tagGroup SexPolly's African Adventures Ch. 05

Polly's African Adventures Ch. 05


The Editors decided that the content of Chapters 3 and 4 did not comply with the rules of Literotica. We'll try to do better with this one!


Chapter Five

The Prince was impressed by Polly's behaviour and obedience. She had convinced him that her resolution under torture would not be broken. Her resistance to torture and pain were of the highest order. Prince Tontu explained to her that her father was on the trail of special Korean agents who were in his country. But his whereabouts had become uncertain, but he was known to be deep in the bush. If Polly wished to join the search for him, it might be acceptable. The Korean agents would not be looking for a young, English safari traveller. Rather, they would be seeking Middle Eastern agents, or Greek spies.

He arranged for her to be flown to Central Africa in his private jet. She should present herself to the VIP desk at Heathrow in five days time. She would be allowed her personal attendant to travel with her.

They arrived in good time for boarding, and drank a black coffee in the VIP lounge.

'I'm glad to be on the way,' Polly admitted. 'I've just about recovered from the ordeal at the Embassy. I'm getting ready for more adventures.'

'Oh, I've been getting regular treatment from Joseph,' came the response from Marina. 'Even so, I'm always ready for a change of master.'

'Lucky you!'

Both were travelling light since they were assured that everything they could possibly need would be available at their destination. Safari suits and all essential equipment would be there. The Prince's nephew was to meet them in Nairobi. Then they were to travel by Jeep immediately to the base camp on the edge of the interior.

Dressed in summer blouses and short skirts of white crepe, sling-back white shoes and white briefs, their braless breasts swayed provocatively under the blouse, pockets hiding the nipples from view. Vanity cases were their only luggage of personal possessions. They were approached by two tall black men in uniform. Both were very smart and clean-looking. They looked the ladies up and down as they reached their table, smiling at them in obvious appreciation.

Polly returned the smile with a lingering look into the nearest man's eyes with her best little-girl-lost look. She could see his surprise - and disbelief. There was never any mistaking Polly's message of surrender! They introduced themselves as the Captain and his first officer with wide brilliant smiles. The women were escorted to the private jet which had just been re-fuelled.

'We have instructions from the ambassador to treat you well. Anything you want, just ask.'

Polly and Marina exchanges glances. Each knew what the other wanted.

The interior of the aircraft was stupendous. Armchairs and a sofa with low backs, deeply cushioned in white upholstery. Mahogany coffee tables. A desk at one end was supplied with computer equipment. The windows were covered in heavy silver and white damask, draped with thick silver cords. The floor was covered in a deep pile, woollen carpet. The small cocktail bar was well-stocked. A glass display cabinet on the wall beside the entrance door contained various instruments in case of danger. Bamboo tubes, machetes, rapiers, leather whips, a taws and wide canvas belts.

After they settled into the arm-chairs for their long flight to Nairobi, the steward stole glances at the long, elegant legs and exposed length of thigh both women showed. His manhood stirred at the thought of what lay between those beautiful thighs. He came to the table to offer them coffee. As he bent over Polly to pour, his eyes strayed to her blouse hoping to catch a glimpse of her cream-coloured breasts.

Polly eased her shoulders forward slightly so that the blouse would billow at the top, giving him a good view of her perfect rounded orbs, with nipples taught and stiff. The steward's eyes opened wider. His manhood stirred again.

'Enjoying the sights?' she whispered hoarsely, smiling into his embarrassed face. 'Don't be shy, they're worth looking at. Let me show you.' She unfastened the top two button with unconcern, flapping back the blouse to show her left breast. 'Not bad for a little girl, eh?' She pouted her lips in a girlish display. Then closed the blouse.

'You can come back later for more if you're a good boy.'

The steward returned to the bar, where he whispered excitedly to his colleague. They kept glancing across at them. Meantime, Polly and Marina whispered together, giggling at the bulge in the steward's trousers.

When he returned to refill her cup, he paused at her side. Polly looked up into his face, drawing her blouse to one side again, revealing the superb breast. As he ogled it, she placed the palm of her hand on his groin, feeling the stiffening tenant, rubbing her palm slowly up and down. The steward gulped.

'Are you interested?' she asked, 'or is it just a passing fancy?'

'You are stunning. Who could not possibly be interested in your beauty. But the Captain and First Officer have first choice.'

'Who says?' she asked. 'When your duties are done, you can fuck me,' she whispered to him. 'I'm sure you can find a place. Meantime perhaps you can find us a bottle of champagne.'

Lucy laughed quietly. 'You never give up trying, do you Polly? Do you seriously expect to have him during the flight?'

'Of course. I'm pretty sure his friend will be interested too.' Sure enough, the other attendant behind the bar was looking across at them with widened eyes as the steward whispered to him in their native tongue.

'How are you fixed, Marina?'

'I'll try anything once!'

After a few minutes, the steward returned with the champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses. He was a young smooth man of powerful build, wearing regulation shirt and dark-blue trousers. As he approached, Polly studied his crotch before looking up at him with her little-girl-lost look. When he got to the table she once again felt his crotch. It had already half-filled in anticipation.

'How well are you hung? Will it hurt me?' she asked. 'I'm only an innocent little girl, really.' He was setting the ice bucket beside the arm of her seat. The cork was already drawn.

'Well, little girl,' he hesitated, 'our tribe has a reputation for man-sized cocks. Why not take a look for yourself?'

So, Polly unzipped his flies, groped inside to search for a way through the boxer shorts, finding the stiffening tube of warm flesh. Her eyes widened as she felt the thickness of the throbbing penis, still thickening. She cupped the genitals in her hand, drawing out the full set. The penis was swelling quickly. Black as ebony, smooth-skinned and thick. Polly stared at it in disbelief.

Polly could never get enough cock, no matter which of her natural orifices was being penetrated. She just adored the organ. Its nobility, its arrogance, its servility in front of woman. And this was a superb specimen.

'I suppose it requires plenty of lubrication,' her eyes still fixed on the iron-hard cock.

'That certainly helps, madam.'

Marina watched with a light smile in the corners of her mouth as Polly withdrew her hand with a gasp, putting her fingers to her lips in mock astonishment.

'Are they all as big as that?' she asked ingenuously. Polly reached her hand forward to take the expanding cock once again in her grasp. There was a powerful aroma of male sex. Polly always enjoyed watching cock grow. She took it in her mouth, running her tongue over the knob, teeth gently biting into the shaft, sliding it in and out. The steward gasped and jerked at the contact, but concentrated on pouring two glasses of bubbly as Polly concentrated on bringing him to full stretch.

Looking down at her with a glazed look, a glass in one hand, he watched his penis thrust into the beautiful mouth of the elegant lady. To increase his excitement, Marina smiled up at him. She opened her blouse to show him her olive-coloured breasts, cradling them in her hands, lifting them for his better inspection. His eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Polly took her head away for a few seconds as he put the glass down in front of her. She peeled back the foreskin to examine the weapon more closely, its shaft hard and smooth, knob a deep purple - almost black. Fondling his testicles she took the head once again into her mouth, setting about working it up into a frenzy. Having been cock-starved for almost a week she was relishing the sensation of having control over such a wonderful weapon.

Thighs began to tremble. The steward tried to suppress jerks in his hips. Polly felt his loins clench, his buttocks jerk. He was pouring the other glass of bubbly, passing the point of no return.

' No doubt there's an adequate supply of cream?'

Polly increased the pressure of her lips, teeth scraping the skin. Feeling his spasms begin to increase, she slid her mouth as afr as she culd onto the cock, until its head reached the back of her throat. With a muffled grunt he ejected his semen into her mouth with several wild jerks of his loins. The spurts of hot sperm flowed directly down her throat, dribbling thickly from his cock, until it was all spent.

'Copious, madam! Copious!' he gasped through his discharge.

When his spasms has passed, she withdrew the cock slowly from her mouth, as he handed the glass to Marina. Polly quietly replaced his genitals into the trousers, zipping it up. She sat back in her seat, lifted the glass to her lips and took a long sip.

'Is that to your satisfaction, little girl?' he asked.

Polly smiled as she swallowed. 'That was a superb cocktail. Not too dry,' she mused. 'Bitter-sweet. Thank you!'

'Thank YOU young madam,' he replied. 'It isn't often I have the pleasure!'

'Nor me!' she assured him. 'Perhaps your companion would like to show my little sister here what he has to offer in the way of sweets. She's very fond of chocolate bars. Particularly ones full of cream.'

'I'll send him over,' he said, adjusting his trousers before returning to the cocktail bar where his companion was open-mouthed.

Marina laughed, adjusting her blouse to cover her breasts. 'That was cool, Polly! Cool!' The bar-man was smiling broadly as the Steward spoke to him. He walked over to the side of Marina.

'And what can I get for you my little girl?'

'My friend here tells me that you have some nice chocolate bar, filled with cream.'

'Certainly,' he responded, opening his flies to tug out his thickening penis. 'There.'

'Oooh!' cried Marina, wide-eyed. 'My! That is a lovely chocolate bar. Can I lick it? Is it all for me?'

The young bar-man smiled, proffering the almost rigid penis to her face. 'All of it, young lady.'

Marina took it between her rose-bud lips, sucking and licking the head as though it was a lollipop.

'Hmmm!' she murmured. 'It tastes ever so good! But where's the cream?'

'Ah, you must lick it hard and long before you can taste the cream, little one.'

He stood, pelvis thrust forward, hands holding his buttocks. Marina's warm mouth bobbed up and down the hard shaft, fondling the testicles and inner thighs with one hand, whilst massaging the base of the column with the other. Her mouth was full to bursting, but she was able to control the plunging phallus. Soon, the man's face screwed up, head thrown back. The loins began to jerk and tremble. The muscles of his thighs tightened. His groin jabbed at her face. Then, with a stifled roar, his black shaft burst. A torrent of cream squirted into Marina's throat and cheeks. She whimpered and squealed with delight. When the last jerk had subsided, Marina swallowed before drawing the shaft from her mouth with a big smile.

'What a lot of lovely cream,' she cooed. 'When will you have some more?'

'Oh, it don't take long little girl. It don't take long!'

The two women watched wistfully as he returned his softening dark tube into his trousers.

'Mmm! That was unexpected,' Marina cooed.

'Always expect the unexpected,' Polly was saying. 'After seven days of chastity, that felt absolutely wonderful!'

'Cheers!' Marina lifted her glass.

But, unknown to Polly and Marina, the whole episode had been watched with interest by the Captain and First Officer on the closed-circuit TV screen in the cock-pit. They left their seats, leaving the engineer and second officer to control the flight.

Polly looked up to see the captain and First Officer facing her. Both were well over two metres tall, with powerful physiques to match. Their black, polished faces beamed down with gleaming smiles at the two young ladies.

'I hope everything is to your liking.'

'Thank you, yes. You have a very obliging staff, Captain. A little stiff, but very forthcoming.'

'Thank you. We do our best to please. Were you fully satisfied, or can I be of assistance in completing your pleasure? I have a little time to spare.'

Polly placed her hand on the captain's bulging groin.

'Hmmm! Feels promising!' She unzipped the flies, pushing a hand delicately into the gap. Her fingers immediately curled round the stem. He had clearly removed his underwear in advance. The Captain remained aloof and still, smiling at her with indulgence.

'You seem to have been cock-sure of my interest,' she added.

'Well, one lick of cream is rarely enough for a lady of obvious discernment. Two is always better, and sometimes more is best!' Polly took his circumcised shaft, stiffening quickly. As others of the same tribe, it was a monstrous size. That of the Prince seemed as normal compared with these giants she was seeing today. Marina's eyes were bulging with amazement.

'We shall see,' Polly replied. 'You'll forgive me if I refrain from speaking to you with my mouth full.'

The tangy smell of male sex filled her nostrils once again, as she leaned forward to run her lips expertly round the velvety head before sinking it deep into her mouth. The mouth open at full stretch only just managed to sheath the swelling shaft. It filled her cheeks until it reached its limit. Shorter than the steward's, though thicker, Polly worked on it ravenously, fondling the testicles, heavy and warm.

Marina took over the conversation. 'You have a useful piece of apparatus, there, Captain. Does you use it often?'

'Whenever I can, madam. Occasionally it gets overworked, but most of the time I'm able to regulate its use to suit my requirements. But I have to tell you that it is against regulations to eat chocolate bars on the President's Private jet. You must both be punished for it. Please stand.' And the Captain withdrew his now rampant wet penis, with some reluctance, from Polly's warm mouth.

The two women looked at one another. Then they stood.

'The ambassador mentioned the need for you to be punished if you were naughty girls. Please lift your skirts and bend over the arm-chair backs.'

Without a word, Polly and Marina stood behind their arms chairs, lifting their skirts up the waist. They bent over the upholstered backs, hands gripping the arms, heads turned in the seat cushion.

'But, first, you have both to be searched for hidden containers. It is security. There must be no chance whatever of anyone leaving explosives hidden on the aircraft.'

The Captain and his First Officer examined the white silk briefs, pulled taught over the cheeks of the bottoms. Polly's pale and well-rounded, Marina's olive-coloured and firm. The darkening patch in the gussets were clear to see. Much sweet honey had already soaked into the cotton padding. The two Stewards came to watch the proceedings.

The officers peeled the panties down to the women's knees to expose their two secret orifices. When the Captain caught sight of Polly's perfect genitals, he stared in disbelief at its perfection. The vulvas were wet with arousal, allowing the men ease of access with special examination tubes which explored every inner fold and crevice. Polly was shamed by this familiar action by the Captain with the most private part of her body. His examination was long and thorough, taking great delight in probing the dark secrets of this perfect vagina. Her humiliation was deepened, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment when the tube was inserted deep into her rectum. Marina was being similarly explored by the First Officer.

The examinations complete, the Captain crossed to the glass display cabinet, opening it to remove two instruments. A leather strap split into a bunch of fingers at one end. And a flat wooden lath, narrow and supple. He handed the taws to his first officer before talking up position at the side of Polly, the First Officer facing him at the side of Marina.

'Ten whacks, I think. To begin with. We may not mark you, of course. Merely heighten the colour of your skin. Stimulate the flow of blood.' And he suddenly landed a vicious thwack on Polly's bottom. She yelped in surprise. Her loins recoiled violently as the sting spread through her flesh. The First Officer slapped Marina at the same time with the leather taws. The blows came at regular intervals, every two seconds. They were very painful.

Polly bit her lip, tensing her body against the beating. The stinging pain stoked the furnace in her loins. The flesh of her cheeks burned hot with a thousand stings. But the briefs had prevented any real damage to the flesh. When the ten strokes were complete, the two women had tears down their cheeks, bodies exhausted with the tension and resistance to the punishment. Briefs were peeled down the ladies' thighs exposing scarlet cheeks glowing hot, and inflamed. Vulvas had bubbled over, the soft folds sprinkled with the dew of lust.

Kneeling between her thighs, the Captain examined their beauty with eager eyes. Roving fingers explored the coated lips, seeking out her bud of delight. He then put his mouth to the slick lips, pressing his tongue against the warm wetness. Polly writhed with pleasure; whimpered with delight as her roused body was probed by stiffened tongue.

Marina was similarly scrutinised and tasted, wriggling her bottom against the tongue of the First Officer. Unable to resist the craving of his arousal any further, the Captain stood, dropped his trousers, hauling from the boxer shorts his turgid weapon. His First Officer did the same. Together, they placed the heads of their cocks at the entrance of the women's inviting shrines. As one, their hard shafts sank deep into the slippery passages, to the gasps of shock and delight of the women as their vulvas stretched to receive the huge invaders.

The two men began their rhythmic thrusts in and out of the tight vaginas, wallowing in the enjoyment of taut muscles gripping their shafts. Polly and Marina groaned. Vaginas filled with hard penis, pushing hard at the altars of their shrines. Watching the event, the two stewards were again at full stretch. After a quick glance at each other, they moved to the front of the arm-chairs. Lifting the heads of the women, who supported themselves on their forearms on the sides of the arm-chairs, they presented stiff cocks to their faces. Polly and Marina took the chocolate-coloured bars deep into their mouths, sucking and licking, whilst their vaginas were ravished by quick savage lunges at the other end.

The painful burning in Polly's loins washed through her nerve endings, heightening the excitement of sexual arousal. Her muscles tensed. The coil of frustration tightened. Her loins trembles and shuddered. The shout of triumph behind her, the sudden burst of sperm in her passage, the several thuds against her sore buttocks, brought on her own orgastic surge. It enveloped her senses, sending currents of agony through her.

At the same time, the dam burst in the phallus between her lips with another cry of victory. It jerked deep into her throat, erupting its spouts of sticky sperm. She heard vaguely the cries of Marina as her friend's orgasm ripped through the spare body, impaled on the huge spear of dark male muscle. Before her cries were ended, Marina's violator yelled his discharge into the sweet tightness, crashing his rough groin against her slender, bruised buttocks.

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