Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 1


Katrina gave me a huge grin. "That's pretty hard to top! I'd almost like to lose!" She thought for a couple of minutes. "Tell you what. Same deal, but the loser pays for the hotel room, meals, and everything else between December 31 and the time we check out four days later. And both of us stay naked. Another condition: If you can't give me a good, creamy fuck at least fifty times before I head back to college, or if either of us gets tired of having sex with the other before I leave, the deal's off. Finally, other than the minimal amount of communication necessary for us to coordinate everything, we agree we will not talk or write to each other before December 31 once I leave for college. Is it a bet?"

My penis was sticking straight up. If I could fuck Katrina at least twice a day for the next three-and-a half weeks, I would have a truly memorable New Year's Eve celebration. The only question was which of us would pay for it. What a deal, win or lose!

"It's a bet! And I accept the conditions! Let's write them down, one copy for each of us!"

It took us about ten minutes to write everything down. We both signed each copy of the agreement. We were giggling, felling really silly and very, very sexy.

"Now we REALLY need to keep an accurate count of the number of times we do it!" I noted. "I guess we could always use a bean jar!"

Katrina looked puzzled. Apparently children from upper-crust homes - even sexually-liberated young women like Katrina - didn't know about that lower-class tradition, so I explained. "Newlyweds put a bean into a jar each time they have sex during the first year of their marriage. Then after their first anniversary they take a bean out each time. Supposedly no married couple ever runs out of beans."

Katrina laughed, then hugged and kissed me. "I have a better idea!" Katrina let go of me and went into the kitchen. She returned with a marker board and a red marker. She erased what was on it and wrote "Don Creams Kitty's Pussy" across the top.

"Each time you perform satisfactorily, I'll tally it and we'll keep track of how many you manage to do!" She said.

"Satisfactorily? I hope I'm better than that! Do you want me to call you Kitty, now? How about Pussy? How about . . ."

She grinned. "I like it best when you call me T-Kat! Just like our first year at the pool! Nobody else does that anymore!" She erased "Kitty" and wrote "T-Kat" in its place.

"Can we count the ones from earlier tonight?"

"No way! That was before we had a deal! And you only shot your wad once, anyway, so it was only 'one', not 'ones'!" She handed me my clothes and my apartment key. "Now go get what you need to spend the night here and let's see if there's still some ink in your pen!"

"Don't you mean lead in my pencil? T-Kat, you have an apartment mate. Won't my sleeping with you upset her?"

"Ruth's an E.R. nurse at the hospital. She works most nights and sleeps days. I only see her in the mornings and occasionally on weekends. As it happens, she's working tonight. We aren't going to bother her a bit. She's really beautiful, so I'll make certain that you're too tired to screw when she's around!"

I quickly dressed, raced over to my apartment, and brought back some toiletries and a few clean clothes. Katrina opened the door as soon as I knocked. She sniffed. "You're sweaty! Take a shower and then let's go to bed."

I peeled off my clothes and pointed to my erection. "Shower with me, T-Kat! I want to do you every time I can get it up! Or are you chicken?"

"Hah! There's no way any guy can out-fuck a healthy, athletic girl like me! Any time you get it up and we can be alone together, let's go for it!" With that she tossed off her yellow robe and pulled me into the shower. It surprised me a little that, as otherwise uninhibited as Katrina obviously was, she still insisted on having sex without people watching. Well, we all have our little quirks.

I've always enjoyed shower sex, and I earned my first tally on the scoreboard a few minutes later. Katrina climaxed and screamed like she was being killed, and I shot a couple of wads into her, even though it was a little difficult doing it standing up. We got into her bed around 11:30.

I woke up around 2:00 and took a leak. When I crawled back into bed, I began to cuddle Katrina, spooning against her back and muscular behind. I caressed her breasts and her nipples got hard. She moaned with each touch. My dork quickly got hard and I slipped it into her from behind. She spread her legs and twisted halfway around, and a few minutes later we both had loud orgasms. We slept until about 7:00 with our arms and legs wrapped around each other. I could feel her firm muscles just beneath her skin whenever she changed position. The healthy strength in her body as I held her made me feel incredibly, primitively masculine - and eager to mate!

Katrina woke up first, and she sat up and began playing with my penis. I quickly got hard, and she straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my erection. Once again I felt a bump as I bottomed out part-way in, but Katrina flexed and I felt and heard a squish as our bodies came together. She had a wonderful smile on her face. "MMMMM! That feels so nice!" She said. Katrina didn't move at all. She simply held me inside her. She smiled and hummed as her vagina squeezed and released my penis.

Katrina then began to move slowly up and down as she squeezed me. I watched her labia pucker out around my penis as she rose then disappear as she slowly descended. Katrina followed my gaze and watched for several slow in-and-out cycles. Then we stared into each other's eyes. Katrina slow-fucked me for several minutes, and I could feel the pressure building. "MMH! You're driving me crazy, T-Kat! I'm right on the edge! MMMH!"

Katrina continued to slowly move up and down, squeezing me hard. Without breaking eye contact with her, I reached up and began to caress her breasts. I looked into her eyes and slowly applied pressure to her hard nipples. I could see her eyes getting darker as pleasure caused her pupils to dilate. We were both breathing through open our mouths. Katrina began to moan, "NNNH! This is overpowering me! MMM! I've never . . . OH! AAAH! EEEEEEE!"

Katrina was halfway off me when her climax hit. She opened her eyes wide, then quickly closed them and leaned her head back. Her vagina squeezed hard, and I felt hard, slow pulses on my penis. As her orgasm increased in intensity, the muscles in her abdomen rippled. I ejaculated several times, and we both screamed loudly, over and over. As she slowly lowered herself onto my penis, our combined juices were forced out of her and they flooded over us. She finally lowered herself until she was lying on top of me. I could feel the ripples in her abdomen as her orgasm slowly wound down. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, then Katrina rolled off me, lay on her back, and began to gently snore. I just stared at the beautiful, naked woman lying beside me. I leaned down and gently kissed first her nipples, then her lips. She smiled but didn't open her eyes.

Incredibly powerful feelings and emotions surged through me, keeping me awake. As they subsided, I slowly returned to normal. I was really wiped out, but I was also starved after all the exercise and sex. I got up, wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed for her kitchenette to see what I could fix for breakfast. My penis felt wet and sticky against my thighs.

I suddenly came face-to-face with a relatively short, really pretty woman approximately my own age, wearing a bathrobe. She was pouring herself some orange juice. "Hi, you must be Ruth!" I said, proclaiming the obvious as I extended my hand. "I'm Don."

Ruth gave me a thin smile and shook my hand. "Hi, Don. I just got in a few minutes ago and I heard you two going at it. I hope you don't plan to do that while I'm trying to sleep!"

I laughed. "I think you're safe! I hope we didn't embarrass you."

Ruth grinned. "Hardly. K.T.'s been so jumpy the last couple of weeks. I've been expecting her to bring a guy home. Are you moving in?"

"Not really, but I'll probably be around a lot - at least until she heads back to college. I'm actually sort of a neighbor. I have an apartment in building C." I opened the refrigerator door and looked inside.

"My, isn't that handy for you! What are you looking for?"

"I'm hungry - starved, actually - and I thought I'd cook something. Hey, don't worry! I'll replace anything I eat!"

Ruth laughed loudly. "After what I just heard you two doing, I'm not surprised you're hungry! How come K.T. isn't out here, too?"

"She's asleep. Guess I tired her out."

Ruth grinned at me. "I seriously doubt you're man enough to wear her out! But she has been keeping long hours lately, what with working at the pool and helping clean her parents' house. What say I cook up some bacon? That smell always gets her out of bed."

"I'd love some bacon, thanks. Maybe a couple of eggs, too?"

"Judging from the noise she made I'd say that it's K.T. who owes you a really big breakfast, but sure, I'll cook you some eggs too. I'll make enough for the three of us. I've also got some potatoes I'll fry up."

Katrina appeared in the kitchen two minutes after the bacon began sizzling in the pan. She was wearing an extremely short cotton robe, and she had that a beautiful, puffy, just-fucked look on her face. "Got enough for me, too?" She asked. Katrina and I shared a brief kiss.

Ruth glanced at Katrina's legs and laughed. "Judging from what I heard and from the way you look right now, you'll eat everything I've got in the pan!"

Katrina glanced down, saw the obvious cum and pussy-juice stains on her thighs, and blushed. Ruth gave me an amused look, and I blushed, too. Ruth snickered, then returned to the cooking. "How'd you like your eggs, Don?"

"Just call him 'Elevator,' Ruth!" Katrina chimed in before I could answer.

"Oh, he's that one, is he!" And Ruth laughed once again. "No wonder you brought him home!" She giggled.

"How about up?" I answered her question, and both women broke into peals of laughter.

Katrina picked up a pen and put three tally marks on our chart. Ruth leaned down and took a good look at it. She read aloud, "Don Creams T-Kat's Pussy," then laughed. "You mean I only got to hear the third one? No wonder you look and smell like you do, K.T." And Ruth laughed again. She finally stopped, but she kept chuckling and grinning as she worked at the stove. "'T-Kat!' You've already got a pet name for Katrina, Don? That's cute!" Ruth said.

"It's a long story!" I muttered. Ruth kept glancing at me, grinning, and muttering 'T-Kat! That's so cute!' under her breath.

"K.T., why don't you make us some toast. This'll be ready in a couple of minutes. Elevator, wanna get the paper? It should be here by now."

I left the room and they giggled about Katrina and my nicknames as I went to the front door. I opened it, picked up the paper, and returned to the kitchen table. Ruth was just putting out the breakfast.

I was a little sweaty, and Katrina truly exuded the mixed aromas of our sexual activity, but nothing seemed to affect anyone's appetite, Katrina's in particular. We had a relaxed conversation during breakfast, and then we sat for a few minutes drinking coffee. I liked Ruth. She didn't seem to mind that I had spent the night sleeping with her friend, and she wasn't at all judgmental or critical. If anything she was amused that Katrina and I were having such loud sex. Katrina explained why I called her "T-Kat," and Ruth chuckled.

I began to yawn. "What's the problem, Don? Too tired to go to work?" Katrina asked with a big grin.

I nodded. "Yeah, I don't think I got enough sleep last night. Something kept me up!" Katrina gave me a sour look, and Ruth laughed.

"Tell you what." Katrina replied. "I'm tired, too, but not like you! I'll take your shift this morning and you can sleep some more, and relieve me this afternoon. Then I'll take a nap and come back up and we can work out together at 8:00."

I quickly agreed, and I said I'd go back to bed as soon as I'd read a little news. We divided up the newspaper. Ruth was reading the first section, and when she turned it over to read the back, Katrina nudged me and pointed to a headline on the front of Ruth's section. "Local Man Faces New Rape Charges."

"That's Bud - The Stud - Jacobson. I saw him at the pool earlier this summer. He was going steady with Angie Hamilton. I heard a rumor that he'd been arrested after trying to rape her, but that boat didn't float 'cause she didn't ever act like anything had happened to her. But they did arrest him. I saw her nearly every day at the pool until her family went on vacation last week. You remember Angie, don't you, Don?" Katrina asked. She locked eyes with me, then grinned. She leaned forward and read from the paper that Ruth was holding up. My attention was immediately focused on Katrina's naked, muscular behind which was completely exposed as she bent her body forward.

"Wow! This says that there are more than a dozen girls claiming he raped them! He's really in a lot of trouble!" Katrina remarked. She sat down again, unfortunately concealing the object of my immediate interest.

Ruth put the paper down and looked at us. "If you'll promise to keep this quiet, I'll let you in on a big secret that they're keeping away from the press. Promise?"

Katrina and I nodded. Ruth's face showed concern. "Bud won't be raping anyone again. Ever. He was our big case in the E.R. last night."

"What do you mean by ever? Those guys never change, do they? They never stop raping women?" Katrina asked.

Ruth looked grim. "They don't, usually. He had bled a lot and he was in shock. We almost lost him. Probably too bad we didn't. Somehow, somebody got into his cell and cut off his penis and scrotum, right at the point where they connect to the abdomen. It took two surgeons and three of us nurses almost two hours just to stabilize him. He's under guard in the I.C.U."

"His penis and balls?" I asked. "Couldn't they sew them back on or something?"

Ruth grimaced. "I saw what was left of his famous, oversized penis. It was cut up into little pieces and they couldn't save any of it. And he didn't have any testicles, anyway. Those had been replaced with prosthetics that night last month when he was arrested. Somebody had smashed them and the surgeon removed them."

"Can't they do anything? I mean, I think Bud is a monster, but this! This is barbaric!" Katrina asked.

"Sure, but why bother? Who's going to pay to put a prosthetic penis on a rapist?" Ruth responded. "Right now he's got a catheter. Once he heals, he'll be urinating like you and me, K.T., not like a man."

"I've got nothing good to say about Bud, but still . . ." I began.

"I think if you asked the girls he's raped, they'd say he got EXACTLY what he deserved!" Ruth interrupted. "I was on duty when several of them were brought in, broken and bleeding from his assault. That piece of garbage didn't just rape them, he hurt them badly. One poor girl had to have extensive cosmetic surgery to repair her vagina. Most of them had been beaten, too. I'm not shedding any tears for Bud, Don!"

"Do they know who did it?" Katrina asked.

"No. He was locked in his cell when they found him, and the other three inmates, all locked in different cells, claimed they didn't see or hear a thing. At least that's what I heard from the officers last night. It was also plain from damage to his anus that he'd been raped several days ago. That, at least, is poetic justice, isn't it?"

I felt myself getting faint as I vividly remembered the video Doris had shown me of Bud getting gang-raped in jail. That had happened in the same jail, and there had never been anything in the news about it. Stuff like this just didn't get reported. The women noticed. "Are you OK, Don?" Ruth asked. "You're getting pale."

I felt dizzy and I couldn't speak for a few seconds. "I'll be fine. Just give me a minute." I said. I finally managed to fight off the anxiety attack that had nearly overcome me.

Ruth continued. "Their story is obviously complete bullshit. Bud must have screamed to wake the dead, so they either did it to him or they saw who did. Obviously one of the guards had to let someone into his cell, so there are other people involved besides the men in the other cells."

"And his testicles? They were phony?" Katrina asked. She glanced over at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"We prefer to say prosthetics, but yes. An officer told me that somebody had kicked him in the groin and crushed them while he was attempting to rape a young girl." Ruth replied.

"ANGIE!" Katrina suddenly shouted. She stared at me, her puzzled expression gone. "Now I understand! There was a rumor running around the pool for a couple of days after Bud was arrested that you saved Angie from being raped! She didn't act like anything had happened, so the story died down. But It was true! You kicked Bud in the balls and broke up the rape! And that's how you managed . . . "

"I didn't kick him that hard!" I stupidly interrupted, instantly realizing that I shouldn't have said anything at all.

"Don's probably right!" Ruth said. "There's scuttlebutt among the nursing staff that Bud's testicles weren't seriously injured, but that they were removed because somebody important wanted him castrated. The Hamilton family is powerful enough to pull that off. They practically own the hospital."

I felt panic welling up inside me again. I couldn't let this story get out! I didn't dare let my connection to Angie become public! At the very least my balls were on the line! Both women were staring at me with strange looks in their eyes.

"C'mon, T-Kat! I was just making a joke! Do I look big enough to take Bud on?" I asked, backpedaling fast, trying to cover up my earlier mistake. "Get real! You're concocting this story out of thin air!"

There was complete silence for about thirty seconds as the two women continued to stare at me. I began to sweat profusely. I still felt light-headed. I knew they hadn't bought it. The dizzy feeling started coming back.

"You're not telling us the truth, Don." Ruth calmly said. "But you look scared to death. Whatever happened, if you're afraid to talk about it, then maybe we'd better just let it go. Just tell me one thing. Are you in trouble with the police?"

I shook my head. "No, but please don't get me dragged into this mess with Bud!"

"Her parents made you break up with Angie, didn't they?" Katrina asked softly. I looked at her and saw both concern and sympathy on her face.

She was almost right. "Don't push it, Katrina, dammit! You could get me into big, big trouble!" I was so upset I had called her by her real name. But my outburst had stopped the dizzy feeling.

Katrina started to speak, but Ruth stopped her. "K.T., I'll bet the high-and-mighty Hamiltons didn't want anyone to find out that the pool help was making it with their daughter and they broke them up. The thing with Bud is something else. Don, am I close?"

"This isn't a game of twenty questions, Ruth! Please! Let's just drop it!" I replied. My anger was almost getting me past my fear.

Ruth turned to Katrina. "If I'm right, the Hamiltons would be really pissed if somebody connected Angie to Don, particularly if the two of them were having sex. It certainly wouldn't do Don or Angie any good, so he's right. Let's drop it."

Katrina opened her mouth a couple of times as if she wanted to talk about it more. Ruth glanced at me and then turned back to Katrina and said, in a firm - almost angry - voice, "K.T.! You remember when I told you about the rich guy who was fucking his way through the nursing staff - and making sure that any woman who wouldn't put out got fired? Even the married ones?"

"You said that guy really liked rough sex and hurting you! That was Bob Hamilton?" Katrina asked.

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