tagNonConsent/ReluctancePolice Officer Turns Me in to Daddy

Police Officer Turns Me in to Daddy


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Bailey walked confidently down the city street in her tiny skirt and thigh-high stockings. She was probably a little too young to be wearing something as naughty as that, being freshly 18, but her daddy was gone overnight on a business trip - so why not make the most of it?

Men had been cat-calling her all night, their eyes caught on her dark bouncy pigtails and her slim, stunning body - curvaceous like a woman, but with an edge of innocent youth. Bailey, still a little naïve about how she perceived the world, felt sexy because of the way they looked at her - but didn't realize how dangerous it was to be out so late, wearing something so provocative and flaunting her innocence.

"What do you think you're doing, young lady?"

A deep, raspy voice calls out from the shadows. A fully uniformed police officer steps out, flashlight glaring into Bailey's wide eyes.

"Uh... I'm just heading to my friends house,"

Bailey stutters.

"Dressed like that?" The police officer shamelessly drags his stony gaze up and down her young body.

"Yes sir."

"Oh yeah?" He takes a step towards her, and she flinches. "Well I think you're up to no good. Turn around, I'm gonna need to search you."

Hanging her head, Bailey turns and presses her palms against the adjacent police car. She feels the officer come up behind her.

"Legs. Wider," he commands. Out of fear, she obeys. Bailey feels his large rough hands work their way up and down her small body, before he lifts her skirt and gives a little "tsk, tsk" under his ragged breath at the site of a delicate white thong.

"Such slutty underwear for such a little girl," he growls. "What would your daddy say?"

Suddenly, Bailey feels the cool metal of handcuffs lock her hands behind her back.

"Wait- please! I'm a good girl, I promise!" Her cries for help fall on deaf ears, aside from a few bystanders who watch with longing eyes.

"Get in the car," says the officer, grabbing Bailey by the hair and shoving her in. Bailey jumps as the loud sound of the car door slamming rings through the night air.

The officer gets in the front seat and starts the car.

"I'm taking you to jail," he murmurs. "There, I'm gonna call your daddy."

"Oh God, please don't, sir. You have no idea what he'll do to me."

"Is that so?" Murmurs the officer.

Shortly they arrive at the small local jail, the police officer wastes no time dragging Bailey from the car and pulling her into the facility. At this point, Bailey nearly has tears in her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up or or I'll hurt you," The officer whispers roughly into her ear. He pulls her into a private interrogation room and closes and locks the door.

He forces her down into the interrogation chair, re-locking her handcuffs so she's tied to the chair.

"Please sir, I swear I wasn't up to no good."

"Oh, but you prance around looking like that?"

Condescending, the police officer kneels in front of her. With his big hands, he forces her legs apart, giving him a nice view of her little thong.

"W-what are you doing?" Bailey squeaks.

"Showing you what all those men on the street were dreaming about doing to you when you walk past them," murmurs the officer. He lowers his head and laps at her little pussy through the cotton thong.

"Please stop," Bailey whimpers. "If you don't stop, I'll tell my daddy and you'll lose your job."

"Oh, you want to tell your daddy, do you? You want your daddy to see his little girl all tied up like this, with a grown man between her legs?"

"Wait- no. Stop!!"

"Oh, I think you do." The officer gives a small smirk and pulls out his phone. He dials a number and puts the call on speakerphone, Setting the phone on the interrogation table.

"Hello?" Bailey hears daddy's voice ring through the small interrogation room. At the same time, The officer unexpectedly shoves a rough finger into Bailey's tight little pussy and covers her mouth to muffle the scream.

"Yes, this is officer B. There's been a...issue regarding your little girl."

There is a pause on the other end of the line.

The officer pushes his finger in deeper, and Bailey releases a coarse and broken moan into the palm of his hand.

"I'll be right there."

Bailey's panicked eyes widen, begging officer with her gaze to let her go.

"Excellent," responds the officer. He hangs up the phone and removes his hand from covering Bailey's mouth.

"Fuck you," is the first sassy thing that comes from her lips. This disrespectful remark is met by hard slap across the face, igniting tears in Bailey's eyes.

"Maybe if you learn to respect the superiors in your life, you would respect yourself enough to not wear that little outfit around for all the boys and men to see," The officer snaps.

"Please," Bailey coarsely begs. "I won't tell anyone, just don't bring my daddy here."

Suddenly a loud knock is Heard on the interrogation room door.

"Too late," says the officer.

He opens the door for handsome 20-something with dangerous eyes, eyes that fall, smoldering, on his little girl.

"What the fuck are you wearing," daddy growls, seeing his little princess in such a short skirt.

"Daddy please, I was just playing dress-up, I didn't mean it," Bailey cries, tears swelling in her innocent eyes.

Daddy walks up to Bailey, wrapping his big hand around her narrow throat.

"You are in so much trouble."

"Daddy, this officer is a bad man. He tasted me down there."

"Oh did he, baby girl?" Daddy inquires. "I don't blame him, when you're dressed as slutty as that."

"But-but--oh. In so sorry--"

"Shhh," officer cuts her off. "Why don't you show your daddy how sorry you are?"

Bailey whimpers, struggling against the tight handcuffs. Daddy begins to undo his belt.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Punishing you for walking around like that."

Suddenly daddy shoves his big cock into Bailey's little mouth. She tried to beg him to stop, but before she could get a word out daddies cock is already deep in her throat, choking her and hitting the far back.

Officer observes smugly, running his hand up and down his own cock.

"That's a good girl, take daddy's cock. Shhhh. I know it hurts, baby."

"Is she a virgin?" Officer asks.

"Yes, I've made sure of that," daddy replies, Voice thick from The pleasure of his little girl's Mouth around his dick.

"Then I think she deserves to have a little bit of her innocence taken," says officer. He kneels once more.

"Mmm. I agree." Daddy steps to the side, his dick still in Bailey's mouth, but leaving room for the officer to do his damage.

"How do you feel about that, baby?" Ask daddy, pulling his dick from his little girls mouth just long enough for her to speak.

"No daddy please, please Sto--"

Her cries for help are cut off by daddy pushing his dick deep in her throat again.

As Bailey's throat is raped by her daddy, she suddenly feels the same warm wet tongue lapping between her legs.

Officer tastes her in a rhythm meant for his many one night stands, not for the sweet virgin body of a bad little girl. She feels an Orgasm beginning to build between her legs, and she moans around her daddy's cock.

"That's right, baby girl," daddy moans, using his hand in a fist full of her hair to push his cock deeper into her throat. "Come for me."

Bailey moans into an orgasm As she feels hot liquid pump down her throat.

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