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Poker With Friends


David and I were spending the weekend with Tim and Angela at a cabin owned by Tim's dad. That morning, Angela and I went for a walk and she told me that Tom and Kristen would be here this afternoon and that Tom was bringing his video equipment.

David and I had participated in some soft swings with Tom and Kristen so when Angela mentioned the video, I knew something was in the works. That's when Angela put her arm around me and said she was glad we had had an opportunity to share some time together before they arrived. As she spoke, I realized her arm around me was more than just an affectionate hug and I must have blushed because she turned to me and said, "I hope my affection for you is not a turn off. You are really very attractive but I want you to be my friend more than anything.”

I really felt uncomfortable, but at the same time, quite turned on by the feelings that were surfacing within me. After regaining some of my composure, I whispered shyly, "I've never shared that kind of affection with a girl before but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to. I want very much to be your friend as well and we'll just have to see what that friendship means."

Angela smiled at me and then we giggled together as we walked arm in arm back toward the cabin. By the time Angela and I returned, Tom and Kristen had already arrived. David and Tim had already gone into town and returned with the supplies for the evening, so we spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing at the lake. Since the cabin is very secluded, it wasn't long before everyone was naked. It was the first time I had seen Tim naked and I was impressed with his size. Both David and Tom are average size, but Tim was almost as big as they were when he wasn't even hard.

David had gone for a swim and as he came out, his penis was all shriveled up but as he came up the beach and noticed Tim's obvious size, his cock began to get hard. I didn't notice, at first, until Kristen whispered to me that David seemed to be more than fascinated with Tim's size. We both giggled as we watched my husband steal discreet glances at Tim's equipment. David and I had shared our bisexual fantasies with one another but had never acted upon them. I wondered what the upcoming evening’s events would hold.

Afterward, we barbequed steaks and had a great meal. We then had drinks in the cabin and it was decided to play a game of strip poker just for the fun of it.

Surprisingly, we girls did better than the guys as all three of them were down to jockey shorts and us girls had at least on piece of clothing besides our bras and panties. Then Angela had the low hand and had to remove her bra. The guy’s oogled and we all laughed but on the next hand, Tim was low hand and lost his shorts.

We girls had our fun oogling Tim and I glanced at David to see if I'd catch a repeat of his earlier fascination. Sure enough, David was occasionally staring down at Tim's penis and when I looked over at Kristen, she gave me a knowing smile. Then it was Kristen's turn and she took off her bra. But then more bad luck for Angela and she was now completely naked and was trying to sit on the floor in as ladylike manner as was possible. Finally, we girls were spared on the next hand and David lost his shorts. He was as hard as I've ever seen him.

I then lost my bra but still had my panties so when the next hand was decided, Tim had won and Angela lost. Since Angela had no more clothes to lose, Tim would be granted a request. To my surprise, he told Angela that he wanted to see Kristen's nipples get hard. Angela smiled at her husband, "Oh, you little devil." To my surprise, Kristen didn't flinch but cupped her hands under her breasts and presented them in Angela's direction as Angela crawled over and began to run her hands over Kristen's breasts. Kristen has rather small breasts and her nipples are small and pointy anyway. It wasn't but just a few seconds before her pert little nipples were jutting out very visibly. Angela then gave one of them a quick little kiss and then went back to her place.

On the next hand, again the boys were spared and Kristen lost her panties. Now everyone was naked except for Tom who still had his shorts and underwear and I had my panties. Needless to say, it seemed that everyone was gunning for us. But then Kristen was the winner and David the loser. Since he was naked, it was Kristen's turn for a favor. She said, "David, I want to see that equipment of Tim's good and hard." That was greeted by ooh's and aah's from everyone and my husband's face turned red.

As Tim stood up and walked over to David, all three of us girls giggled. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but as David brought his hand up and began to massage Tim's cock, his face turned even brighter red and his own cock got hard as ever. Slowly, David wrapped his hand around Tim's cock and began to jerk up and down. It wasn't long before Tim's penis grew to a full eight inch hard on. It only lasted about a half a minute but by the time Tim returned to his seat with a raging hard on, my pussy was good and wet.

I lost the next hand and had to remove my panties and I only hoped no one noticed how wet I was down there. Then Tom won and Angela was the loser. Tom had been pretty quiet so far and still had two pieces of clothing, so he rather boldly said, "Well, I kind of like this gender bender stuff, Angela why don't you make Jeri even wetter than she is." Now it was my turn to blush as Angela made her way toward me.

She whispered in my ear so no one else could hear, "Just relax and I'll make you feel good." I tried and soon, I couldn't stifle a moan as she rubbed my dripping wet pussy with her hand. It wasn't long before I had closed my eyes and I was trying to keep from coming in front of everyone. When she stopped and I opened my eyes, I noticed Tom had gotten his video camera out and was taping it now.

I was almost on fire as we dealt the next hand. Again, I thought about the bisexual fantasies David and I had shared and that's when I pretty much decided that it was OK to let go with this group. I won the next hand and Kristen was the loser. I smiled at her to try to get and idea of what she was in to. She smiled back at me and then looked at Angela.

I decided she had given me a definite clue that she wanted more of this girl/girl guy/guy thing so I said, "Angela needs some loving in return, Kristen, why don't you give her some pleasure." Again, Kristen smiled at me and then crawled over to Angela. First, she began to massage her breasts and then to everyone's surprise, she lay Angela on her back and then crawled on top of her. As Angela embraced her, Kristen's hand found Angela's pussy and as Angela moaned, Kristen kissed her deeply on the mouth.

Tom was quick to get close with the camera and pretty soon both Kristen and Angela were moaning in delight. This went on for quite a few minutes, the longest of the favors so far and it was really quite a turn on as they broke their embrace.

Tom lost the next two hands in a row and was now naked as the rest of us. But then, David won and I was the loser. He looked at me and I kind of shyly smiled as I knew what was to come. He said, "Please return the favor to Kristen." I blushed, of course, but I was really turned on.

I crawled over to Kristen and she smiled a devilish little smile at me. I nervously put my arms around her and we began to kiss. It was really a strange turn on to kiss a girl and I was excited at how different it felt. We ended up writhing around on the floor for about five minutes grinding our pussy's together. Once we came up for air, I was so hot.

As we calmed down and got our drinks refreshed, it gave me a chance to cool off some. The next hand, Kristen won and my husband was the loser. That devilish grin returned to her face as she said, "Well, you boys have been treated to a real girl/girl show, so it's time for some boy on boy. David, give Tom some of that hand action."

David turn red faced again, but he didn't protest as Tom gave the camera to Tim and as Tim filmed it, David gave Tom a hand job. David must have been pretty turned on because he really stroked Tom pretty hard and fast and I was really getting hot. After a few minutes, Tom pulled back as I think he was getting close to going over the edge and his cock was hard and the head purplish and I thought I saw a bit of pre-come start to appear at the tip.

Tim won the next hand and Angela was the loser so with a grin he told his wife, "I think Kristen needs a passionate loving kiss where it counts." Angela chided her husband as she went to Kristen and soon, Angela had Kristen's legs up in the air and was tonguing Kristen's pussy.

From where I stood, I couldn't see that closely because Tom had the camera in for a close up, but from the moans that came from Kristen, I knew Angela had her at the brink. Pretty soon, Kristen shuddered and I knew she had come. As Angela came up for air, she smiled at her husband.

The next hand was by far the most exciting. David ended up losing to Kristen and I knew what she had in mind. I think David knew too and as I saw him looking shyly at Kristen, she turned and looked at Tim. I noticed David's eyes follow Kristen's toward Tim's crotch and when she smiled at David again, David smiled back as his face turned red and he lowered his eyes to his own cock, it was obvious that he was very turned on.

Kristen then announced her favor, "Might as well stick with the program, I would like to see Tim pleasured completely." That brought a low hum of oohs to the room but Tim turned to my husband and nodded as if to let David know that he didn't have to if he didn't want to. But then, Kristen crawled over to David and whispered in his ear and I barely overheard her say that she had noticed his fascination with Tim's equipment and that it was OK...we're all friends here.

With that, David dutifully crawled towards Tim. I started to feel a twinge down in my pussy as Kristen turned to me and gave me another of her devilish grins. Tim stood up and lifted his flaccid cock up in the air as David knelt before him. David lifted both his hands and placed them on Tim's penis and Tim let his own hand drop away. David moved his hands alternately up and down the shaft and as Tim's penis began to grow in size, Tim began to groan. Kristen, Angela and I moved closer as Tom had the camera on the other side of the boys.

I crawled right up behind David and began to massage his backside anticipating David's embarrassment. But just as I began to do this, we were treated the most incredible sight as David moved his face closer to Tim's hardening manhood. David then, still unsure of himself, opened his mouth and let his tongue touch the tip of Tim's penis. This got a groan from Tim as well as some oohs from Kristen and Angela. I was dumbfounded as I watched and I really got hot as I watched Tim's cock slowly disappear into my husband's mouth.

This was just too entirely hot to ever imagine and I stared as inch after inch of Tim's shaft slowly disappeared into David's mouth. Then I was even more amazed as I watched Tim's shaft re-appear as David slowly brought Tim's cock back out. We girls all nudged closer and surrounded the action on one side while Tom kept the camera going from the other side.

The realization that my husband was sucking Tim's cock and that it was being captured on tape was just too much and as I saw Tim's saliva coated tip emerge from between my husband's lips and watched David swirl his tongue around the purplish head before he encircled Tim's shaft with his lips and let it slide back into his mouth. That brought me my first orgasm and I wasn't even touching myself.

Soon, David's back and forth mouth action got faster and Tim began to answer with thrusts of his own. It was so hot to see how Tim was now not just a passive participant but was thrusting in and out of David's mouth as though he was fucking my husband's mouth.

We girls continued to watch in awe as the pace was soon fast and furious and that's when Kristen giggled to me that she wanted to see a cum shot. David must have heard her because his faced turned red again but he continued to suck Tim furiously as he had one hand wrapped around Tim's engorged cock. And to my amazement and surprise, Kristen got her wish, because shortly thereafter, Tim let out a huge groan.

As David heard him, he pulled Tim out and opened his mouth and jerked quickly up and down on Tim's shaft as the first spurt of come shot out of the tip and splashed into David's open mouth. I just went crazy and began to frig myself as I was coming and watching load after load of gooey cum splash in and around David's mouth.

Cum came dripping down David's lips and I don't think I have ever seen a cum shot as sexy as that in my life, not even in the movies. Then, I had another orgasm as David put Tim's cock back into his mouth and I saw his cum-coated lips wrapped around Tim's shaft until David was now able to take Tim all the way down.

While Tim began to soften in my husband's mouth, David turned to Tom with the camera and he began to grope at Tom's crotch. Tom handed the camera to Kristen and she continued to film as Tom stood and let David jerk him off. As Tim then became totally soft, David let his cock slip from his mouth only to turn to Tom and take his six inches of manhood deep into his mouth. Now David had one hand still wrapped around Tim's flaccid penis and another wrapped around Tom's shaft as he licked the tip of Tom's dick.

David was totally wild as he sucked Tom deep into his mouth and because Tom was so much smaller than Tim, David took all of Tom easily and soon, David's nose was buried into Tom's furry crotch. That deep throat action was too much for Tom and he began to groan and Kristen quickly brought the camera in close to catch David taking a second load of cum. This time, David didn't back off as Tom thrust forward as he unloaded into David's mouth. Tom must have had a big load because soon, cum appeared at the corners of David's lips as he tried to keep it all in his mouth.

As Tom staggered back, David gave his cock a few last sucks and I just went off again as I saw David's face covered with sticky cum. Then David just about collapsed as he leaned back into my arms. As he did so, Angela took David's cock into her mouth and began sucking him off. Kristen was able to get another great cum shot as David came within seconds.

After that, we girls had a three way for the boys' pleasure and then some good old fashion fucking to finish off the evening. During one of the breaks, we watched the film and it turned us all on so much. David was kind of embarrassed and we all took turns letting him know that it was all right and that in fact it was really very sexy.

Later on after everyone was too pooped, the conversation turned more serious and David, in a rare moment of frankness admitted his deep-seated desire to be mildly humiliated and that was why he was so turned on by doing it. All of us girls were real supportive and even Tim and Tom did their best to let David know that they thought it was perfectly normal to have those feelings. While both Tim and Tom said it wasn't their thing, they thought it was great that David was into it.

The next day, we went to the beach and had a great time and then that evening, we had more fun. I found out that Tom and Kristen and Tim and Angela had been swinging together for years and that Angela was the one who first introduced bisexuality to the group. Up to that point, it was strictly the girls doing it for the pleasure of the guys. That night, we tried all phases of bisexuality. Tom even tried sucking David's cock which was a real turn on for Kristen. But the highlight of the evening was when we had a group grope and soon, everyone was doing something to each other.

As Angela and Kristen turned their attentions to me, I got to watch David alternately suck Tim and Tom. It was great because as I was coming from Kristen's tongue in my pussy, I watched Tom and Tim come all over David almost at the same time. Later, Kristen got David down on the floor and played with his cock and balls and then slowly inched her finger into his ass. Soon, she had David on his hands and knees sucking Tim's engorged member and after getting David's ass good and loose, she had Tom fuck his ass.

I will never forget the pleasure/pained look on David's face as his lips were wrapped around Tim's big cock and Tom's cock was sliding in and out of his ass. Kristen went wild as the sex director telling Tim and Tom to fuck David good and hard and that's just what they did. It wasn't too long before Tom pulled out and pumped his load all over David's butt cheeks and Tim pulled out to spray David's face. I was so hot knowing that my husband was turning into a real male slut.

The rest of the week was much the same. A few days we rested, but it wasn't long before we again shared in our lustful desires. We girls all got fucked and sucked and the boys kept it up as much as they could. When they needed a rest, we girls often took care of each other. I really began to enjoy eating Angela and Kristen and together, we did great.

We tried a daisy chain that had begun with Kristen and I in a 69 when David brought his cock to my mouth and he was soon sucking Tom who was then eating Kristen and then Angela came in to put her pussy in my face and she began to suck David. Finally, Tom got into the action by sticking his cock into Kristen's mouth as he bent over to pleasure my pussy. There we were, sucking each other simultaneously and when Tom groaned and shot his load into David's mouth, that caused an instant reaction and we all came within seconds of each other.

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Believe it

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A snow farm in Egypt

I hooked up with a couple i met online. After fucking the wife twice she told her husband to suck my cock to get me hard again. He started sucking me and soon i was throbbing hard. She told him to keepmore...

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