Poker Night


"Abby please come into the family room I need your help."

She was out in the kitchen getting drinks for my friends. It was poker night, and it was a hot summer night too. Abby wasn't a player, but she liked my friends, especially Mike and Josh.

"Ok what's going on? Why is everybody smiling?"

I didn't even turn around to look at her, instead I was concentrating on the cards in my hand and the pile of chips in the middle of the table. I didn't have to look, I let the other guys give her the attention she deserved. I still the vision in my head from when we were getting dressed. With her slender legs and the way her ass nicely rounded out her loose khaki shorts how could anyone forget?. And those large breasts, covered just right by a soft halter top that tied at the back of her neck and around the middle of her back. When I say just right, I mean that there was enough exposed that made you stare as long as you could get away with it. And the fabric was thin enough to let you know that her nipples were about the same diameter as the poker chips on the table. Just before the game started she sat with us for a few minutes, barefoot and with one leg completely bent so that her left foot was planted right on the chair against her crotch. Whether she knew or not, we could see right inside the opening of her shorts, and I admired as I knew my friends could also see the detail of the flowered pattern of her panties.

Mike was single. Josh was married and his wife Trish was attractive like Abby. I had seen Trish dressed in shorts and a hot little tube top, and I had trouble not staring then. Especially when the tank top accidentally came apart while we were out on their boat. But now, tonight it was my friends' turn to savor Abby.

"I'll explain in a second, hon. Please just sit on this chair for now."

"Wait guys, you know I don't play cards." The smiles continued but no one said a word to Abby. "We know that, hon. Just sit here and relax. Mike will pour you some more wine."

Abby knew something was up, but she played along in her typical good natured way. She was feeling a buzz from her first two glasses of wine, and she could see that we all were pretty much in the same state of mind.

"Son of a bitch. Josh you got that full boat on the last card. You knocked my flush right down the toilet," I said jokingly.

Abby spoke up, "honey it looks like you're out. You don't seem to have any chips left." Mike and Josh couldn't contain themselves, they laughed and cheered. Mike pumped his fist in the air like a college kid at a football game.

"Wow, you guys are really into this tonight"she said, "how much did you win Josh?" Josh just sat there and smiled, and he kept from looking Abby in the face. His nervousness was obvious.

"Well the game's not over yet, hon."

"But you don't have any chips."

"That's why I need your help. I couldn't cover the bet, so I put you up as collateral, sort of." All three of us guys burst into laughter, and I actually started to get a little nervous. "I, uh, I need you to flash your boobs."

"Oh my god " was all that Abby could say before she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, laughing and repeating "oh my god" a few more times. "What did you do? You told them they could see one of my breasts? Are you crazy? No way "

"But hon, I really don't have any choice. I lost the bet. I told them they could see both of them."

"And you don't care if they see my breasts naked?"

"Actually, no I don't mind. Anyway, you know your boobs are awesome. I shouldn't be the only guy who ever gets to see them."

"Well, first of all, Trish would want to kill me. And you guys would just think I'm a slut if I did."

Mike shook his head, "no way, I know you better than that Abby. You'd still have my respect."

"What about you Josh?" she asked. "What do you have to say, since you're the one who won the hand?"

"I won't tell a soul," he said. "I must admit, they're hard not to stare at even with your clothes on. What harm will it be since we're all friends. It's not like we're going to make you do anything else."

"No, I just can't. I can't help thinking what Trish would think of this."

"Trish wouldn't mind," said Josh, "I mean, there's no reason to tell her, but I think she'd do it for us if the situation was reversed. Remember the time her top fell off on the boat. She just laughed it off and so did you."

Abby did remember. She remembered how Trish carelessly hung off the side while the boat soared across the lake, and how all of a sudden a gush of water from another boat caught Trish head on, and the top just split apart at the snaps. And she also remembered that Trish insisted on leaving it out in the sun to dry. And how Trish spent the next few hours just barely covering her breasts with a small towel hung over her shoulders. Abby also remembered how even though they were small, they hung beautifully from her chest, swaying gracefully as the boat moved with the waves. And even though Trish's nipples were tiny, they were a nice dark shade of brown, matching her long hair.

"Well, maybe it's ok." she said. Let's think about this for a while, I'm a little nervous right now."

I got up and stood behind Abby's chair. "Mike, turn down the lights a little. I think she's scared."

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked me.

"Trust me, hon. I'm just going to make it easier for you." My two friends seemed to be in a trance, captivated by their anticipation of Abby revealing her naked breasts to them. Mike not only turned down the lights, he also turned the stereo to a jazz station, and the music created a softer atmosphere.

I stood behind my wife in her chair, and started to massage her shoulders and neck. She went along nicely, softly humming and lightly swaying her head from side to side. I pulled the strings at the back of her neck, and they quickly fell apart, but Abby caught the front before her top had a chance to fall forward.

"Wait", she giggled as she grasped the strings tightly.

"Relax" I said as I tugged them gently from her grasp. I slowly lowered the strings as the fabric of her top folded down and just as her nipples were about to be uncovered she clasped her hands over her breasts.

"I don't think I can do this" she laughed.

I put my hands over her two forearms and gently put pressure on them. Slowly she gave up and as her arms went down to her lap, the halter fell loose and my friends looked stunned as my wife's breasts were completely exposed just a few feet from their faces.

After a few silent electrifying seconds, she covered her eyes in embarrassment. To enhance the sight, I slid my hands down under Abby's arms and softly squeezed the sides of her breasts just enough to make the nipples move around some.

"Can I cover up now?" Abby asked, almost in a whisper.

"Not til the next hand hon. Better wish me luck."

"Oh my god, what if you lose again?"

"We'll figure it out. But if I win the top goes back on."

I was happy that Abby was allowing the game to continue. In some ways she was a modest girl, not wearing overly provocative clothes in public, and always cautious to keep our intimacy private by locking the bedroom door. But the wild side of Abby existed too. Once I was on a business trip at Miami Beach and Abby had come along. On the first morning we jogged along South Beach and realized pretty quickly that women had the option to go topless. Later in the evening, after some dinner and a few drinks, she told me she'd like to spend the next morning on the beach with me, and asked me how I felt about her going topless. Of course I was totally for it. And the next morning she looked gorgeous sitting on her blanket in the sand with her breasts exposed to anyone lucky enough to be there. It made me so horny that my biggest challenge of the day was trying to hide the erection inside my swimsuit. As soon as we got back to our hotel room, we practically threw ourselves into each other, and we fucked until we fell asleep from exhaustion. A couple of hours later I woke her by whispering in her ear descriptions of the people on the beach who seemed to be admiring her naked tits. And after a few minutes my recantation of the event aroused her to the point that she slid her head down from my chest to lick and suck my dick back to life. And when I moved to offer it to her pussy, she held me back. It was her way of letting me know that she was going to finish what she started until my cum was deep inside her throat. One of Abby's nice qualities is her generosity. And when she gives oral, she gives it completely and thoroughly. That was the extent of our sexual adventures, we never went further than her exposing her boobs at a place where we didn't know anyone. She knew that if it were up to me, I'd let the whole world see not just her tits, but all of her. Every intimate piece of her beautiful body, inside and out.

And now, back to the poker game. On the next hand, I lost to Mike, and now we had some negotiating to do. Actually Abby got off easy. We convinced her to take off her shorts, leaving her panties on. She was such a good sport about it. Her nervousness was diminishing, and she actually seemed more relaxed than I expected.. She stood up and took a step back so that Josh and Mike could have a view. Then she smiled, unclasped her belt buckle, and the shorts dropped a few inches to her hips. She wiggled a little and they were soon on the floor. The sight of my wife standing half naked for my friends to enjoy was amazing. When she sat down, lotus style with crossed feet, we had the added excitement of seeing her spread pussy even though it was covered by the flowered panties.

"I think it's time for a win" she said. Sure enough my bullet aces held up, and the pot was mine.

"Wait a minute," interrupted Abby, "when you win all you get is chips? "

"What do you mean?," I asked.

"In all fairness, I should get to see something from Mike and Josh."

Mike and Josh looked a little shocked. Abby obviously was feeling the effects of the wine. "Stand up right now and pull those pants down gentlemen." she said as she laughed.

No one moved. "Well now we see who the real chickens are around here. I guess I'll just call it a night and go to bed."

At that Josh stood up, and then Mike also.

"All right," I said, "careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Who do you want to go first.?"

"Oh I can't decide, I'm sure both of them have cute little weenies." she joked in a playful voice. "Any volunteers?" she asked.

Josh simply smiled and undid his belt, button and zipper very quickly. "Are you ready Abby?" he asked with a grin.

"It's now or never," she laughed and sipped at her wine. She seemed so nonchalant while her nipples dangled before us. Josh unsnapped his boxers and his semi hard cock hung out in front of him. There was a wet drop drooping at the end of his prick.

"Hmm," said Abby, "I see someone was having a little ejaculatory activity." She laughed at herself. "Is that a real word, ejaculatory? I think I just made it up."

She turned her head toward Mike. "It's your turn now," she said, seeming anxious for the next sight of a naked cock. Soon my two friends were both facing Abby in her chair with their dicks exposed a few feet from her face. She laughed and stared at one and then the other and then back again. Abby sipped some wine as she continued to look at the penises she had never seen before. "Mike's is more of a red color, but Josh, yours looks dark. Do you tan your weenie Josh?" she asked in amusement. The three of us laughed.

Abby stood up and held up her wine glass as if giving a toast. "Next hand," she commanded.

I lost the next hand miserably, not even a pair of deuces.

"Well," said Abby. "I think we're in trouble here honey. What sort of debt do we owe these guys?" She put her face down and playfully covered it with her hands. We heard a muffled whisper, but couldn't quite hear the words.

"Speak up Abby, we can't hear you," I said.

She tilted her grinning face up at the three of us and rested her chin on her palms. "Would you guys like to watch me give my husband a blowjob?" she whispered like a kid amongst other kids her age.

"That," I quickly answered, "would be quite a payment." I noticed that Mike's and Josh's penises looked more rigid now than before. I was getting a little nervous because I didn't want Abby to have any regrets. I looked at my friends and I could see that they wanted nothing less than to continue the direction my wife was taking us. "Guys, she's a little drunk. Are we taking advantage?"

With that, Abby grabbed my hand to pull me closer to her chair. "I'm not too drunk to know that you're my beautiful husband. And you got me involved in something that you seem to like quite a bit. And by the looks of these two, I'd say they're enjoying it too" As she said that she unhooked my belt buckle and pants. She held the tab of my zipper and turned to make sure Mike and Josh had a good view. Then she slowly pulled the zipper all the way down. With both hands she pulled the elastic of my boxers out and down and my dick jumped out like it was a coiled spring. I never thought that showing off Abby to my friends would make me so excited. No way I was about to stop her now.

"I guess I was right," she said, "my husband here is hard as a rock. Do you think it might be because he has me here in front of you guys with my titties hanging out and only my panties on?" All four of us laughed. "Well keep watching, because now I'm going to show you something you're gonna love." Remaining with her ankles crossed she reached out and grasped my dick and pulled my penis to her chest. She started to rub the head of my dick in circles on one of her soft nipples and slowly the nipple got harder until the tip pointed straight out. With the excitement and her tight grasp a little moisture formed at the end of my dick, and her nipple started to glide across the head quite nicely. Mike and Josh watched intently with astounded expressions. She leaned her face down and used her tongue to slowly stroke my shaft, back and forth, under and over, leaving more and more moisture across my rod which was now throbbing. Abby had me positioned sideways so that Mike and Josh could have a perfect view. "I hope you guys are enjoying this," she said with a laugh. "I love doing this to him." Abby slid her other hand down and worked the tips of her fingers inside the elastic of her panties. With a slight back and forth motion of her wrist she let my friends watch while she fingered herself, at the same time working her wet lips over my prick. It was getting so unbearable for me I knew I was about to explode, and I think Abby sensed it too. After one more quick flick of her tongue on my shaft she opened her mouth just wide enough to force my hard cock tightly inside her lips. Slowly she inched me further inside and by the time my shaft was completely inside her hot throat I could only let myself explode. She accepted quite gracefully, sucking the juices out of me like a vacuum on my cock. I felt each burst was so strong it must have shot all the way into her belly, but she didn't let up until my throbbing finally slowed down. Abby looked at Josh and Mike's cocks that were now harder than ever and she smiled, took a good drink from her wine glass, and then held it up, "one more hand" she proclaimed.

"Abby, that was amazing," said Mike.

"No one's ever sucked my juices like that," said Josh. "That must feel like heaven."

"Why thank you," she said, "you guys are kind not to make me feel guilty."

"I think you just made friends for life with these two, honey," I added.

"Well," she said, "would you guys mind if we make this the last hand? I do have to get up in the morning." We quickly dealt out the final hand of the night. I won with triple jacks, and I could see that Josh and Mike were hugely disappointed.

Abby broke the silence. "Well Mr. Loverboy, you won the final pot, huh? Should we just call it a night or do you want Mike and Josh to expose themselves further?" We laughed, all knowing that the only pleasure us three men wanted could only be derived from Abby.

"No, that's not quite what I have in mind," I said. I paused, a little nervous that Abby might not want to go along with my next request. "I want you lie down on the couch right here. To thank you for being the sweet girl you are, Mike, and Josh are going to massage away all the kinks and sore spots you might have on that pretty body. But first, shed those panties. I want my friends to see everything you have."

"Well," said Abby, "so this is where we're ending up, huh? I must say the idea is making me incredibly horny. You sure you don't mind letting them touch me without my clothes on?" Abby looked at me with a smile, and I was glad she wasn't afraid.

"At this point," I said, "I'd feel worse sending them home all worked up like they are. If it helps relieve their tension, I don't see any harm. I've got to say that so far seeing you naked in front of my friends is more exciting than anything we've ever done." Abby laid face down on the sofa.

"Honey, please pull my panties off for me," she asked.

"I'll let these guys take care of that. I'm just going sit back and enjoy the view for a while."

Mike and Josh looked a little unsure where to start.

"One of you start with her feet," I said, "she likes that a lot. Josh you should start with her neck and back."

My friends did exactly what I suggested, probably unsure what Abby was expecting or how far I really wanted them to go. Abby was silent at first, but soon let out a few soft moans as my friends provided her the comfort she deserved. After a few minutes I realized they weren't making much progress. "Josh, if I were you I wouldn't be afraid to work those fingers lower. Check out how tight that butt of hers feels when you squeeze it. And Mike, you should work your way up those pretty legs. Abby will be disappointed if you only massage her feet."

What a sight to behold. My two best friends with their dicks jutted out hard, kneeling over my beautiful wife. "Guys, those panties really need to go. Help them out a little honey." Abby arched her middle section off the sofa and Mike hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, pulling them away from her ass and off her crotch, down her thighs, under her knees and then slipping them away from her feet. When Abby relaxed back down, she left her thighs open wide. Each time Josh's hands slid down near her vagina, or when Mike's hands moved up her thighs to her crotch, she twitched and moaned.

"I must have died and gone to heaven," she said, with her face buried in the sofa cushion. "You guys are doing a great job. Honey, are you still okay with this?"

"Everything looks just fine to me," I answered in a voice that tried to make all three of them assured that nothing bad was happening. "I think it's time for you to flip over Abby."

Mike and Josh stopped for a second, anticipating that Abby would follow my suggestion. I saw Abby's face as she turned. The contented look in her eyes revealed the type of female radiance that you never forget. She continued to smile at me while my friends not only had an intimate view of her breasts and vagina, they were gently squeezing her in areas that she normally only allowed me to touch.

"This," Abby said in a husky voice steeped in passion, "is unbelievable. I might not ever let you stop."

I couldn't contain myself. "Hey guys, by now I'd have my fingers covering every inch of that beautiful body. And my tongue and lips would be all over those soft nipples. I hope you don't need me to take over and show you what to do." With that, Josh put his lips over one of Abby's nipples and she jerked her shoulders back in a compulsive reaction. When Mike slid his thumb to the opening of Abby's vagina she grabbed his wrist and pulled so that it slowly glided inside her. When he felt how hot and slippery she was, he worked all of his fingers back and forth and Abby shuddered and thrust her pelvis into his firm grip. The excitement of being exposed, suckled, and fingered by two men while her husband watched was more intoxicating than the wine. With Mike's thumb deep inside, her pussy throbbed into an intense orgasm and she writhed uncontrollably on the soft sofa cushions.

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