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Political Opponents


Funny things dreams. Some people say that dreams are a way of seeing the future. I've always wondered about that. Is the dream a premonition of what is to come or does having the dream seed the idea into your mind.

I do know one thing. My dreams sometimes have a better sex life than my real one. Pity that. My dream last night was a case in point. I woke up in the morning and the dream was quite vivid then. Knowing how dreams tend to fade from your memory completely once you start moving around I hastily grabbed a pencil and paper and scribbled a few notes.

A young lady was bending forward across a table. Her shorts or skirt (couldn't tell which she was wearing) was pushed down around her knees, along with her panties. I'm going with shorts because I think a skirt would have been pushed up to her waist. She had a very nicely shaped bottom, a bottom that gleamed white in the overhead light.

I could see she had a glorious mane of red hair that tumbled halfway down her back and that mane told me who she was. Megan, a sometimes baby-sitter that I used to use. Kids are too old to require a sitter these days and I guess Megan had grown past the age of doing that sort of pocket money work.

Now that I thought of it I remembered seeing Megan down the street a couple of days ago, doing some shopping. With hair like hers it would be hard to miss her. That's what probably triggered the dream.

In the dream I came up to her and my hand came around and landed very firmly on that delectable little bottom, with Megan giving a delicate squeak of pain and remorse. I didn't stop at that, of course. I went right ahead and gave her a very nice little spanking.

When her bottom was nicely flushed I stopped the spanking. I also dropped my trousers. She was standing with her legs parted and her pussy on display, and her lips were swollen and pouting, pursed ready for action.

I slapped a hand roughly against her mound, spreading her lips, and she gave a small cry of horror and shock.

"Oh, no," she was softly wailing. "You can't do this. No. Leave me alone."

She wasn't struggling or trying to get away, just standing there, waiting helplessly. My cock slotted into position and I pressed ahead, with Megan giving little lady-like screams of protest the whole time. I'd ignored her protests and just gave her everything I had, repeatedly and with a great deal of vim and vigour. Megan had wailed and protested every stroke, but still seemed to find it reasonable to flex her hips and push to meet my rampaging cock.

I'd finished up in fine style, not noticing if Megan had climaxed or not. Hey, it was a dream. Who cares if a dream lover climaxes? Not me, certainly.

That was when I woke up, with a morning wood hard enough to crack coconuts. Times like that I miss my wife. She'd have known exactly how to deal with the problem.

After that I effectively forgot about my dream, except for those notes, but I was slightly more aware of Megan when I saw her down the street. She was quite a lovely young lady now.

As you'll no doubt guess I was slightly surprised when the doorbell rang one evening and when I answered the door Megan was standing there.

"Oh, Dennis," she said. "I completely forgot you used to live here."

"I still do, Megan," I said dryly. "How can I help you? Seeing you forgot I was here I assume that you're not looking for the girls either, not that they're home."

"Um, actually I'm working for Bryn Mapleton's campaign. I'm going door to door canvassing and telling people why they should vote for Bryn. He's a wonderful man, you know."

I knew no such thing. In my opinion he was an idealistic idiot who had no idea how the real world worked. He had money and that money protected him from the ruinous impact of the policies he espoused. If it was left to him the whole world would be sitting in fields chewing on the grass.

I ignored my opinion of the man and invited Megan in, deciding to give her a chance to convince me otherwise.

* * *

I was jubilant. Most responses to political canvassing ranged from slamming the door in my face rudely, down through politely closing the door in my face, to listening for a few moments and then closing the door in my face. Sometimes they assure me they gave at the office and then close the door in my face. For someone to actually listen to what I say and take the pamphlets I hand out is rare. (Normally I stick the pamphlets in their letter box as I leave.) To be invited in to make my case was a first for me, even if Dennis was only doing it to be kind.

I trotted in happily, already knowing exactly where we were going. Looking around, the place hadn't changed, even though I hadn't been here for a few years.

"So tell me why you think I should be voting for Bryn," Dennis said, and I was happy to do so.

I'd just got started on my spiel when Dennis interrupted.

"Ah, hold on a moment," he said. "I thought Bryn was running for the local council?"

"He is," I said, confused. "Why would you think he wasn't?"

"Well, you've just been saying how he's going to get increased funding for the local hospital, but the local Council don't have any say in that. Finance for Health is handled by the State and Federal governments and they're rather touchy about their prerogatives. I can't see them looking too kindly on a local council trying to tell them what to do."

"Oh. Ah, I'm sure Bryn can work something out," I said rather lamely. I'd known that about Health finances now that I stopped to think about it, but I hadn't been thinking.

I moved rather hurriedly on to Climate Change and how Bryn would ensure that all energy purchased by the Council was clean, green, renewable energy. That's when he stopped me again.

"I thought that the energy companies added a surcharge to houses or businesses that opted to use a hundred percent renewable energy. An additional twenty percent on top of the standard rate that's already rising sharply. Can the Council afford the extra charges without raising rates and can the average householder afford the increase in rates?"

"I'm sure they don't," I said quickly, but he nodded his head.

"Oh, yes. Oddly enough I have some brochures about it right here. I was doing some research into this as part of something I'm working on."

He reached out and took a brochure off the coffee table and handed it to me.

"Page two, cost of renewables," he said, and looking at the brochure I could see he was right.

"Well, I guess Bryn doesn't know that," I mumbled.

"Or doesn't care," said Dennis softly. "He is quite wealthy and it's not his money he's spending. Anyway, don't mind me. Continue with what you were saying."

It was terrible. Every point I brought up he had something to say that contradicted what Bryn was saying. One contradiction too many and my temper flared. I didn't have red hair for nothing.

"If you know so much about what's going on why don't you run for Council yourself?" I yelled. "Then you can have a debate with Bryn and he'll explain why you're so totally wrong."

"Do you know who's running against him?" Dennis asked.

I shook my head. Why would I know? I was working for Bryn and didn't need to know who the losers going against him were.

Dennis smiled and I suddenly had a terrible feeling.

"Who is it?" I asked, hearing a wary caution in my voice.

His smile just got bigger as he inclined his head slightly.

"Oh, god, it's you, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so. I'd love to have a debate with Bryn but he doesn't want one. He's of the opinion that you either agree with his moral wisdom or you are beneath contempt and must be converted to the right way of thinking by having abuse hurled at you."

I lost it.

"Son of a bitch," I yelled at him. "Why did you invite me in if you're his opponent? I've just been wasting my time. I could have spoken to a dozen people during the time I've been in here."

"Maybe, but you can't blame me for that. I know who my opponents are and the people working to get me elected know who I'm running against. They all know. They also know the platform I'm running on and where my platform goes against Bryn's they know the counter-arguments to use, which you plainly did not. Your whole spiel has been along the lines of 'we know what's best for you and your opinion doesn't count.' You can't blame me if Bryn is under-training his people, although that's probably deliberate."

"What do you mean, deliberate?" I was seething.

"If he told you the counter arguments you might run into you might have the common sense to realise that there is a second point of view, and that it makes a lot of sense. Bryn prefers gullible people who don't mind being uninformed as long as he's there to tell them what to think."

He was calling me a gullible fool who was being led around by the nose. What was worse was that he was making me feel like that gullible fool. He had effectively rubbed my nose in some of the crap I'd been spouting and showing me it was crap. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to slap Bryn silly. Fortunately I was too much of a lady to express my feelings with violence. I contented myself with giving him a killing glare.

"Anyway, now that you're here, why don't I explain my policies to you and give you a chance to criticise them? You may come up with an argument I haven't heard before."

After everything that had already happened and he was suggesting I listen to his arguments for electing him? He had to be kidding?

"You arrogant pig," I stormed. "You invited me in under false pretences and now have the fucking gall to want me to listen to your election pitch? You're riding to my rescue, educating me in what I should really believe? Well, fuck you, and fuck the horse you rode in on."

I'd have gone on but he was laughing and holding up a hand. I stopped and gave him a filthy look, wondering what he was going to say. Toss me out on my ear, probably, as he hated hearing women swear. He landed on his daughters hard when they did so they tend not to. Even now, as I do seem the occasionally.

I jumped to my feet. Time to leave without being tossed out.

"Now, Megan, you do know how I feel about uncouth language," he said gently. "Don't you remember the punishment Mary received when she used that sort of language?"

I remembered alright. I remembered sniggering at her as she had her bottom warmed. It wasn't a nasty beating or anything like that, but certainly enough to make her bottom smart. The embarrassed was the biggest punishment. Uh-oh. He wouldn't do anything like that to me, would he? He would, I decided, and headed towards the door, but he'd reached out with one long arm and caught my wrist.

"You wouldn't dare," I wailed, feeling him pulling me towards him. Yes, he fucking would, it seemed. I finished up sprawled across his lap.

He flicked my skirt up and his hand came firmly down upon my bottom.

"You can't do this," I yelled. "I'm an adult. Not some unruly child in need of discipline."

"You're right," he said, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The relief was short-lived, as he took hold of my panties and calmly pulled them down.

"Dennis," I yelled and he just laughed.

"Like you said," he told me, "you're an adult, and as such certainly require a different spanking technique to that of a child."

"Wow," I squealed as his hand came down on my bare bottom. "You stop that!"

"Really, Megan," he said, sounding indecently happy, "you could have guessed what would happen when you started swearing. I'm forced to believe you really wanted this for being so gullible."

"No I didn't," I wailed, almost biting my tongue in my effort not to apply some unsuitable adjectives to those three words.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but this is your first adult spanking, isn't it?" he asked me, his hand resting on my bottom for a moment. Even that was enough to make me blush.

"What, yes, stop it," I told him.

"Thought so," he said, "otherwise you wouldn't be displaying so much so soon," he went on, his hand sliding across my bottom and closing over my pudendum.

"The normal thing is to wait for a while and then ease your legs apart to let the spanker know that it's time to move on from the spanking."

My mind boggled at the thought of what moving on might entail and I hastily brought my legs together again, Dennis hastily lifting his hand away. Laughing while he did so, the rotten swine.

He delivered another couple of firm spanks and they stung. I wouldn't go so far as to say they were really hurting me but I certainly wasn't enjoying them. I couldn't believe it when his next spank landed over my mound, stinging my lips into excited life. I'd clamped my legs together, damn it. They had no right to have drifted apart again. Dennis had even less right to smack me there. He had even less right to start rubbing me.

"You stop that," I demanded, kicking my legs about. Not that kicking my legs about was doing anything.

"Why?" he had the gall to ask.

"Because I don't want you to," I pointed out quite emphatically.

"Oh, you'd rather I went back to spanking you?"

My bottom cringed and my cry of, "No!" was pure self-defence.

"Okay," was all he said and he continued touching me most intimately.

"I asked you to stop that," I pointed out as I squirmed about under his touch.

"No, you didn't. I asked if you'd prefer a spanking and you said no, so obviously you want me to keep on doing this."

What sort of insane logic was that?

"I don't want you to do either," I huffed out indignantly. "Why are you doing this?"

"We're political opponents aren't we?" he asked.

"Yes!" I said most emphatically.

"Well, politicians are always screwing each other. We're just keeping on with the tradition."

"They don't mean that literally," I gasped out, feeling hot, restless, and uncomfortable.

"Then we'll start a new tradition," he said.

I protested and he petted me. I protested some more and he petted me some more. I told him to cease and desist, or words to that effect and he pushed up my top and undid my bra. I told him to leave me alone and he ran his hand over my naked breasts which made me even hotter and more restless.

I was a mess of nerves when he finally swung me to my feet. I didn't even get a chance to relax and think 'thank god that's over' because he undid my skirt and it fell down. With my top and bra bunched up above my breasts and my skirt and panties now at ankle level I was effectively naked. I opened my mouth to really let him have it when he stood, dropped his trousers, and sat again. I was left standing there, mouth open, looking at his cock standing up in front of me.

I didn't stay like that for long. He reached out and his hands closed over my bottom, drawing me closer. I had no choice but to move onto the couch, kneeling on the couch, straddling him.

I could feel his cock rearing up between my legs, brushing against me, waiting for me.

"If you think I'm going to. . ." I began, and he interrupted.

"I do. Now settle down. You can take your time. I don't mind."

I gave him the evil eye. He couldn't make me and we both knew it. Actually, he probably could make me, but he wouldn't, he just wasn't the type. Spank me, yes, because he knew me, and even that had been more teasing than painful. The rest of it was a bit over the top and as soon as I could work out what I wanted to say I was going to give him a real earful.

So having decided to my own satisfaction that I was safe and he wouldn't really fuck me, how come I was sinking down onto his cock? And it was me doing it. He wasn't trying to thrust up into me but sat there, letting me descend upon him. I upgraded the look I was giving him from evil eye to instant death by dagger, but it seemed to lose its effectiveness as his cock move further into me, filling me up with the most marvellous feelings. And just like that I was really straddling him, sitting on his lap while being split in two by his cock.

His hands came up and covered my breasts and he started massaging them while pressing up into me and relaxing. It didn't take long for that sort of stimulation to get to me and I was bouncing right along with him, with what started out as small movements pressing against me quickly becoming full length strokes with me bouncing enthusiastically on top of him. (I was still going to yell at him but I decided that that could wait until later. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on yelling at him right now. Yelling, yes, that I could do, but at him? That would have to wait.)

I was giving voice by this stage. Dennis was pounding me good and hard, his cock plunging into my hot moistness, bring its own hard heat into me, inflaming my nerves and driving me wild. Every thrust was plucking at my emotions, raising my passions, pushing me urgently towards a wanted completion.

It seemed to me that this was one of those peculiar situations where he was and wasn't in a hurry. The force, the energy, he used to drive into me said now, now, now, but the way he seemed to be able to keep doing this without us reaching the end of our run suggest that we weren't in a hurry. Well, he mightn't have been but by this time I certainly was.

I could hear myself wailing, begging him to finish it, and at a later time I would be properly embarrassed by my actions. Right at this point I needed him to finish what he was doing before I strangled the swine out of sheer frustration.

I finally climaxed, feeling Dennis's reactions as he fired off as well. Then I sort of slumped forward, leaning against him. I stayed like that for a few moments until I felt him lifting my top and bra right off me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused. A bit late to start seducing me, wasn't it?

He swung me around so I was sitting on his lap while he stripped my skirt and panties off, along with my socks and shoes. He rose to his feet, setting me on mine.

"Come along," he said. "I suspect you'll appreciate a shower. I know I'm going to appreciate helping wash you, amid other things."

He's bluffing, I told myself as he took me down to the bathroom. No way is he going to try something like that again. For some reason, I wasn't convincing myself.

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by Anonymous12/13/18

Enjoyed ...

... both the sexual and politic parts.

And, yes, a sequel would be fine.

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by AlexClayton12/09/18

Sequel, Please?

I know that you usually don’t do sequels to your stories but this one almost begs for it! I’d love to see more about these two; like does Megan become an informed voter? Does she convert to Dennis’more...

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Makes me believe in the political process again

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Damn you!!

Wet again!!! Love it!!! Thanks for that!!!

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but not one of your better ones still enjoyed reading it

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