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Plentiful Pleasuring


Glenn had been in a relationship for five years with Maria. Their relationship was one of which all of their friends were envious. Glenn was about 6'1 and weighed about 200 lbs. dark hair and eyes. He was a considerate man always thinking of Maria, pleasing her in every way he could. Trying new and exciting sexual idea to keep her on her toes. He loved her feet, and the smell was like an aphrodisiac. Her toes were long and lovely, always painted dark red. Maria had a high arch and loved to show it off always touching him and doing things with her feet to tease him. She kept a toe ring on the first toe always. He had bought her it when they went to the coast last year. He loved to feel the ring with his tongue when he took her toes into his mouth.

Maria met Glenn after a bad marriage. Literally saving from her falling even further into hell. When she met him she was not use to his soft and gentle ways of caressing. Loving to touch her even when lying in bed, since he had a hand on her he was happy. Glenn was very affectionate and craved touch. Since it had been so long since Maria had anything this passionate, it took her time to get use to Glenn. When Maria first met him when she was trying to hail a taxi. He saw her and told he to pull over and give her a ride. The attraction was immediate, neither ever felt anything so strong and intoxicating before. The first thing she noticed about him was his smile, but second was his smell. Something about his smell attracted her to him, and it was magnetic.

Their sexual escapades were always wonderful, finding new ways for Glenn to please Maria. Never in her entire life had Maria been so incredibly taken care of and pleasured so much. She was pampered from head to toes by Glenn. Loving him dearly for this, and that is what made this relationship so great.

Maria had decided it was time for her to give back to Glenn. Never had she done anything like this for him and wanted to please him today. Yes, today was perfect for what she had in mind for him. After planning most of the morning, it was time to put everything into play. She knew what his fancies were and wanted to do everything just right.

Glenn was at work and was having a completely awful day. Unable wait to get home to Maria and feel her body close to his. All his troubles would fade away. Anytime the day was getting too monogamous, and he would think about Maria. Pressed against his body, her breasts crushed against him. The thought would go as far as arousing him when he was alone. The thought of her totally aroused him.

Working feverishly trying to get the food just right. Finger foods, very exotic and irresistible, she thought as she prepared strawberries dipping them into chocolate. Now that she was done with the first course of dessert. It was time to prepare herself. She took a long hot bath, shaving her legs first and moving to her pussy. She thought, I know he would like it if I shaved my bush of completely. So off it came too. Although, she kept her self nicely trimmed. She was doing everything just for him tonight.

After she got out of the bath. Removed her robe and picked out the perfect dress. Short and revealing her cleavage, putting on a new pair of panties and bra, she bought especially for tonight. Dousing herself with her favorite oils to eliminated her scent. Thoughtfully, she put on her bra and panties then stepping into her dress and putting on her heels. The more she though of him the more aroused she became. Wanting to please him tonight with all her loving ways. As she moved through the house looking and checking to see if she had forgotten anything. It was almost 5:30 time for him to get home. She began to run the bath water for him, lighting all the candles around the bathtub and the music was playing on the stereo. Placing romantic music in all the disks and to repeat to play until it was turned off. Exactly what she wanted, no interruptions what so ever. The final touches were all in place, and she waited for him to come home.

Glenn pulled up the driveway and with relief walked up to the front door. Maria opened the door up and smiled, he felt warmth right away. Noticing how beautiful she looked right now made troubles melt away. He told her how beautiful she was, again, she smiled and leaned over and kissed his mouth very passionately. First with a soft kiss then again and again until she let her passion take over till she felt it deep within. She loved how he made her feel when she kissed him, when he pushed his tongue into her mouth teasing and coaxing.

Maria took his briefcase and set it down, took his jacket off and hung it up. Glenn tried to talk, but every time he did Maria would kiss his lips softly. Just to let him know that she was taking care of everything. With her motion's Glenn followed everything Maria did watch closely. Moving her hands across his chest unbuttoning his shirt, taking his tie off around his neck, placing it around her neck smelling it as she brushed it across her face. His shirt fell off his shoulders and she kissed them while she let it fall, moving her hands slowly around to his waist to unbutton his pants. Unzipping them carefully and letting them falls to the floor, she put her fingers around his waist again gently tugging on his shorts. Noticing his cock was beginning to swell for her, she looked up and smiled happily. Moving him to the chair and making him sit as she took his shoes and socks off his feet. On her knees she placed on in her foot at a time and doing so, lifting one to her breast to rest and kissing his toes first one then the other.

Never letting go of her touch, and she led him into the bath. As they approached the bathroom, he noticed the twinkling lights glimmering it smelled like vanilla. She took off her shoes and put her toes in the water to test for warmth. Motioning to Glenn to get inside the bathtub, again following her leads he took her hand as he sat in the water. Neither saying a word to one, another just smiles emanating from their faces. She began to pick up the sponge and lather it with wonderful smelling soaps. Glenn began again to feel relaxed feeling her fingers touching him was all he needed. Lathering him up and sliding her hands all over his body, cleansing him from head to toe. Rinsing him off like a servant would be a king. Seeing Glenn was sexually aroused, and it was time for her to show him to the bedroom. Leading him out of the tub and making him stands there while she dried off the beads of water. Glenn leaned down and caressed her face, again, she smiled at him with his cock right in her face. She kissed it and stood up holding his hand and guided him into the bedroom. As they walked in he could see and smell the candles burning. As he thought how much does she have in stores for him, he had no idea, but trusted her in everything she was doing.

There was a towel across the bed and Maria lead Glenn to lie on it. He laid down on his stomach, as he did, she moved her hands to his legs and spread them apart so she could see his hard cock and balls sticking out from behind. Feeling very aroused herself, she was unaware that pleasing someone else could be so wonderful. She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, letting it falls to the ground. Standing in her new bra and panties. Taking the mango oil in her hands pouring it and massaging it to get it warmed up. Moving her hands to his shoulders, feeling his tense muscles she began to massage deep. Hearing his moans she knew it was pleasing to him. Moving on top of his ass, she spread her legs and sat across him. Massaging is back down toward his hips, continuing to pour the oil into her hands and moving it all over his aching muscles. Lying there he could feel his body lifting and begin to think of how he wanted to make love to Maria. He could feel her hot pussy sitting on his bear ass. Maria moved her pussy from his ass to his feet, placing her pussy directly on top of them so he could feel her warmth.

Glenn felt her hot pussy on his feet and could not believe how wonderful it felt. She moved her hips while massaging his ass vigorously teasing with her fingers, massaging the outline of his ass hole. Barely placing her fingertip inside, moving the oils back and forth. He loved how it felt to have her hands all over him massaging him like she was. Glenn moans were ones of ecstasy, and he was letting go of everything. He felt her move her soft oiled hands down his legs, while she moved her hips around in circles to get his feet all wet with her juices. He could hear her begin to make noises while she was getting off on his feet. In pleasing him she did not know how well it would make her feel when placing her pussy on his feet. Moving her hips as she was, she could feel herself become even more aroused. Dripping her juices all over his feet she then moved off of them and began to take them in her mouth. Licking off her juices and tickling while massaging his feet. Glenn could not stand it any longer, his hips began to move up and down. Fucking the bed, needing Maria to be under him.

Maria felt Glenn desires and rolled him onto his back. Again taking the oils and massaging first his chest, down to his stomach. Stopping to kiss his neck and lick up near his ear, whispering to him. "You turn me on, and I'm not going to stop pleasing you tonight." It sent shivers down his spine and feeling his erection stiffen even more. Once more Maria moved on top of his body placing her pussy just below his erect cock. Sensing his cock wanted to be fucked she moved her oily hands on top of it. Seeing the precum glistening on his head. Leaning down with her head she took her hair and flung it on top of him. Moving it on his chest tickling him down toward his totally erect cock. Glenn leaned his head back and began to moan again. Maria took that as a sign of pleasure. Moving her pussy down further again placing them on his feet, she took his head into her lips and began to gum them gently.

Tasting his precum wanting to milk his cock from every drop, without notice her hips began to move while her hand moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Tickling with her tongue on his head and sucking it, she was trying to swallow him. Glenn state of arousal was too much just as she felt his jerks. She placed her neck straight in line with his cock and took all of him inside her throat. Never having deep throated anyone her entire life, she knew it was done right as he shot the cum. Swallowing his cum was like giving candy to a baby, she wanted more. Continuing slowly sucking and gumming his cock, it was still erect and his balls were soften a bit. She cupped his balls and massaged them, moving her tongue all over them tickling.

Glenn was so aroused after he came, he cock stayed hard. Maria still moving her hips on his feet, he could feel how wet she was and this turned his cock hard. Continuing her massage all over his body until she could see the oil all over his body glistening in the candle light. Maria leaned over and took the bottle of champagne that was chilling in a bucket of ice and opened it poured two glasses and handed Glenn a glass. Both smiling at each other and sipping the champagne, again Maria leaned over and kissed Glenn so gently. He could feel her electricity coming from her lips.

Taking the glass from his hands and placing on top of the table. Maria took a piece of ice and placed the candle in her hand and put it over his nipple, letting it dribble on it. He leaned up in pain, but as soon as he felt the pain she immediately took his nipple into her mouth and moved the piece of ice around it. It was exhilarating, painful and wonderful at the same time. Over and over she did this to him, feeling his cock begin to swell. No matter how bad she wanted to straddle him, it would have to wait until she had completely pleased him in every way possible.

Next, she took another piece of ice into her mouth and took in the head of his cock. His ass began to move stirring up the readiness to explode inside her mouth. Maria began to stroke him into her mouth while playing with the piece of ice on his head. Right away she felt his pelvis moving into her mouth wanting to be further inside. Continuing until the ice melted taking another and stroking him with ease while she sucked his head and played with it. Glenn couldn't hold back it seemed as though this time was quicker than the last. Normally it would have taken him much longer to cum the second time. He had never felt this appreciated his entire life, she was making him feel so wanted, so pleasured. Once again she had pleasured him to the extent of cumming in her mouth once more.

Laying in on the bed with the candles flickering, Maria left the room only to return with a plate of food. Glenn was famished by this point and needed to gain his strength back. She put a pillow behind his back and handed him the champagne once again. Maria began to feed him putting the bite size food into his mouth. Seeing how much he was enjoying this she continued and fed herself too. Making noises while she did this to let him know it pleased her as much to please him. They finished all the plate, both could have eaten more, but it was just enough to energize them.

Maria asked if he was ready for desert, Glenn replied "I'm always ready for dessert" with a grin. She put in the chocolate-covered strawberry into her mouth and kissed Glenn. Passionately he kissed her back eating half the strawberry. Both making noises while they kissed and ate the same strawberry. Leading to her straddling on top of him again, this time he could feel her dripping pussy on his hard cock, again.

He asked her, "may I have some of that dessert?" she replied, "this is the main dessert for you my love." Both smiling at one another, she sat up and slid in his hearty cock. Now, as Glenn sat up with Maria on his lap he took his champagne and spilled it on her breasts and began to lick it off tugging and pulling on her erected pink nipples.

Maria was so filled with his cock she leaned back and he began to thrust himself inside her. Both moving their bodies together, every move lead to the other making her feels so alive and filled with passion. Glenn thrust became more fierce and furrowed with lifting her entire body. Glenn noticed the sweat dripping from her forehead and licked it off and both getting wild in their lovemaking. The animal was getting the better of both of them, but Maria had held back her orgasm for much too long. There was no more holding back ever for Glenn. She knew this would please him, she let loose by screaming his name.

Maria's whole body began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm reached the climax, only to last for five minutes. Glenn felt her body shake like a wild cat when she dug her feet around his ass, pressing him further inside her. He continued to press inside when she was cumming. He was going to fill her dripping pussy with his cum now, more than ever. Although, he had already cum twice the third was going to be his charm. As he pressed further inside her he felt her shake again, it was one orgasm after another. After fifteen minutes and licking all the sweat from her face while kissing her. He filled her with his love cumming inside her.

They laid in bed side by side, sharing with one another more chocolate strawberries and champagne, trying to gain strength for another round of the love and pleasure they shared.

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