Pleasure in Control Ch. 13


But my mind was on other delightful things. Actually, one thing in particular. A certain lift, at a certain time. I left PROM at about 3:00 p.m. and walked briskly back to my apartment in the afternoon sunshine. I love this time of year as the pretty girls on the city streets wear as little as they can get away with, making the most of the last of the seasons warmth by exposing large expanses of luscious tanned flesh. I looked to one side as I waited to cross the road and was momentarily distracted by a woman in her thirties standing next to me, wearing a tight tee-shirt. I caught a perfect side-profile of her small but exquisitely-shaped breasts, with large protruding nipples outlined by the stretch fabric as they pointed forwards and slightly upwards towards the blue sky. Wonderful. I walked beside her snatching quick glances, hoping she wouldn't notice me, but I soon lost her in the crowd.

Already feeling rather horny, I arrived at my apartment and immediately stripped off. I stood side-on to the mirror and admired my own profile. I liked what I saw; those hard hours at the gym were paying off and I was keeping the balance between a slim, sexy shape without the overly-muscular hard-body look of an athlete. My nipples grew and tingled as I posed and I had to stop myself from touching them. I showered and changed into a wrap-over Indian cotton dress in shades of ochres and warm reds with ethnic beads and tiny brass rings stitched to it, held closed with a simple belt around waist. I wore absolutely nothing underneath as I wanted to waste as little time as possible in the lift.

I gulped down a coffee and selected a few items from the box beside my bed. I slipped them into a clutch-bag and headed out into the hot streets. I had planned to take a taxi but changed my mind, exchanging its air-conditioned privacy for the thrill of travelling by public transport. The cool cotton caressed my body as I walked and the warm late-summer air circulated around my bare pussy. Men and women alike glanced my way, blissfully unaware of what I was or was not wearing under my dress. I enjoyed their attention, knowing that I could untie my belt and expose my naked, tingling body to them at any time.

Xara was already waiting alone in the lift when I arrived at 6:45 on the dot and she ushered me in excitedly. As soon as the doors closed she reached into her bag and produced a large roll of heavy-duty adhesive tape, which she stuck all the way down the join in the sliding doors. She also stuck a small piece over the lens of the tiny CCTV camera concealed in the ceiling.

"Now we won't be disturbed" she confirmed, pressed Basement, and pulled me towards her.

Knowing we were alone and could not be disturbed, I had her shirt and trousers off her in seconds but left on her amply-filled crimson satin bra and her matching high-leg panties. I untied my belt and I shrugged off my cotton dress as Xara dropped to her knees, sighing appreciatively with the realisation that I was instantly naked in front of her. Quickly she started where she had left off the previous day, licking my bare, aching, well-moistened pussy and nibbling my hot, throbbing clit.

I clutched my breasts and squeezed my nipples, leaning back against the lift walls with my feet wide apart. Xara hooked her fingertips into my bum crack, grasped my bum cheeks, and pulled them apart so my anus was stretched wide. I still remember the lovely feeling as the cool air circulated around my tight pink orifice. I moaned and cried as Xara attended to my needs:

"Oh, Xara, I've been saving myself for you. Make me come," I pleaded. I was so aroused it didn't take long and I climaxed noisily as she lashed my eager pussy with her long, probing tongue.

I wanted to collapse on the floor but Xara warned me: "The lift alarm will have gone off in the maintenance room, we don't have much time." She guided my hand to the crimson triangle of her satin-shrouded pussy but I pulled away. For a moment she looked crestfallen, but I reached into my bag and pulled out a thick glossy vibrator. I slid a lubricated condom over its sizeable length and Xara squealed with delight, turning her back to me. She leant forward, supporting her weight on the handrail along the opposite wall of the lift, and pushed her bum towards me. I pulled down her panties to her ankles and she moved her feet as far apart as they would allow. She squatted slightly and spread her knees so her pink, wet pussy peeked out at me from her full, curly bush of glistening auburn pubic hair. The temperature rose quickly in the confined, sealed space of our temporary haven and beads of perspiration broke out all over Xara's body, trickling down her taught skin in tiny streams.

I ran the vibrator over her bum cheeks, along her arse-crack, around her anus and slowly along the length of her gaping, moist slit. I stopped when I reached her clit and she ground her hips and rocked her pelvis to accentuate my tiny, teasing movements. "Do it to me, babe, quickly, come on," she cried, "oh yes, work my pussy with that beauty. More. more, harder, right there .... slow down .... hold it .......... Oh Yes, Yes Yes, now, faster babe, right on the tip ... a - a - a - a - a - a - a - a aaaaaahhhhhh, mmm, ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss"

Attentive to her responses and remembering everything that Kirsten had taught me about giving pleasure to a woman, I adjusted the speed of vibrations to deliver maximum effect. Xara's knuckles were white where she gripped the handrail firmly, steadying herself against the swaying motion of the lift and bracing herself against my increasingly forceful movements. I leaned my body on hers, pressing my bare, throbbing breasts against her arse-cheeks and dragging my oh-so-sensitive nipples across her hot, damp skin as I sought to bring myself to a second climax.

When I sensed she was about to come, I rammed the humming object hard into her wet vagina and thrust it in and out repeatedly whilst frigging her engorged, craving clit rapidly with the middle finger of my other hand. Xara cried frantic words of encouragement, mostly only managing the first two words of any sentence, and soon shuddered violently as her climax ripped through her. Her pendulous breasts strained against the barely-adequate constraints of her bra and swayed in unison as she fucked the object of desire I held deep inside her, prolonging the final fading moments of her orgasm whilst I tipped myself over the edge again by thrusting several fingers of my free hand into my pulsing fuck-tunnel thereby mixing the thick, sticky coating of Xara's cunt-juices with my own.

We dressed quickly and smoothed the creases out of our clothes. Xara removed the sticky tape and the lift doors juddered open at the ground floor.

We walked out to find an anxious group of onlookers gathered behind a 'lift out of order' sign and a puzzled repair-man who stood holding a tool box. But Xara waved him away, adding: "We're OK, thanks, my friend brought her own tools today."

* * * * *

Hi, I hope you're still enjoying my story! Congratulations if you've read every chapter so far. Stick with it, things really hot up in the next chapter as I enjoy myself at a select private party with some of my favourite Dems.

Please write a review if you've enjoyed reading this chapter. Or send me some feedback and tell me what you like. I'll reply to all mails. I'll also let you know when my next chapters are posted. Thanks to all of you who have already posted reviews or sent messages and to all of you who are following my story as it unfolds.

Be patient, take care, stay safe, have fun.

x Julia

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