tagGay MalePlotting a Course Ch. 12

Plotting a Course Ch. 12


Chapter 12: My Hands are Tied

I slid the amber lenses of my sunglasses over my eyes as left the building. The sun was shining brightly and I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. "Hey Robbie."

"Guess what babe?"

"What?" Just hearing Rob's voice calmed me and put me in a good mood. I had been nervous settling into a Spring semester and my new classes.

"I'm getting a new roommate today. Wanna come over and meet him?"

"I'll meet him after you've had 'The Talk.'" I couldn't help but chuckle into the phone.

"Oh come on, don't you wanna be supportive?"

"Of course I do Robbie. I just think it'll be better if y'all do that one on one. See how he reacts before you bring me in."

"You're right."

"I know." I grinned as I left the Integrated Science and Technology building and made my way back to my dorm. "So a new addition to the 'Jock Dorm.' Know anything about him?"

"The 'Jock Dorm?'" Rob chuckled. "Is that what you call it?"

"Well some people call it 'The Meathead Motel." I couldn't help but smirk. "But you're not a meathead, you're my sexy stud.

"Don't you forget it babe." I could tell Rob was smiling. "Well his name is Chase, he's our age, and he's transferring from VCU to play baseball. That's all I know."

"Well I hope y'all get along. What time you wanna eat?"

"I'll probably try to eat with Chase, show him around you know? Wanna come with?"

"No that's okay Rob, it'll give y'all a chance to talk. I'll shake Billy away from his frat brothers, been meaning to catch up with him anyway."

"Sounds good babe. Love you."

"Love you too Robbie."


"You busy babe?"

"Nope finished with class for the day. Just have some reading to do. What's up?"

"Good come over. I need a guinea pig."

"A guinea pig?" I repeated into the phone.

"Well more of a test subject, I gotta practice taping and wrapping for my Athletic Training class."

"Oh, alright. I'll head your way in a few."

"See you then. Love you Bobby."

"Bye Robbie. Love you."


"Take off your shoes and socks Bobby." Rob prompted as I sat beside him on his bed. I kicked off my shoes and shed my socks. Feeling silly I threw them at Rob. Who grinned and caught them and balled them up and dropped them on the floor. "Alright give me your left foot."

"No tickles." I warned before cautiously placing my foot in Rob's lap.

"Promise." Rob smirked as he pulled out a large Ziploc bag filled with athletic tape. "This is so the tape doesn't stick to your legs and pull out your hair."

"Ouch." I squirmed as Rob pinched some of my leg hairs, but didn't pull them out. "Watch it buster."

"Sorry babe. Couldn't resist." Rob showed me the purple roll which felt foamy as he started to wrap it around my foot, ankle, and lower shin.

"That tickles." I squirmed, but Rob's grip was firm. The electricity in his touch sent chills through my body. Rob made a couple of quick tears of the tape and set anchors before he deftly wrapped my ankles.

"So how are you and the new roomie getting along?"

"He seems pretty cool. He's no Clint."

"Few are." I chuckled.

"He seems to be okay with me being gay. Took it all in stride."

"Well that's good. What does he look like."

"He's cute, a healthy Irish pale skin tone. He's about five foot, eleven inches tall. In good shape. solid, but with a little beer gut. Green eyes, but not like mine. Short-cropped red hair."

I felt like my brain was trying to recover a memory, but Rob's voice caused it to flicker away.

"How's that feel? Too tight?" Rob asked, smiling at his first attempt at taping my ankle.

"Feels good." I answered shrugging. I let my mind wander, remembering when my ankle really did hurt. I closed my eyes and felt a warmness coursing throughout my body. Rob had carried me down to his room. That was the night I lost my virginity.

"What are you grinning about?" Rob asked and I quickly blinked my eyes and refocused my attention on him.

"Nothing." I tried not to smile, but it was like a hook was pulling up the corner of my lip. "Just thinking."

"About when you twisted your ankle running on the beach?"

"Yeah." I admitted as Rob's grass green eyes glistened like drops of spring dew.

"You are so fucking cute Bobby." I closed my eyes and felt Rob's lips briefly brush against my own, teasing me. "I really need to practice for my Athletic Training Lab though." Rob pulled away and I bit on my bottom lip in frustration. Rob carefully removed the bandage and pre-wrap from my ankle. "Alright let's do your wrist."

"Okay Robbie." I slid closer and faced him as he held my wrist in his strong hand. I felt the familiar foam wrap around my wrist and hand. Rob smiled the entire time and explained what he was doing as he applied some tape anchors on my arm. He was talking about proximally and distally, but I was lost, Rob was so handsome and I was enthralled that he was mine.

"How's that fee?"

"Good I guess." I didn't mind being Rob's practice subject, but I wasn't very interested in the taping.

"Bobby." Rob sighed. "I need to know if it's too tight. They use this wrap if you hyperextend your wrist. How does it feel?"

"Not too tight. I think it's good." I answered, trying to flex my wrist.

"Good." Rob lifted my hand again and made a small cut in the tape and unraveled the wrap. "Ready for the Ace bandage?"

"Where does that go?" I asked.

"On your knee". Rob paused, I caught a glimmer in his eyes before he grinned. "And your hip and groin." I tried to contain myself at the word groin, but I couldn't help the giggle that escaped my lips. I scooted so the my back was against the wall and my legs were straight out in front of me.

"I'm ready." I teased as Rob scooted closer to me.

"You need to scoot back to the end, or stand up."

"Fine." I sighed exasperatedly as I jumped out of the bed and stood in from of Rob. Rob grinned and squatted in beneath me on the floor. I could feel blood rushing south. The sight of Rob crouched in front of my groin, no matter how innocuous it was, had my blood pumping.

"Drop your pants so I can get to your knee." Rob looked anything but innocent now as he grinned up at me. His broad smile was accentuated by pillars of glistening white teeth. I instantly unbuttoned my pants and let them fall haphazardly to the floor. Rob glanced at the outline of my hardening member and winked. The outline of my glans was clearly visible. Rob's fingers started wrapping the bandage around my knee. His proximity and his ghosting touches had me straining in my tight blue briefs. A dark spot was starting to form as I started leaking pre-come.

"How's that feel? Walk around the room." Rob smacked my butt to snap me out of my lust-fueled haze. I carefully stepped out of my jeans that were crumpled at my feet.

"Feels good." I started to walk around the room, but decided to put on a show for Rob. I started a slow series of lunges across the room. After a few steps I turned back to him and winked. With my back facing him I bent down and touched my toes, giving him a prime view of my plump ass in my tight briefs. Rob made some sort of grunting sound and I turned around grinning. "See anything else you wanna wrap up?" I gave him a sultry smile as I stared at my handsome lover.

"Every single part of you babe." Rob said wrapping me in a hug. I got a whiff of his manly aroma and stiffened further in my briefs. "But I need to practice a hip flexor first."

"Whatever you say." I grinned and was rewarded with a quick tease as his velvet lips quickly brushed against my own. Rob quickly knelt and unwrapped my knee.

"Now I'm going to wrap you for a hip abductor injury."

"What's that?"

"Hip flexor, a groin strain."

"Oh, well my groin certainly is straining." I couldn't help myself and blushed and suppressed a chuckle at my silly comment.

"It certainly is." Rob grinned and I felt his fingers lightly trace the length of my engorged shaft. I groaned from the torture when he stopped. The wet spot in my briefs had grown and was now the size of silver dollar.

"Damn you're hot." Rob reached inside my briefs and gave me a gentle tug and repositioned my straining member in an uncomfortable position before letting the waist band slap back. "You don't want me to fail do you Bobby?"

"No." I sighed. "Of course I don't. I'll behave." I tugged at my briefs trying to find a more comfortable position. Rob shifted his weight and grabbed something off of his bed.

"Shirt off and put your wrists together babe."

"Why?" I'm sure there was a puzzled look on my face as I cocked my head to study Rob. I tugged off my shirt and tossed it on the floor.

"Like this." Rob answered as he held his wrists in front of him so they were touching and his palms were spread apart making a 'Y' shape. Curious to see what he was up to, I mimicked his gesture. "That's it." Rob nodded before he quickly wrapped the foamy pre-wrap on my wrists.

"Hey, wait a minute." I protested, but before I could squirm free of his grip he had taped my wrists together, making several revolutions with the tape before tearing the tape and dropping the roll "What's this for?"

"So you stop." Rob glanced to the bulge in my briefs. "Adjusting yourself." I brought my hands to my mouth and laughed into them.

"Fair enough." I conceded. "You were doing hip objectors or something."

"Hip abductor." Rob laughed as he grabbed a larger ace bandage. Rob knew exactly what he was doing as he painstakingly wrapped my upper thigh in the bandage. He was meticulous in his approach as he worked his deft fingers, teasing me with his phantom touches. I watched as he finally secured the two metal clasps on the bandage.

"Feels great." I eagerly preempted, knowing he was going to ask how it felt. Rob didn't answer, rather he slowly stood up. He threaded his head between the lasso that my bound arms made. My wrists were taped and secured behind his head as he grinned down at me.

"You're a good sport babe." Rob kissed my forehead before picking me up under my butt. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his firm ass as he led us to his bed. I felt the jersey sheets tickle my back while Rob carefully placed me in his bed. "You don't know how sexy you are." Rob's breath was steamy against my cheek. I felt his warm lips briefly on my nose before he slid out of my arms.

Rob had been standing a fraction of a second before he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his sculpted chest and torso. The past couple years of football and training had really accentuated his physique. His body was already perfect, and now he was somehow more toned. His furry body was perfection. I struggled to slide out of my briefs and free my straining erection, a task made challenging by the fact that my wrists were taped together.

"Not yet Bobby." Rob smiled and I stopped struggling on the bed. I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans and they slid down his beefy, furry thighs. "You weren't the only one straining in your groin." Rob's tight black boxer briefs were tented and there was a clear wet spot where his bulbous mushroom head was trapped.

"Robbie." I murmured, completely turned on and ready to go.

Rob shushed me. "Almost ready babe." Rob slid out of his underwear. His long thick shaft stood proudly at attention. Rob stepped out of his boxer briefs but bent down and scooped them up. He found the wet spot and carefully guided it toward my mouth. Desperate for a taste of my man I eagerly opened my mouth and began sucking on them. I got a faint taste of Rob's flavor, but kept them in my mouth as I watched Rob seductively walk to the foot of his bed.

Rob's look was predatory as he crawled onto the bed. My entire body shuddered when I felt his hot breath against the soles of my feet. I felt a warm point of pressure as his tongue licked the top of my foot and quickly traced up the inside of my leg, leaving a lingering trail of phantom sensations in its wake. "Time to get rid of this." Rob removed the metal clasps and put them on his desk. I lifted my hips so he could remove the Ace bandage. I watched eagerly as he uncoiled the khaki colored wrap. He tossed it aside and it fell to the floor like a streamer. Rob's teeth tickled my stomach as he nipped around my belly button, gently teasing my treasure trail. I felt his warm tongue licking in my navel and bit my lip from the sensation.

Rob's tongue teased the fine hairs on my stomach as he traced the outside edge of the elastic band on my briefs. His emerald eyes were emboldened as he gazed at me. He flashed a toothy grin before he bit down on the band of my briefs and tugged them down, finally exposing my aching erection. I lifted my hips again and he slid off my underwear. He pulled his out of my mouth and replaced them with my own. I could taste the salty sweet spot that I had created and greedily sucked at it as Rob continued exploring my body. His luscious lips briefly kissed my engorged head and I moaned when he moved on, continuing his meticulous inspection of my body.

"You are delicious." Rob husked before placing chaste kisses up the center of my chest. My eyelids shuttered involuntarily as Rob worked his mouth closer to my own. His stubble erotically rubbed the sensitive skin around my neck. A muffled moan was barely audible through the fabric in my mouth as I felt his warm lips begin to suck at the base of my neck. I mimicked his suction and began to suckle on the briefs in my mouth as Rob sucked on my neck. I opened my eyes when I felt the fabric being yanked from my mouth. Rob was gorgeous and stared down at me smiling lustily.

"You are perfect." Rob's voice was filled with heat and so were his lips. I squirmed as my arms were pinned uncomfortably between our bodies. "Whoops." Rob laughed and ducked so he was under my arms and they were again wrapped around his neck.

"That's better." I grinned, but Rob's tongue cut off any further attempt to speak. The passion was intense as our tongues played with each other. The temperature in the room must have tripled as Rob pressed is brawny body into my own. I felt his flagging organ grinding against my own straining erection. The room was filled with muffled moans and our combined scent was hanging in the air. I felt Rob trying to pull away, I struggled with my bound hands to corral him.

"It's okay." He whispered before he freed himself from my embrace. My wrists were bound. I was naked, and desperate on the bed while Rob rifled through the bottom drawer of his desk. He was quickly back and his strong hands pushed my legs down towards me, catapulting my ass into the air.

"Robbie." I moaned when I felt steamy breath against my puckered hole. "Oh fuck." I whimpered when I felt the point of his tongue probing my defenses. Without warning his gentle prodding developed into a sensuous cyclone, which quickly eroded what little resistance my muscles could muster. My body was a contradiction. I was helpless, desperate with need while Rob ravished my tight heat. My dick on the other hand stood impossibly erect, copiously leaking a clear nectar, that was as delicate as a strand of silk. "Please Robbie." I begged as I thrashed my head from side to side.

"It's so hot when you beg babe." Rob's voice was with thick with gravel and heat. I heard a glorious clicking sound when Rob popped open a bottle of lube. I felt one of Rob's limber fingers slip inside of my tight canal.

"No." I protested. "I don't want your fingers." Thankfully Rob relented and I watched him coat his throbbing, eight inch member with a generous sheen on lube. Rob took his position above me and I hissed as his inflated head breached my gate and his colossal cock was searing my insides. The hiss quickly turned into a lusty sigh as he slowly bottomed out and let me adjust to his generous girth. Lost in a cloud of electricity and stimulation I vacantly watched Rob's handsome face as he tenderly slid deep into the depths of my soul. I felt a warm drop of sweat hit me from the fine sheen of sweat that covered Rob's handsome face. I knew that this was where I belonged, wrapped around my lovers organ as he set my world ablaze. Inarticulate sounds were escaping my lips while Rob slowly rocked his long pipe inside me.

I glanced and saw my dick, it was swollen, red, and aching. My nervous system was tingling with every move Rob made. Rob was deep in concentration as he fucked me like a fine-tuned machine.

I tried desperately to reach my neglected tube, but my bound wrists made it difficult and Rob thwarted my feeble attempt.

"Oh no you don't." Rob husked and I was drawn to the stud that was breeding me. It wouldn't be long before he pushed me over the edge. "Come here babe." Rob leisurely pulled out, leaving me feeling impossibly empty. I watched as he rolled over and was on his back beside me, his glorious erection pointing proudly toward the ceiling. I was anxious to have him back inside me and moved to straddle his lap as he shifted into the middle of the bed. With my bound wrists I steadied myself on his burly, furry chest. My guts were a blazing inferno and only his fire hose could extinguish my desire.

"Fuck." I moaned and my muscles got weak as I started the erotic decent down his throbbing root. I pushed hard into Rob's chest as I rode Rob with abandon. Thankfully Rob started thrusting his cock to meet me. My prostate started to transmit tendrils of pleasure as I quickly approached euphoria.

"Fuck me Robbie." I cried as I felt my balls tighten, preparing to release their payload.

"Oh fuck Bobby." Rob groaned. Simultaneously, I felt Rob's cock swell as mine blasted a broad white rope onto his hairy stomach. Our dick's pulsed in unison. Rob's load gushed into me, coating my insides with his essence. My own organ delivered my sticky vines of seed onto Rob's gorgeously defined, hairy chest. My head went limp and I was about to collapse on top of my equally exhausted lover when I heard the lock on the door click.

"Oh shit. Fuck. Sorry." My eyes widened and my jaw dropped in recognition of the intruder. "Bobby?"

" T.C.?" I rolled off of Rob and tried to hide under the covers, which was challenging because my hands were still taped together in front of me. I felt Rob's spunk slowly trickling out of my sloppy hole. My heart was pounding in my chest from orgasm and surprise.

"T.C.?" Rob's eyebrows wrinkled as he looked between us with a goofy look on his face.

"Tanner Chase." T.C. answered with a bemused expression. "Just go by Chase now Bobby."

"Right." I nodded, trying to shake my embarrassment. Rob didn't miss a beat, he climbed out of bed naked, uninhibited. His chest glistened with pearl colored ribbons and he grabbed a dirty shirt and quickly wiped it up, creating a creamy mess on his stomach. Rob shrugged before picking up our pile of clothes and throwing it on the bed beside me. He tugged on his own jeans before grabbing a pair of scissors from his desk.

"Sorry about..." T.C. trailed off looking away from me. "Well, I think I'm going to get some supper." T.C. turned around to head out the door.

"Hold on we'll join you." Rob answered and I tried to stifle my groan. I really didn't want T.C. to question my predicament.

"Alright sounds good Rob." T.C. sat at his desk while Rob cut the tape off of my wrists. I pulled my clothes under the sheets and struggled to get dressed. My cheeks were burning red when I finally resurfaced, looking disheveled.

"Don't worry about it Bobby. I've seen it all before." T.C. laughed and Rob glared between us. "T.C. laughed nervously. "At a swim meet, what was it? Tenth grade?"

"Don't remind me." I mumbled shaking my head to more laughter.

"Well, when Bobby left the blocks, his Speedo decided to liberate itself. I can't believe you finished the race."

"I really wanted to win." I managed to get in amidst Rob and T.C.'s breathless laughter. "Alright, we going to dinner?"

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