Pool Party


It all started one morning, when my neighbor, Lauren, came by to use our pool. Now this wasn't the first time she'd come over - she's welcome to take a dip anytime she wants - just part of the way we grew up in suburban Virginia. But today was not going to be like any other day.

I guess first I should explain about Lauren. She's lived next to me and we've been friends for over 10 years. I've grown up watching her grow up. And boy has she grown up! At the age of 18, she's now about 5'5", with long, dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and very shapely legs. Oh, did I mention her perfect D cupped rack?

We used to play games after school and hang out all the time, but after we made it to high school, we'd grown apart. Like any red-blooded male, I'd still love to find out just how fine that body had become, but my luck with girls has not been that great. Mind you, I don't think I'm much different from other guys my age - I mean, I'm 6'2, blue eyes, brown hair, broad shoulders, and not scary to look at - but perhaps it was my choice of friends; mostly music geeks. So without a band, I didn't take much time to go after girls, and so they didn't go after me.

Well anyway, as the day started, Lauren came by, like many of the neighborhood kids, to sunbath and take a dip on a hot, 90-degree day. It felt like a wave of heat when you went out the door, thanks to our high humidity, but at least it hadn't made it up to 95 degrees yet. I waved hi to her as I started up the lawn mower and paused as I watched her unlock the fence door - we all know the combo, but it keeps the little ones from getting into trouble - and then went back to mowing the lawn. Today it was a hot job.

As I got through the front half acre and started on the back, I needed a drink, so I went in through the fenced in pool area toward the kitchen in the back.

"You look like you could use a drink," Lauren yelled after me.

I muttered, "And you need some lotion on those tits." But apparently she heard something, since she looked down to her cleavage as I opened up the sliding glass door and stepped into the kitchen.

As I fixed myself a tall glass of lemonade, I caught another glance of Lauren, adjusting her bathing suit - it was a black two-piece, Brazilian cut, which really showed off those long legs. She was frowning at something, so I decided to be chivalrous and bring her a glass of lemonade before I finished off the whole pitcher.

Walking back out and opening the slider, I stopped in awe as I watched Lauren reach into her suit top and adjust her breast, pausing to make sure of a snug fit, and repeating the process with the other side. I decided to adjust my shorts because of the snugger fit now and close the slider loudly watching as she jumped - her tits jiggling away as she settled back down and slipped her sunglass back on, watching my approach.

"I thought you looked like you could use a drink too, Lauren," handing her a glass of ice cool lemonade.

"Thanks, Dave, that was sweet of you!" She exclaimed, sitting up and taking it from my hands. She took a quick sip and sighed, then pressed the glass to her cleavage, against her pink skin, and shivered as the condensation dripped down her chest.

"Ahhhhh, that's much better."

"Um - perhaps you'd better use some of that sun tan lotion after all?" I inquired.

"Do you have any? I ran out." She said, tipping her sunglasses up so I could see her sparkling blue eyes.

"Of course, you need only ask, my lady," I said, bowing dramatically, and dodging the poorly attempted kick as she added, "And bring out the rest of that lemonade too!" I hopped back to the kitchen and grabbed both the lemonade and some suntan lotion - some new stuff, my sister Karen had bought, that smelled like raspberries.

Bringing them both back out, I noticed Lauren had turned over and was stretched out on the lawn chair. I took a moment to reflect - seeing her tanned body, stretched out on the lounger was definitely a sight, the hint of those luscious breasts pushing at the straps of the lounger, her long hair up in a ponytail, so I thought - why not? It's not like she'll hit me...probably. I refilled her glass and asked her, "You want me to spread some of this on your back?"

"Umm, sure - go ahead - I could use the help." She replied.

I gulped, but went and got another lounger and slid it over next to her and poured some lotion on one hand, then spread it between my hands to warm it up, and finally, a little nervously, began spreading the lotion on her hot skin.

Oh my - and it was already hot and very smooth - I covered her upper back and began spreading some over her shoulders when she murmured something softly and undid the ties to her top, letting me spread the lotion evenly all over her back. I started to knead her muscles as I massaged the lotion onto her skin, and, as it got more murmurs and no screams, massaged my way over her arms and down to her ass.

Not quite daring enough to massage that upturned ass, I started at the bottom with her feet - her toes cutely manicured and painted pink, she actually moaned lightly as I pressed my fingers into the soles of her feet, and moved my way up her ankles to her calves. Taking my time, kneading her strong calves, then behind her knees - again another soft moan. Caressing the backs of her knees and moving slowly up her thighs, kneading deeply now, feeling the knots in her muscles straighten and her body relaxing total.

Now was the time - I supposed it wasn't the only time I would be in this position, but at the time I certainly thought it was - I moved my hands up to her hips - and over the thin fabric of her swimsuit. Massaging her gluts and hearing her moan a little louder as I did.

She actually said something intelligible at this point, "Mmmmm is that raspberry? I just love raspberries." she said in a lusty, low tone, and turned around, holding her suit top against her breasts with one arm as she looked up into my surprised eyes.

"So tell me, David, are you as good on the front as you are on the back?" she practically cooed.

I shifted in my seat, my hard on making it's own showing, "I...think so, Lauren. Why don't you lay down and we'll see?"

She eyed me carefully, a little smile curling the edges of her lips, then lay back down on the lounger. I noted that she didn't tie her top again, but let it lie loosely on her chest as she put her sunglass back on and relaxed.

I started back at her feet again, and began rubbing in more lotion on her ankles and calves - she lifted her legs so I could massage all over each one this time. I moved up to her knees and lower thighs, and she began to moan softly again. I noticed now that she had adjusted her swimsuit so it was tight against her pussylips - you could see them through the front of her swimsuit, as well as the wet spot growing there.

I continued massaging up her thighs, skipping over her swimsuit, and began on her abs - they weren't exactly defined, but her whole stomach was smooth - except for her bellybutton, where a little silver stud ran through, topped by a small diamond. As my hands made their way up her belly, I finally slipped my hands up beneath her top and began caressing her breasts. Her breath caught in her throat, but she did nothing to stop me. My cock bulged in my shorts while my hands began squeezing her full breasts, massaging in circles. I could actually feel her nipples pressing hard against my palms as she arched her back to meet my groping hands.

At this point, I felt something I never expected - her hand rubbing the front of my shorts. Now it was my turn to moan out loud, as I let my fingers find one of those hard nipples and gently rubbed and squeezed until she grabbed my cock through my shorts and squeezed - and now we both moaned.

Her top dropped off her chest as her body trembled, the signals being sent to her brain from her nipples causing her brain to go haywire. I merely held on for the ride and stoked the fire. I leaned down to take a hard nipple between my lips, licking and sucking on it, before biting it gently - the sharp squeeze of my cock telling me to be careful. But I couldn't help myself, as I tugged on her nipple with my teeth, then kisses my way up her breast to her neck, her back arching again, as I began kissing her soft lips. This girl that I'd dreamed of, finally in my grasp and locked in a passionate kiss.

My tongue swirled over her glossy lips as my fingers continued to dance on her nipples, her hand now boldly unzipping my shorts even as my tongue slips inside her mouth. Our tongues dancing together like wildly snakes, as I feel her slender fingers wrap around my steely erection. We both moan into each other's mouth as the hot day's temperature turns to an inferno.

As our kiss get more heated and passionate, my hand makes its way down over her taut stomach and to her swimsuit, my fingers massaging their way beneath the thin fabric and down across the landing strip - guiding my way to her pink folds. My fingers find her outer lips, wet with excitement, and easily push between them to find the source of her heat. They move up and down, along the length of her slit, before teasingly pushing slowly inside her - my tongue mimicking my finger's movement, and her own mouth sucking it in, encouraging me.

I don't even recall feeling her slide both my shorts and jockeys down, but by skill or by pure lust, she now has a firm grip on my naked sword - stroking it slowly as my finger pushes inside her hot pussy, my thumb staying outside and working its way up the folds to find the hot button at the top. Her whole body jumps and her hand tightens around my cock as my thumb touches her clit. Like a jolt of electricity hitting her body, she opens her mouth wide in a scream drowned out in the passion of our kiss. Her body begins shaking and her moans just seem to erupt through her mouth as she orgasms for the first time in my arms.

I slow my movements a bit as she gains control of her muscles again, and begins to stroke my cock in earnest. She pushes my hand away from her as she breaks from our kiss and kisses my neck and chest, unbuttoning my shirt and licking my nipple before working her way down my stomach to the hardness standing at attention before her. She looks up into my eyes and smiles mischievously, her fingers wrapped around the base, before licking the underside of the head - then swirling her tongue around it several times, before finally sucking the head into her mouth. She begins to quickly bob her head up and down, twisting and turning, slurping audible as she sucks, forcing moans of enjoyment from my mouth as she turns my knees into mush.

I somehow manage to sit down on the adjoining lounger and she climbs between my legs to continue her assault on my senses. She begins to rub her breasts over my thighs as she bobs her head up and down, pausing to look at me with the tip of my cock pursed between her lips, then swallowing the entire 7" down her throat without pause - clearly this is something she's either thought a lot about, or has practiced more than once!

Her bobbing head is driving me to oblivion quickly, but just as I swear I'm going to black out from orgasming, she stops and holds the base tightly, telling me, "Not yet, David - I've got to feel that incredible cock in my pussy first!"

Well, not being in a position to object, I watch as she strips off her bathing suit, climbs onto my lap, and lowers her wet pussy down onto my cock - resting her lips against the tip. Then she looks into my eyes, smiles, and lowers her body, piercing herself with my rock hard erection. Her eyes rolling back into her head, my hands reach up to squeeze her incredible breasts as she lowers herself further with every squat. Finally, after several cycles, her pelvis touches down against mine - my cock buried deep inside her hot, wet pussy - the head pulsating wildly, precum leaking from the tip.

She begins moving up and down on my cock, and slowly gyrating her hips, massaging my cock with her inner muscles, as I do my best to keep up, pushing up against her body and rubbing her erect nipples with every thrust. Her moans louder now as we both start to move in rhythm. She leans down and we kiss again, my hands moving over her back and caressing all over her soft skin, all the way down to her hips and squeezing that perfect ass.

She murmurs, "Fuck me, David...please... make me cum again," as she bucks wildly. I kiss her harder again as I fuck her with all that I've got, finally reaching down to rub her clit again.

She begins to squeal in acknowledgement, her muscles contracting on my cock, doing her best to take me with her as we both spiral out of control. Our motions now primal, instinctual, my cock slamming up into her clenching pussy, as she screams into my mouth as her second orgasm rocks her body, her uncontrolled spasms causing my cock to erupt in ecstasy - shooting jet after jet of cum deep into her pussy, making her body shudder yet again as she feels the onrush of cum filling her.

Her body finally begins to slow to a crawl as she sits, firmly planted, on my spent cock, still spasming inside her pussy. The last few streams of hot sticky cum leaking down her outer lips and onto my lap. I feel her body finally falling limp into my arms as her fingers find my hands and quietly slip into their grasp.

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