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Pontoon Boat Party


Ever since Katie fucked the pool boy, she's had her eye on younger guys. Of course, that is fine with me as we are as open to new stuff as any couple around. We never went out specifically to find somebody for her, but she obviously saw plenty of potential any time she was out and around. She was even checking out some younger ones of 18 and 19 years old. For some reason, she seemed even more interested in that age group as opposed to the 21-24 year olds. Maybe it was because she was a high school teacher and she was around them all day, but either way was fine by me.

I was just as excited about it as she was. I think it's totally hot watching my wife with somebody else. It doesn't matter if it's a man or woman; I am really into watching her with other people. The element of seeing the surprise of something new on somebody else's face is worth it all. When some guy realizes that he is going to get to fuck my wife with my approval, his expression usually says it all.

Katie had been getting some eyefuls of the younger guys, mainly our son's friends, while on the boat all summer. There is usually a big crew of guys and girls on our boats and no shortage of hot bodies. Katie has burned some holes in the lenses of her sunglasses, checking out some of the young studs that have become regulars. Of course the same has gone for me; just see the previous stories about Jenn and Lauren. I knew Katie was dying for some young cock, but no opportunities have risen. That's when I figured I would help her out. After a day on the boat with all these young studs, we usually have some extra intense sex at night. I can tell that being around all the young cock has gotten her hot and bothered, but I have not let on to her. I have allowed her to act out whatever she has been thinking.

Anyhow, the combo of the boat, lake and heat, usually make for some good atmosphere for some pre-fuck shenanigans. Katie and I planned on taking the pontoon boat out on a Wednesday, just by ourselves. We like the midweek stuff as the lake is never crowded and she is more willing to wear her super skimpy bikinis and we usually fuck like mad. With all the kid's friends, she usually wears bikinis that have more coverage as she can be quite modest despite her hotness, so I really enjoy our time alone. Or at least, SHE thinks our time alone.

Oh yeah, my wife is still quite hot for 44. She goes 5'-1" tall and about 120 lbs. She has nice full C-cup naturally saggy mom boobs and all the curves left over from giving birth to 2 kids. She is aging nicely with sexy lines and wrinkles that come with the 40's. She has had navel pierced for years, but recently she got a tramp stamp tattoo and her nipples and clit pierced. Her modest suits are thick enough, that nobody can tell, but me. But when she puts on one of her private suite, the piercings are quite obvious.

Anyhow, both our boys had full time jobs this summer, but several of their friends do not. It's not unusual for their friends to be at our house regularly, even when they are not home. Our house is like the grand central hang out area. Most of it has to do with Katie and I being labeled as the cool parents. I'm sure some of it has to do with Katie being a MILF too. Unbeknownst to Katie, I invited 3 of the guys to go boating with us. I picked 3 that I knew would most likely be up for the opportunity to actually follow through with my plan. I wanted to see her get fucked by some young guys and I didn't want any of them pussying out. None of the guys knew of my plan either, that's why I think the spontaneity was going to help out.

So Katie pulled out a very skimpy black glittery string bikini. The bottoms have a seam that runs vertical through the material, and it's designed to sit nicely into her pussy crack, giving her a huge camel toe. I helped her tie it high up on her hips and tied the top in big bunny ear loops. That makes it easier to untie in the heat of passion. Her boobs were spilling out and the outline of her nipple piercing was VERY obvious. The bottom was so tight in the crotch that it made her outer pussy area very meaty and bulge out. No way in a million years could anybody miss it. She put on a tight half top and some very short and tight terry cloth cheer shorts.

We drove to the boat dock with very little talk and began to launch the boat. The guys showed up right on time and she was somewhat surprised to see them. I could tell that she was just a smidge uncomfortable in the super revealing outfit and she was just getting ready to read me the riot act. I could also tell that the guys were very happy to be invited as they were blown away by how hot she looked. Their jaws dropped as she bent over to pick some stuff up and their dicks were hard immediately.

I told them to finish loading the boat and Katie and I walked around to the other side of the truck. They scrambled to pick stuff up, which helped hide their erections. She was quite mad at first, but very quick to realize my reasoning and my plan. "Why didn't you tell me that we were going to have company? I wouldn't have dressed like a total slut, and......." "Well dear, that is the idea, really. Think about it. You have been ogling over these guys all summer and then fucking ME like mad after spending a day on the boat with them. Sooooo.....Isn't that REALLY what you want? Some young cock fucking your sweet pussy. They've been checking you out just as hard all summer and look at the bulges in their shorts RIGHT NOW. So YOU TELL ME, what they are thinking about. Soooo.....tell me I'm all wrong and we'll just go home. " "Oh my.....NO WAY....I'M STAYIN." She proclaimed excitedly.

Just that quickly, her thoughts changed and she was smiling widely. She immediately straightened up and pulled her shoulders back with confidence and adjusted her outfit. She gave me a kiss and strolled over and climbed into the boat. Our pontoon boat is 27 feet and as it says on the side, it's the ultimate PARTY BARGE. And that is exactly what we planned to do.

The two bench seats up front fold out and combine to make a 10x10 sun pad. That's where Katie lays out when she is tanning and sometimes where we fuck when we wanna spread out. She unfolded them immediately so she could sprawl out on the ride to the cove. She knew the boat would be bouncing along and she wanted to give the guys something to think about on the ride over. She didn't even take off her cover ups just yet. She is just as sexy IN them as she is in the bikini, so there was no rush. She just put on her shades and reclined back with her arms spread across the top of the seat back and her legs straight out in front of her. Her tan body looked so gorgeous in the sunlight and began to glisten quickly due to sweating from the heat. Even with her shirt on, I could see the outline of her nipple piercings, but maybe that was just because I knew she had them. I was hoping the guys would notice.

2 guys were directly across from her and one on the bench seat behind me. The 3 guys I chose were Mikey, Frank and Rob. All 3 were18 and 19 and built rather well. Some had more muscles than the others, but none were huge. Frank was the athletic one, as he plays all 3 main sports in school. He actually wore gym shorts instead of wakeboard shorts that the other 2 wore. All 3 are tall and lean, with charming good looks. These are the 3 that Katie has mentioned in the past, as far as being the HOTTIES as she calls them. They have no problems getting girls, so I'm guessing they might actually hold up quite well.

All 3 of them had a hard time keeping their eyes off her as we cruised along. There was a nice breeze in the wide open and I made sure to hit any rough patches of water so her boobs would jiggle for their enjoyment. There was no shortage of jiggling until we finally pulled deep into the cove. It's so deep that we would be able to see another boat pull in and it would take 5 minutes for them to get through the NO WAKE zone to reach us. That's why we like it, very secluded and we never see anybody else in there. We anchored up and the guys wasted no time at all in removing their shirts.

Of course Katie didn't miss a thing as she was busy eyeing them up from behind her mirrored sun glasses. Just the perfect tool for people watching. Frank was still in back with me and the other 2 up front with her. When she decided to remove her cover up, she added some extra slowness and shimmying and shaking to get it all off. She slowly pulled her shirt off from the bottom. It hugged her boobs so tightly that they literally popped and tumbled out as it unleashed them. Then she turned and faced the front of the boat giving them all a show as she pulled down her ultra tight shorts. She again shimmied her ass and hips as she tugged to get them down and then kicked them aside. She had their attention and she knew it. They were all busy trying to adjust themselves inconspicuously in order to hide their erections.

She spread her towel and lay down on her tummy with her face mashed in a soft cushy boat pillow. Her body glistened in sweat from the hot sun. It was 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. There was a slight breeze, but not enough to really cool off. The water was the only way. She just lay there in her black glittery skimpy bikini just allowing the boys to feast their eyes. The bikini bottom is a RIO cut, which is designed to only cover half of her butt cheeks. With her ass being on the larger voluptuous side, it didn't even cover up quite half. Something caught the corner of my eye and I looked. I was surprised to see Frank with his legs spread and his hand on his erect tool. He wasn't rubbing it, but ever so slightly squeezing it. I watched for a moment as he was absolutely lost in lust.

Mikey and Rob tried to make small talk, but it was obvious they were having a hard time paying attention. All of the sudden, Frank reacted to me seeing him and a panicked look on his face, as he knew I was watching him. In a very quiet voice, he was trying to apologize pathetically. "Holy shit Mr. P, I am sooooo sorry, I didn't mean to be looking....." "Don't worry about it Frank, that's why she wore that outfit, so she could show herself off. I know you guys been checking her out all summer, so she decided to wear something REALLY SEXY in order to give you guys a treat."

He had a look of total surprise on his face, which quickly turned back to lust. He continued to squeeze his cock and stare at Katie's hot body. Right then, I knew Frank was going to be my main guy. If he was ok with rubbing himself to my wife's body, with me sitting right there, then there was no doubt he would jump at the chance to fuck her. Sometimes instincts just tell you exactly what you want to know. Mikey and Rob gave up on the talking and just did some staring. "Honey, I need you to rub some oil on me." She called out. And then her face went right back into the pillow. "Coming right up dear." I then whispered to Frank.... "Here you go, bub, this is your chance." I handed him some new strawberry FLAVORED body oil, which is not even a sunscreen, it is lickable body massage oil. She'll never know the difference and she will taste good while they are ravaging her sexy body at the same time.

Mikey and Rob got up and came to the back of the boat. Frank seemed to gather his thoughts for just a moment and then got up. I handed him the oil and whispered to him to enjoy himself. Mikey and Rob looked on in astonishment. They had not heard what we talked about and couldn't believe the Frank was going up to rub the oil onto Katie's body. The thing was, she didn't know it was going to be him, she just figured it was me OR maybe this is what she was HOPING would happen.

Frank climbed up on the lounge next to her and opened the bottle. He carefully poured some on her upper shoulders and then kinda froze for just a moment. We made eye contact and I nodded for him to continue. He inhaled deeply and layed his hand on Katie's back and began to rub in the oil in. Katie's body relaxed and her arms spread above her head. Frank had a great close-up view of her whole backside, including her wide mom hips and ass. He gently rubbed the oil all over her shoulders but not yet below her bikini strap. I gave him some sign language which indicated that he should untie the straps of her bikini top. He untied the top neck and back strap and lay them aside. Now he had access to her entire upper body above her waist band of her tight skimpy bikini bottom.

His excitement level must have risen as he had to adjust his raging hard on and then got on his knees facing her from the side. He had some renewed confidence and squirted more oil on her. He used BOTH hands now and was rubbing her with more enthusiasm and vigor. He allowed his fingers to trail down the sides of her torso and gently grazed the side of her boobs. He also seemed to have a nice sensitive touch around the sides of her waist as I could see her body slightly flinch while his fingers roamed there. He then moved on to her legs but seemed a little nervous with the inner thigh area. Other than that, he seemed comfortable as far as I could tell.

Katie loves having her back rubbed while I sit on her butt and straddle her. I motioned for Frank to do that and he quickly obliged. Still, Katie did not know it wasn't me, unless she knew but didn't say anything. Frank threw his leg over her wide hips and sat down on her ass straddling her. My cock was more than happy to see this and was aching hard. I turned to look at Mikey and Rob and they both had a hand down their shorts tugging away. Neither of them even realized I was looking their way as they were so engrossed in the action.

As Frank leaned forward to reach her shoulders, I knew that his cock was resting nicely up the middle of her butt crack. Sure enough, I could tell that she was squeezing her butt muscles which massaged his hard cock. She was still face down, enjoying every minute of the attention. She was squirming slightly every time he hit one of her sensitive spots and I could tell she was getting lost in the moment. After a while, she said her legs needed done too. Frank did a 180 and spun around to face me as her feet were pointing my way. He applied some oil to the back of her legs and began to slowly work it in. His started at her feet and slowly worked his way up her shapely legs. He got more oil and seemed to spend a lot of time on her upper legs and inner thighs. When I saw her whole body twitch, I knew he must have allowed his fingers to touch the material covering her pussy.

I was dying to find out if she knew it was Frank on top of her and we found out soon enough. I heard her say that it was time for her to roll over and do her front side. Frank looked at me and I motioned for him to just lift himself up and then sit right back down on her when she rolls over, and that's exactly what he did. Katie began to roll over and caught a glimpse of Frank. Her face went completely red for just a moment as she gasped in surprise. But just as quickly, she knew that he was doing good things to her and she just went right along with it.

Frank plopped right back down on top of her but was hesitant for just a moment. I got his attention and told him that Katie likes her front side oiled a very specific way. I proceeded to tell him what to do and then told the other guys to go up front for a better view. They weren't shy about hiding their grown bulges, and lunged for the sun pad. Katie sat forward and Frank pulled off her untied bikini top. Her big saggy mom boobs happily spilled out with a very sexy jiggle. Katie just giggled and lay back down with her hands above her head. She took her glasses off and licked her lips in a very seductively way.

That got Frank moving and he poured a generous amount of oil on her body, then smeared some on his stomach and chest. Frank did just like I said and lay down on top of Katie in a missionary style position. He used HIS upper body to apply the oil to HER body. He was more than anxious to slide himself all over her as his cock was getting some much needed pressure too. Katie just lay there and moaned ever so softly. Guys like to hear noises as it makes them feel as if they are doing the right thing. It was working for Frank as I could hear him moaning also.

Katie opened her eyes and was giving him some really slutty sexy looks and then said..... "Whaddaya think Frank? Do you like seeing your best friend's mom naked? I know you have been checking me out for a long time. Did you EVER think that this would actually happen to you?" Frank just kept sliding away; he did not even try to say anything. I knew that Katie wasn't really interested in a verbal response; she just wanted to make sure Frank was horny enough to seal the deal. I looked over to see Mikey had pulled his shorts down and was now stroking his full blown erection. His cock was nice and long, but a little slimmer than normal, but he was also packing a cock head that was much bigger than normal. Rob was beginning to move down to towards Katie's feet and I knew he was planning to get involved. He got some oil and began to work the front of her legs. He worked from her toes to her knees in no time at all and then repositioned himself to work her upper legs.

Frank stopped grinding the front of his body onto my wife's body. But I could also tell that something else was going on. Katie had her hand behind his head and pulled him in tight for a kiss. I couldn't see it, but I could tell that's what it was. She then let him go and he pulled himself up and sat on the side. His body was shiny with oil and his cock was straining for release from his shorts. He was breathing heavily and had a look of pure satisfaction on his face. Mikey was trying to readjust his raging erection, when Katie saw him.

"Here Mikey, come on over here and let me help you with that." Mikey's eyes lit up like Christmas and he kicked his shorts all the way off and crawled over to my wife's side. He was up on his knees with his proudly sporty his full 9" thin dick. Katie wrapped her hand around his shaft and began to slowly jerk him off. Katie had now spread he legs in order to allow Rob better access to oiling up her inner thighs. His hands were a flurry of excitement as he was beside himself with the fact that his hands were between the thighs of his friend's hot mom. Occasionally, his fingers would brush up against her pussy, as I could see her legs twitch from the contact and she would inhale a deep, but unholdable breath.

Rob had untied the sides of Katie's bikini bottoms and seemed to be planning his next move. He slowly slid his body up so he was completely on top of Katie and she began to kiss him deeply. It didn't last long as he started sliding down and was kissing down the front of her throat and neck. She pulled her head back, giving him more room as his tongue explored her sweaty oily body. He dove right in to her boobs, but in a very unrefined way. He was not the most experienced guy and it showed in his delivery. She didn't care as this was just going to be some carnal animalistic fucking and she was not in need of top quality foreplay. She was just happy to be getting some 19 year old cock and wasn't going to be bothered with trivial stuff.

Rob attacked her tits and twirled his tongue all over her pierced nipples and then worked his way down her tummy. His tongue was all over and he made plenty of sucking and slurping noises. She loves that sound and it really gets her going even more. He flicked his tongue across her smooth belly and even her belly button charm. His hands were caressing her hips and waist and she looked so sexy yet so slutty just laying there allowing him to do this. She was pushing her pelvis upward, in an attempt to get him to notice and did. He peeled down the front of her string bikini and was greeted with my wife's naturally bald pussy with her newly pierced clit. He froze in amazement for moment and then went to work.

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