tagGroup SexPool Boy Ch. 33

Pool Boy Ch. 33


After leaving my folk's house with Thia standing in the open door still licking cum from her lips and fingers we discussed how Alexis was going to approach the next phase of "Thia's awakening", as I called it. The only thing set in stone at this point was that we would pick Thia up at noon tomorrow "for lunch".

Alexis thought bringing Thia into an orgy with a number of gorgeous women would lead to Thia and me getting it on, which is what Thia had asked for. I wasn't so sure the orgy was the right way to go. I didn't want to totally freak Thia out. Alexis countered that Thia was comfortable with Lesbian sex as long as she was being led into it.

I was surprised when Alexis told me that Thia had never initiated sex with another woman; she had only allowed herself to get 'picked up'. That didn't seem like Thia's personality at all. I had read that people's professional personalities and sexual personalities could be completely opposite. Strong, dominant professionals were often extremely compliant in bed. I guessed that must be the case with Thia.

We decided that we would have a conversation with "Swami-Emma". She knew all, saw all and did all. She would provide some good insight; as always. We drove in silence again. I was thinking about Thia. Yesterday, I could hardly stand her. Today, she'd sucked cum from my cock and tomorrow we're supposed to fuck. Holy shit, what a transition? Well, I liked her better today than yesterday and I probably would like her even better tomorrow. The same was probably true of her feelings about me. At any rate, she was good with Mom and Dad and that's what mattered most to me.

When we got home, Olivia's and Sophia's cars were gone and Jarrod and Dee were just coming down the driveway. We stopped and talked through the driver's side windows. Jarrod said that they were just going into town to do some shopping and they'd be back in an hour or two. We all nodded and we continued on our way.

Emma was relaxing in the study with a cup of coffee when we walked in and sat down on the sofa. Emma asked about my visit with Noah and I confessed that I was concerned about him. Emma smiled and sipped her coffee and then said, "Noah is a dear boy and that about sums it up. You and he are the same age and I would never refer to you as a boy."

I said, "I think he needs a kick in the ass to get his motor started." Emma smiled that knowing smile of hers and said nothing more about it.

Emma turned to Alexis and said, "How's Thia? I assume you guys went shopping or to lunch or something."

Alexis gave her a devious smile which prompted Emma to pull back from her cup and looked over at me and then back at Alexis with a look that said, "What did you do?" I deferred to Alexis and shrugged my shoulders.

Alexis told her mother the whole story from the car ride home from the Airport to a half hour ago. She even went back to the night in the bathroom when I was eleven. She didn't leave out any of the details and my cock was hard again from reliving her story. Emma didn't interrupt once but she did ask a few questions when she was done. They were insightful questions that made Alexis and me think about the potential consequences of our actions. In the end though, Emma agreed that Thia was a troubled young lady and based on the responses so far, we probably had done some good.

Emma thought that since Thia had got to the critical point of asking about intercourse with me with just the three of us involved that we should continue along that path. Emma was always up for an Orgy, so she thought maybe, when Thia was fully engaged with me and Alexis that other's might 'accidently' get involved without freaking out Thia.

As Jarrod and Dee walked into the Foyer from the backyard, Alexis and I agreed we would follow Emma's advice. Emma said that she'd bring Dee and Jarrod up to date with the plan in case the 'orgy' part of the plan came to fruition. As Dee and Jarrod walked into the Study, Alexis said, "We're going to take a nap. What time is dinner?"

Emma said, "The usual; seven o'clock." I checked my watch. It was a little after four o'clock. We said, "Hi and bye," to Jarrod and Dee as they came in and we went out.

We started our "N-A-P" with a long hot shower the way we like it except in reverse. We started with me sitting in the middle of the expansive tile floor under the streaming water. Alexis stood in front on me with her feet on either side of my hips. I dragged my fingertips up the inside of her thighs and she trembled and steadied herself with her hands on my face. Her inner thighs were another erogenous zone of hers. As my fingertips approached her sex, her lower lip dropped open and she hunched forward. She clenched her teeth and seethed air and out through them. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back into the cascading water. I sat up straight and dragged the tip of my tongue around her navel. Alexis groaned and pulsed her hips forward as my index finger found her erect and very sensitive clitoris.

I scrunched my posture lower so I could drag my tongue down Alexis' flat tummy and into her sex. Her breathing increased as I got closer to my goal. I gently clamped my spread fingers on the perfect globes of her ass and pulled her hard into my face as I drove my tongue across her clitoris and into her pussy. Her entire body surged forward and snapped back as she groaned, "Oh fuck. The 'hooded-monk' is really sensitive." I giggled into her pussy. I knew the term but I hadn't heard her use it before.

My cock was rock hard and bobbing up and down in my lap. I ignored it. I wanted to get Alexis off where she was before she slid down my body to take me inside her. I held my hands on her ass and flicked my tongue like a feather on her clitoris and then pushed it into her pussy. I ran my little finger to her anus and pushed the tip inside and Alexis let out a scream of pure pleasure. She bent down at the waist to rest her tits on the top of my head. She gasped and whimpered, "Baby. Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum. I want you in me. Please." I ignored her request and drilled my tongue in as deep as I could and pushed a little more of my little finger into her anus. She surged back up to a standing position with her hands behind my head with two fists full of hair in her hands.

Her entire body began trembling. She was driving my face around in her sex with her hands. Her tits were firmed up with hard nipples. Her chest was flushed red from blood coursing through her. She was breathing very raggedly with sudden gasps for air seething through clenched teeth.

Then it was there and her hips started firing. Her legs started to go but I held her up by her ass-cheeks. Her pussy shoved my tongue out and I pushed it back in. We did this for a minute or so before her clenches began to lose power. Her vaginal juices were flooding out of her. I lapped up what I could and the rest drooled down her thighs to the tile floor.

I pulled my face back and looked up at her. Her face hung with her chin on her chest. She was desperate for oxygen as her chest heaved carrying her tits along for the ride. I slowly let her slide down my front until she got what she wanted. I guided her right onto my cock and she screamed as her pussy engulfed my glans. She was so wet she didn't need any lubrication and my cock slid right in. I put the brakes on as she settled onto the fattest part and then I let her drop into place sitting on my balls. She groaned hard and her mouth opened in an "O" as she moaned, "Oh my gaaawwdd. That's awesome." She didn't move and neither did I other than to flex my cock eliciting another moan. Her head pitched forward and rested on my shoulder. I kissed her on the neck and nibbled her ear and she groaned and used her legs wrapped behind me to pull herself on to my cock as far as she could. I flexed again and she giggled into my neck. She whispered, "You are an evil, evil man." I flexed again and she flexed her vaginal muscles back.

I placed my hands on Alexis' tits and moved them around in a circular motion dragging her nipples around in my palms. She moaned from that action. I couldn't tell how close she was but I was getting close. As my balls cinched up tight to my body and my cock hardened, Alexi's knew I was about to blow. She started rocking her hips driving my cock in and out and I locked up into a mass of muscles as a groan slowly escaped my throat. Alexis rocked her hips so I was fully imbedded and a "GGGAAAAHHHHHHH," burst from me as I launched a series of long powerful ropes of cum into Alexis' pussy. The increased girth pushed her over the top of her orgasm and we were spontaneously humping all over the shower floor.

I was in the process of pumping my load into her when I suddenly felt the urge to change positions. I gently pushed Alexis backward to the floor and swung my feet around and got between her raised knees and drove my cock in as hard as I could and Alexis let out a scream, "YEEESSSSS. YESSSS. YESSS." My cock never came out of her. I was pushing as much cum out of her as I was pumping cum in. My muscles were still clamping hard and releasing. I launched at least ten salvos of cum. Alexis' pussy clamped and released many times as if she were milking my cock.

Water was pouring down on my back and it was starting to get cold. I leaned down and kissed Alexis passionately and whispered, "I love you." She smiled and kissed my nose. We stayed like that until the water was cold and we pulled ourselves up and shut the water off. I threw a plush terry towel around Alexis and hugged her naked body against mine.

When we were dried off we got into Alexis' bed. We had spent nearly an hour in the shower. We had come up here for an "N-A-P", which was code for afternoon sex followed by an actual nap. We had the sex and it didn't take long to drop into a nap.

I woke to the sound of a truck in the driveway. That incessant beeping when a truck is in reverse is very annoying. I lifted Alexis' hand off my flaccid cock and went to the window that looked out onto the driveway. I guy, probably in his mid-forties, with huge burly arms was stepping down to the pavement. He slammed the driver's door and "Grove's Specialty Equipment" was printed on the door. The guy went to the back of the truck and slid up a garage type door and pulled himself in. I could see a large box push out the back. The guy jumped down and pulled the box out. It didn't appear very heavy as he easily lowered the box to the pavement as it slid from the truck. He gauged the center of gravity and carried the box toward the front of the house. I lost sight of him then.

Curiosity was getting the best of me so I pulled on my clothes and quietly left the room. As I was coming down the stairs Emma was leading the guy and box up the stairs. I backed up and stood out of the way as the box turned the corner heading down the hall to Emma's bedroom. Emma stood to the side as the guy turned the corner. She grinned at me. She had an excited look on her face. She said, "An early Christmas present to myself." She followed the box down the hall and disappeared into her bedroom.

I stepped around the top balustrade and came down the stairs. Jarrod and Dee were standing by the table in the center of the foyer looking at a piece of paper. It was an invoice and when Dee saw what it was for, her eyes went wide and she raised her hand to her mouth. She mumbled through her fingers, "Oh my God. Mom's gone around the bend." I looked over her shoulder and read, "Contents: Deluxe, 4 strap Sex Swing w/tubular steel frame Qty: 1". I smiled down at Dee and headed for the kitchen thinking, 'Emma. You never cease to amaze me.'

Jarrod came into the kitchen heading for the coffee maker. He smiled and said, "My Mother-in-Law is fucking awesome." I just nodded and leaned against the counter while Jarrod poured his coffee and then we both walked past Dee, who was still standing in the Foyer with her hand to her mouth gazing up the stairs. Jarrod said, "Dee, get used to it. Your mother is a freak."

I added, "And I love her for it," was we went by. Dee broke her gaze from the stairs and followed us back into the study. Emma had discussed Alexis' plan for Thia for tomorrow and we talked about it for a while. They knew that they were kind of on stand-by if the circumstances worked out. I or Alexis would let them know when and if the time was right. I could tell that Jarrod was hoping they would get involved. Dee had disengaged from the conversation and was sitting there staring at the ceiling like she had X-Ray vision watching what was going on in her mother's bedroom.

It had been nearly an hour since the box went up the stairs and the guy had not come back down. Without a spoken word, we got out of our chairs and headed for the stairs to see what was going on. I brought up the rear and as I got about halfway up, a loud scream pierced the silence. Dee took the last five stairs in a blur and raced down the hall to Emma's closed door. We were right behind her. Dee grabbed the door handle and was turning it when another scream came from behind the door. Dee pushed the door open and we all followed immediately behind it.

We all came to a stop about three feet into the room as we saw a naked Emma inside a black metal frame with her ass in a sling, another sling was under her shoulder-blades and one strap each going down to her calves. She was laid out horizontally at the guy's crotch level, slightly bent upward at the waist. The delivery guy was standing with his back to us. His hands were on Emma's lower thighs swinging her forward and back as he drove his cock into her pussy. He was groaning as hard as Emma was. She was completely trapped in these straps and completely at the mercy of the delivery guy. Her eyes were closed and she had a delirious look on her face as she swung forward and back.

The guy must have sensed our presence and turned toward the door. He let out a yell when he saw us and immediately pulled his cock from Emma. She pulled herself up by the straps to see what the problem was. Dee yelled out, "Mom! What the fuck are you doing?" Jarrod and I looked at each other and grinned. It was pretty obvious what Emma was doing.

Emma stayed right where she was and said, "What does it look like I'm doing? Delivery Guy here, (I don't even want to know what his name is) set this thing up and I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. He is showing me how it works. Do you mind?" Dee started to protest but Jarrod took one of her hands and I took the other and we basically dragged Dee out into the hall. As I stepped back to the door to shut it, Emma had stretched forward in her sling and grabbed the guys cock and pulled it back toward her pussy. I apologized and gently shut the door. In seconds, the groaning started again.

Dee didn't go willingly. We had to pull her down the stairs. She kept looking back and saying, "What if he hurts her. She can't protect herself like that." Her points were valid but we deposited her on the sofa in the study anyway. She kept staring at the ceiling again listening for any unacceptable sounds. I admit that I was paying extra attention too.

Alexis appeared in the study doorway. She had sleep lines and a confused looked came on her face. She looked at us and then at the ceiling like Dee was doing. Alexis said, "If you two are down here. Who the hell is upstairs fucking Mom to death?"

In perfect synchronized stereo Jarrod and I said, "The 'Delivery Guy'.

Dee turned away from the ceiling and said, "He could be hurting her." I walked out to the Foyer and pulled the Invoice off the table and handed it to Alexis. She glanced at it quickly and then did a double take. Her eyes went wide as she read the invoice out loud as if her ears had to confirm what her eyes just read. Jarrod and I just laughed.

Never ceasing to amaze me, Alexis looked up with wonder on her face and said, "Baby. We have to try it." Jarrod exploded in laughter and I immediately followed. Alexis' face burst into a grin. She looked down at the invoice again and then lifted it to show me, like I hadn't seen it already.

As if on cue, another loud scream drifted down from above. Emma was screaming, "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE. I'M ALMOST THERE. FUCK ME." Moments later Emma screamed, "OH GAAAWWDD. YESSS. I'M CUMMMINGGG. KEEP GOING." We all giggled. We were pretty sure Emma was in no danger from 'Delivery Guy'.

Several minutes later we heard the back end of the empty box thumping down the stairs. Seconds later 'Delivery Guy' appeared in the study doorway with one end of the box in his hands. He was gasping for oxygen and said, "Sorry about that, but whatever the customer wants, they get. We at 'Grove's Specialty Equipment' aim to please. No request is ignored." He gave us a stupid grin and seconds later the front door opened and slammed shut. We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. In a mimicking voice, Jarrod repeated his last sentence, "No request is ignored," and then he mimicked the guy's parting grin. We exploded in laughter again, just as Emma, dressed in a bathrobe, walked in as nonchalant as if she were bringing in a bowl of popcorn. We went silent and grinned at her. She grinned back with a look of 'what are you guys grinning at?'

We all started talking at the same time. It was total chaos. Dee went to her mother and hugged her. When she went to kiss her on the cheek, she pulled back and said, "Mom you've got cum on her face. How did you get cum on your face? Emma dragged her fingers along her cheek and smiled as she stuck her fingertips into her mouth to clean them. She went back for more.

Emma said, "Well. After he set it up, he was showing me how the swing worked and I just couldn't get it." She grinned and stuck her fingers back in her mouth. "So, he was giving me a live demo when you assholes burst in. After that he had me right there on the edge and he said that he didn't want to cum in me and started to pull out. Anyway, I had a mind-blowing orgasm and he pulled out. Then he spun me around in the swing and showed me another position as he guided my head back and he pushed his cock into my mouth as she swung me on and off his cock until he came." She scooped some cum off her chin and pushed it into her mouth. "Huuuummm, not bad."

True to form, Alexis burst out, "When can I try it?"

Emma looked at me and grinned, "You are going to have a lot of problems with this one," as she pointed at Alexis.

I smiled at Emma and then at Alexis and said, "Nothing I can't handle. She's just like you and I love her for it." Emma got the compliment and blew me an air-kiss.

Emma turned back to Alexis and said, "You can use it anytime you want. It kind of lets you lie back and luxuriate in the sensations. You're partner moves you where he or she wants you and you can make effortless adjustments. Getting into it and out of it is a bitch though."

Emma stood up and said, "Well, if we are going to have dinner on schedule you guys will have to get it started. I need a shower." As she got to the stairs she shouted back, "I was planning on open-faced turkey sandwiches."

I looked at Alexis and groaned, "I'm turkeyed out." Alexis smiled and headed for the kitchen with Dee right behind her.

Jarrod said, "We've got to be the luckiest bastards on the planet for stumbling into this family." I laughed and thought back to how that happened. So much had happened since that day but it all seemed like yesterday.

We talked about sports and whether he was still working at the Pizza Shop. He was. He really enjoyed meeting different people. I asked if he ever had another encounter like that night that he delivered Pizza's to us at Dee's condo and got pulled into a mini-orgy with Dee and Alexis and me.

Jarrod said, "Once. She was a middle aged woman maybe Fifty. She answered the door in the nude just like Dee did that night. She was pretty good looking for her age. Her body was primo. She dropped right to her knees and pulled my cock out and blew me right there on the front stoop. She collected my cum in her mouth and then opened the pizza box and drooled cum all around the pizza. I zipped back up and she handed me the money. I took it. As the door swung shut I could hear her yelling in a smoker's gravely voice, "Yaahhh Ma. It's the pizza guy. Hold on to yourself, I'm coming." I remember thinking as I walked down the steps to the sidewalk, 'I think I did the coming." I burst out laughing from his story. He had mimicked the woman's voice as he told it. Jarrod continued, "I told Dee about it when I got home that night and she nearly freakin' raped me, she was so hot." We both laughed.

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