tagGroup SexPledging The SUK Sorority

Pledging The SUK Sorority


Just a little fantasy I'd whipped together in my un-spare time. It's not finished yet - but will be soon if people like it enough. Also willing to entertain suggestions as to what could happen next (or next after that). You *might* get the impression that I'm into oral sex.... Gee, why would you think that? >:) Hope you enjoy....

* * * * *

Laura was led to a darkened room where she waited with her escort – she felt more than a little self-conscious because she was totally naked under the terrycloth bathrobe – but it was nothing compared to what happened next. The door in the opposite end of the room opened and Laura heard "Bring the males in".

One of her robe-clad sisters-to-be entered the room – holding the hand of a tall man with a black cloth bag over his head. This would have been strange enough – except for the black bag was the only "clothing" he was wearing – naked as a newborn babe from the soles of his feet to his neck. Laura's breath caught in her throat as her shock was doubled, then trebled as following behind, holding hands like elephants moving across the savannah came a second and third man – similarly "clad" in only a black bag over the head.

Laura eyed her escort – who was openly grinning by this time – as another and another essentially-naked men entered the room following his predecessor. Four, five SIX – and still more entering. Seven EIGHT NINE entered, then TEN, then ELEVEN.... Finally, the 11 nearly-naked men had filed in and the door was silently closed behind them. Laura was more than a bit turned on at the sight of all the beefcake in front of her, but with 11 naked men, and one virtually naked her, she was more than a little nervous. Another door opens – behind her this time - and a robed & masked sorority sister enters with a leather-bound book.

She opens it and clears her throat.

Laura's escort leans to her and whispers "Say only 'yes ma'am' or 'no-ma'am', don't mention any names or identify anybody, understand?' Laura nodded, understanding but unable to form the words.

The robed woman with the book speaks: "The pledge has elected to take the test of admission to the Sigma Upsilon Kappa sisterhood. She accepts this challenge of her own free will, and is free to vacate her petition now or at any time. Does the pledge desire to accept the challenge of membership?"

Laura stared dumbly at her, her escort elbowed her in the side "Tell her you accept!"

She hoarsely whispered. "I DO!" she blurted out. "Ma'am" she hurriedly added. She eyed the 11 men standing before her, noting that their cocks were all in various states or arousal, some fully erect and pointing at the ceiling, others thick and full, though not hard.

"The Pledge's sponsor will explain the challenge..." the masked sister spoke again.

From the door behind her, Laura's friend Amy entered, dressed in a satin robe like the masked sorority sister. She walked to stand in front of Laura and faced her, she nodded to Laura's escort.

"Laura – I was forbidden from telling you this earlier, but now – as your sponsor, it's my job to tell you exactly what your test consists of." Her face was a mixture of seriousness with a dash of the cat that ate the canary. "Laura – I told you about the qualities of a Sigma Upsilon Kappa sister – how they get the best grades, always graduate, never drop out... well – there's a side to the sorority I never mentioned – at least not as being one of the hallmarks of our sisterhood." She paused. "Our members never end up leaving school pregnant – and most of them leave here as virgins... yet they're still very popular with the men on campus – know why that is?"

Laura thought for a moment and then shook her head.

"Because our members vow not to have intercourse until they graduate."

Laura let out a major sigh and quietly replied "Geesh, you scared the crap outta me – you mean all I have to do is to promise not to sleep with anybody and I'm in?"

Amy smiled at this. "No – there's a little more to it than that – how do you think that the sorority that doesn't have intercourse is still so popular with the guys on campus?"

Laura blushed "Uh.. they have a 'talent' that the guys like just as well?"

"Bingo!" Amy replied – that's why these guys are here.

Laura almost fell over at the realization. "You can't mean I have to... you know... give all those guys..... blowjobs!?"

"SShhhhh – keep your voice down"

Amy shushed her. " – Yes – that's exactly what the test is – but there's more to it than that."

"More?!" Laura asked, "How could there be more!?"

Amy shushed her again "Dammit Laura – will you keep your voice down....OK – here's the whole deal..

First off – all these guys are clean – they're all tested six ways through next Sunday – they not gonna give you the clap – or worse. We selected them all by having them answer ads – sperm donor – gave 'em $25 bucks to cum in a tube – not that we gave a damn about the semen mind you, what we were checking was the volume – these guys all scored at the top of the charts Laura. They all pump out way over the top of the normal range. They're picked specially to fill your mouth Laura.

"Oh my gawd...."

Another thing you should know – they're either not sexually active at all, or, have abstained for at least a month."

"A month!?" Laura quietly shrieked. "They're probably so horny they're gonna blow my head off when they cum!"

Amy grinned again "That's the idea Laura – but hold onto your socks – there's more... for the last month – they've been on a special 'diet' of sorts, vitamins, amino acids, supplements, and foods that are designed to increase their semen and sperm production even further."

"Holy shit...." Laura gasped.

"and" Amy added "for the last 4 hours, they've been locked in a room watching triple-X porn, and served snacks and attended to by 3 of your sorority sisters – all buck naked."

Laura's mouth opened, but she couldn't even find words to express her disbelief this time. She thought for a moment.

"So you guys have got these eleven freakin' specially-selected sperm-donors, chemically-enhanced, sexually deprived, stoked to the max, and horny as hell, and this is a test to see if I can suck them all off and take all they pump out?"

Amy gave Laura one more revelation "that's almost it – not only do you have to take them all, let them all cum in your mouth, swallow every last drop – but you also have to send these guys away convinced that they've just had the best blow job on earth – and all you can use is your mouth – no cheating by stroking them with your hands. They can touch you by the way – they will likely be pushing your head down, trying to get more of their cock into your mouth – but – they have strict instructions not to manhandle you or to try to force you to deep-throat them – that's a whole other test" she added quietly.

"I don't think I can do this" Laura whispered. "I mean – sure I gave a guy or two head in high school – but eleven, and all primed and ready to pump a gallon of cum into my mouth? I don't think so... Why eleven Amy? ELEVEN!?"

"Shhhh" Amy whispered "every pledge gets the same test – the only variable is the number of guys you have to do – yeah – 11 is a lot – it's supposed to be between 3 and 12 – the pledge committee decides the number. If you're a real lightweight, they let you off with a low number, only someone with a real attitude problem gets 12. I had to do 8 guys right here in this room 2 years ago" she smiled "You must have pissed off someone on the committee to get 11 – but that's the deal. Shhhhh – well – in or out Laura – shit or get off the pot." Amy nodded at the sister in the mask.

"You have been informed of the challenge. To be accepted into our sisterhood, you must please these eleven males using only your mouth."

"Pledge: do you accept the challenge?"

Laura's mind was going a mile a minute. It didn't escape her attention that when the masked sister announced the challenge that every cock in the room stiffened and raised to attention. She eyed the bodies the cocks were attached to – all great bodies, strong, trim, some muscular, some just fit. She'd always had fantasies of being with more than one guy at a time, but eleven.......

Amy elbowed her in the ribs again and pantomimed that she should answer now.

"I accept the challenge Ma'am" Laura managed to speak evenly, though her heart was pounding. She could hardly believe she just agreed to suck eleven cocks one after another – and supercharged cocks at that.

"Prepare the pledge" the masked mistress of ceremonies decreed.

Amy and Laura's escort stepped to her sides, untied her bathrobe and slipped it off of her shoulders, sliding it down her arms. Her nipples stiffened as the cool air hit her – or was it the sexual excitement? Laura was embarrassed still more to be the only naked woman in the room, but the combination of her state of undress and seeing all those wonderful, hard cocks made her feel quite warm. She noticed that she felt especially hot between her legs – where her moisture was beginning to flow in earnest.

Amy stepped in front of her and smiled as she placed an old-fashioned masquerade mask over Laura's eyes and forehead. "This is so they won't know who you are." Laura's escort took her hands and placed them behind her back, and began to tie them there. "So you can't use your hands"

Amy whispered. "What do you mean 'so they won't know who I am'? – they have bags over their heads."

Amy smiled that wicked smile again "When it's each one's turn, we'll take the bags off of their heads – you know how men are – the sight of you sucking on their cock will make them hornier still."

"Yeah – great – hornier still." Laura's escort handed Amy a satin pillow, which she placed in front of Laura.

"The pledge will assume the position of service." Came the mistress of ceremony's command.

Amy and the escort guided Laura to a kneeling position on the pillow. "Remember" Amy whispered, as she backed away "you can't spill a drop!"

"The pledge will service the first male"

Two robed sisters walked the first man in line to stand in front of Laura. Laura couldn't help but get a good close look at his cock as it was a mere 6 inches from her face. It looked to be about 5 or six inches long – average - and throbbed in time to the man's nervous heartbeat. She noticed that a trickle of clear fluid ran from the tip all the way to the base where it met the hairy sack of his scrotum.

Without even meaning to, she licked her lips hungrily. With a nod from the mistress, one of them pulled the black bag from his head. He blinked at the brightness even though the room was dim. He seemed a little surprised that a naked woman was kneeling in front of him – ready to take his cock in her mouth. Though he couldn't see it that well, Laura's eyes gazed up at his face – half wondering if she knew him, and half wondering how this awkward moment would pass. Should she lean forward and try to lick his cock or?

She assumed the men had been given instructions, or thought of the answer to this question ahead of time as the man grasped the base of his cock with his left hand, leveling it at Laura's mouth, while he simultaneously stepped forward and placed his hand on the back of her head, smoothly guiding his cock fully into her mouth as soon as she opened it.

She was a bit shocked at the suddenness of it all as her mouth was instantly full of hard cock. Even as she moaned softly in response to the slightly salty taste of the hard cock filling her mouth, she had to remind herself to keep her teeth well clear – since she was supposed to be pleasing him – not biting him. He placed both hands on her head now and began to rhythmically stroke his cock in and out of her mouth. After a month of not even being able to stroke himself, the pressure built up inside of his loins from the special diet, and four hours of intentional teasing, he was in no mood for a slow start.

Laura's lips glided smoothly up and down his thick shaft, and she was pleasantly surprised that she could take all but about an inch of his hot, throbbing cock into her mouth without gagging. She heard his breath quickening already and guessed that none of these men would last very long with the build-up they'd had that day.

As she was wondering just how much he would actually ejaculate on this special 'diet' she heard him begin to softly moan and feel his cock begin to swell even more in her mouth.

A soft "oh my gawd..." escaped his lips as his hands guided her head a little more urgently now. Laura began to taste and feel the cum beginning to seep and flow from the tip of his cock.

"OH MY GAWD!" he cried out louder now as Laura saw the muscles in his stomach and thighs tighten and the flow of his cum increased still more. Laura swallowed hurriedly as she felt her head beginning to be shoved rapidly up and down his twitching shaft.

"OHHH MY GAAAAWWWWDDDDDD!!!!" he screamed out as he actually began cumming.

A heavy, thick spurt of his cum bathed the whole inside of Laura's mouth. She struggled to swallow it before – the next spurt quickly followed and filled the small remaining space in her mouth. Laura swallowed franticly as he continued to spurt and thrust his cock into her mouth, spreading the taste and feel of his hot salty cum to every part. Six, seven, eight full spurts of semen in all filled Laura's mouth – each of them every bit as large as the first and much more than she remembered back in her high school days behind the barn with Bobby. She wondered if the amount of cum this first man produced was typical – or – if others would produce even more.

Her first man to be pleased was panting now and his cock rapidly softened in her mouth as she did her best to suck the very last drop from his shrinking shaft. He gently smoothed her hair where he had thoroughly mussed it and looked down at her as if he wanted to thank her or ask for her phone number or something, but before he could, two sisters put the bag back over his head to feeble protests and led him from the room.

"The pledge will service the second male."

Even as Laura was still swallowing and licking her lips clean, the next man was standing directly in front of her. He was a little taller, and the head of his cock nearly hit her in the forehead as he took his position.

She gasped as she saw that this guy had one of the biggest cocks she'd ever seen – close to 8 inches she guessed – and thick – she worried that she wouldn't be able open her mouth wide enough to accommodate it's girth. From her vantage point, she could have sworn that the head of his cock was as big as a doorknob.

The sister at his side pulled the black back from his head, and he looked down at her, grinning wickedly. He seemed to be a little more in control than the first man, as he didn't rush to jam his cock into her mouth.

"Yeah baby – I've been dreaming the day I'd be standing here." He grasped his cock and rubbed the head against her cheek. "My cock is aching for some Sorority sister mouth."

He brushed the head gently against her lips, she opened her mouth to accept him, but he wasn't ready for the main event just yet.

"Patience baby – no so fast! You'll get every inch of my hard cock soon enough." He grinned wider still and looked around the room. His hands caressed her face and down her neck to her shoulders, then further still as he bent forward to caress her breasts.

Laura moaned softly as his rough fingers kneaded her breasts and pinched her stiff nipples.

He whispered in her ear: "I'm gonna give your pretty little mouth the fucking of it's life Sister. I'm full to bursting Babe, and you're gonna be drinking my cum real soon."

He straightened up, once again caressing her face. He took a step forward. The tip of his massive cock was just a fraction of an inch from her mouth.

"Open wide baby, I'm ready to fuck your mouth."

She wimpered softly even as she obeyed his command, licking the glistening drop of pre-cum that oozed from the tip of his cock.

His hands on her head guided her mouth to envelope his throbbing shaft. Laura had to open very wide to take that bulbous head into her mouth.

"Ohhhh Yeah." He moaned out as her swollen lips closed around the head of his cock. "Mmmmmmm Yeah, suck me baby..."

To be continued...

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