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Poles Apart


When I was a young lad I had a friend called Rob; we were the same age within a couple of months and we attended the same college. Back in those days life was good and in the summer holidays we would hang out together; we played football a lot; we swam when it was warm enough and like many lads of our age we watched a lot of television.

Back then reality television was not an option and most of our excitement would come from watching "Superman" or "The Lone Ranger". It never failed to amaze us how gullible Tonto was and we wondered why it was always him who had to go into town and check out the bad guys. Most times he got caught and the Lone Ranger had to ride in to rescue him. In one episode Tonto got tied to a tree by the bad guys and suffered quite a lot of abuse before his rescue was effected by the masked crusader. The rope looked quite badly tied and I was surprised that he couldn't escape his bonds, thus negating the need to be rescued. Could it be he enjoyed being tied up?

The next day was wet and Rob and I stayed indoors; my parents were working so the place was ours. After a few games of darts and some hands of cards we got bored and were casting about for another activity. We wandered into the back workshop / garage where my pop kept lots of tools and bits and bobs. In the middle of the floor there were two metal poles about four inches apart. They were sunk into the floor and appeared to be holding up the rooms above the garage. An idea crept into my mind and I suggested to Rob that we try a bit of escapology; we both agreed that we might make a better job than Tonto did at getting free.

I dug some bits of rope and twine out of the drawers and Rob agreed to be the first to be tied up. He stood with his back to the poles and I proceeded to tie him up; this was new to me and I made a rubbish job of the knots. Once I had finished and gave Rob the nod to try to escape he disentangled himself with alarming speed.

My turn followed and I was tied to the post; the strange thing was that while Rob was wrapping the rope round and round me I got quietly excited; my cock began to harden and my face flushed. I sincerely hoped that Rob was not aware of this; I wasn't sure why it was happening and I wasn't sure what I should do about it. The bonds were not tight and I was able to struggle free within a few minutes. The strange thing was that during those few minutes a part of me wanted to stay tied up.

It was getting close to the time my parents returned from work so we ended our game and Rob sloped off home.

Rob and I often talked about the girls we knew at college and we would exchange ideas on which ones we considered to be sexy; apart from this we didn't mention sex. This is not to say that I wasn't interested in sex -- I was. I would often make incursions into my sister's bedroom and loved to search through her drawers. Her underwear fascinated me and I would marvel at the beauty of it. I especially loved to delve into her laundry basket in the hope of finding soiled knickers. I loved nothing more than to hold a pair of dirty panties to my nose while I wanked. I had thought to involve Rob but was frightened to broach the subject.

The next day dawned and once again it was damp and cold. Rob and I kicked a ball about for a while and then went to the local burger bar for lunch. Somehow in the afternoon we drifted back into the workshop at the back of my house. Rob seemed to be taking the lead today and suggested we try the escapology game again.

Rob seemed quite keen that it should be me to be tied up first. I backed up to the posts and clasped my hands behind my back. My wrists were tied but the ropes seemed so much tighter this time. I felt the same excitement that I had experienced the day before. My ankles were tied, one to each post; a rope was passed round my waist and the tops of my arms were secured.

"OK," said Rob, "Free yourself."

I twisted; I turned; I strained; I pushed; I pulled; but I made no impression on the bindings. I tried again and this time the ropes were starting to come lose; I stopped struggling and lied to Rob.

"I can't get free."

Rob chuckled and seemed to take on a different persona. He stood in front of me and addressed me.

"You know Pip; I got a funny feeling yesterday. I got the feeling that you might actually be enjoying this. I might be wrong; but I think you were getting excited. I swear there was something going on in your pants. You know what I think? I think you had a hard on. Have you got a hard on now Pip?"

"I umm... I umm.... I err..."

"No need to answer Pip; we'll take a look shall we?" Saying this Rob started to unbuckle my belt.

I was speechless; my mouth was dry; my heart was pounding; my face was flushed and like Tonto, I was able to escape but chose not to. My cock was hard; I willed it to soften but to no avail. I was going to be exposed to my best mate. The shorts and pants were dropped to my knees and my cock which seemed to have a mind of it's own stood out proud.

"My, my," intoned Rob, "What's got you so excited." He didn't need an answer, the reason was obvious. I was trussed up and it turned me on.

Rob looked around and finding a 12 inch plastic rule sitting on one of the benches he picked it up and turned back to me. He sat on a box in front of me and used the rule to prod and poke my prick. My member stayed hard; he gently tapped the underside of my balls; I stayed hard; he took a side swipe at my cock with the flat of the rule and caught it a gentle blow; my cock got harder; I wanted more. Rob was amused; I was bemused; what was going on. The ruler hurt but I was enjoying it. Tap, tap, tap, sharp slaps to each side of my cock shaft. Now he moved to the side and aimed a gentle blow to the front of my cock. It stung a bit and it hurt a bit. I winced with the sharpness of the blow, but still my cock betrayed me by staying hard as iron.

Now Rob turned his attention to the top of my cock. He tapped it gently several times and then he looked me in the eye. I knew what was coming; he looked down and Thwack! A sharp blow was delivered to the head of my cock. I strangled a moan of pleasure and arched my back. Rob looked me in the eye again and said, "Once more Pip but this time you know how much it will hurt."

"No; please no," I begged with a false pleading voice. My pleas fell on deaf ears, Rob was well aware that I could get free.

Thwack; thwack! My cock submitted, it softened it drooped. Rob returned to his seat in front of me. He reached out and took my penis in his hand; he massaged it back to life again and once it was hard he picked up an electric sander from the bench, he took off the sand paper and then held the sander against my cock. He flicked the switch and held it against me till I climaxed.

I was red faced and sweating; Rob was chuckling and shaking his head. He went out of the room and was gone for fifteen minutes. I was really nervous in case someone came home and stumbled in on me. Rob finally returned; he had a pair of my sisters panties and he placed these over my head. Next he rummaged in his bag and produced a small camera.

"Just a little pic," said Rob. Click, click, click. "This gives us something to remember."

Rob now removed the panties from my head and undid the bonds that held me. I hiked my pants and shorts up and stood shame faced but it seemed Rob was back to being the old Rob.

"Come on it's dried up outside, let's play football." He slipped the panties into his pocket and off we went to the park.

I knew it wouldn't rest there and I knew there was beautiful torment ahead for me but I couldn't help being excited about the next developments with Rob and his alter ego.

The End

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