’t take long before my eyes fall shut again and I drift off into a sleep.

Suddenly I hear a noise. Breaking glass. My breath gets faster and I try to press myself deeper into the couch. Why aren’t you here now that something is happening? Why isn’t the dog barking? Why does this have to happen now?

I try to hear where the intruder is. I can hear heavy boots on the kitchen floor, moving towards the living room. I curse at myself for not turning the TV off. It will probably tell him where I am. I close my eyes and try to steady my breathing. If he thinks I am sleeping he might just take the stuff he wants and leave the house again without anything happening to me. I can hear him coming closer, can feel his presence next to my head. Then I feel a finger run across my face.

I realize that he might want more than just something of value. I am nearly naked and he is a man. How could I have been so stupid? My mind starts racing, and I remember that you keep a gun upstairs in the bedroom. If I surprise him, I might have a chance to get at it. The finger brushes over my lips and I decide that it is now or never. I shout for the pup, which speeds up to me. She notices the person behind me and stops, growls, her neck hair going up.

I jump up, grab the sheet to my body and run for it, heading for the stairs. I hear the pup whine and then steps behind me. I hope that she hasn’t been hurt. I reach about halfway as I feel a hand on my naked ankle. I fall forward and steady myself on the stairs above me, trying to kick myself loose. The sheet starts loosening, I don’t know whether to grab it or whether to try to push the hand from my foot. I grab at the sheet with one hand and the intruder takes the chance to move up closer to me, his arm going around my waist. He pulls me close to his body and I can feel his hardon push against my ass.

“Please,” I beg, “ don’t do it. Let me go. Please!”

His face comes closer to my neck and I can feel his breath. I can smell dirt and sweat. His hand comes up to the place that I am holding the sheet and he rips it down. It falls down between us, leaving me naked against his body. His strong arm still holding me tightly around my waist, pressing me against him. His other hand goes over my breast and cups it. My breath starts coming in heavy pants, as I struggle to get away from him. He pushes me forward abit and if I don’t want to fall flat on my face I have to steady myself on my hands. This way I can’t use them to keep him off.

He can do anything he wants and I can’t stop it. His hand wanders down over my tummy and then he presses his palm onto my pussy. I scream out lightly and a tear goes down my face. I start begging for him to let me go again, but he shows no reaction. His fingers part my lips and a third one slides along the slit. His face comes close to me again. He is wearing a dark mask and I can feel its roughness against my soft flesh. My whole body is shuddering and I ask him to leave me alone again.

His fingers leave my pussy and I breathe out in relieve. His face is still close to mine and I can see as he brings his fingers up to his mouth and licks at them. Then he moans deeply and the wet fingers go back down to my pussy. He rubs them through my slit and then enters one into me. I scream out and try to struggle again. The grip around my waist hardens and nearly knocks the breath out of me. He starts rubbing the finger in and out of me, getting me wet. I know what will follow and I can’t help the tears coming again.

When I am slightly wet, he enters another finger, stretching me slightly. I start hoping that he will fuck me soon, so that this will be over fast. You come into my mind and I start shaking harder. I try to concentrate on you, and to forget him, but he isn’t making it easy for me. Then his fingers leave me and I breath out again. He backs off me abit and I can hear him undo his zipper. I breathe in and put my head down on a stair.

I feel his cockhead run up my slit, wetting it, getting it in position. Please let it be over fast, I beg inside. His cock slides to my opening and he pushes forward, ramming his cock deep into me. I scream out as he parts me and forces his way into my womb. He stops there and savors the feeling of my tightness on his cock. He fits into me like I was made just for his cock, and exactly at this moment I realize that the intruder is you. I know your cock so well.

I stop shuddering and relax. Your hands go to my hips and you start ramming into me. You don’t know that I know its you. I push my hips up and start moaning as your cock rams my deepest insides. You hit into me again and again and I can feel my orgasm coming very soon. One hand goes of my hip and down to play with my clit. I moan in pleasure and tighten on your cock as my orgasm washes over me. I can feel you expanding and I let my muscles milk your cock. After a few more strokes I feel your hot cum shoot up into me. You moan throatily and grab me tight to you.

After you filled me with your hot sperm, you loosen your grip on me and I let my body go down onto the stairs. Your cock slides out of me and rests on my ass.

“That was one of my best fucks,” I say and can hear you gasp. I try not to laugh, as I imagine what is going through your mind now. The woman you love is telling her rapist that he is a great fuck. I decide to toy with you a little longer. I turn around and sit on one of the stairs. I look up at you for the first time. You are dressed totally in black, with a black mask over your face, so that I can only see your eyes and mouth. You didn’t take the time to undo the button and belt of your trousers, but just pulled the zipper down and took your cock out.

He is still hard and glistening from our juices. I move forward and grab him, taking him into my mouth. You moan out loud as my hot mouth takes your cock deeply into it. I clean our juices off him and start sucking him in and out. My hands go up to your ass and I pull you closer to my face. Your cock slides deep into my throat and my nose hits your tummy. I can hear you growling, gasping and moaning. I am enjoying this game so much.

I start moving up and down your cock, letting him slide out to the head and then sucking him in deep into my throat again. Your hands come down to either side of my face and hold me. My movements get faster. One hand goes up to cup your balls and the other grabs tightly at the base of your cock. Moving up and down, following my mouth. My hands squeeze down tightly and I start sucking in hard and fast. I feel your cock twitching and I ram it deep into my throat. Your hot cum shoots out. Hitting my throat and running down. I swallow most of it, the rest runs out along my mouth, down my neck over my breasts. Both of us moaning. Your twitching and shuddering slowly stops.

I move of your cock and once again am proved that it is really you before me. I know no other man with a cock like yours and one that is still rockhard after two orgasms. I smile and lick my lips, as I look up. You pull me up to a standing position and then press me against the wall. Your hands go under my arms and you lift me up, till my breasts are at the same height as your face. You lick along them, cleaning your cum of me. Licking up my neck and then kissing me. We both taste the same. Our tongues play with each other.

I wrap my legs around your hips and urge my pussy forward, begging you to enter me again. You understand me and guide your hardness to my wet opening. Your head pops in and you drop me down on your cock. I scream with sheer pleasure as you impale me. You stop and I look into your eyes. I can see pleasure and pain in there and decide that it is time to put you out of your misery. I kiss you gently and lovingly, my hand going up your neck. I close my eyes and pull at the mask up from the back. My lips leave yours only slightly.

“I know it’s you baby,” I whisper against your mouth, “ I knew from the moment your gorgeous cock entered me.” I slide the mask from your face and you hungrily kiss me again.

“Did I scare you or hurt you?” you ask.

“At first you did, but the pleasure was amazing once I knew that it was you. I enjoyed this game. Now I know why the pup didn’t bark, by the way, why did you break in?” You laugh and tell me that you forgot your key and didn’t want to wake me. I smile and kiss you again.

Then I start to move my hips and you thrust up from underneath. I moan into your mouth. Your movements are slow, but hard. Driving me crazy. You thrust up again and again, till I am at the brink of coming. Just before I do you stop and lift me off your cock. You stand me on the stairs and turn me around. I kneel down and arch up. You run your cock through my slit up along my ass and back down.

Slowly you push your head into my ass. I moan out in pleasure as you enter deeper. Your cock slides in all the way and you grab my hips tightly. I claw into the stairs and moan. Slowly you start moving in and out, my tight ass holding you. You can feel me so hard on you, and I can feel you so intense in me. Your moves get faster and your moans get louder.

“Oh baby, fill my last hole for me.” I moan out.

“Mmmmm, yes. Get ready love, here it comes. Ooohhh!!!!!” You push into me with a hard force and then your hot cum fills my ass. It seeps out along your cock, leaking down my legs. I scream out your name as I orgasm too. Slowly you pull out of me and sit down on the stairs. You pull me onto your lap and your cock slides back into my pussy. I let my head drop onto your chest, listening to your fast heartbeat. Your fingers play along my back and my fingers stroke your chest. Our breaths steady slowly and I feel you getting soft in me. I look up and you kiss me gently.

“I love you,” you say.

“I love you too,” I answer. When you are completely soft you pick me up and carry me back into our bed. You snuggle up to me from behind and hold me close to your body. The sun is just starting to set as I close my eyes. I sigh out and slowly drift off into sleep, feeling your hot cum in me.

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