"Have another one," the voice cried and the farmers' son felt a cool beer pushed into his hand. He squinted, trying to make out the outline of the person who had given it to him but it could be any of the dozen people celebrating his eighteenth birthday with him.

He fell slightly to the side as he leant on the bar and groaned, putting the glass to his lips. The person had a booming voice and was wearing a blue jumper; one of his four elder brothers was wearing a blue jumper, but he couldn't remember which one. "Down it!"

"Huuhhnnnn," Jack cried and turned to look in the direction of the noise but at least one hand touched the bottom of the glass to lift it upwards, and the pale ale flooded into his mouth. He gasped and soaked half his T-shirt in beer before another hand gave him another drink.

"Down that!"

"I'm fine," he slurred, but the wall of people around him clapped and stamped their feet to encourage him to down the drink being offered. He grunted and took a sip but once again mysterious hands forced the glass into a more horizontal and then vertical position to pour the liquid into his mouth.

After downing a third beer, Jack managed to escape the attentions of his friends and family, and stumbled away from the bar to collapse into a chair by the window. He saw a few people watch him, but he pushed his head back and closed his eyes; it felt relaxing.

He woke with a start when a voice shook him. "Jack ... ya lightweight, came on!" He rubbed his eyes and grunted, feeling his head and groaning. He saw his brother peer over him and shake him again. "Pub's closing." He stretched and stumbled into the table, swearing as the wood bashed his thigh.

"What time is it?"

"Time to ... get out there," the voice of Charles shouted and he gave a half-hearted wave to the bar staff watching them leave. Jack shivered as he walked into the cool Cheshire air and pulled his jacket close around him. He wiped his eyes and yawned. "Tired? Bloody lightweight," his elder brother teased and Jack waved at his friends disappearing down a Knutsford side street.

Jack stumbled and gripped used a shop window to steady himself. "Now," a voice from behind him shouted, and Jack was bundled into the lamp-post.

"Owww," Jack cried and tried to push his attackers away, but his four brothers were too strong for the eighteen year-old, and they forced him around the lamppost and pinned his arms back. "What ya doing?" Jack shouted at the laughing faces.

"What? Ya thought we wouldn't mark your eighteenth birthday properly," his eldest brother - and ringleader - told him and unbuttoned the birthday boy's jacket and shirt. He looked at him in the eye as he undid his jeans.

"Charlie ... wait!" Jack cried. "This is ... this is Knutsford. You can't strip me in the town centre." Jack wriggled but as one of his brothers held onto his hands behind the lamp-post, Charlie pulled his jeans and underpants to the floor, before undoing his trainers.

Jack kicked Charles away, but a fist in the thigh - and a threat that it would "go further north" if he didn't stop being so uncooperative gained compliance and the grip of James was replaced by a set of handcuffs once his shirt had been removed.

Jack struggled as his brothers backed away. "We'll send someone," they promised as they laughed. "Happy birthday," they teased, and walked back towards the bar. "They'll be here, once we get home."

Jack swore at them; he was used to his elder brothers ganging up on him and as the youngest of five he had become pretty adept at looking after himself over the years, but four against one was simply unfair.

He hummed and called out to a couple walking past on the opposite side of the road, but they giggled and ran off. He shivered in the April wind; it was too cold to be naked and outside and pulled on his wrists; he had to get free, somehow.

He spun around to see if he could see anyone in the opposite direction could help him, but the street was deserted. "HELP!"

Jack shouted again and again but to no avail when he heard a cough behind him. "Errr ... could you get some help please," Jack asked, not completely turning around to face the female voice.

"Sure," she promised and then laughed. "Or I could just use the key I have in my hand." Jack spun around a bit further and saw a smiling, fresh-faced lady holding a key. "Your best man gave it to me."

"Brother. Eighteenth birthday," Jack replied, and she walked around him to play with the padlock. "They told me to wait half-an-hour, but I want to go home." She swore a couple of times as there was little light to help her guide the key into the lock, but it snapped open, and Jack instantly put his hands over his crotch. She raised her eyebrows. "Cheers. I don't s'pose they left any money for me? Or clothes?"

The girl shook her head. "Where are you going? I can give you a lift if it's on my way."

"Near Plumley," Jack said as she passed the handcuffs to the young farmers' son, which he took gingerly.

"Yeah, I can do Plumley," she told him. "I'm Lostock." She smiled at him. "I'm Poppy, by the way," she introduced herself and giggled. "And get your hands away. Most people seeing you will remember your face not your crotch."

He smiled at her slight frame and long brown hair, and then looked nervously at the ground before speaking. "Ummm, Jack," he told her and she gestured down the road and to a car park a few metres away. "I know you had lots to drink," she told him and cocked her head. "I was serving you. If you need to go for a piss or throw up, do so now before we get in my car."

Jack cleared his throat. "Nah, I'm OK." She stared at him as she opened the door to the rusting Ford Fiesta and he nodded. "No, honestly, I'm fine. I'm good." She threw a blanket over the passenger seat and walked around the car. Jack shivered as he sat down and Poppy took a few moments to get adjusted in her seat, before turning the key in the ignition. The car spluttered pathetically, and she shouted at it. "Bloody choke," she whined.

"Here," Jack told her and leant across to pull the choke further out. "Pump the pedal."


"Push the accelerator in and out a few times, and squeeze it gently as you turn the key." Poppy looked at him, and he leant across a bit more, so that his cock was resting near the gear stick. She couldn't resist giving it a little pull and Jack yelped, but his indignations were drowned out by the engine starting.

She flashed her warm smile and drove out of the small town. "So ..." Poppy started. "What am I to say if I get stopped by the Police? Naked man in the passenger seat."

Jack sighed and shook his head. "I dunno. The truth I guess. And thanks for this."

"No problem," Poppy said with a dismissive air. "If I ever get stripped on my birthday, left naked and found my you, I expect to get taken home."

"Of course," Jack promised with a grin.

"And stop trying to imagine it," Poppy snapped. "Actually on the right night out, you probably won't have to." She raised her eyebrows, but Jack didn't react to her flirting and just directed Poppy to the entrance of a large stables. They arrived just as a taxi pulled up containing his four brothers.

"Bastards," Jack muttered, and Poppy looked at him.

"Well off you go then," she ordered, and he opened the car door, swearing as he put his barefoot in some mud.

"I so need boots. They are going to be so fucking happy with tonight."

Poppy shrugged and listened as her passenger's brothers taunted him. "Ahhh ... it's the baby of the family," Charlie cried. "Got the nice little girl to give you a lift!" Poppy got out of her car and called out to her passenger making his way towards the gate.

"Jack," Poppy cried, and she bounded up to him in the darkness. "Thank you for a lovely time," she told him and wrapped her arms around him. Her head only just came up to his chin, but she squeezed him and winked. "And you better phone," she ordered with a wink. "Or I will be most upset. No way am I not having that thing again!" Jack waved at her open-mouthed as she got into her car. Poppy blew him a kiss and shouted. "Love you babes."

"You scored with her ... naked?" Charles asked and snorted, not waiting for an answer. He passed Jack a bag of his clothes. "Better get dressed 'case Mum sees ya," he told him with a begrudging air to his voice. "Was going to leave it on the porch." Jack snatched the bag and Charles shook his head.

"What didn't you manage it when you were left nude in the High Street?" Jack teased with a smirk as he waved goodbye to the young barmaid. "Or can't you manage it?"

He snorted. "I had to walk home," he moaned. "Fuckin' 'ell. Naked, and still scored. Fuck me! That's a ..." Jack watched as his brother snorted and gave a wry smile.

He owed Poppy in more ways than one.

* * * * *

"There are some rumours," the tall, blonde-haired Dannielle told her ex-boyfriend. "That you got pissed, naked and got off with a barmaid."

"Ahh ... well ..." Jack flustered and Dannielle passed him the shovel. "That's not completely true."

"You can tell me," Dannielle said softly and watched as he shovelled horse excrement from beside her trademark pink wellies into a wheelbarrow. "We aren't ... together any more. I don't care."

Jack sighed. "I didn't. I didn't touch her. Well, she touched me." Dannielle's eyes flicked downwards, and Jack blushed. "I didn't ask her too."

"Didn't you?"

"No!" Jack moaned and held his hands out. "We were in her car, and she's holding the gear stick and ..."

"I've never heard it called that before!"

"On the car!" Jack snapped. "And I lean across ..."

"... to give her a kiss?"

"... to start her engine."

"You romantic!"

Jack laughed and threw the shovel down. "On the car! She was having trouble with the motor."

"Pistons not oiled and lubricated?"

"Not enough petrol getting to the engine," Jack replied, licking his lips and watching Dannielle's eyebrows rise.

"And did you fix that?"

"I pulled on her little button. Got her to do some pump-ping, and I got her started, purring nicely actually."

Dannielle laughed. "If only you really did do that!" Jack smiled and shrugged.

"She's out of my league," he told the farm girl who raised her eyebrows again.

"So I wasn't?"

"No ... you are too. That's why we aren't ... together ... any more." Dannielle's eyes dropped to her ex-boyfriend, and she smiled.

"But you are still my friend, my best friend," she replied instantly. "Although why didn't I get invited onto the birthday drinks with stripping?"

"Charlie organised it," Jack replied. "Not my doing." He waited for Dannielle to glance over. "And it would have been so much more embarrassing if you found me."

"Why? I've seen it all before," she countered and looked at her friend. "Many, many times before. Haven't I? Can almost remember what it looks like," the girl taunted and put her spade down.

"Yes," Jack admitted and groaned as his stomach rumbled. "Yes I guess you have."

* * * * *

"Jack," screeched his mother and a rotund woman bustled her way past Charles and Darren. "Jack!"


"Are these yours?" The woman threw four copies of UK Babes onto the table. A couple of his brothers sniggered, and Jack blushed.

"Ummm ..."

"I found them at the back of your sock drawer," his mother thundered. "It's pure filth. Do you think this is what girls want to see? Boys ogling over naked pictures of harlots?"

Jack gulped and shook his head as his mother stood akimbo at the end of the table. "No, I just ..."

"It's not acceptable," she thundered and crossed her arms. "You know these sorts of magazines are banned in the house. Do you think those poor girls in there want to have dirty little boys staring at them? It's degrading, exploitative and disgusting. And you will apologise at lunchtime to all the girls on the farm."

"But ... Mum, it's ..."

The imposing Lucy Fox shook her head and tutted. "You will do as you're told," she barked and sighed. "Never had this with your brothers, I don't know where we went wrong. No wonder that lovely Dannielle got tired of you if you spent time looking at those ... things ... instead of being with her. And you have exams in two months, and if you want to go to University as you say you do, then you don't need silly distractions like this kind of filth, do you?"

"No," Jack muttered and disappeared into the stable block before his mother could continue her chastisement.

True to her word, his mother did make him apologise to all the farm girls over the Saturday lunch, and he went bright red as Dannielle flicked through the magazines. "Which girl is your favourite?" She asked.

"None," he cried, but the cheeky farm girl blew him a kiss, and she opened up a page of Readers' Wives. "What about this one?" Jack shook his head. "Or this one?"

"Please," Jack begged. "I said I'm sorry for looking at them and ..." He looked towards his mother glaring at him. "... aiding the exploitation of women in society."

Dannielle cackled and ignored his pleas. "Or this one, Abi," she read out and looked at him before returning her gaze to the magazine. "She looks a bit like me, right? She's from Scotland, and, my God, look at this one. She has some disgusting hobbies. Now I know what sort of perversions you like.

Jack slid further into his seat, and the teasing farm girl passed the magazines to his mother for "destruction."

"And don't let me find you with this sort of filth again," his mother shouted, and thoroughly humiliated, Jack tucked into his lunch.

* * * * *

"See you tomorrow Jack," Dannielle shouted as he walked away from the stables. He waved back, and she blew him a kiss. "No looking at any more naked girls."

"Yes and thank you for that," he moaned. "You didn't have to humiliate me."

Dannielle giggled. "It's only a bit of fun," she told him and pursed her lips. "I could have stripped you naked in the village instead."

He snorted and ran out sight; he had been asked by his father to take a walk along the top fields and check the fences that bordered the motorway where the older horses grazed. It was a short climb before he reached the part of the farm his father was interested in and counted the seven horses he was expecting in the field.

It gave him time to think about what his mother had found; why hadn't he been more careful with his magazines, and why was Dannielle so keen to humiliate him? It was her decision to end their relationship (he was too "serious" and not "playful enough"), and she had no reason to object to him having pornography if he wanted it.

He knew his parents' views on sexuality and pornography, and if they knew what him and his brothers had been up to as teenagers then there would be serious trouble, but how were his siblings more adept at keeping their shenanigans secretive?

He walked along the fence, pushing against the wooden struts to test their strength as he went past them. His eyes caught movement on the grass verge of the motorway. It was on the other side of the fence, and down the small slope of the embankment, and he wasn't able to see exactly who or what it was until he climbed up on the wooden structure and glanced down to see a naked girl waving to the cars.

"Hey," he cried and the girl jumped, turning to face him; it was Poppy.

Chapter II


"Jack," she cried, and a few more drivers blew their horns.

"What are you doing?"

"Having some fun," she giggled and looked at him. "What, you think you are the only person who likes showing off in public?"

"You'll get arrested."

"I haven't yet," she responded, and Jack looked at her vivacious body. She was well proportioned with gentle curves and a generous bust.


She turned to him again and gave a shrug. "Why not? It's fun. It's a rush. Try it."

"No thanks," he replied and looked down at the road. Several cars were braking as the naked girl came into view and a number used their horn to show their appreciation. "I had enough of it the other night."

"Suit yourself."

"You do know that this is our stables and our farm land," Jack informed her, but the fun-loving exhibitionist just snorted and continued to wave at her adoring fans travelling at 70mph. Jack climbed back over the three foot fence and looked up to the road; he could just make out the blue Fiesta that Poppy owned parked in a layby on a road adjacent to the field.

He watched her for a moment as she did have a wonderful body and could easily have gotten herself into one of the magazines that he used to possess and had such a beaming, welcoming smile. "Weird girl," he muttered and was about to leave her when she cried out.

"Jack," she called. "Stay there." Jack watched as she scrambled to the fence and threw herself over it. "I heard a siren."

He laughed as she scrambled behind a couple of bushes that their fence cut through and sat behind the prickly plants. "What are you doing?"

"I don't want to be arrested," Poppy moaned and Jack walked next to her and peered over the fence.

"I thought you just said you wouldn't be."

Poppy snorted. "Ssshhh," she moaned as she looked through the bush. The Police car stopped on the hard shoulder and the farmer relayed this news gleefully to the naked girl sat at his feet.

"Hey," the officer shouted and walked up the grass verge. Jack looked down at him, a few feet away and waited for him to speak. "We've had several reports of a naked girl here distracting the traffic," he asked Jack, who looked down at the sniggering girl at his feet. "Have you seen anything?"

He hesitated as Poppy reached up and unzipped his jeans. He tensed. "Errr ..." He started and gulped. Poppy took his inflated cock from his trousers and gently sucked the tip. "No!"


"Well, not on this side," Jack started and almost let out a sigh as Poppy sucked strongly on the tip of his member.

"This side?"

"No," Jack shouted and panted for a moment. "Over there, that carriageway. She went five minutes ago." He clenched his buttocks and tried to move out of Poppy's way, but if he moved too far from the bush, his exposed cock would be seen by the Police officer on the other side of the fence. Poppy sensed his reticence and squeezed his testicles, causing the young farmer to cough and splutter.

"You OK, mate?"

"Hayfever," Jack lied instantly and the officer of the law looked over to the opposing carriageway.

"Got a description?"

"Yeah ... umm ... black girl, black hair, tall, that was it really." The officer looked at him and scribbled on a pad. He thanked Jack and walked back to his parked vehicle while talking on his radio. "What are you doing?"

"I would have thought it was obvious," Poppy teased. "Or are you so isolated up here ..." She looked into his eyes and resumed kissing his cock and running her tongue over his manhood. "Gotta be better than the sheep, eh?" He sighed and grunted, panting as he squeezed his buttocks and muttered something to the young lady between his legs. He put his hands on the fence and watched as the Police car drove off. He closed his eyes, cried out and squirted his semen over the face of the exhibitionist.

She ran her hand up and down his shaft and then kissed his cock with a smile and sat back on her legs. "I do that in public too," she cooed and got to her feet.

"Who are you?" Jack asked with a smile, and she just kissed him on the cheek.

"I'm the girl your mother always told you to avoid," she replied and gulped. "I'm the girl who every boy dreams about," she teased and wiped her face. "Try it," she told him. "Just try it for once."

"Try what?"

"Being naked, in public. Such a thrill. Come with me to the railway line or ..."

"No," Jack cried and she blew him a kiss as she wiggled her rear at him. She turned to face him as she walked backwards. "Don't tell me, you didn't feel a rush," she suggested.

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