tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 08

Pool Payments Ch. 08

byTx Tall Tales©


Chapter 08: Kayla's Private Tutelage


Lisa called me on my cell on Monday.

"I've missed you baby," she told me softly.

"And I've missed you, incredibly." I answered.

"I know what you've missed," she giggled.

"You. All of you." I answered.

"So Beth tells me that we're giving Kayla lessons? And I hear lesson one didn't go half bad."

"That's the plan," I confirmed. "And it went pretty damn good. The poor girl needs a lot of teaching though."

"So...I thought we could come over Wednesday." Lisa rushed on, "Beth will take the pool watch, while we give Kayla lesson number two. Is it a date?"

"Wednesday - you've got it," I told her.

"I know I'll get it. And I'm looking forward to it. Love ya." And with that she hung up.

* * *

It was getting crazy. The more sex I was getting, the more I wanted. I was counting down the hours until I got to play again. Beth took care of me during the day on Tuesday, once more back on schedule, and limiting my access to her sexy and eager mouth. I wasn't complaining. Her mouth was quite the treat.

Traci was another beneficiary of my enhanced libido, and fortunately she was more accommodating, making Tuesday night an adventurous one. The old formulaic missionary 10 minutes of foreplay and sex had been about all we were up to for the last few years. Nothing wrong with it, but the excitement had gone. We were becoming boring. Sex was becoming boring. I mean, how wrong is that?

Lately things had been picking up. Changes in position, changes in foreplay. Ventures into discussing what we were feeling. All a change for the better. But laying in bed afterwards, I still found myself anticipating the next day's adventures. I was never one to fantasize about someone else when I was with my wife, or with anyone else for that matter, but things were changing.

Wednesday finally arrived, and my pool guests showed up once more. Beth arrived early, with her brood in tow, and the neighbors weren't far behind. Jill was back, wearing her one-piece again, and when she saw me looking at her she smiled and gave me a wink. Kayla showed up with her little one just before lunch, and the ladies took a break to feed the crowd.

I was dying for Lisa to show up, but by 3 o'clock she was a no-show, and my time to play was running out. The outfits Beth and Kayla were wearing were fueling my fire, and I needed to vent before I spontaneously combusted. Kayla seemed to be getting more nervous as the afternoon wore on. Beth finally suggested Kayla and I retreat indoors and keep ourselves busy until Lisa showed up.

I invited my latest pool member up to my office, which had the advantage of being furthest from prying young eyes. It also gave me access to the cameras to follow what was going on in the backyard.

I took Kayla by the hand and drew her to my couch.

"I must say, Miss Kayla, you've been an excellent student so far."

She smiled, sliding into her role easily. "Do you really think so, Professor Alex?"

"Most definitely. But I dare say a review of your lessons so far might be in order." I leaned forward and started unbuttoning her shirt.

"Gee, Professor, it seems my clothing might be in the way. Would it help if I removed them?"

"See, that's why we need to review the lessons. Removing the clothing is often best done by the partner. The uncovering can be very exciting." I finished opening her shirt, which was all that was covering her small bikini.

"Thank you, Professor, for clearing that up. Should I do the same for you?"

"In time, my child, in time."

She allowed me to remove her shirt, and when I reached behind her to unsnap her top she leaned forward to give me easier access. With her upper body bared, I was once more reminded how attractive she was. She settled back into the couch, and I followed, kissing her and reaching for her full breasts. Large full breasts. They fit my hands perfectly. Perhaps I exaggerate; they were much more than a handful, but the feeling of holding them was perfect.

We'd only been together a couple of times, but already she was becoming more open to my actions. After a couple of minutes of playing, she pulled away and sat up.

"I believe, Professor, it might be a good time to review my independent studies." She smiled and pulled my shirt off, then went after my shorts. She quickly had me naked, and went straight for my hard-on.

All thoughts of the absent Lisa fled my mind as lovely Kayla put her latest lessons to the test. She still wasn't up to any of her competition, but she was remarkably willing and eager.

"Sir?" she asked, taking a breather, "How am I doing?"

I stroked her hair and guided my cock back into her warm mouth. "You're doing well. Very well." I told her, "Still, more practice wouldn't hurt."

She spent several minutes working over my cock, and I had to admit I was enjoying it immensely. "That's wonderful Kayla. You've almost got me there."

She drew back again, releasing my cockhead with a audible pop. "This is harder than it looks. How does Beth ever get you off so quickly?"

"Practice, darling child. And with practice, I have no doubt you'll give her a run for her money. Especially with our Research Associates Beth and Lisa giving you guidance." Once again I fed her my cock. "Time for our Pop Quiz."

She went back at it with vigor, sucking me deeply, and putting her hands to excellent use. It only took another minute or so to yield the expected results, and I gave her fair warning. "That's it, gorgeous, I'm there."

I exploded in her mouth, strongly, and she only choked a little before she drained me. She swallowed it all, and went back to cleaning me with her mouth.

"Jesus, Kayla, are you sure you're new to this?"

"You're the first and only for me," she admitted shyly.

"A solid 'A', Miss Kayla, you are a natural. And if you were to continue what you're doing just a bit longer, I believe we can move on to your main lesson for today."

She stood and removed her bikini bottoms, standing naked before me. "Thank you Professor." She dropped to her knees and took up the sucking once more. Damn, she looked good like that.

Once she had me hard, she let me climb between her legs, guiding my hardness into her. She was moist and ready. With the head of my cock poised at her entrance, I moved it around rubbing against her before slipping just the tip inside.


"Yes, dear?"

"Be gentle," she asked softly.

"I'll try, but I can't guarantee it. Once I'm inside you, I might get a little carried away."

She gave me her little smile, "I trust you."

Silly girl.

I slid the full length of my cock inside of her in one smooth stroke. And so the lesson began. It was as I expected. Once I had my shot at her, I found myself fucking her thoroughly, moving her body around freely, trying different positions and angles, and just enjoying myself. I was still trying to be attentive to her needs, and when I found a position that was especially good for her, I pounded her until I felt the onset of her orgasm. One of my goals was to make sure this pretty young thing came for me hard and often. The first cry I wrung from her was a good start.

Even before she was fully recovered from her release, I had her bent over the arm of the couch, and fucked her hard from behind, this time satisfying my own lustful needs. She felt great, engulfing my cock, and I grabbed her full ass cheeks and pounded her relentlessly to completion. I was rewarded by another cry from her as she trembled beneath me. I forgot her rules and shot deep inside of her, filling her with my burning seed.

She moaned, feeling my cum fill her. "Oh Professor, you shouldn't." But she stayed there, open to me, allowing me to finish inside of her. I kept up the screwing, after I'd come, sliding in and out of her, playing with her ass and watching my rod disappear into her. It had the effect I was hoping for, and slowly the stiffness returned to my rod, allowing me to pick up the pace once more. I closed her legs, my legs outside hers, and let the added friction stir me further, until I was fully ready to continue our play.

I pulled out, and laid on my back on the floor. "Ride me."

I guess her observations of me with Lisa and Beth were enough for her to know exactly what I wanted. She straddled me, messily, and lowered herself back onto my stiffness. Then I sat back and let her do what she would.

She took to it like a duck to water, fucking herself on my resurgent rod. When I had her gasping and sweating, I grabbed her ass and fucked up into her as hard and fast as I could. She cried out, and threw her head back, while I pounded one last orgasm out of her. After that I took her back to the couch, climbed on top of her, and had a nice long leisurely ride, until I finally managed one last half-hearted release of my own, filling her, and collapsing on top of her.

I eased my weight off of her and slid to her side, holding her close. "That was nice," I told her, bathing her face in kisses.

"Nice? God, it was incredible," she sighed. "I've never felt so thoroughly used."

"I'm glad. I think these lessons are turning out well. What do you think, Miss Kayla?"

"I think I should have signed up for these ages ago. Do you think we might make it more than once a week?" she asked.

"I believe we can make that happen," I assured her.

"Great. Maybe next time you can lick me again," she said, hesitantly.

"Sounds like a plan," I told her.

We returned poolside shortly after that, and the party broke up soon after. Lisa was still a no-show. Just the excuse I needed to push her boundaries once more.

* * *

Thursday was a quiet day. Most of the kids were out and about, and the pool was underutilized for once. I was pretty glad, so much activity had me falling behind at work, and when I had a little peace and quiet, I was appreciative.

Don't get me wrong. I was also MOST appreciative of the distractions that were helping to cause me to fall behind at work.

Late afternoon, I was surprised, startled really, to find Kayla at the door to my study.

"Hi, I called out from downstairs but you didn't answer," she said standing in the doorway, looking just a tad nervous.

I reached out and turned down the speakers on my computer. "Listening to some background music. I didn't know anyone was here."

"Just me. You're backyard is empty for once," she said with a charming smile.

"What's up? Did you bring Eric by for a swim?" I asked, looking behind her to see if her little one was in tow.

"Nope. He's at the neighbors and I was out running errands. When I drove by and saw the driveway was empty except for your truck, I thought I might stop in for a bit." She seemed a little hesitant. "You did say you thought we could make the lessons more often than once a week. I've got a few minutes, and thought a quick bit of practice might be in order."

If I hadn't gotten the drift up to then, she made her point abundantly clear when she walked into my study and unzipped the top of her velour sweatsuit. She was wearing nothing underneath, and looked good that way. Her light-blue velour bottoms were tight and low on her hips. A simple bow held the waist string in place. I already wanted to pull that string. The peek-a-boo effect of the open top was pretty cool, too.

"Nice look."

She grinned, "I dressed with you in mind."

She reached her hand out to me and drew me over to the overstuffed loveseat in my office. I let her guide me.

She dropped to her knees and started pulling my knit shorts off. "I don't have a lot of time, but thought a quickie blowjob would be nice."

"I think that would be very nice," I admitted.

With my pants off, and my trouser buddy already responding to her attention, Kayla didn't even let me sit down before she had my cock in her mouth, and was doing delightful things with her tongue to get my attention.

Lisa was right. The girl was a natural.

Kayla was getting better with every try. She was mastering the ability to convince me that the only thing she wanted was to have my cock in her mouth. The noises and moans and wriggling she did while blowing me made it seem like she was enjoying the act as much as I was.

I finally had to sit back, before my legs got too wobbly, and she opened my legs and moved further between them, now licking my cock like an all day sucker. Her tongue was warm and active, teasing and bathing me.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax and just enjoy it. Most of the time, I'll admit it, even though sex was wild and amazing, there was a certain amount of effort to it, trying to control my urges to come, making sure my partner was satisfied, looking for positions that worked for both of us. I had spent a lot of effort training myself to last as long as possible, working the PC muscle, practicing resisting.

Not this time. This time I just let myself go, enjoying the work the beauty was putting into it. And it was wonderful. Within just a couple of minutes, I was enjoying the results of her practice and let her know.

"I'm there, beautiful," I told her, softly.

For Kayla, it seemed my words were added incentive. She went after me with added gusto, and was rewarded with a mouthful of my seed. She sat back on her heels, then opened her mouth, displaying her prize. She swallowed it all, then leaned in and carefully cleaned me up, and kept playing.

I was totally relaxed, after her delightful effort.

She giggled.

"What?" I asked, curious about her reaction.

"That was quick," she said, with a huge smile.

"Too quick?" I asked.

"No! I loved it! It was nice to be able to get you there so fast. It makes me feel like I'm progressing."

"That's definitely true. You're making incredible progress dear. You are getting really, really good at that."

She climbed up my body, sat on my lap and kissed me. "That's the nicest thing you've said in a while."

"You've earned it." I slid my hands in her top and massaged her full breasts. Her nipples were hard as rocks.

She looked at her watch. "I wish I could stay, I'd love to do that again."

"Do you really have to go so soon?" I asked.

She checked her watch. "I guess I could stay a little longer."

I reached forward and pulled on her pants string, letting her sweatpants tumble to the ground. Moments later I was pulling down her panties and guiding her to the couch.

She looked a little nervous. "We can't take all afternoon," she warned.

"I want you so badly, I doubt this will take all that long," I reassured her.

I opened her legs, and rubbed my cock against her. I was hard enough for penetration which was what I needed so badly. Once inside of my darling young protégé, the action of screwing her restored me to my full hardness.

"I'm going to have to ask you for your forgiveness now," I told her softly, kissing her, while I opened her up, my cock getting comfortable inside of her tight folds.


"I'm going to fuck you fast and hard, with no concern at all for your pleasure. I hope you understand."

"Do it, Professor. Use me."

There was nothing loving or artful about it. I pulled her legs back and fucked her hard, slamming into her for a few exciting minutes, until I felt the need for a change of position. I put her on her hands and knees and entered her again from behind, pushing a thumb into her exposed butthole, while my hips went into overdrive. God, she looked and felt to good. When I felt myself starting to get close, I picked her up roughly, turned her onto her back, pushing her knees back almost to her tits, and attacked her sweet young pussy, fucking her deep and hard, all thoughts centered on my own need.

She was staring up at me, eyes wide, gasping, as I hammered out my release. She groaned and thrust up against me, eyes fluttering as she came, surprising me. I leaned over her, keeping her legs pushed back, and sliding my cock in and out of her for a long while afterwards. I leaned in and kissed her and was amazed at her passionate response. When I released her legs, she wrapped them around me, squeezing me in their embrace. We kissed softly like old lovers.

"That was kind of scary," she said softly.


"The look on your face. Like nothing was going to stop you. All that mattered was pumping me full of your juice."

"See what you do to me?"

"God, yes. It was intense."

My cock was enjoying its sojourn, slowing moving back and forth, the friction and warmth slowly restoring some hardness. I felt my movements lengthen, as the gentle rubbing became a more thorough penetration. With each outward movement, her legs pulled me back in for more.

I lowered my face to hers, and we kissed again, playfully, exploring, merging, our mouths mating.

She pulled me close, hugging me, as my hips kept up their time-honored ritual, no longer quite so playful.

"You really enjoy being with me, don't you," she said softly.

"I love it. I love being inside you."

"I love the way you fill me, the way you make me feel."

"How do you think you make me feel?"

She smiled at that. "I hope it's just as wonderful."

I knew we were already working in overtime, but I didn't want it to end. Looking down at the pretty young thing, so open to my attentions, made my heart pound with desire.

I had just meant to play a bit, but now I was determined to get off one more time. I sat up and turned her onto her side, pushing her legs together, and thrust into her more aggressively. The added tightness was exactly what I'd been seeking. I closed my eyes and concentrated all my senses on where my cock was penetrating her. I accepted her moans as rightly mine, and used all my length on her, gradually speeding up, until I was fucking the cute blonde for all I was worth. I grabbed her upper thigh and pulled her against me, driving into her hard, fucking her with a fury, until I blasted inside of her again, pushing as deeply as possible and feeling my cum leak into her.

I pulled out and collapsed backward on the couch, gasping for air.

She just lay there, slowly straightening her legs out, rolling onto her back and sighing. "You're spoiling me, you know."

"You're worth spoiling."

She looked at her watch. "Shit. I really wish I could stay."

"I wish you could as well."

"You'll have to wait until tomorrow. We'll see if I can't impress you then." She got up pulling on her panties and sweats, and finally zipping her top closed.

I was looking forward to it.


Lisa's turn. And she pays for being late.

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