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Pool Side Fun


It all started back when I was about 20. I had only moved out of the family home a couple of months ago and moved in with my 23 year old cousin Trent. Since I moved in with him we had been doing everything, getting blind drunk every weekend. Since I had no job I just sat home all day looking for jobs. The summer holidays came around and we were trying to get some jobs to do round the town because we both had holidays. Trent got a job cleaning pools for family friends when they were away for the holidays.

One morning I woke up and got up had a shower and because it was so hot I was just walking around in boxer shorts. Trent got up later and did the same. He got a call later that day saying that the people that he was cleaning the pool for were leaving earlier than they had originally planned. So the next day we had to clean their pool.

After a couple of days of summer it was getting really hot so we ended up taking bathers and going for a swim before we cleaned the pool. As weeks went passed we began getting better known to each other and learning about things that had been happening and what has happened over the last few years.

A couple of weeks later we didn't really have anything to hide so instead of taking bathers we were just naked. His big 6 inch cock just flopping around while we were swimming and talking.

One day we were talking about some heavy stuff and then it just popped out. I swam over to him and it hit me. His rock hard cock just bounced against my stomach. It felt so good and then I looked down and saw I had a hard on as well.

Now I had never had this sort of feeling around another male but this felt so good and didn't feel wrong because we were ok with each other. We went into the shed after to get the things out that we needed to clean the pool. We realised that we were both still naked and that we both still had hard cocks just sitting there vertical while we were running around after each other with the poles and stuff. We quickly covered ourselves up and ran back into the shed laughing.

The shed had a lot of things in it including the pool cleaning equipment, a lawn mower and some gym equipment including a machine that u pull down a bar from above your head.

When I got into the shed I remembered I left some of the equipment outside and that I had better get it. While I was outside I ran back to the car to find my phone. While I was in there I looked into the glove box and found a pack of vibrating condoms and some lube. Then I thought that he didn't have anything on and no girlfriend. I took them back inside with the rest of the stuff. I had told him that I was going be a while because I would have to check my phone and put some stuff back in the house. I took the gear to the shed and found him on the weights with his cock in his hand. I walked over to him and pulled my pants off again because the shed was beginning to turn into a sauna. As my shorts hit the floor I remembered the condoms and lube in my pockets. I bent down deliberately showing my hairy hole to him. Picked up the lube and condoms and showed them to him. He went bright red and I just laughed.

I sat on the other end of the machine he was on with my legs on his. As I crept up I could feel his leg jumping. When I got close to him I bent over and licked the head of his cock. He shuddered and moaned. I then licked all around the head until it was dripping wet. I then put the whole head in my mouth. By now he was rock hard again and his cock was throbbing in my mouth. I sucked on his head for about 30 seconds and then felt his hand reach around my back and rub over my hole. I went down on his cock swallowing the whole thing. I kept it at the back of my throat while I played with his balls tugging on them as I moved my head up and down. When he was going to blow his wad he rammed his cock down my throat and blew a load of hot cum straight down my throat, then pulled his cock out and dripped the rest on his stomach while I licked it off.

After he blew he told me to turn around and get into the doggy position. I turned around and felt his finger rub over my hard cock and rub over my hole. I grabbed the lube and put it through my legs and he grabbed it. He put a couple of drops on his finger and then on my hole. He placed the tip of his finger on my hole and pushed it in a little way. I moaned in ecstasy. He left it there for a little while then put it in further. He worked it in further and further. Every millimetre felt better and better. After he had his index finger completely in me he started pulling it in and out slowly and then putting it right back in before it was completely out.

He got faster and faster and then soon my hole was as loose as I had ever been. He pulled his finger right out and put some more lube on my hole and then I felt two fingers in my. Again he began slow and worked it over. He pulled them out and placed two fingers on each side of my hole and began to pull it open more and more until it was wide open. Then he told me to get a condom out of the packet and help him roll it over his cock that had hardened since he blew his wad in my mouth 30 minutes earlier. I rolled it over and he told me to turn around and lean back onto his cock. As I bent backwards I the top of the lube bottle go into my hole and then a couple of quick cold squirts of lube in. Then he pulled it out again and put some on his cock. I grabbed onto the handle of the weight and lowered myself onto his cock.

Then I felt him swirl his cock around my hole then pop the head into my hole. I turned around to face him and moaned as he thrust his hips upwards which forced his cock into my tight ass. I jumped up and his cock nearly fell out so he pushed up just to keep it in. I slowly eased back onto him and moaned. I slowly slid down onto his cock taking it right into my ass. I let it sit there for a minute and then bounced up again but the sensation wasn't as good as when it went in. Once again I went down slowly and bounced up and down. Then I felt the vibrating tip of the condom hit deep inside me which sent a wave of excitement through my body. I got faster and faster and then he suddenly tensed up and I felt him slid his cock right out and pull the condom off and blow his load once again but this time into my gaping hole. With my hole full of cum he put his fingers in and swirled it around. I sat up higher and the cum dripped out onto his face as he licked my hole.

I got off of the machine and stood at the end. He slid to the end placing his ass high. I bent over and licked him hard. Without hesitation he handed me the lube and a condom. I pumped the lube a couple of times on his hole and put two fingers in straight away. Next thing I heard was 'oh fuck yes fuck me hard'. I pulled my fingers out and rolled the condom onto my hard throbbing cock. I got the lube and placed the tip in his hole and pumped away. I pulled it out and quickly put my cock in there so that it didn't close up. I put the head in first and he demanded me to go as deep as I could. I started out slow and he began to hump my cock so I went faster and faster. Then he yelled to me' fill my ass'. I took my cock out and started to pump away. Just as I was about to cum I put my cock out of the condom and out it into his ass and filled it. He sat up and put all the cum onto the seat. We licked it off and sat together just holding each other's cock in our hands. We gave each other hand jobs without saying anything and blew onto each other and then licked it off.

We went out of the shed naked and jumped into the pool and cleaned everything off. We got packed up and finished everything off and got back into the car.

Since then we have gone our separate ways but when we have family reunions it always ends up hot and sticky. Our other relatives don't know about us and that is the way it shall stay.

I would like to know how everyone enjoyed my story or didn't and how many people came while reading it. I know it took me four attempts to write it because i had to go and see Trent or shove a butt plug in my ass and jack off.

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