Poison Ivy

byFormerly Ty©

Day 1

Trish has never been to Connecticut. This is her first time. It was a fairly good town. But the only thing bad was that she didn't have any money, so she couldn't afford a hotel room. The money she was supposed to receive wasn't sent to her. Plus, the same few days she had a couple of days off. She then realized that the McMahon residence was here in Connecticut. But how would she get there? Trish hailed a cab instantly. She got in the cab after the driver helped her load her luggage in the car.

"Do you know where the McMahon residence is?" asked Trish.

"Do I know where McMahon residence is? Hell everyone know where that is." laughed the cab driver with an Indian accent. "He is the richest guy in Connecticut, and his daughter is oh so beautiful…Too bad she is hard to get" said the driver.

"Could we just go there?" said Trish.

"Oh sure, you'll be very, very happy to see Mr. Vince McMahon" said the driver. The driver drove off out of the town and up a few hills. The McMahon driveway was very long and tedious. Trish saw a couple of cars such as a Lincoln, limousine, and an SUV. Which obviously did Stephanie or Shane own. Their parents have no taste in those kinds of cars. The driver unpacked the car by himself while Trish had rung the doorbell. The door was unlocked and there was the maid, in her usual wear.

"May I help you madam?" asked the servant.

"Yes I'm a friend of Stephanie…Trish, it would be nice if I could see her" responded Trish.

"Oh yes! I'll be back in a few with Madam Stephanie," said the maiden. She quickly walked up the long flight of stairs. The cab driver dropped her luggage in the doorway and put his hand out.

"Sorry, I don't have that much" said Trish. She handed him 5 bucks, which was 10 bucks short. She then crossed her arms and lifted her tube-top up, showing her bra-less tits. The cabby's eyes lit up and glared at them, he suddenly made a move to touch them but Trish put her top back on. The cabby left the house waiving to his customer.

"Bye, bye! You will be very, very happy at that house!" shouted the cabby. He soon drove away. But he didn't forget what he had just saw. Trish moved her luggage to the side of the door and sat on the loveseat near a photo of her father and mother. Down the steps came Stephanie wearing casual clothing, a silk black pants and white shirt. She had been finished doing business with her father and came down to see her new friend.

"Hello, Trish…Nice to see you finally came over to my house. Just get ready for dinner tonight ok. Then we'll talk," said Stephanie. Trish had never gotten a chance to say why she came over, but she waited till that night.

Later that night, the maid set the dinner table and everybody was eating. It took a couple of minutes to finish the hearty meal. During dinner Vince told Trish that everybody, meaning Shane and Linda, were out of town on business and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. Trish thought that this was the perfect time to tell them why she came to the house.

"So what makes you come to town?" asked Vince.

"Well, I was on vacation and thought I'd come see what all the fuss was about in this town. But I realized I didn't get my paycheck yet and couldn't get a room at the local hotel. So I came here," said Trish.

"That's great! You can stay here while on vacation," said Stephanie. "If it's ok with daddy?" She looked at her father with that look on her face.

"Ok, how can I resist that face. But she can only stay until Linda or Shane gets back." said Vince.

"You can stay in Shane's room," said Vince. Both ladies got excited and prepared for her stay. The maid had gotten Trish's room ready. Later that night, Trish made a couple of Kool-Aid slushies. She had knocked on Stephanie's room door while Stephanie was combing her hair.

"Hold on," said Stephanie. She counted the last five times she stroked the brush through her beautiful hair. "Come in," said Stephanie. Trish came in the room with her usual nighttime clothing, some silk boxer shorts and a big T-shirt. Stephanie wore silk, pink pants and a shirt. They both talked for a while about Triple H and life until Trish made a move on Stephanie. She sat up side down away from Stephanie. Trish's head was opposite Stephanie's head; Stephanie was the same way. Trish started to rub Stephanie's legs. Stephanie didn't know what was going on and just went with the flow, rubbing Trish's legs, then moving her hands up Trish's thighs and into her shorts. Trish pulled Stephanie's pants down slowly, revealing her overage hairy clit. Stephanie did the same pulling down the shorts and Trish and rubbing her smooth, wet slit.

Trish then got on top of Stephanie. They both were now in the 69 position. Stephanie now pulled Trish's shorts down to her chest and rubbed her clit with more fingers. Trish moaned low so Vince wouldn't hear. She then lowered her pelvis onto Stephanie's mouth while rubbing Stephanie's clit. Both young ladies were wet. Stephanie spread Trish's cheeks, her mouth was wrapped around Trish's clitoris and her nose was in Trish's ass. Trish loved this. She also kept rubbing Stephanie's clit, which was about to explode. Trish couldn't take the pressure anymore and started spurting out her juices into Stephanie's mouth. Stephanie also came onto her stomach and on Trish's fingers. The party was over, the only thing left to do was go to sleep as they did. They lie on Stephanie's bed into the night.

Day 2

The next day Trish went skinny-dipping in the pool. Vince had seen the body she was holding as she took off her robe and was totally nude. She knew Vince was watching him from her window. Soon the maid came in and interrupted Vince, when Vince turned around, she wasn't in the pool. Vince decided to leave. Stephanie got ready to play tennis with her friend Jane, her father left very early though. She looked for Trish before she left but couldn't find her. Stephanie assumed that Trish had left the house so she got in her SUV and drove off. Trish did not leave the house. Instead, she stayed at the house and wandered around for a while snooping in the family's belongings. She stumbled upon some letters under Stephanie's bed. The letters were very erotic and were from Triple H.

She soon started feeling on herself, rubbing her clit fantasizing about the letters exoticness. She removed her ripped jeans and starting poking her clit with her fingers. The wetness was felt as Trish rubbed herself all over with the juices. She jumped on the other side of the bed as she heard the maid coming. The maid used the bathroom, but then left the area. Trish thought that was a close call and wouldn't do that again. She put the letters back and left the house. Later that night, Vince is the only one home when Stephanie comes home. She stays outside with her boyfriend for a few minutes. The soon come inside and sneak up to Stephanie's room. They kiss on the bed in passion. This happens while Trish arrives back at the mansion and creeps up the stairs and listens to them kissing for a while, then goes back downstairs.

"Stop Paul, I don't want to do this no more, stop please" begged Stephanie. They had an argument and Paul ran down the stairs with his shirt unbuttoned showing his pectoral muscles and abs. He soon came pass the piano room where Trish was. She was really seductive, wearing leather S & M suit sitting at the piano bench. She was really hot for Triple H, as was Triple H sporting a bulge in his jeans.

"Hey, did you have a good time?" asked Trish.

"We didn't have sex, not like that's any of your business," said Triple H.

"Well, I have my own business. And it is open" said Trish. As soon as she said open, she spread her legs and invited Hunter in between them.

"Don't do this to me…I love Stephanie" said Hunter.

"I know, but don't you ever want to have a little fun?" asked Trish. Hunter couldn't take the temptation anymore and lifted Trish up on top the piano and they tongue-kissed. Hunter soon had his back against the piano keys as Trish kissed him. She soon started to move downwards, seductively kissing his pecs and then his genitalia. Triple H moaned he hadn't got this in months. Trish soon started holding his shaft and inserting it slowly into her mouth. She started out by bobbing slowly, but then motioned her head faster. The noises from the piano were subtle, only made when Trish moved her head towards his shaft. Triple H tried to take his love tool out of her mouth, but Trish wouldn't let him and smacked his hand away. Hunter felt this great experience; he soon felt it coming. Trish kept sucking his cock and jerking it into her mouth. Triple H came in her mouth unexpectedly. The juices squirted onto her face and in her mouth. She soon spit it out onto the floor. This sexual escapade was over and Trish left.

"Where are you going, I wanted to fuck your pussy" said Hunter.

"Uh, uh uh." said Trish. "You will get none of this clit unless you pay" she walked out the room and upstairs to sleep.

Day 3

The maid cleaned the mess up from last night and didn't have a clue who it was from. Stephanie played tennis with her college buddy Jane for awhile in the morning at the mansion tennis court. Trish watched as they played and thought that they were getting worn out. So Trish thought she'd make some Kool-Aid for them when they came inside. She then rigged the juice with rum as Jane came inside the house.

"How about we make this a little more fun," said Jane. Jane mixed the juice with more rum as Trish watched. 10 minutes later, Stephanie and Jane were intoxicated while playing golf sluggishly. Trish watched on and waited till they collapsed. Triple H drove up when Stephanie sat at the small table near the tennis court and fainted.

"What happened?" asked Hunter. "If Vince sees his little girl like this he'll get mad as hell…When is he coming home?"

"He should be here any minute," said Trish.

"Help me take her upstairs" said Hunter. They carried her upstairs when they encountered Vince. They quickly dropped Stephanie behind the bushes.

"What are you two doing out here?" asked Vince.

"Nothing much" said Hunter.

"Maybe I should go see daddy's little girl" said Vince.

"Oh, no. Because she's exhausted and fell asleep in her bed" said Trish.

"Ok, well, I'll see you two later," said Vince. He walked away from them and went into the house to his office. They quickly carried Stephanie and Jane up the stairs. Jane was in Trish's bed and Stephanie, of course in her bed. Triple H decided to sleep in the den tonight. Trish went up to Vince's office to see what he was doing.

"Hey Vince, how you doing?" asked Trish. She sat on his desk with her ripped jeans and tight T-shirt.

"I'm fine," said Vince.

"I just wanted to say if there is anything you need, I'll be there. And I will always be there to satisfy you" said Trish.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind" said Vince as Trish left the room. Trish made her way towards her own room. She entered and forgot that Jane was still in her room, but unconscious. Trish stripped Jane down to her satin white bra and panties from her tennis outfit. She took off all her clothes and put on some black panties and a bra the same color. Now she jumped in the bed beside Jane. Jane was a blonde, with average breasts just like Stephanie. She looked fairly beautiful and had very short hair. Trish started to rub her legs with Jane. Trish was getting very wet; she kept rubbing, and this time she put her whole right leg between Jane's legs. Jane all of a sudden woke up and realized that she was having a lesbian experience. She screamed and covered herself up with her tennis clothing.

Jane ran out the house as Trish laughed. That shows how homophobic Jane was. She got in her car and drove off. Trish took off her underwear and put on a robe. Trish really wanted to get fucked tonight, she knew who she would get it from. She made her way towards the den where Triple H was drinking some champagne and sitting in front of the couch.

"May I have a drink?" said Trish. Triple H handed her the bottle as to regret giving it to her last night. "You know, last night was fun"

"Don't tell anybody about last night, ok?" said Hunter angrily.

"You know Paul, you need to loosen up," that's when Trish pulled out a small bottle of cocaine.

"No, I promised Stephanie I wouldn't do that again," said Hunter. "You stay away from me"

"Come on baby, you know you can't resist this" said Trish confidently. Hunter took the coke off the table and started to snort it. Since he was injured, he knew it wouldn't do any harm. Trish the leaned against the wooden thin walls as slipped her robe away so Hunter could see half her breasts. She poured the champagne all over her chest and it rode down her body to her clit then thighs to the floor. He couldn't counteract it and went up to her, grabbing her thighs and kissing her neck. The party started over again. Trish's robe slid off and she was totally naked. Hunter kissed her whole body and started to move down to her wet clit. He slowly flicked it, tasting the champagne in his mouth. He loved the taste.

"Ooh, eat my pussy" moaned Trish. She leaned against the wall and let Hunter input his tongue in her wet slit. The wetness started once again as Trish soon let her own champagne flow from her clit. Hunter got up and released hid belt, his jeans fell to the floor and he lifted Trish up. They stood while Hunter slide his cock in her smooth pussy. The moans didn't help as he started fucking her roughly against the wall. He roughly pounded her clit into agony. She moved her upper body away from him while moaning. He started to suck on her nipples while he pounded her skins. Trish could feel the cock in her uterus; she wanted more and started to jump up and down on his cock.

Hunter couldn't hold her up anymore and the fell to the carpet floor. She continued jumping on his cock. Hunter felt the juices coming and Trish got off him. She slowly licked his balls while jerking his cock. The jerking worked; he spurted out his sperm into her face and on her chest. He breasts were glistening with semen as she lay on his stomach for a while.

Day 4

Since nothing happened during the day, we'll skip to the evening. At night, Vince came home angry and didn't want to talk because Linda didn't meet him for dinner. Trish didn't give him Linda's message for Vince where to meet her and Trish didn't give Vince the message. He walked into the kitchen and gets some champagne. He had a bunch of roses that he didn't give away. Trish then came downstairs in a stunning red dress. It was back less and had a zipper on the side.

"Hey, Vince. What's wrong?" asked Trish.

"I didn't get to give these roses away tonight," said Vince.

"Nobody ever gave me roses," said Trish. Vince handed her the roses and she smelled then.

"Thank you baby. If only there was more," said Trish.

"No, you're too young," said Vince as Trish rubbed his shoulders.

"How about a dance?" asked Trish.

"I don't know," said Vince.

"Come on," said Trish. Vince couldn't decline this beautiful mistress and started dancing with her. They put their head in each other's shoulders as they danced. Vince began to kiss her neck in passion. She loved the tongue on her neck, which was her spot. He then took one strap off her shoulder and started kissing her shoulder. All of a sudden, the maid came through the front door and almost caught them before they scrambled from each other. The maid came in the living room and saw Vince reading a newspaper and Trish sitting across from him. The maid suspected something but went up to her room. Trish went up right behind her. After a few minutes, Vince made his way up the stairs and saw his only obstacle, Trish.

"Don't come near me," said Vince. He walked in his bedroom and slammed the door. But the door would not be an obstacle for Trish. She opened the door to see Vince sitting on the edge of his bed with his head down. She sat near him and started to rub his thighs. He could not resist her and shoved his tongue down her throat. Then he helped her pull of her dress to which she wore nothing underneath. He saw her erect nipples and started to wrap his lips around them. Trish felt the lovely sensation and got wet. She wanted more of this old bag.

"Oh Vince, eat my pussy" demanded Trish. He then moved down to her wet slit and kissed it. "You want my pussy baby, you got to beg"

"May I please taste your sweet pussy juices?" begged Vince. Trish nodded and grabbed Vince's head into her pussy. Vince licked her clit up and down until he was ready to enter his tongue inside her. He entered her with his tongue and she moaned in a low voice. He could feel her juices trying to burst out of her clit but his tongue held it. Vince entered his index and middle fingers inside her clit and started to finger fuck her smooth slit. He soon got tired of her clit and took out his wrinkled hard cock.

"Oh fuck me Vince, fuck me" begged Trish. He got on top of her in the normal position and entered her wet pussy. She controlled her pussy muscles and he almost nutted inside her. The sensation was greatly felt as the villain squeezed in and out of her body. It would soon be over in a matter of minutes before he started fucking faster and harder. She turned red like her dress, as did Vince. The excretion of water from her body affected his cock as it slid easily and he couldn't hold it anymore. He took out his red cock and started to blow his humongous load inside her mouth. The orgasmic passion concluded as she left the room but forgot her dress.

Day 5

The next morning, the maid came upon Trish's dress and knew her suspicion was correct. Stephanie leaves for a tennis tournament when Triple H pulls up next to her car before she leaves. "Baby, I'm sorry for the other day," said Hunter. "I just want to talk to you"

"Meet me at the coffee house after the tournament" said Stephanie. She drives off into the town as Hunter is left behind. Hunter thought he would say hello to Trish now that she was his mistress. He came into the house and called her name. But she didn't come out. So Hunter thought he would explore her room. Upstairs Triple H was looking around when he came upon Trish's bag of tricks (dildos, toys, etc.) He didn't see her behind him and she whacked him with a shovel. He soon woke up and saw Trish in unusual attire. Trish wore leather S&M outfit with a whip in her hand. Hunter was gagged and tied up, also fully naked. He was held against his will and didn't like it.

"How do you like being raped?" asked Trish. Hunter tried to get untied but to no avail. Trish picked him up and threw him on the bed with his ass in the air. "You have a great ass" She whipped him with her whip until his ass turned purple. Trish was done until she turned him around and he was in agony, almost beaten to death. Trish started to suck his surprisingly erect cock. He loved being beat and got hard over it. She squeezed his cock real hard and started to jerk it into her mouth. After seconds of agony he spurted his load into her mouth and onto her leather suit. Trish hears Stephanie's SUV pull up and lets Hunter go outside the window. She makes her way to the kitchen in her usual jeans and T-shirt.

"Hey Steph" says Trish "Did you win?"

"No, I had Paul on my mind" said Stephanie. "He was supposed to meet me at the coffee- house, did you see him?"

"Nope, haven't heard from him," said Trish. Stephanie sees Hunter's coat on the counter.

"You said you didn't see him…are you lying to me?" said Stephanie. "You know what, I think it's best that you go away for a while"

"Are you saying that I should leave the house?" said Trish.

"That's exactly what I'm saying" responded Stephanie. She walks right by Trish with a dirty look on her face.

Later that night, Vince encounters Trish once again. This time, they were involved in a little S&M like Trish did Hunter that afternoon. Trish was just about to ride on Vince's cock. She had her cowboy hat and everything. That is until Stephanie interrupted them. She ran out of the house.

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