tagRomancePornstar Pet Ch. 01

Pornstar Pet Ch. 01


This is a sequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank NadiaLove17 for her incredible editing, dialog, plot and story ideas they made this a much better story.

Chapter 1

The Proposal

It was November 1, the day after I claimed, marked and collared Cindy as my Sub. She was much more than that, I loved her dearly. She had given her incredibly tight, supple and delicious body to me to do with what I will. She had given me her heart and given all her free will to me. Her complete unwavering trust with complete and absolute obedience filled my heart to over flowing. I have never loved or had anyone love me the way Cindy does.

Last night as I claimed Cindy she was tattooed, her nipples were pierced, she was displayed for everyone to see, ravaged by man and machine and after that was all over I made sweet love to her until she passed out. I have never seen her more stunningly beautiful than she was last night, as she was stretched and then forced to cum continuously. I was so proud of her.

Even after I took her home, her ravished body spasmed and convulsed for hours as I bathed her, massaged her muscles, rubbed lotion and oil to sooth her abused skin and held her tightly in my loving arms all night. It wasn't until the wee hours in the morning before all the spasmming stopped and she fell into a deep sleep in my arms.

As Cindy lay in my arms I was thinking back to everything she had lived through in her short 23 years. From multiple rapes, brutal unfeeling Dom's to just plain vicious scum that only wanted to hurt women and Cindy in particular. Unbelievably she survived, but despite all of that she is still one of the kindest and most trusting people I've ever known.

I first took her away from the scum in New Orleans and my objective was to save her, heal her and then send her back into the world. But something changed along the way, that completely open and trusting heart of hers completely broke down all my defenses. Several years ago I had a long time sub killed by people that were trying to get back at me and I had vowed never to let my heart be vulnerable again.

Then Cindy came and I was completely taken by this stunningly beautiful and innocent woman. But she got to me through the most unexpected way, she never ask for anything, not money, not clothes, not a roof over her head not even for me to love her back. She just loved me and gave herself completely and totally to me and by never demanding anything in return she taught me how to love. That complete and total commitment without asking for anything in return amazed me and at first I knew she had to be faking it, or have an agenda of some sort.

She didn't, she gave her heart to me, obeyed every command without hesitation or questions, gave her body to me as her gift of love to me. Without me knowing she broke down my defenses and pureness of her love for me made me want more. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with this woman and I freely gave her all of the things she never asked for, including my newly healed and opened heart. I was reminded of a saying from an old dominant I learned from, "the pure submissive has all the power in a relationship." He was right, Cindy's complete love and uncompromising trust has seized me and for the first time in my life I truly, deeply love someone that I can't live without.

I looked down at her peaceful face sleeping in my arms and I thanked God for this incredible gift that is entrusted to me. I caressed her face, and like a cat she nestled into my hand wanting to feel more of my touch. I looked down at that face of an angel softened in repose, but still glowing from all her orgasms and my heart aches with love for this women.

I fell asleep with her in my arms. I woke several hours later after the sun had come up, pulled her out of my arms and covered her with a warm blanket and let her sleep.

I woke her up around 9am to feed her some eggs and juice and then put her back to bed. I was reading in the den around 4pm when Cindy came in naked, in all her splendor, looked at me and said, "Can a slave be held by her master?"

"Of course, my Pet."

I put my book down, held out my arms and let her crawl into my lap. I pulled her tight and she snuggled her face into my neck and kissed my neck.

"How are you feeling my love?"

"Oh, master last night was the most incredible night of my life. I didn't know my body could take and do all that; but you knew and that is why I love you my master. I still feel a little sore, mostly my arms and legs from the stretching, but you know what my favorite part was?"

She pulled her head up and looked at me and said, "When you made love to me after it was all over and you shot your seed directly at my womb and marked me forever as yours."

Then we kissed softly and then it began to build into a deep passionate kiss.

"Master every time I think about it I get wet and want you back inside me. I want you to make love to me my Master, my Love, my life" She said as she began rubbing her hard nipples against my shirt.

"Cindy, Oh my delicious Cindy do you really know how much and how deeply I love you?"

"Yes Master, because I love you the same. I feel like my life would be over if I didn't have you. I have only given my love to one person, and my heart is overflowing with love for you. Please Master love me ... love me now ... I need you inside me."

I stood up with her in my arms and said, "Yes my only love, and I feel the need to be inside you too."

I carried her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed and disrobed. I crawled between her legs and looked at her pussy and it was glistening and ready for me. I gave her a little lick and her reaction was immediate.

"OOHH Master ... Oh wow ... My whole body felt that."

I wondered if that sensitivity oil I had used was still in effect. It shouldn't be, it was only supposed to last a couple of hours.

I opened her lips and pushed my tongue inside her. Her butt came off the bed and when I pulled my tongue out I could see her pussy pulsing.

"MASTER OH MASTER OH OH what are you doing to me."

I began to kiss my way up her body leaving a trail of kisses all the way to her nipples. I pushed my finger into her pussy and began to suck, tease and nip at her nipple and the barbell that was pierced through her nipples. The reaction was the same. Her pussy clamped on my finger and her whole back came off the bed pushing her nipple further in my mouth.

"MASTER OH MASTER OH what are you doing to me ... I feel you all over, but especially deep in my pussy. I can't stop the cum it's running through me, its everywhere... ooohhh."

I continued to work her nipple with my tongue and pushed two fingers inside her. As I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her clutching pussy her hips were lifting off the mattress trying to get more stimulation and more of my fingers inside her.

"Wait my Pet wait."

"MASTER OH ... so sensitive ... your touch is setting me on fire ooohhh PPPLLEEEEEAASSSEE ... MASTER ... let me cum ... let the cum take me away."

"A little longer Pet."

Cindy was twisting and squirming on the bed, alternately thrusting her breasts at me and then lifting her hips trying to get more of me in her. Her body was quivering with need and her breathing sounded like a steam engine with a hard fast puffs of air mixed with moans and pleading to let her cum.

"OH OH OH ... ooohhh ssstop ... can't stop ... MMMAASSTTEERR .

"Cum for me pet," I said.

Her body exploded into a tight back bend with only her head and feet on the bed. All her muscles locked up except her pussy which was nibbling on my fingers and trying to pull more of me inside her. Oh, and her fabulous tits were quivering, shaking with nipples hard as diamonds.

"MASTER OH MASTER OH OH OH WHAS HAPPN ... OOOHH MASTER ... ooohhh ccannt ssstop cccuuummnnngg...."

She has always been incredibly responsive and sensitive to my touch, but something was different, as if her sensitivity was taken to a whole new level. She was still quivering from her cum as I started to feed my cock into her, and as the head of my cock was about half way into her when she clamped down on my cock and pushed me out of her pussy. As she started down again I tried again and I got further in when she shattered and she couldn't push my cock out.

Then I pushed my cock all the way in and this time she blasted into orbit.

"AAAgggghh ... Ohh Ggggddd ... AAAgggghhhh ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Ggggddd ... OOOhhh ... OOHHHH My MASTER"

I finally got my whole cock inside her. She was convulsing and shaking between muscle cramping cums. Cindy's always been very sensitive to my touch to our lovemaking, but this is different, it's like her whole body is erogenous zone


I stayed buried deep inside her but stayed still for about five minutes. Finally, her eyes could focus again and she looked at me.

"Oh master ... oh master oh I love you, keep making me yours, keep making me cum. I want your cum in me again master."

"I love you beautiful wanton Pet" I said as I pulled back and started to hammer into her into the bed.

Her body contorted in a stronger cum and she started flailing and screaming.

"AAAgggghh ... Ohh Ggggddd ... OOOhhh ... MAAASSTTEERR ... OOHHHH My MMMAAASSSSTTEERR ..."

She was coming so hard and so continuously that I couldn't get a rhythm and get deep enough to get to her cervix, so I thought I would try something different. I had to try something different because all the clamping and rippling around my cock had me to the point of cumming.

I pushed her legs up against her boobs, reached under her and lifted her up still impaled deeply on my cock and stood. Gravity was pushing my cock to her cervix and this caused her to go into a whole new level of convulsions. But my cock was already hammering her cervix, so I slammed my hips up and with my arms pulled her down. The combination worked and I was firmly pressed up against her abdomen as I blasted my cum, trying to shoot through her cervix and into her womb.


Her body seized up and locked with every muscle rigid, including her pussy, and my cock was clamped in place. She expelled her air when her body tensed and within a few seconds she fainted in my arms. Even though her muscles relaxed, she was still cumming. I laid her on the bed, pulled my cock out of her and cradled her convulsing, shaking body against my chest.

As I lay with this beautiful loving creature in my arms I started kissing her entire body. I started with her quivering breasts and I gently kissed all around her left breast and then I sucked her nipple into my mouth and began to gently caress it with my tongue. She came around and shuttered.

"Ohhhhhh mmmmassstter ... oh mmmmassstter ... oh love you ... oh love you ... so good good."

After a few minutes I moved to her right breast and gently started covering her breast with kisses and then I sucked her nipple into my mouth and repeated my soft nipple caress with my tongue. She quivered.

I kissed down her quivering tummy and kissed her all over and lavished some attention on the sexy belly button and the diamond ensconced there. She sighed.

"oh mmmmassstter ... oh mmmmassstter. "

I cupped her pussy in my hand and felt the pulsing of her lips and I leaned down and gave her some gentle kisses on her pussy lips and she moaned.

I moved back up and cradled her head in the crook of my arm and started caressing her face and studying her gorgeous face. The whole time she was watching me kiss her, she had the most unbelievable look of completely bottomless, completely selfless love. She was absolutely mine, but she could also see that I am absolutely hers.

"Oh my beautiful Cindy, I am yours, I am under your spell and I am so deeply in love with you." I said.

She lifted her head and kissed me.

"Oh master the love you have for me makes me whole. The way you make love to me is beyond anything anyone has ever written about or I ever dreamed about. Thinking about how you just took me and marked me as yours makes me realize how lucky I am. You are my life and I devote myself to you, my human god and protector. Every time I think about you I know that you are truly master of everything I am and the master of my body and my heart."

Her eyes closed and she rolled into me so I could hold her.

I held her for an hour before the shaking stopped.

A few minutes later her beautiful, innocent, trusting eyes opened and looked straight into my heart. All she saw there was love for her. She said, "Master I am your love slave. I am yours and I can't live without you. I can't breathe if you're not with me and I can't love if you're not in me. This body is yours, this heart is yours, I will never say no to you or deny you any part of me, because you own my heart, you own my body, you own all of me. I am your property; I am yours for as long as you want me."

"My Pet, you can see my heart and you know forever is not long enough for me to love you." I said as I kissed her.

I covered Cindy with a blanket and went to make us some food. She only had a small amount of eggs since noon yesterday and I needed to get some food in her. As I was finishing the cooking, my Pet came into the kitchen.

"Smells good Master, I'm ravenous" she said.

"After the number of calories you have burned in the last two days, you should be." I laughed.

After dinner I had work papers to read, so I went to my big plush chair in the den and had my Pet curl up in my lap and relax with her head on my shoulder.


The next day we had an early delivery and it was the package I was expecting. Unbeknown to Cindy, I had hired a professional film crew to film her Halloween display. After I opened the package I called her into the room, had her sit in my lap, and I started to play "Cindy's Halloween Display". She looked at me and gave me a room-brightening smile, wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "Oh Master this is the best present you have ever given me!"

As she started watching, the phone rang and I got up to answer while she kept watching. Some gentlemen wanted to come by and talk to Cindy and me. This got my curiosity up so I said to come right over.

"Pet we are going to have to postpone the viewing. We have some visitors coming over in a few minutes. Go put on your robe Pet."

"Yes Master."

While she was gone, the doorbell rang and two nicely dressed gentlemen came to the door. I had them come and sit down and just as they were sitting down Cindy came in wearing her short robe that was barely belted leaving lots of her breasts uncovered and her sexy ass barely covered with the bottom of the robe. She assumed the slave waiting position on the pillow next to my chair. The two men were uncomfortable with such a stunningly beautiful woman wearing almost nothing and assuming a slave position.

The gentleman in the red tie started speaking, "First, let me tell you we have a copy of "Cindy's Halloween Display" DVD. We own the post production firm that worked on your DVD and when one of our techs brought it to us, well it was the hottest thing any of us had ever seen."

I started to get angry with their intrusion and wondered where they were going with this.

The man in the blue tie spoke up. "Cutting to the chase, my partner said this is one of the hottest things any of us have ever seen and we want Cindy to do some more DVDs for us commercially. What do you think, Cindy?"

She never looked at me when she said, "He is my Master, I am his slave, he owns me and I am his property. When I fell in love with him, I gave him all of me as a gift to do with what he wants. I gave him my heart, my body and my free will to do with what he pleases. Whatever my Master decides, his slave will do without question or reservation."

She looked at me lovingly and then got up to leave the room.

The gentlemen watched her sashay out of the room with mouths agape.

Then they turned to me and I asked, "what is your proposal?"

We talked for another half an hour and then they left. After they left I went back in the bedroom and found Cindy watching her Halloween Display DVD. She had just watched me ravish her while she was stretched in the frame. As I came into the room, she said, "Master, they were right. This is the hottest thing I have ever seen. If I hadn't already lived it through, I would want you to do that to me."

I went and sat in my overstuffed chair and said, "Come sit with me and let's watch it together."

Cindy came over and sat in my lap and I cradled her in my arms, then we resumed the DVD. She watched her piercing, tattooing and then my painting her into her Cheetah costume. When she came without permission she kissed my cheek and said, "I'm sorry Master, I still await your punishment."

We watched her strut on all fours as the sexy Cheetah and her attack by a drunk and me throwing him out. As this was happening she laid her head on my shoulder and whispered, "You keep saving me, Master ... why?"

I was tempted to quip something, but then I remembered when I pulled her whipped, bruised, beaten body from the trash pile where the scum in New Orleans had left her and then later when they tried to kill her for revenge. I looked into those soft eyes brimming with tears and realized this was no time for jokes so instead my heart told the truth.

"Cindy, I was a lonely, bitter man before and you have changed my life. For the first time in my life I am in love, but not just love, a deep down to the bottom of my heart, soul searing, all-consuming love. You have made me deliriously happy in ways I never thought possible. The idea of you not being in my life is just unthinkable and I would gladly lay down my life if it protected you. I can't live without you ... ever, I can't even bear the thought of something happening to you and I will do everything in my power to prevent any harm from ever coming to you."

Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she snuggled into my neck and wept tears of love.

I paused the DVD, tilted her chin to me and kissed her softy. "You want to watch more of your display my Pet?"

She looked at me with bottomless love in her eyes and said. "Ok Master."

We were now to the costume judging and after watching her orgasm on stage, she said, "That looked as good as it felt and it felt great. When you made me delay cumming, it just kept building and building and when you let me cum every muscle in my body screamed. Master you truly know what is best for your slave."

We now came to the display of Cindy and as she watched herself being ravished by man and machine she started squirming in my lap.

"Oh. Master I thought the previous parts were hot, but this is positively searing. I might cum just from watching it. I'm surprised the DVD hasn't burst into flames. Seeing the machine's cock actually moving relentlessly into me, I swear I can see my stomach move, it is so scorching hot. Watching this I remember how merciless the machine was, and how it forced me to cum and cum and cum. As hot as this video is it was hotter and more unbelievable to actually have it happen to me."

Lastly, we came to the end were we made love and I claimed her with my seed. When it ended, Cindy turned in my lap, straddled me, and looked deep into my eyes.

"Master I have been trying to make sense of everything since that night, but that night you healed me. When you claimed me by shooting and planting your seed directly in my cervix, every nerve in my body screamed "we're healed, we're free". It happened again yesterday when you claimed me with your seed. Now all my nerves are alive, I feel everything; if you touch me anywhere I feel it deep in my womb. I don't know what all of this is about, but you've healed my body and my soul."

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