tagGay MalePolice Officer and Teacher Love Ch. 03

Police Officer and Teacher Love Ch. 03



Attempted Rape is depicted in this chapter

Sorry this took a little longer than I hoped, I got a little writers block!

Hope you guys enjoy the final chapter! I how to write more soon! Thanks for all the support! I've seen all the comments and feedback and appreciate it, I just don't know how to respond!



*Jake's Point of View*

I walked into school after winter break so happy. I had my morning coffee with Ashley and even though we spent Christmas and New Years together we caught up about our breaks and how great they were. She had started dating a doctor named Kyle, so she was blushing about that.

We went to our faculty meeting after school where Lauren's sub was introduced. She is ready to give birth any day so the sub is taking over for her. His name is Ryan and he seemed alright. He is handsome but seems a little arrogant.

Soon it was February. Valentine's Day approached and I just wanted a nice dinner with my guy. Since restaurants are so packed, we decided to cook at home. When I say we, I mean Adam. And when I say Adam, I mean Adam in just his boxer briefs.

Meanwhile, I got to enjoy the view as I set the table.

He made a delicious meal, filet mignon and mashed potatoes. We kept to our promise of no gifts, only getting each other cards.

After dinner we retired to the family room. We blasted music and danced around the the room and even back into the kitchen. Every time his arms graced my skin I got goosebumps. God I love his arms, his biceps are so hot. I love that he is so big and so strong but he isn't buff and scary looking.

We had ate cookies as we continued to jump around the house. The little moments like these are why I love him so much. We can both be crazy but do it together.

Finally reaching a point of exhaustion, I sprawled out on the couch and he plopped down next to me.

"That was great, be should do it more often." He said.

"Ya, it was. I'd even say it's better than sex."

I teased.

"Oh, really?" He said giving me a daring smile. "I guess I'll have to prove you wrong!" He said, climbing on top of me and picking me up.

"It's not going to be easy, I do love a good dance party." I laughed as he carried me up the stairs.

"We'll see what you say after tonight." He said, playfully slapping my butt. At this point I was facing him, my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his lower back. A laughed escaped my mouth as I leaned in to kissed him.

He plopped me down on the bed and laid on top of me. His lips trailed over my body as his hot breath made my skin tingle. God he does not want to lose this "argument."

After giving me an incredible blowjob, he rolled down his boxer briefs. While he looked incredible in them, the sight of his raging cock was better.

With my butt hanging over the edge of the bed and my legs in the air he began to enter me. His pulsing member swept in and out smoothly, making me moan. Then, with a sneaky grin, he asked, "Are you ready to lose?" as he pounded into me again.

"Prove me wrong baby." I replied.

"Warp your legs around me." He ordered. I obeyed. Then he wrapped his arms under my back and hoisted me up, never letting his cock slip out.

We were back in the position he had carried me up the stairs in, but this time I was a little lower and he was in me. Oh my god, he began thrusting in and out. He is fucking me mid-air. God it feels so good.

His hands moved to my waist as he continued pounding me. It took me a minutiae to realize the loud moaning was me. Every inch of my body felt the pleasure of his cock entering me with each swift thrust.

"This feels amazing baby, don't stop!!" I moaned.

"As you wish." He said, kissing me. I don't know how he did it but he continued to hold me up as he pounded in and out of me.

Then I decided to begin moving my hips a little. When he entered me again I grinder my hips towards him.

"Oh god, yes baby. Do that again!" He grunted. I did it again. And again, and again. My hands never let go of his bulging shoulders, now dripping in sweat.

"Ah ah ah ah ah! Yes baby don't stop, keep going! Ah ah ah!" I couldn't hold it in anymore. My cock spurt shot after shot of my hot cum across his glistening chest and abs. "You feel so good in me baby!" I moaned.

Not long after, he lost it too. He unleashed his load in me, filling me with his warm cum. He carefully laid me down on the bed and kissed me. "So, are you sure you prefer dancing in the family room to this?" He smirked.

Panting, I accepted defeat, "No, I think you may have won this battle."

"And what does that win me?" He questioned. I kissed him passionately on the lips. "I'll take it."

"Oh, that's not your prize." I said, pushing him off of me and straddling his hips. "I don't think we are done quite yet."

"Oh really, what is there to do?" He asked.

"I think it's time you get your reward." I kissed him again.

"I like the sound of that." He said.

Then I took his still hard, covered in cum cock in my mouth. I licked up his sweet load and swallowed it all. "Mmm yes baby."

"You deserve to cum twice baby. Just lay back and relax." I told him. With that he rested his head against the mattress and placed his right arm over his eyes as his left massaged my head.

I kissed the tip as I rubbed the rest of his shaft. I popped him back in and slide my tongue up and down, savoring the taste of him. Then I kissed his sac, god he has great balls. "You like this baby. You want me to suck your balls?" I playfully asked.

"Mmmmm yes don't stop baby, give it to me." He moaned.

I licked all the way from under his sac to the tip of his dick before taking him all in. I moved my lips up and down his entire shaft. Then I lightly grazed my teeth over his skin. He loved it, so I did it again. Then I took his member in my hands and stuck my tongue out, slapping his cock on my tongue three times. I used my left hand to grab the top half of his cock and with my right hand I massaged the bottom. I picked up the speed a little before halting.

I licked the side of his cock again before placing it back in between my lips. I loosely took him all in, then tightened my lips to create suction as I brought them back up. Once reaching the top, I slid all the way down and felt his cock pulse. I pulled back, letting the head sit on my tongue as he unleashed another hot load of cum. The sweetness filled my mouth and I realized this was a win for me as well.

I climbed off of him and laid down on the bed. He still had his arm over his eyes.

"Was the reward to your liking?" I asked.

No response. I pulled his arm off his head and his eyes were closed. He turned a little. The stinker looked asleep. Two can play at this game.

"Oh, what a shame, I was hoping for another round in the shower..." I said, getting up and walking toward the bathroom. He jolted his eyes open.

"I'm awake! I'm awake!" He yelled. "God your ass is amazing."

"Oh, I thought your reward bored you to sleep?" I played.

"Well, I had to pretend to sleep. Where's the fun in letting you have all the glory in thinking you did a good job?" He played.

"Ha. Ha. So funny." I kissed him.


March 13th arrived, my birthday. It was a Saturday so I got to spend the day with Adam. We spent the day swimming (in the indoor pool because it's still cold outside) and watching movies. Of course we took breaks during all of this to kiss and do more than just kiss.

He made me an incredible dinner and then he gave me my presents. He got me some clothes and movies he knew I'd like. There was one more box.

"I saved my personal favorite for last." He said, handing it to me. I unwrapped the box and lifted the cover. Inside was a small, fancy looking notebook.

"What's this?" I asked, a little confused.

"Why don't you open it and see." He replied. I turned to the first page and there was a handwritten letter on the first page. It's his handwriting. I turned to the next page; there was another note. I turned the page again, and there was another note. I began to speed through them, and 70% of the pages were filled with Adam's handwriting.

"I started this a while ago. It was hard to keep it from you. There's a mix of love letters to you and just memories from moments over the past year with some pictures, including from our first few dates." I got goosebumps. Oh my god, he is incredible. I couldn't decide wether to rip his clothes off or read the pages first.

"This is amazing. Thank you, Adam. I love it, and I love you." I said, giving him a huge, warm hug. I felt so safe having him right there with me.

We sat at the table as I went from the first page he wrote to the last. He sat and watched me go through them, even explaining certain things about it. His eyes just stared at me, filled with so much happiness and love as I went through the book.

"The rest is yet to come, baby. I could've filled this book but I figured maybe you wanted to add some memories." He said.

"That sounds perfect, thanks."

"And I hope to make this a tradition. Every year I'll give it to you on our anniversary."

"Why didn't you wait the 3 weeks until our first anniversary?" I asked.

"I just couldn't wait any longer. I needed to give it to you." I kissed him deeply. "That reminds me, for our anniversary, I was thinking we could get away for a weekend. I have a break coming up and I can take a personal day."

"Are you sure about taking a day? We have our trip this summer."

"Yes, baby. I have 5 weeks of vacation time so I'm fine. Besides, I think this town can manage without me on parole."

"Ok, great." I kissed him. "But I think this town my lose it without you protecting it." I teased.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take if it means having more time with you."

That night was spectacular. It went in the book. We went on that getaway, up to Maine where we stayed at a cute Inn and explored.

The end of the school year neared. I loved seeing Adam in my classroom, in his uniform every Friday.

Ryan was still here, Lauren took the rest of the year off. He was nice for the most part but a little pompous. It was the last day of the school year, he came in with Ashley and they asked if I wanted to grab a bite at Chilis to celebrate. I agreed and told Adam I'd be home late. He is so great about letting me go out with my friends and just chilling at home waiting for me. Of course, I love when he comes home from a bar a little drunk after spending time with his fellow police officers, mainly for the laughs he provided trying to sing at the top of his lungs with his terrible voice.

Ryan always made weird comments that got under my skin. He seemed to hate that I had a boyfriend, especially one that's a cop.

The next day I went in early to start cleaning up my classroom so the custodians could completely clean it. It's weird having to pack up at the end of the year but at least it'll be nice and clean and organized for the next one.

I was sitting at my desk going through papers and cleaning out everything when Ryan walked in. I guess he came in after me as only he secretary, Sharon, one of the funniest and greatest people in this building, was here before me.

"There you are." He said, a little weird in the voice he had.

"Ya, just packing up."

"I'm about to do the same for Lauren. She said she would come in and help later today. She's bringing the baby." He said.

"Oh, awesome I can't wait to meet the baby!" I replied.

"Ya... I guess" he said, leaning on the edge of my desk. "So, tell me you dumped that boyfriend of yours."

"Ah, nooo. Still with him." I'm officially creeped out.

"What a shame. A guy like you deserves so much better."

"I truly think it's the reverse." I said, pushing my chair back. I reached for my phone but his grabbed it.

"What's the matter, are you trying to call him to come get you?"

"Give me my phone back." I said sternly.

"I will, but it'll cost you." He said, unzipping his pants. I stood up and tried walking to the door to get out, but he grabbed my by the arm and brought me back. I'm not a small guy, but he was much bigger than me.

"Get off of me!" I yelled, trying to break from his strong grip.

"I don't want to. I'd rather get in you." He grunted, pushing my down onto the desk. I fought back but he was too strong.

"HEL-" he covered my mouth stopping the noise from coming out.

"Don't worry Jake. You don't need your stupid boyfriend. I'll take good care of that sexy ass!" He said, pulling my pants down.

He lowered his head and kissed my neck, keeping my head in his grip. His whole body weighed down on top of mine.

Something in me sprung me into overdrive. I came up with a plan. "Ok, give it to me good!" I said in the best sexy voice I could must. "Let me spread my legs for you!" He must have believed me because he lifted up off me a little, but still held one of my legs.

Getting enough room I was able to bring my other legs up and kick him in the face.

"You little bitch" He yelled. "You'll pay for that!" I climbed off the desk and kicked him in the balls. "Ahhh, FUCK."

I started to run away but he grabbed hold of my angle and I fell to the ground. Then I heard the door bust open. Through my watery eyes I saw him. Adam. He was here. Thank god. Then Dean, his partner, entered behind him with his gun in his hands.

Adam ran passed me and punched Ryan in the face. Dean had gotten on the opposite side of Ryan. He put his gun away and grabbed his handcuffs. Adam was holding Ryan in place on the ground. Dean cuffed Ryan.

"Take care of Jake, I got this." He told Adam. He began the Miranda Rights as Adam grabbed my pants and rushed over to me. Tears were running down my face.

"It's okay, I'm right here Jake. You're safe." He told me gently, pulling me into his arms. He put my pants back on me, I completely forgot I was naked from the waist down.

"Let's get you home baby." He said, helping me up. He kissed my forehead. I began to cry even more because I was so relieved to have Adam with me.

We got home and he helped me shower and get into comfortable clothes. I was still shaking. He changed too. We went down to the living room and he cuddled me on the couch.

"You're safe baby, I got you." He whispered in my ear, kissing above my ear.

He let me cry and asked me if I wanted the tv on. It helped distract me a little. He never let go of me. Once it was 9 he made dinner for us. I sat at the table as he made it. He kept coming over and squeezing my hand.

After dinner we went to bed. I faced him and decided I was ready to talk a little.

"How did you know I was in danger? How did you get there so fast?" I asked him.

He looked me in the eyes and responded, "Your friend Sharon called me. She said she saw Ryan do something to your door and then go in. And since nobody else was there she knew it was even more weird. She was right. Thank god she was right." He said, his voice trembling a little at the end. His eyes released a few tears. "Thank god we were able to get there so soon." He said, running his hands down my back.

"Thank you for saving me. He said i could do better than you. I told him he was wrong." My voice cracked. "He was so wrong. I don't deserve such an amazing person."

He cupped his hand on my face. "Yes you do. We are meant for each other. You deserve me and I deserve you."

He kissed my lips and moved closer to me. He later back down and I rested my head on his chest. I fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning I woke up alone. I walked downstairs and found Adam making breakfast in the kitchen.

"Good morning baby. How are you?" He asked.

"Good morning, I'm okay." I said, sitting down at the table as he handed me a cup of coffee.

"Dean said they need to ask you a few questions. When you are ready of course. Ryan has confessed and everything so you won't have to go to court over it."

"Oh wow, okay, we can go down to the station today if that's alright. I'd like to get it all done with."

"Whatever you want Jake." Adam said.

I had to tell Dean what happened and answer a few questions. He told me Ryan accepted a deal and confessed so he was going to jail for 12 years.

A week later Adam same with me to pack up my room. It was a little difficult being in there but Adam helped me through. I brought Sharon flowers and Adam made her a cake.

"That is so sweet of you boys." She said, hugging both of us. (She is old enough that calling us boys is okay.) "I'm just happy you are alright, Jake."

" I can't even imagine what would have happened if you weren't there, thank you." Adam said.

"Yes, truly, thank you."

"I just did what any good person should." She said.

"If you ever need anything, let us know. Anything, just call me." Adam said.

Adam's family came and visited for a few days. They stayed with me when Adam went to work and it meant a lot to me.

The weeks passed and I was able to stop thinking about it all the time. I think my relationship with Adam grew even stronger.

With only a few days to go until our vacation to Disney, I knew what I wanted to do. While he went to work I snuck out and went to the Jewelry store. I picked out the perfect ring for him.

Finally the day had arrived! Ashley gave us a drive to the airport. We sat and ate McDonalds while waiting for boarding.

"First Class is now boarding." The woman at the gate said.

"Ok, lets go babe." Adam said.

"We haven't been called yet." I responded confused.

"Look at your ticket Jake, they just did" he smirked. "I may have upgraded us. You deserve it baby."

"You know I think things like this are a waste of money!" I said. He gave me a look I like 'okay whatever' and I laughed. "Okay, thank you Adam."

"It may be a waste of money but it's money I think you're worth spoiling with." I kissed him. "Besides, you're spending so much on this trip the least I can do is upgrade the flights."

The flight was good. I planned a limousine to pick us up and take us to the hotel. Once we got there, we fell in love with our hotel, the Grand Floridian. I could see why it cost so much to stay here. We were escorted upstairs where they handed us champagne and said "Welcome Home."

We were swiftly checked in and taken to our suite. Once were alone, Adam looked at me and said, "Babe, I love this, but it's too much!"

"You're worth it. Plus, look at that view, and the treatment here, it's worth every penny." We admired the Cinderella's Castle from our balcony.

"Thanks for this, babe. I love you."

"Thanks for coming with me. I love you too."

We spent the rest of the day at the park. It was sunny and beautiful. We got back to the hotel after the fireworks. It was fun seeing him in this atmosphere and being a kid.

The next day we went to a different park early and came back to the hotel after lunch. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and swimming. I got to stare at his incredible abs as he lay in the sun. I never get sick of them! Then here's his face, lord help me. His jaw is so sexy. I'm so lucky that not only do I get to look at him, I get to be with him and I get to be happy with him.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna get a drink, want anything?" I asked.

"Well besides you, I'd like a smoothie or something like that please. Oh, and feel free to walk away nice and slow for me." He grinned.

"As you wish." I said with a little sarcasm.

Later we sat in the hot tub and talked to some nice people. Most of them had kids and they were all cute.

Our dinner reservation was in our hotel, at a fancy restaurant so it was convenient. I thought he looked good in uniform but whenever he wears a suit I just want to rip it off. Dinner was delicious, surprisingly worth the crazy price.

We walked back to our suite and as soon as he shut the door behind us we started to kiss.

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