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Poolside Awakening


Susan awoke at the sound of light jazz. Her eyes fluttered open, and she gazed at the clock on the nightstand. She was pleased that it was only 9:35 a.m., and she slowly sat up in her queen size bed. The sun shone brightly through the curtains opposite her, and she surveyed the room. Her leather mini, stockings, and heels were tossed in the corner, which was out of character for her. The previous night slowly inched its way into her mind, and she was overcome by a feeling of warmth.

Out to dinner with a new friend of hers from work, drinks at the bar, and then off to the new lesbian bar. Susan remembered how she drank a little more than her usual amount, but she felt no ill effects as she awoke. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair. She thought of Kelly, her new friend, and of the woman Kelly had introduced her to, Natalie. The three of them had had a great time, not staying out to late, and being careful to take cabs home. "So responsible," she thought, and she giggled to herself. Susan remembered their faces, the touching, and the closeness.

Her hands moved to her thighs, and she was feeling the first waves of arousal running through her body, which seemed to escape through her toes. She quickly pondered the idea of masturbating, but dismissed that notion as she new she had invited Kelly and Natalie to her house for a relaxing day by the pool. Susan stood up, and walked to the full-length mirror, admiring her body. At 33, she was still in excellent shape. At 5'7" tall, and a slim 115 pounds, she was glad she still made it a point to go to the gym, even though she hated it at times. Susan felt her nipples harden, and could not resist pinching them with her fingers.

Her eyes trailed downward to her furry mound, and again, the thought of masturbating slammed into her mind. Her perky breasts felt full, she slowly spread her legs. Pulling her hands away, she again resisted the temptation. She walked to her bathroom, turned on the shower, and stepped under the warming water. Susan could not wait for her friends to get there.

As she showered, she thought of the women in her life. She felt totally convinced that her life as a gay woman was going to be the change in her life she needed. Men, she hated them now. There never once was a successful relationship. They used her for sex, and she wanted more. She wanted closeness; she wanted passion. All of these thoughts raced through her mind, and she stepped out of the shower, feeling more refreshed.

Back in her bedroom, Susan donned her white thong bikini and sarong. After a light breakfast, she cleaned the patio area around the pool, grabbed her favorite Ann Rice novel, and waited for her guests to arrive.

Around 11:00, Susan heard the car pulling up her driveway, and again, a sudden wave of pleasure seemed to run through her body. Shaking it off, Susan slipped into her sandals, and she welcomed Kelly and Natalie to her home. The three women went into the house, and Susan gave them a quick tour. They exited the house onto the back patio, and Kelly and Natalie were entranced by the beauty of the pool, the swim up bar, and the floating recliners.

Kelly loved this scene. Susan and her had only known each other about ten days, but they had become friends very quickly. At 35, Kelly had always loved women, and the day that Susan had started Kelly was quick to introduce her. Very professional dress was required at the advertising agency, and Kelly was entranced by the sexy business attire Susan wore her first day. They had gone to lunch together every day, and the attraction was evident. A blond herself, Kelly wore her hair long every day, which Susan found extremely erotic. Short, at 5'3," and busty, she had sexual charm, which every woman longs for.

After a week, the women had come out to each other, telling each other of their experiences and desires. They had made the date for that Friday, and gotten to know each other even better. Kelly had introduced Susan to Natalie, one of her best friends. Natalie, at 45, was the most experienced of the three, having been divorced twenty years earlier. "This is going to be fun," Kelly thought.

Susan dropped her sarong to the patio floor, and strutted to the pool, stepping down behind the bar built into the pool. As Kelly and Natalie peeled off their shorts and t-shirts, Natalie looked up in time to see Susan's pretty buns split by that white thong. She pointed this out to Kelly, and the two women smiled. Natalie wore a red one-piece swimsuit, and her nipples had already begun to show through. Kelly wore a black thong bikini, and she dove into the deep end. Natalie walked down the steps, slipping into the pool gracefully. As they swam up to the bar, Susan had already made the first round of magaritas. The women talked, laughed, flirted, and each one was getting more turned on by the minute. They all decided to relax in the deck chairs under the hot sun.

Giggling, Kelly removed her bikini top, and Susan did the same. Natalie simply enjoyed the sight of the two younger girls removing their tops, and losing all inhibitions, she promptly removed her one-piece. She knelt between Susan and Kelly, and slowly rubbed tanning oil all over their breasts, tight stomachs, and legs.

Natalie could feel herself getting moist. In her twenty years of being solely into women, she had experienced 3-somes, four-somes, even six-somes, but this was something else. Her short dark hair contrasted well with the two blondes. Her large, beautiful breasts seemed to swell up and down as she breathed. Her nipples were incredibly hard, and she reveled in the sight of Susan and Kelly lying before her, nearly nude. She knew she wanted them both. She would have them both.

Susan's mind was racing now. Natalie's hands were carressing her breasts, and Kelly had begun to rub her left thigh. "This is fantastic," she thought. Susan had been with only a few women before, in a sexual way, but this was beyond her wildest dreams, and she was going to take full advantage of it. She reached down and placed her fingers lightly on Natalie's clit, and slowly began a tantalizing rubbing motion. Nearly at the same time, Kelly roughly grabbed Natalies hair, and pulled her mouth to her lips. Natalie moaned as Kelly french kissed her. Her legs spread wider as she kept her kneeling position. Susan could feel the wetness of Natalies pussy, and moved a little faster, watching as Kelly and Natalie kissed. Kelly swirled her tongue inside of Natalie's mouth, and soon Natalie's fingers found the mounds of each of the girls pussies, moving her fingers up and down through their bikini bottoms.

Natalie then broke away from Kelly's kiss. She stood, and took Kelly and Susan by the arms, light prodding them out of their lounge chairs. Natalie pulled them close, making sure Susan and Kelly each straddled one of her thighs. They all hugged each other, and then backed off a little to take in the sight of their breasts rubbing together, sweat dripping off them as they moved in an erotic lesbian dance.

Natalie grabbed a towel, and laid it on the edge of the steps leading into the pool. She then sat on the edge of the steps, and leaned back, motioning Susan and Kelly to move between her legs. The girls eagerly did so, and Susan moved in first, feeling the water wash over her as she held Natalie's thighs. This was to be her first taste of another woman in months, and she simply could not resist. She gazed at Natalie's pussy, loving the sight of her trimmed bush. Natalie's clit was already exposed, and Susan took Natalie in her mouth, swirling her tongue around Natalie's wetness.

Natalie moaned, and Kelly took Susan by the hair, watching her closely, enjoying the sight of Susan licking Natalie. She moved behind Susan, and began rubbing her own pussy against Susan's ass. She held Susan's firm breasts in her hands, and kissed her neck, all the while rubbing her pussy against her round ass. Susan kept on licking Natalie, up and down, teasing her clit, and slowly fingering her pussy. Natalie was moaning loudly. Her orgasm was nearing. Her legs were spread wide, muscles tensed. Susan sensed this, and her own pussy was steaming.

She moved into a horizontal position, and wrapped her legs around Kelly, locking her ankles behind her. Kelly moaned as Susan's ass came into view. Her eyes focused on the round hips, the minimal tan line, and Susan's pussy peeking out below. Kelly grabbed Susan's ass, and began to grind her pussy into Susan's. Natalie was furiously pinching her own nipples, her orgasm building, her head back, repeating Susan's name over and over. Susan was now darting her tongue deep into Natalie, and rubbing Natalie's huge clit with the thumb of her right hand. Kelly continued to grind her pussy into Susan, and she reached down to rub Susan's clit and her own. Susan and Kelly were also on the verge of orgasm.

Natalie's head rose, her eyes wide, and her mouth open. Her orgasm ripped through her body. She grabbed Susan's head, and bucked her hips wildly. Seeing this, Kelly went over the edge, laying her lovely breasts on Susan's back, her long blonde hair strung out all over Susan's body. She screamed inward as the waves of pleasure coursed through her pussy. The feel of Kelly's breasts on her back and her hands on her clit lit up Susan like a firecracker. Her orgasm hit as Kelly pinched her clit one last time. She could do no more than growl as Natalie kept her lips tight against her pussy. These three women were all climaxing together. Seconds turned to minutes, and the waves of pleasure finally subsided.

Susan looked up, and moved to a kneeling position between Natalie's legs. Natalie sat up, and Kelly moved next to Susan. The three women shared a passionate kiss, and a tear rolled down Susan's cheek.

It was a tear of happiness.

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