tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoor Melinda Ch. 03

Poor Melinda Ch. 03


She seems very excited to be leaving and I'm getting harder in anticipation of what I hope we'll be doing soon.

As we passed the restrooms and approached the back door she reached her right arm around my waist to pull me tight to her side and with a big smile said "Wanda'sooo jealouuus!". I freed my left arm from between us but there was really no place for it to go except around her back with my hand on her shoulder.

She stopped us two steps from the back door and still holding me with one arm started feeling my chest with her other hand. She was following her roaming hand with her eyes and she smiled and laughed. Around my pecs, down over my stomach, up and down my front and then down below my belt line and back up.

I didn't know what to do. We weren't exactly in private although I don't think anyone could see us unless they came out of the bathroom or came in the back door. I was finding it very erotic to be felt up like this, and my left arm started gripping her shoulder more tightly but, although I suppose I could have, I did not grope her with my free right hand. I was paralyzed, not wanting to be suddenly discovered feeling someone up - or maybe just not caught feeling up her.

Finally her hand ran along my erection giving it a luscious squeeze causing me to groan out a "Whoa whoa whoa" and hunch over a little to get my hard-on out of her grasp. That was a little too much.

"Ha ha!" She laughed and contrary to my pulling away a bit she countered "You like it!". She rested her hand on my chest again and said "Come on honey, les'go".

Exiting through the back door she loosened her grip on me but kept her arm around me as I led us to my car. I felt I didn't have any choice but to keep my arm draped over her shoulder like we were some affectionate couple. I felt we probably looked ridiculous. A complete mismatch. It bothered me that people might think she was my girlfriend walking like this. Soon we'll be in private and none of this will matter.

I walk her over to the passenger side of my car. Why not be chivalrous? It can only help. I pulled my keys out and we removed our arms from each other. As I pushed the unlock button on the key fob I felt her hand snake up behind my neck and with a "C'mere baby" she pulled my head down to hers and started kissing me. I closed my eyes and awkwardly put my hands on her shoulders.

When I imagined kissing those lips I imagined it to be soft kisses. I wanted to trace her lips with mine and really feel the contours. This was not like that. She mashed her lips up onto mine and her tongue pushed it's way in and explored my mouth. She was emitting these short moans as she pawed my mouth with her lips and tongue. As I expected, she was really hot for this.

I believe that when a woman kisses you she is telling you how she wants to be kissed and so I tried to give back as good as I got. I pushed my tongue past hers to invade her mouth. How do YOU like it! Although this behavior was not what I was expecting it was kind of hot. I was fully erect now. Though, because of my pants, my dick was pinned sideways.

Then, with one arm still around the back of my neck, she pressed herself into me and I got distracted from the kisses. Her breasts were now pressing against my chest and my erection was pressing into her soft hip which she obviously noticed because she smiled through the kisses and backed her hips away to make room for her other hand which had been on my side. She moved that hand down and started lightly pinching and plucking at my dick. It was heavenly.

She released my neck and stopped kissing me but her hand was still rapidly tweaking my penis. I leaned back a little against the car, eyes still closed and mouth still open. As I straightened up my hands lifted off her shoulders although they remained floating in the air, one fist still grasping my keys. Her taunting fingers changed tactics. Her index finger finger started rapidly flicking under my trapped erection. She began to speak but I did not open my eyes or even move for fear of interrupting the sensation.

"Listen honey. I don't really know you and I don't want to end up in a ditch somewhere..." She started to scratch my dick with her fingernail. "... so if you want this to happen, ... you DO want this to happen don't you?"

Oh, that finger. I opened my eyes, licked my dry lips and said "yes." She smiled and continued:

"good ... you gonna haf to let ME drive."

It made sense. She knew where we were going. Plus I could ogle more if I wasn't driving. I opened the fist holding the keys and let them hang down. She immediately stopped teasing my dick, grabbed the keys and started walking around to the drivers side. I opened the passenger side of my car and got in. She got in on the other side, dropped her purse in the back seat, put the keys in the ignition but didn't start the car. Instead she turned to face me and moved her mouth to mine again.

We started making out but now that we were in the car I felt a little bolder. I knelt up on the seat to fully face her. I put one hand on her shoulder but the other but the other hand came up to finally feel her tits. They were great. The material of the shirt was pretty thin and I could easily find the nipple. 'these are going to be good' I think as I start pinching her nipple. Surprisingly not saggy given their size and her weight. I felt her nipple stiffen.

Her hands move to my crotch and start fiddling with my zipper. "What are you doing?" I ask putting my boob fondling hand on her shoulder to give her more room.

"Before we do dis. I gotta make sure it's worth my while"

Really? Does she mean big enough? I'm average sized. She wouldn't call it off just over something stupid like that would she? She's finding it difficult to get my dick out because I'm already very hard but eventually I spring free and I can feel it erect further now that it's released from the confines of my pants. She starts rubbing it. Lovely. I groan.

She laughs "You really want this!" her hand loosely gripping my penis as slides her hand back and forth.

"Oh yeah..." I go to kiss her again but her head is looking down at my dick so I take a glance down as well. I see my white penis head rhythmically bobbing into view poking out of that chubby brown hand.

I turn my head slightly and lean forward to get a bit closer to her. We're now cheek to cheek. I'm reveling in the feeling from my penis and my right hand goes down to cup her breast again. I slide my other hand around her back noticing the softness, like upholstery. I could grab a handful of flesh on her back. I'm essentially leaning on her and waiting for the pleasure of being brought over the edge with one gorgeous tit in my hand and her breath in my ear.

Then she stops. She puts her hand on my chest and gently pushes my back.

"Take over for me" she smiles leaning back against the door.


"Go on, take over for me, touch yo'self"

"No... why don't you keep doing it?" I don't want to touch myself in front of her. It'd be embarrassing.

"I thought you might wanna see these..." she says bringing her hands up to her chest and running a finger in a circle around a nipple. My heart jumps in my chest that might get to see those tits now. My penis really wants to be touched. "and as I KNOW you noticed... " she continued as she leaned forward and hooked a finger down the center of the wide neckline of that tight red shirt and started to pull it down and away from her chest "I'm gonna need two hands to handle these"

She started to bend towards me and with that I was looking straight down her shirt into that deep dark cleavage as her breasts started to hang forward as much as the shirt would allow. I couldn't see the nipples but there was plenty of chocolaty flesh around those full juggs.

She looked up at me and smiled. I reflexively snapped my eyes up to meet her gaze rather than have her stare at me staring at her breasts. It's ridiculous though. She's clearly putting them on display for me. Why did she have to look at me?

"This what you wanted sweetie?" and with that she started shimmying. I broke her gaze and looked down at her tits again as they now undulated and bounced.

"ohhhhh..." I groaned

They looked less flabby than I thought as they tended to keep a nice round shape as they jostled each other like they were each trying to push the other one out of the way and claim the spotlight and be declared the worlds greatest breast.

In my peripheral vision I noticed she stopped smiling but didn't stop looking at me. I didn't care. Yes, I'm a helpless boob zombie. I admit it. I also could not let my dick go through this alone. Over my waning shame I grabbed it and when the wonderful feeling of my penis being held swept through me I had to start rubbing it. She looked down to watch me do it.

Everything about this moment seemed wrong. I'm kneeling on the passenger seat of my car staring at the tits of a woman I don't really know who is literally, and figuratively, in the drivers seat while I try to rub one out under her watchful eye. I've got no lube and I'm not sure where the sperm will go. Probably it will mostly spray her and the car seat. I don't care. The lurid nature of it all compels me further to climax quickly and deal with the shame afterwards.

Looking up, she stops wiggling says "You never axed me my name".

Although she stopped moving she was still bent forward and holding her top open for me, as if daring me to continue and spray her - and make no mistake, part of me desperately wanted to do that right then but I felt I had to stop and look at her face. I heard her question as her way of saying 'I know you're about to use me as your cum rag' and it brought the shame too early. It was hard to read her face. She didn't look angry.

I sat back on my heels and put the hand that was pleasuring me down on my thighs. My dick continued to strain. I think her bringing the selfish and vulgar nature of my actions out into the open made my dick even more hot to blow but I just couldn't.

"uhhh, ... i... I don't ...." I tried to think of a face saving excuse but there's no way. "sorry..."

"It's OK." She said quietly, and then more assertively "It's not like we friends" and let her top snap back and started to slowly sit upright. There was a wrinkle now in the center of her neck line where her finger had stretched it out. She was just looking at me fairly impassively.

This was getting too real even for my dick and I could feel it's interest start to deflate.

"What's your name?" I finally asked and a big smile came back to her face.

"It's Melinda" she says.

"Hi Melinda. It's nice... your name." It's not 'Shaniqua' or something weird. But what is weird is sitting in my car with a semi-hard-on jutting out of my pants, unattended to, into the space between us while we discuss her name.

"Thanks Mike!" and those beautiful dimples return as her eyes look down at my penis. She breaks into a fake pout "Awwww" as she reaches over to my semi to place her thumb gently on the head while gently tickling the underside with her index finger like you might do to the chin of a small child. "This guy is feeling down"

The reaction from my dick was immediate and she noticed. "There... I knew he couldn't stay mad at me for long". When my dick returned to full hardness she switched to an overhand grip so that her fingertips were running up and down the underside. While she was watching my dick I was free to watch her breasts wobble slightly back and forth with the motion of her arm. If she would just make me cum now we could skip the rest of the evening and just go our separate ways. But that was not to be.

Without further comment she took her hand away from my dick, reached for the keys in the ignition and started the car. The sudden loss of sensation and her unannounced change of focus left me a little stunned. I stayed kneeling on the seat trying to find a way to ask her to finish me without sounding selfish. I think she sensed it.

"Hey, why don't you sit down and let's take this home." I obliged and started to put my dick away when she interrupted.

"uh uh uh. You been staring at my titties all night. I want somethin' to look at too!"


"Just leave it out!" She put the car in reverse and started to back out and added "Oh and put your seatbelt on too!"

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