tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 21

Pool Boy Ch. 21


After cleaning up from Alexis' squirt in Emma's car, I sent the video of my marriage proposal to Alexis to her mother. I knew my Mom would be sitting on pins and needles so I went home to tell her that everything went fine and play the video for her. She doesn't have a smart-phone so I had to rig up some other way to play it for her.

When I got home, I went straight to my room and got out of my suit and took a quick shower. I would take the 'squirt' stained suit to the dry-cleaners tomorrow. I put on my robe and went to the living room where Mom was anxiously awaiting the story. I had sent the video to my email and I played it for her on my laptop. Dad was more interested than I expected and he stood right behind Mom as she watched. She was all smiles as the video got to the part where I went to one knee. She loved Alexis' "YES" response. I showed her how to play the video and she played it over and over while Dad and I went and sat down. The ballgame was on and we watched it together while Mom wiped tears from her face watching the video over and over again.

Alexis decided not to tell her sister, Dee about the proposal. She just sent my video to her in an email with no explanation. Dee called her later in the day and called her an 'ass-hole' for not telling her. She loved the video though. Alexis also sent the best of the photos taken by the lady at the restaurant. Dee commented on that too, "You guys are a gorgeous couple. I'm having this framed."

Nothing was ever said about a double-wedding with Dee and Jarrod as Emma had predicted. It was only a week away after-all. Alexis was glad about that because we had decided that we would get married next June and live together off campus. She had been accepted at State University and was going to study Retail Merchandising. I had worried so unnecessarily earlier in the summer.

Alexis and I did our work as usual and on Thursday before Dee's wedding on Saturday the stars aligned when Sophia and Olivia were poolside when we arrived to clean Olivia's pool. To say the least there was no pool cleaning going on. We just dropped our equipment and buckets and headed for them as they stood to greet us. Olivia knew the situation and she came directly to me leaving Sophia and Alexis to mingle.

Olivia came up to me and peeled my tee shirt off. I bent down to accommodate her efforts. She pressed herself to me and kissed my nipples which instantly hardened along with my dick forcing it out of the leg of my shorts. She knew what would happen and her hand went straight to it without even looking. She jacked on it like she was pulling on a rope and it felt great. I bent down to kiss her and my hands went to cradle her monster tits. She giggled into my mouth as we maintained a passionate kiss. I glanced over at Alexis and Sophia to see if they were already into it. They were talking and eyeing each other like they were sizing each other up. Alexis had that look on her face.

Olivia broke our embrace and dragged me by my cock over to Sophia and Alexis. She said, "Why don't we make ourselves more comfortable inside?" Olivia led the way towing me along behind by my cock. Sophia took Alexis' hand and led her along behind me. When we got to the back door I turned to see that Sophia and Alexis had stopped ten yards behind and were basically mauling each other's faces. I wondered if they would even make it into the house. I couldn't linger to watch because Olivia didn't even slow down.

Olivia was untying the bows of her bikini as we walked and piece by piece was dropping to the stairs as we climbed to the second floor. Olivia has an amazing body and the view from behind her was fantastic. My cock grew harder in her hand as I watched her ass swaying erotically from side to side as she took the stairs. Alexis and Sophia were not behind me.

Olivia did not take me to 'My Bedroom' as I had called it ever since it was used as sex central during a house/pool party hosted by Olivia and her husband Ron earlier in the summer. She towed me directly to her bed and climbed up on it dragging me closely behind. She was breathing raggedly in anticipation. She went directly down onto her back and splayed her bent knees wide. Her face and chest was red from increased blood-flow. The red face framed by her platinum blonde hair was quite a contrast. Her tits were hard and her nipples erect and long. She released my cock and pushed her arms under side-tit and guided both hands to her sopping wet pussy. One hand folded back her labia as the other worked gently on her clitoris, which was puffy and erect. I used the time to strip out of my shorts.

She was staring at my bouncing cock as I sat back on my heels. She wanted me to eat her pussy and so did I, but I teased her to get her to tell me what she wanted. She finally did but I wasn't done teasing her as I pushed myself off my heels and bent forward to kiss and lick my way slowly up from her ankles, to the inside of her calves, to her knees. I maneuvered so I could kiss behind her knees and Olivia groaned. I knew that was an erogenous zone for her. I continued up the top of her thighs and then to her inner thighs. She watched every move as her breathing started to catch in her throat.

I slowly moved my face into her crotch and lightly kissed my way up her pussy lips which she was still holding open with one hand. She was gasping for oxygen. I flicked my tongue along the length of her middle finger to her clitoris and she screamed hard, "OHHH FUCCCK. YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAAAZZYYYY. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR COCK." I didn't comply with her wishes. At least not right away. I still had some 'driving' to do first.

I flicked my tongue twice on her clitoris and she involuntarily humped her hips up both times. I dragged my curled tongue off her clitoris and down her pink folds to her anus and pushed my tongue onto her rosebud. She screamed when I touched her there as her head pivoted back on the bed to lift her torso upward and her hips pushed hard into the bed. Then her hips launched upward and her torso collapsed back to the bed. I lost contact with her rosebud so I flicked my tongue furiously all the way back through her pussy lips to her clitoris again. She screamed again, "OH SHITTTT. I'MM GGGONNAAA CCCUMMM. OHH FUCK. YOU KNOW JUST HOW TO PLLLAAAAYYYY..." As she was finishing her sentence, I drove the tip of my tongue as deep into Olivia's pussy as I could.

Olivia exploded into a massive orgasm as she exclaimed, "AAAIIIIEEEEEE" and then "UUNNGG. UNNGGGG. UNNGGG." Her hips were bouncing and swiveling. Her legs straightened and then bent again as they clamped around my neck and shoulders pulling me into her. Her hands grabbed my hair and pulled hard. It hurt, but I was busy and ignored the pain. Her pussy was sucking my tongue in and pushing it out in rapid succession. I smiled to myself. Olivia was experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm of monumental proportions. She didn't stop. She kept right on going for almost two minutes. I tried to hold her in place so I could maul her pussy and clitoris but she was gyrating in such spastic contortions that I couldn't. I rode out her orgasm as best I could and was kind of relieved when she started settling down. She continued to gasp for air for another five minutes.

I decided to let her recover before moving on to the next phase. She released her legs and they collapsed to the bed on either side of me. Other than her chest, which heaved up and down, she wasn't moving. I lifted her legs and maneuvered my legs under them and moved my hips up close to hers. Olivia's pussy was still bubbling vaginal juices onto the bed. As she continued to descend from her immense orgasm, I bent my cock down and dragged the glans from her clitoris to the bottom of her pussy. She groaned at the sensation.

Around her ragged breathing, in a demonically deep voice she said, "If you don't put that cock in me right now." She didn't finish the sentence. I pulled my hips closer to her with my feet dug into the bedding and drove my cock all the way to the bottom of her fuck tunnel. Her torso shot up like she was doing a sit-up and she screamed again, "OHH MYY GAWWDDD. TOOO BIGGG. YESS. YESSS. FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME."

I took her hands and pulled her the rest of the way up to a sitting position straight into my lap with my cock buried deep in her. I moved my hands to her hips and pulled her hard to me. She groaned out with the extra penetration, "JESUS CHRIST. I CAN"T GET USED TO THE SIZE." She started flexing her hips driving them on and off me. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled her mammoth tits tight to my chest. She was doing most of the fucking now as I could only rock my hips under her.

I hadn't noticed when Alexis and Sophia appeared but now they were sitting naked on the edge of the bed watching us. They were fingering each other's pussies. Alexis had a huge smile on her face as she watched Olivia and me flexing our hips into each other. When she saw me looking at her she said, "Olivia is some kind of smoking hot, isn't she?" I could only nod as my orgasm was approaching fast.

Alexis knew very well the symptoms of my orgasms so she tried to help me hold off by standing up on the bed and straddling Olivia's sitting body standing with her pussy in my face. I instantly buried my face in her crotch. Alexis was nearly sitting on Olivia's head, but she wasn't aware of Alexis' presence as her mouth hung open and her eyes were closed. She was gasping for air as she vigorously pivoted her hips into mine.

I concentrated on Alexis' pussy as I drove my tongue into her pussy before having to pull back to gasp for air myself. After a couple heaving breaths of air, I went back to eat Alexis' pussy. I took note that my orgasm had pulled back some. I knew it was still there but right then I wanted only to get Alexis off. She was soaking wet with her juices running in a stream down her thighs. I slurped up what I could.

Alexis' legs were beginning to buckle as she stood there with one leg on either side of Olivia's body sitting in my lap driving her pussy onto my cock. Sophia was trying to figure out how she could get in on the action. She decided she couldn't and she sat there on the edge of the bed watching as she fingered her own pussy.

I was intimately familiar with Alexis' orgasms and I could tell she was about to blow. Her knees quaked and I steadied her by grabbing the back of her thighs and pressed them against my shoulders. She was spread wide in this position and I ramped up my attack on her pussy while letting Olivia work the fucking motion. I knew Olivia was getting tired but she kept at it until she screamed out simply, "I'MMM CUMMINGGG AGGAAIINNNN."

I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my cock and then release before doing it again and again. In spite of my concentration on Alexis' pussy, my orgasm rushed forward again and I groaned hard into Alexis' pussy. I increased my pace on her pussy and began flicking her clitoris and that was it for her as her hips launched forward into my face and then back as her torso came forward. She screamed, "MEEE TOOO." Her pussy clenched on my tongue pushing it out. I pushed it back in and her clenching pushed it out again.

Her stomach folded and came down on the top of my head and she used it as a pivot point to maintain her position so she wouldn't hurt Olivia by falling on her. I started a low growl of a groan that increased in pitch and volume as my orgasm built higher and higher before I yelled out, "OHHH FUCCKKK. MEEE THREE." I thought my guts were exploding out of my cock into Olivia's pussy. I groaned hard through every shot.

Alexis recovered enough to pull one leg over Olivia and collapse to the bed beside Sophia whose attention immediately went to Alexis' throbbing pussy and bubbling vaginal juice. She pushed her lips to Alexis' pussy and began flicking her tongue and sucking and almost immediately, Alexis rolled into another orgasm. I was fascinated by how quickly Alexis could go from one orgasm to the next. I was still embroiled in my own and my attention quickly returned to Olivia. She had stopped moving and her chin had fallen into her cleavage. I couldn't see her face but she was mumbling something unintelligible. I lifted her chin and kissed her lips. She reciprocated as more of an autonomic response. The lights were on but no one was home. Then Olivia did what I was hoping she wouldn't. She started to fall backward bending my cock down as she went. It had softened some so my cock was more willing to bend that way but still, I had to sit up to relieve the strain.

Once Olivia had settled on her back, I was able to pull my cock from her pussy. Now Sophia saw her opportunity and she sprang into action. She grabbed my cock and stuffed it between her lips. Even though it was softening, Sophia struggled a little bit with the size. She pulled off the head and looked up at me and said, "If I can get it back up again will you fuck me?" I glanced over at Alexis who was lying on her side watching the action. Sophia face turned to Alexis with a pleading look on her face. Alexis nodded and smiled. I guess it was to be expected; all my women were now going to ask Alexis for permission to have sex with her fiancé.

Sophia pushed her lips over the head of my semi-hard cock and after a moment she started down the shaft. She got about half-way before she gagged. My cock was growing harder as Sophia stroked both hands in counter-rotating motion. She was grinning around my cock as she knew that she was going to be riding my fatty in a few more minutes.

Olivia was coming back to life as her breathing became normal again. She sat up and was also watching Sophia working to get my cock up again. Alexis and Olivia glanced at each other and grinned as Sophia was making headway (pardon the pun). In two more minutes I started fucking Sophia's mouth. She marked her gag point with a hand so I couldn't force too much cock into her. After a couple minutes of this, Sophia pulled her lips off and lapped the underside of my cock from my balls to the head and then lay back on the bed between Olivia and Alexis. She had her knees pulled up together so her thighs were together and feet were in her crotch. From that position, I knew what she wanted from me.

I grabbed her ankles and lifted them up over my right shoulder as I moved my cock into position at the entrance to her pussy. She tried to lift her head high enough to watch what I was doing but she couldn't see over her tits and her thighs were in the way anyway. Alexis maneuvered herself around behind Sophia's head and lifted her head to her lap. Alexis was in perfect position to molest Sophia's tits and she didn't hesitate.

Sophia's pussy was soaking wet as Alexis tweaked her nipples and I was lining up to fuck her pussy. I dragged my glans from her clitoris to her anus and then moved to push into her. She was grinning at me and then up at Alexis as I pushed in. She groaned hard from the moment my glans pushed in until my balls rested against her anus. Alexis grinned at me and mouthed the words, 'give it to her hard'. I smiled and started to do just that.

I drove my cock in and out of Sophia's pussy for several minutes. I switch up the pace and the amount of cock I was fucking her with. She went nuts when I fucked her with just the glans at a furious pace followed directly by several deep penetrations. She violently shook her head from side to side as she screamed, "DO IT. HARDER. I'M GOING TO CUM. OH FUCK. YES." We both were gasping for oxygen as I furiously drilled her pussy. My orgasm was imminent and when Sophia blasted in to hers, I exploded into mine. Torrents of cum rocketed up my shaft and Sophia screamed hard with each one as she drove her hips up to get as much penetration as possible. Her orgasm seemed to gently wash over her like a wave at the beach. She wheezed air from her lungs and gasped in deep breaths. I finished blasting cum into her and stayed deeply imbedded as her orgasm continued for another minute. Slowly, Sophia's breathing returned to normal and I pulled my softening cock from her. Cum followed me out and both Alexis and Olivia jockeyed for position to collect it and feed it to Sophia who eagerly lashed their fingers clean with her tongue.

I got off the bed and found my shorts and pulled them on. My tee shirt was out by the pool. Olivia leaned in and kissed Sophia and then Alexis before moving off the bed. Her bikini lay on the stairs. Sophia and Alexi's clothes were somewhere else only they knew. Olivia and I went down the stairs as Olivia stopped briefly to put her bikini on as she retrieved the discarded top and bottom. I found my tee shirt by the pool and was pulling it on as Alexis appeared dressed in her bikini. She pulled on her shorts and blouse. Sophia didn't come back out.

Alexis and I kissed Olivia and returned the equipment and chemicals to the van. With the upcoming wedding, we wouldn't be back for a few days. Alexis glanced back to see if Sophia had come out. She was disappointed that she didn't.

I drove Alexis home and we both went inside. Emma was in the kitchen. We sat at the Breakfast Nook table and talked about Dee and Jarrod's wedding plans so everyone would be on the same page. I was to ride with Emma and Alexis tomorrow afternoon so we would be there for the rehearsal and dinner. Emma went down the list of family who would be in attendance. I didn't know any of them so I wasn't too interested. Alexis didn't know many either or hadn't seen them in many years. Alexis did remember her Aunt Jane, Emma's older sister, but hadn't seen her in nearly ten years. Alexis asked how she was.

With a roll of her eyes, Emma gave us the lowdown on Jane, "She's two years older than me. She has naturally red hair but God only knows what color it is now. You'll recognize her; there's a strong family resemblance."

I interjected, "So she's gorgeous too?" Emma smiled, cocked her head and threw me an air-kiss across the table.

Emma went on, "She definitely has all the right parts in the right places. If she finds out that Hunter has been "servicing" her sister, she'll want in too and she won't relent. She always tried to steal my boyfriends away ever since high school. Jane has been divorced three times and has one step-daughter, Julia, who is twenty-two and very attractive. She'll be there too. I don't think Alexis has ever met Julia before."

Alexis said, "I don't think so. She sounds delicious." Emma grinned and nodded. "We'll have to make sure Aunt Jane and Cousin Julia discover our family secret about Hunter." Both Emma and Alexis turned their attention to me and Emma pushed her bare foot up into my crotch and rubbed it up and down my burgeoning cock.

The next day started out the same with the two morning pools and we finished well before noon. I had my newly dry-cleaned suit that I had bought in Las Vegas and the rented Tuxedo for the wedding hanging in the van along with a small suitcase. We would probably stay over at Dee's apartment on Sunday and do some city sights and shopping. Dee and Jarrod would be on their honeymoon in Paris. We grabbed a quick lunch and drove back to Alexis' house. I removed a set of clothes for today and transferred my suitcase and garment bags into the trunk of Emma's Mercedes. Alexis went to her room to get changed and I grabbed her and Emma's suitcases and garment bags and put them in the trunk as well.

By the time Emma and Alexis had dressed and put on their best makeup we were behind schedule. When they came down the stairs together the wait was well worth it. They were both stunning. My cock went instantly hard in my pants. Emma noticed the bulge and said, "Now that's the kind of reaction I was going for." Alexis laughed. She walked up to me and threw her arms around my neck and stretched up to kiss me. I picked her up to me instead of bending down to her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and humped her hips into my crotch a few times just to feel my hardness on her sex. Emma walked on by and said, "Come on you two. We're late and you've got plenty of time for that on the way." Alexis giggled through her lip-lock and then pulled her head back. I set her down and accompanied my two beautiful ladies to the car. Emma drove and Alexis and I got in the back seat.

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