Polish Maid


'You want to get tips,' I explained to Marek, our Polish cleaner, 'You should be more a maid more like her.'

Across the street was a girl of about 19, dressed in a fancy dress French maid's costume stumbling home, presumably from a party the night before. She was dressed in a tiny black dress, low cut with a short skirt, white apron, stockings and heels.

Marek looked at me blankly. He didn't appear to have got the joke. I never knew how good his English was. Since I'd been working more from home and she had been more at work, my wife had encouraged me that it was worth giving him a tip to make him work better.

My response to this was to jokingly point out the differences between Marek and the kind of cleaner I'd have liked to have had, but I felt perhaps something had been lost in translation. He didn't seem to respond to my remark at all. If he did want that tip, I thought, he could at least manage some kind of polite comment even if he didn't find it much of a joke.

I let it slide and thought that that was probably the end of it. I'd all but forgotten mentioning it the next morning when, about an hour after my wife had left me alone in the house, Marek came round to do his daily clean. Only today, there was something a little different about him.

His walk sounded different down the hallway, more clicking than thudding, and, as he entered the bedroom I was using as a study, I could see why. On his feet instead of his normal casual boots were a pair of six inch stilettos!

I ran my astonished eyes up from these shoes along two long, shapely legs wearing nothing black thigh high stockings. Around the tops of these stockings, my gaze met the white lace frills around the hem of a little black mini dress covered by a tiny white lace apron. The dress clung around his waist but was surprisingly convincingly filled out around his chest where the white lacy bodice revealed a little of the bra he was wearing underneath. He was even wearing a white lace maid's cap on top of a wig of chestnut curls that made him look completely feminine.

I was astonished. I had no idea how to react to my male cleaner turning up for duty dressed as a very sexy feminine maid.

'This is better, yes, Mr. Lucas?' he smiled, his lips painted in red lipstick made him look whorish even with this innocent question, 'Like this I will get the tips?'

'No, Marek, that was just a joke,' I try to explain, blushing as I can't take my eyes of those smooth stockinged legs, 'I didn't mean it.'

'No, I know this is what you will like the more,' he tried to argue in broken English.

I sighed, I supposed it was a waste of time sending him away to dress in more sensible clothes. It was probably easier just to let the misunderstanding pass and let him just do his job and be out of here.

I tried to focus on my work and just let Marek do his own work regardless of the fact that he was wearing a fetish fantasy fancy dress outfit. Regardless of the fact that he made a surprisingly convincing fantasy French maid.

I let my mind wander and was a little surprised to find myself looking at the seams along the back of Marek's stockings as he bent over to dust around the room. I was staring along where his skirt barely covered the lacy stocking tops and realised I was fascinated by what kind of panties my male cleaner might be wearing.

As he bent further down, I bent further too, craning my neck to look up his skirt, to look at another man's crotch. What was I thinking? I couldn't stop myself though, not as more and more it seemed like he wasn't wearing anything at all beneath that skirt. His stockings were held up by a garter belt, but I could see nothing between except the surprisingly smooth feminine curve of his butt cheeks.

'You like look up my skirt, Mr. Lucas?' he turned back looking coyly at me, 'Is much sexier look this way, yes?'

'No, no, just keep on with what you're doing,' I stammered.

'You try to see under the skirt, yes, Mr. Lucas?' he persisted.

I denied it, but he turned back around and started dusting even further down, bending from the waist. The way he did this, it was clear that he was now trying to give me a flash beneath his skirt. He bent and spread his legs a little and the tiny skirt of his fetish maid's outfit slowly slid up his thighs. I could now see the bare skin above his lace stocking tops.

Despite myself, I craned my neck to get a better look. Even if it meant showing my male maid that I was checking out his effeminate body, I had to see up that skirt. And, as the skirt rode up until it was practically around his waist, I realised that the reason I was struggling to see what kind of panties my maid was wearing is because he wasn't wearing any at all.

All I could see was the line of the suspenders holding up his thigh high stockings and the round smooth curve of a truly fuckable ass. For a moment, I forgot that that sweet ass belonged to a man and found myself just checking it out. Then, those legs spread further, my eyes were drawn down between those ass cheeks to see a pair of balls and, beneath that, a dick that almost swung below the maid's apron. Despite his pretty girly body, Marek had a dick every bit as big as mine between his lace stocking tops.

I couldn't take my eyes off that combination of stockings, short skirt, hot ass and swinging dick. It was all quite intriguing. So much so, that when Marek turned around once more, he caught me again staring as I had before.

'It's ok, Mr. Lucas,' he said, coming over to me, 'Lots of guys like the girlyman in sexy costume. We are so much more keen to please than the real girl.'

Before I could stop him, he was kneeling beside where I sat, his hands were on my crotch and he was rubbing where I had become surprisingly hard between my legs. I did nothing to stop it, so surprised and, let's face it, excited as I was.

'Yes, lots of guys,' Marek went on, unzipping my pants, 'When I was in Poland I work as sissy slut boy to please many men and earn money to come to your country. I am guy so I know what guy like. Sexy costume, sucking cock.'

He pulled out my dick. It was already semi-hard. I guess I was into this, weird though it seemed. My wife hadn't sucked my dick in a while, nor had she dressed up in stockings and tight short dresses. I guess if my male cleaner was willing to fill that gap then I was going to take it.

He began to stroke my dick until it was thick and hard and throbbing and then began to lick it. There was no way I wasn't going to let this happen now. I was far too turned on.

He was right, Marek was a great cocksucker, experienced and knew just what I want as he licked and swallowed my shaft, tongued the swollen head as it emerged from my foreskin. He stroked the veiny length of my dick like a pro and played with my balls. Soon I was getting pretty horny.

'Yeah, you sexy maid, that's good,' I sighed, 'Now get on the bed, I want to fuck.'

'Yes, Mr. Lucas, that's right, you like the femboy now he is so keen to have your cock,' Marek responded with a grin on his smudged lipstick wearing mouth, 'You want me spread my stocking wearing legs and let you in?'

He lay back on the bed, pulled up the skirt and apron of his black and white maid's costume to reveal his stockings and suspenders. He spread his legs wide and in between was his cock. I don't know why, but it got me really excited to see that this cock was getting almost as hard as mine while he blew me. I guess I just enjoyed seeing how much he was getting off on being a slut. I could never tell if my wife even liked sex.

I stripped off and positioned myself between his long legs, running my hands over their smooth nylons, pushing them up and further open to get full access to his cute, round ass. He pulled at his cock and balls to allow me an opening and I shoved my dick right up into him.

Marek began to moan like a whore as I banged his tight ass. It felt really good, much more than fucking my wife had in a long time. He was so tight and so into getting my dick inside him. I pumped in and out and he sighed and ran his hands across his girly costumed body. All the while I could see his dick getting harder and harder as it flopped about with my thrusts inside him.

Eventually, he grabbed his dick with one hand and began to masturbate himself furiously in time with my harder and faster thrusts up inside him. I was screwing my crossdressed maid as hard as I could, feeling my orgasm building up inside me, loving the fact that I could tell his dick was going the same way as our bodies thrust together.

In a moment, I saw him tug hard on his dick and a stream of wet, white cum shot out across his chest. As he lay there and I continued pumping into his tight ass, he continued to milk his dick for cum, covering the black maid's dress, even going so far as to hit him on the chin. He seemed to love covering himself in spunk.

Seeing this, I pulled out of his ass. I wanted another thing from him that my wife never allowed, I wanted to cover his girly face with my spunk. I began to jerk off over his face. Seeing what I intended, he eagerly grabbed and licked at my cock until, moments later, I too shot my load. It was all in his hair, on his painted lips, running down his face over his chest, even into his mouth, until he looked like a real slut.

'Thank you, Mr. Lucas, that was just what I needed since coming here from Poland,' he grinned a sticky cum soaked smile, still dressed in his dishevelled lingerie and maid's costume, his dick becoming soft between his stockinged legs.

'Thank you, too, Marek, that's just the kind of maid service we want around here.'

From then on, Marek became a very valued piece of assistance around the house. Even my wife was pleased.

'It's nice to see you've finally decided to tip the cleaner,' she said to me the following day.

'Oh yes,' I told her, 'Can't be without this kind of maid service these days.'

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