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One month prior to taking a two week vacation. I received an invitation from a high school friend; Yvonne. She invited me for a week-long stay at an erotic resort located in the Caribbean. It made me feel good hearing from Yvonne. The last time that I saw her, she had moved back to her parent's home in New York. After several days I responded to the invitation, by calling Yvonne to inform her that I would be happy to join her for a getaway. It was wonderful hearing her voice; it took us both back to our high school days. We reminisce about the pranks pulled on unsuspecting classmates for a good two hours. Besides reliving the old days, we did some catching up on what was current in our lives.

Later that evening I received a phone call from Nicole, she was upset because I did not tell her about my vacation plans with Yvonne. I explained to Nicole that Yvonne was an old high school friend who invited me to spend time with her at a resort. I was evasive about what type of resort and its location. Still Nicole was hurt because I withheld information concerning the plans I made with Yvonne. She reminded me that she invited me to every party she attended and shared her girlfriends with me because I am like a sister to her.

I felt terrible listening to Nicole express how she felt betrayed regarding the trip with Yvonne. The call ended with Nicole feeling worst than before we spoke. She knows how to play the victim role well when it comes to me, and she's no holds barred when she wants to make me feel like shit.

But, I know how to play the concerned friend role well myself. I play along making her believe I am buying her bull-shit.

I avoided any online chat that night and soaked my body in the Jacuzzi. Then I indulged myself with a glass of red wine before slithering between the sheets to sleep.

It was two days before the trip started and all I could do was think about the erotic resort and spending time with Yvonne. Back in school she was a wild spirit like me, and we would dare each other with a game called kiss and tell.

The game took place during the breaks between classes, the object was for her or I to walk up to a girl or guy kiss them and walk briskly away. At lunchtime we would tally up our kisses, whoever had the least amount of kisses had to treat the winner to whatever they desired; from the corner store a block from school. I was such a hot ass back then too. My slogans being, "If you got it, don't be afraid to flaunt it" or "go for it".

When I finally arrived home from what felt like a long work day, I could see the light on my phone was flashing; I had three messages on the machine. All three messages had been left by Nicole.

I called Nicole to find out what she wanted. Nicole asked me to call Yvonne and request to bring a friend along. I told Nicole I would ask Yvonne, and quickly ended the call. I was tired and all I wanted at that moment was get a goodnight sleep.

The next day while at work I called Yvonne. I asked if she had any problems with me bringing along a friend; providing she paid her own expenses toward the trip. I told her it was someone very special and I thought bringing her along would definitely add to an interesting week of thrills.

I felt better after asking, since Nicole invited me to so many activities including a BDSM community. I also joined the community under an assumed identity. I had to take steps insuring no social networking crossover between the kinky (Bondage, BDSM & Fetish) society Nicole and I love to grace with our presence and my girl next door persona. The person I am in the BDSM is not the person my family, or most of my coworkers know.

Yvonne told me it was fine, and she was going to bring a friend too. It seemed to be shaping into a week of reality girls play. After a few more minutes of chat with Yvonne, I ended the call and finished the last report before leaving work. It had been a stressful day and all I wanted to do was settle in for my nightly ritual of a long soak, a glass of wine and tug of war with the sheets.

Later that night I called Yvonne to inquire about any last minute details I needed before the trip. Yvonne explained that everything was taken care of and told me to keep an open mind to what the resort had to offer. I let Yvonne know I wasn't sure what the erotic resort offered, but I was open to almost anything that is safe, sensuous, and pleasing.

Yvonne asked me to trust her and to look forward to a satisfying fun-filled time with the girls.

She had no idea I had already searched the internet to see for myself the services offered on the island. While we were talking, my phone's call waiting beep began blowing up to inform me I had another call. The number told me it was Nicole, so I ended my call with Yvonne to answer Nicole's call.

Nicole asked me about last minute preparations before meeting at the airport. I told her everything was set up and I will pick her up around six thirty in the morning to drive her to airport. I quickly said goodbye for the evening because I was tired and wanted to settle in early so I could relax and get ready for the week long island adventure.

We arrived at the airport at 7:30, well prior to our 10:00 flight to the island. After checking our bags, going through security we proceeded to the restaurant for breakfast. We took our time eating and planned to arrive at the gate to board thirty minutes early. Yvonne hates airplanes so we patiently waited until everyone else boarded before we did.

We landed safely that late afternoon. We were warmly greeted at the airport by the resort personnel. They were standing with a banner that read "Welcome Yvonne, Lola, Julie, and Nicole to our world of forbidden pleasures."

After introductions were made we boarded the shuttle van for the drive to the resort. I am not sure why the resort relies on the airport vehicles to transport their guests; maybe airport management had perks to visit the resort anytime free of charge in exchange.

As we were checking into the resort we were gladly surprised to be given our own separate rooms. A change into something less constricting was decided on so we all changed into bikinis and sarongs. I am not sure why we were behaving so conservative on an erotic island outing. Maybe because it was unfamiliar ground or we weren't ready to walk around nude as some of the guest did.

I didn't notice the sign above the resort entrance that read clothing was optional on the premises...still we kept our bikinis and sarongs on for the first day and that night we wore dresses to the resort's club.

The next day after breakfast we began our tour of the island. Three doors down from the resort check in area was the in-house Certified Sex Therapist. The sex therapists focus specifically on the sexual side of relationships that is so hard to discuss but is so crucial to a relationship's health. Their treatment method was to talk clients through issues and explore their own sexuality. They suggest touching exercises for couples to try at the resort, at home and teach couples how to become more intimate. They themselves do not touch the guest in any erotic way.

We stopped in to discuss the hang ups we had in our relationships. Nicole said her relationship with Austin; my bosses husband; was working her emotions, and patience over time.

Yvonne thought Nicole should make an appointment to discuss her relationship. The services were included in the package deal. What Yvonne didn't know was that the man Nicole was speaking about was married.

Nicole looked at me before saying she would check it out, and to find out what type of advice the doctor would give concerning her lover. I walked away before I exposed Nicole lies and deceit with a married man.

As we continued our tour with a stroll along the shore, we came upon a cafe where topless ladies and shirtless men were having lunch. They seem to be enjoying themselves, and were carefree so we continued to walk along the shore with our clothes on.

I was surprised Nicole was in clothes still...she has a beautiful body; and know it; with a natural breast size of thirty-six C. I bought her a tee shirt on my vacation from outer banks that read Silicon Free. She planned on wearing it to the nightly bon fire that evening.

Yvonne was insecure about her thighs which we told her looked fine. Yvonne's thirty-eight DD rack defied age and gravity thanks to the lollipop lift she had gotten after her divorce. Her ridiculous twenty-nine waist joined her ample endowments to forty-three inch hips. Her sarong was the security she needed to shield her hips and thighs.

Yvonne's friend Julie was the slimmest in our group. A cup breasts with nipples that seemed perpetually stiff. She had a tiny twenty-six inch waist and the narrow hips of a teenager. I saw nothing to complain about they were all still attractive women.

As the girls continued to discuss who had what and what was wrong, I quietly walked away before it was my turn to gripe about my body. It wasn't that I had a terrible body. I did not feel comfortable standing around discussing measurements in public.

I often wonder if men gather at bars and discuss the size of their penis or scrotums like women talk about their bodies. I had managed to walk at least ten yards ahead of the girls as they walked briskly to catch up to me.

Yvonne was the first to reach me and asked if I was okay.

I told her yes which was a lie but I was not in the mood to complain about my thirty-six B cups breast, twenty-seven waist and thirty-six hips. I like them just fine and most men I know have no complaints either. I told Yvonne to tell the other girls I would join them after a nap.

"Okay." She said and walked backed to Julie and Nicole.

I walked back to the resort room as my thoughts turned to Charles. It had been awhile since he made love to me and I missed him terribly. I could not stop after one session of lovemaking with him. We had gotten together six times in the past two months.

While we are not exclusive, when he comes to the states on business he calls to let me know he is in town for a few days and ask to come over to spend time with me. The thought of being with him makes me quiver but I was here with the girls for a week and would make the most out of the trip.

When I got back to my room I took a cool shower to rid my thoughts of Charles. This getaway was going to be about four women leaving behind work, coworkers, boyfriends, lovers and family and enjoy the journey before us.

After my shower I laid across the bed and air dried my body with the mild tropical breeze blowing through the open window that faced the crystal blue sea.

While I slept, Yvonne and the girls were shopping for tonight's adventures. I did not know what they had planned until Nicole stopped by to show me what she bought at the resorts adult toy store.

Nicole placed her purchases on my bed and explained how she intended to use them. The first items were handcuffs and leg shackles. Nicole enjoys BDSM very much and enjoys the sense of helplessness and lack of control her play things feel during role play when fettering restricts movement. The kinky sex play is one of her favorite pleasures.

She loves the power play role because, subbies can't run away. The handcuffs; Nicole's favorite pair of leather cuffs; are usually fastened behind the sub's back, preventing him or her from defending himself or herself, in a sensual play setting. The sub is at the mercy of his/her Dom, and giving in to that sense of vulnerability and a yearning to be rescued can be very sexually stimulating.

She was on a role now as she continued to show off her new toys. The next objects she pulled out were two beautiful purple silk scarves.

I asked her why two scarves. She pointed at me and then to her, before motioning how the scarves were to be used.

I told Nicole I was not comfortable using scarves to bind someone; she tried to persuade me the scarves are "gentle" and easier to unravel if the person wishes to break free of the scarves.

I asked Nicole when she planned on me joining her in a BDSM session.

She said winking at me "Tonight we're going to be everybody's darling as we take a walk on the wild side."

"Isn't that a song?" I asked.

"Yep." she said. "We are going to do what the people on the island are doing, walk proudly around the island naked with heads held high and a smile on our face." She started to dance as she spoke.

"Have you lost your mind?" I screamed as loud as I could at her.

Nicole's dance picked up pace as her hips circled around and around as if working a hula hoop with her seductive her hip rhythm.

I shook my head and began to sing "Hell no. I won't go naked."

By now Yvonne and Julie came over to see what all the ruckus was over. They saw all the toys on the bed and asked about them.

I told the girls that Nicole made plans for us without even asking. Julie and Yvonne looked at me and I tilted my head toward Nicole so she could explain the night's festivities she had planned for us. Nicole cleared her throat.

"We are invited to a BDSM party. Well, all guest that dare are invited so..."

"Tell them were going to be naked Nicole!" I input not wanting them to be caught off guard like me.

" Sounds like fun, let's do it." Yvonne said.

Her change of mind shocked me.

"I thought your thighs were too fat. I said.

I gained a little courage after I met this guy on the beach. He says he loves my curves and invited me to dinner tonight."

"We want to hear more." Nicole said.

"Maybe later tell me more about the items you bought." said Yvonne.

Nicole picked up where she left off with her hula dance as she grabbed her new lollipop paddle and smacked it against her hand.

"I thought it was time to add a new toy to my BDSM collection."

She is very skilled in this field, the trail of fiery buttocks she worked will attest to that. Nicole likes to speak softly, but carry a big stick and the big stick of choice tonight had a long handle and a red silicone pad.

I asked Nicole what she had in mind for old glory her old well used leather paddle.

"It depends on the size of the ass. If it's round and big, I will use the leather paddle. For small to medium bottoms they will receive a lollipop treat." Nicole beamed.

I picked up one of the blindfolds on the bed and expressed my desire to have it.

I love to use blinders it's very exciting when the person is blindfolded and has no idea where you are... they were one of the items I bought at the lingerie party. The blindfolds Nicole bought were of suede with feathers around the eyes. Julie crawled on the bed and picked up the cat o' nine tails. Yvonne had never seen them before and wanted a lesson on how to use them.

"I need you to turn around, pull up your sarong and bend over for me." Nicole requested.

Because of Yvonne's big round juicy behind, I know Nicole enjoyed using the leather whip to sting Yvonne. Nicole also had bought black leather slap which she broke in on Yvonne.

Julie was knowledgeable on all the toys Nicole bought. She knew the correct terms for the items Nicole purchased. Julie then reached into her pocket book and pulled out a box of glow in the dark condoms and held the contents in the air as she asked if we wanted condoms and how many.

I was still nude at the time; and it was a little uncomfortable wondering about making the right decision to walk nude in public where I never had before. In my early twenties I admit I wanted to be an exhibitionist, a young woman ready to explore adult pleasures and join a nudist community but I am much older now and wasn't sure if I was the same woman as back in the day.

I had a lot to think about so I asked the girls to meet me back here in my room in an hour. This was turning out to be an out of the ordinary day. I lay down across the bed again and closed my eyes to envision myself as a younger woman. I thought about how I wanted to do it back in the day, well I was certainly going to be alright at going with the flow that evening. So I got up to get ready and meet the girls for dinner.

Yvonne had a date with her mystery man and had to join us after dinner. Nicole, Julie and I checked each other over for last minute touch ups, before attending dinner at the club. We stopped for cocktails before starting our evening.

Nicole downed her wine in one gulp and put her glass on the tray and ordered us to do the same.

"This is silly we aren't teenagers on a class trip, now drink up." Julie said then dutifully gulped.

I sipped my glass in normal fashion, I saw no need in getting sloshed, and I just needed a little push. We enjoyed the dinner and after another glass of wine I felt relaxed enough for what would happen.

I noticed Yvonne enter the dining area with a handsome silver haired black man. During dinner Nicole and Julie polished off a bottle of wine between themselves. They were more then ready for anything or anyone who came their way.

Our first stop was the beach bon fire, and it was interesting. A local Voodoo Priest/Root Healer emceed the proceeding which he turned in to a quasi religious ceremony it keep the local police from arresting guest for partaking in the sacraments which were shots of the local rum and include certain herbal items that are smoked. Julie fully joined in and ended up dancing around the flames with the Priest and a throng of "converts". She was a dancer on Broadway she could still move with grace. The ceremony lasted an hour before the Priest just wandered off leaving many of the participants in several writhing piles of intermingled bodies enjoying some real sex on the beach.

After the bon fire event we met up with Yvonne outside the club. She introduced us to her date, before telling him of her previous plans for a girl's night out. While talking to him she asked him to undo her dress, then started to strip naked; unashamedly teasing him. He asked her for another date and why not after seeing all he might get to enjoy. She told him she would get back to him, and she teased him fully to keep his interested. Seeing him squirm while Yvonne disrobed, we all decided to add to his pleasure or agony depending on your view point and stripped ourselves there too.

We rinsed the sand from the bonfire off our bodies at the outdoor showers located in the beach pavilion. We dried off with the towels stacked in the ladies locker room and stored our clothes in lockers and keeping only our hand bags and shoes.

Then with our heads held high we strutted in our four to five inch stilettos without any clothes on as we headed into the unknown. We were turning heads as our heels clicked against the pavement of the open air pedestrian mall that connected the resorts amenities. Nicole led the way in her five inch pink pumps, Julie wore four inch black patent leather pumps, Yvonne wore five inch blue pumps, I wore red four inch pumps.

We were feeling adventurous, some more then others from the bon fire ceremony; and were ready to embrace the boldness and erotic spice of the Island. It was time for adult play at the activity center, know around the premises as "The Keep."

I decided right away I would be the Dom. I had no clue about the people at the Keep were therefore I would be in charge of my own safety and security. My slave for the evening would be helpless.

Through a heavy wooden door we entered. On the other side of the door was a long hallway which led to a bar and lounge area on the far end. Doors on each side of the hall led to activities catering to the different tastes of the patrons. Above the doors were signs encouraging those entering to feed their appetite for pleasure?

The plaque on the first door read Power Games. "Oh Yeah that's my nights pleasure" said Nicole.

Across the hall the door read Voyage of Discovery.

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