tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPornstar Pet Ch. 08

Pornstar Pet Ch. 08


This is a sequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank NadiaLove17 for her incredible editing, dialog, plot and story ideas they made this a much better story.

Chapter 8

Aftermath - Into the Sunset

I let Cindy rest and recuperate the next day after the last film. Towards the evening we went for a walk around the property to say goodbye to all the special memories, all work and the movie sets. I took the Hasselblad camera with me and put on the digital back, my intent was to take some remembrance photos of Cindy and some of the various sets. As I took a couple pictures I realized we could stand to have some publicity shots and even cover shots for the DVDs.

I told Cindy about my idea and I could see her eyes light up with excitement. For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening we went to each set creating a series of shots with some having the potential to be the DVD cover shot. Others were just Cindy and I having fun and remembering the excitement and passion we had in each one of the sets. Cindy has developed an eye for the camera and almost without exception both sets of pictures turned out to be very erotic.

At each set Cindy seemed to know just how to dress or undress and how to pose to get the essence of each video sequence in one shot. I would like to take a lot of credit for it, but all I did was snap the picture, Cindy came up with the design, pose and even the lighting. Every photograph was scintillating, with Cindy completely nude in each set, but all her private parts were hidden with equipment or shadows. In every photograph you knew Cindy was nude but you couldn't really see anything, in other words they were perfect for covers or even posters.

Needless to say by the end of the evening, shooting and posing for all of these erotic photos had Cindy and I erotically charged up ready to fuck each other's brains out. I had another idea and I took Cindy back to her very first video scene and strapped her to the virgin sacrificial table. I proceeded to tease her with my tongue, hands, feathers and anything else I could find, and took some photos of her beautiful face contorted in unrealized ecstasy. Then took her over the edge and took some additional photos of Cindy at her most stunning, when her face has the serene look of bliss as she's cuming.

I couldn't resist anymore and I took her to orgasm after orgasm with my mouth and tongue and then followed on with my cock buried deep in her pussy over and over again. When we were both completely exhausted I released Cindy from her bindings and I sat on the floor with the only woman I've ever loved cuddled in my arms. It was dark when I carried Cindy back to the house and when I laid her in bed Cindy looked at me and said.

"Sean I'm really sad to leave this place, it's allowed to you and me to explore all of our fantasies and I think it's brought us even closer together. Make sweet love to me one more time and then hold me in your arms all night so I won't be so sad."

I looked at her and said "I feel the same way baby."

I softly began to kiss her and we made love intimately with just us and our hearts. Later as Cindy and I lay cuddled together we talked about our new life and what it's going to mean to us.

First thing the next morning we had one last meeting with Cindy's doctor and after the long series of procedures he pronounced the vaginal and cervix scarring healed and felt like Cindy should be able to have children. So at this point if we ever wanted to have children it appears that we could. At the news Cindy looked over at me to gauge my reaction and I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. Her face brightens and soon lit the room. For us to have a child would be the pinnacle for Cindy. She has given me everything she has, but this is the one thing she has not been able to give me, and with her love for me she wants to give everything she can.

That morning when I transmitted the photos to the producers they went crazy and they loved every one of them and they knew most would be on the covers. Then we packed everything and sadly left for our house in St. Lucia. Several weeks before I Cindy had packed up all of the things that we wanted from our house in Fort Worth and had them shipped to the new St. Lucia house, so when we got there much of our stuff was familiar to us.

The house was indeed finished to our specifications and both of us were exceedingly pleased with how everything turned out. I followed up and gave a bonus to the builder for a fast and beautiful completion.

The first few days Cindy and I took turns cooking, while we interviewed her husband and wife teams that could be cook, maid, gardener and a maintenance man. After a couple of days of interviewing we finally found such a couple. Cindy and I both knew that this couple was honest and loyal, the two most important things to us. During the next couple of weeks we taught them how we wanted things done. We wanted all the food to be fresh and natural, so we gave them a budget to buy fresh fish, chicken and beef, then gave the list herbs and vegetables to the gardener with instructions to grow as much of our food is we could. When we were sure these were the right people we gave them a nice sized house towards the edge of the property as a bonus.

For the first week of our exile, Cindy and I made love in every room in the house and multiple times on the decks, both under the sun and the stars. Every time I look at her, touch her, kiss her and make love to her, my heart almost burst with the love I have for her. I just feel this swelling and tightening in my chest and I find it hard to breathe every time I have her in my arms.

I am indeed the luckiest man in the world.

During the second week we began to explore our little section of St. Lucia and our new gardener told us of a waterfall about a mile hike into the rainforest and he also gave us the GPS coordinates. So we packed a lunch, some water and cameras and took off with the plan of making it a day trip. The terrain was rugged but the GPS and the directions took us right to the hidden gem of a waterfall and pool below it. Cindy and I immediately fell in love with the place.

The whole day was idyllic with a swimming in the pool, making love, snacking on different fruits and general we bask in each other's love in an incredibly idyllic setting, like I said the perfect day. Towards the end of the day when the shadows were starting to get long Cindy went to the waterfall to wash off and seeing her with the water cascading off of her gloriously nude body I thought she looked like a nymph emerging from the water. I quickly grabbed the camera and took a couple shots. After that we packed up and hiked back to the house. Later that night however, I looked at the pictures I had taken and they were incredible. I e-mailed one to our producers and scheduled a conference call with them for the next day.

The next morning while was Cindy was still asleep I called up the producers and ask what they thought of the pictures. They said they thought they were fantastic but they didn't see where it had anything to do with the film's getting ready to be launched, unless of course we were planning a new film. I told him we weren't thinking about a new film but I was thinking about a photo exhibit with the series of shots with Cindy in different settings, then maybe a follow-up with certain ones on posters. All of these guys were film people so they didn't really know where we could go, but they did promise to take it to somebody that could help out and see what they thought.

The next day I got an excited e-mail from some guy I had ever heard of and the picture of Cindy was like a dream come true. He had exactly the same idea and was looking for a subject for a photographic exhibit followed by posters and he thought it could be very lucrative but had never found anything that fit. The simple photo of Cindy was the answer to his prayers and he asked how many additional photos that we have. I told him at this point none but if there was interest I had planned on spending several days taking more. He was very excited and contributed several ideas. Afterwards I talked to Cindy about the idea and she looked as puzzled as our producers had, but when I explained a photography exhibit with poster sales she started to understand.

Cindy's erotically creative mind kicked in at this point and for the next day she daily regaled me with creative ideas on different shots and poses. Two days later we hiked back to the waterfall but this time with an expedition. We figured we would stay there for a couple of days at least, so we had food, provisions, tents and sleeping bags for several days we would be there. In addition, we carried a small portable generator along with a couple of floodlights and spotlights in case we needed to enhance the lighting. Our cook and gardener helped us trek everything in and stayed with us the whole time.

With every pose I took several shots. I would generally have a completely nude erotic version, the version suited for the general populace and then close ups of her face, breasts, belly and legs. Mostly the shooting was best when the shadows were long in the morning and evening, but we did get a few really good shots at night and at high noon.

I think my favorite shots were around the waterfall and the ones with her completely nude were the most spectacular, she looked like a goddess emerging from her watery retreat. On the shots we also toyed with the lighting and when lighting Cindy from the front photos were scintillating erotic, but backlighting made her look more like an erotic apparition appearing in the waterfall. Of course the backlighting hid just enough of Cindy's breasts and pussy to get it past the censors. This backlit shot turned out to be one of the highest selling posters of all times.

We had a couple of other shots that were spectacular. One was Cindy draped backwards over a boulder with the waterfall in the background, but it was Cindy's tiny waist and belly that made this spectacular. With her draped backwards over the boulder her already flat taut belly shrank against her backbone and almost looked like part of the boulder, leaving her prominent breasts and pussy mound looking almost disembodied. For the G-rated version Cindy draped her arm across her breasts and that was it, so even the tame version was very erotic.

For the other pose that I really liked, we put one of our camp tables in the water and had Cindy lying on her back on the table. As the water stilled to a mirror like surface only Cindy's face, breasts and pussy were sticking out of the mirrored water with everything else hidden. The overall shot was awesome as well as erotic, but on this one, the individual shots of her face, breasts and pussy were even more spectacular.

During the shoots we had to take several breaks for Cindy and I to relieve the erotic tension, watching the woman I love naked and displaying herself for the camera erotically charged me up almost as much as it did Cindy. Our lovemaking in the pool and under the cascading waterfall was particularly epic. When it was time to leave we were almost sad to go back to our house.

The photos were greeted with the enthusiasm that I expected. The photography exhibit and show was a huge hit and wound up doing a national tour with all of the numbered prints of each photograph selling out within six months. Likewise the posters became national bestsellers and Cindy had become a millionaire in her own wright.


During the first week Cindy had a request. When we first found this house Cindy had made the comment that she could be a mythological siren, be displayed high overhead and lure ships to their death. I thought she was just being poetic; but she wants to have a replica of the bondage frame I created when I claimed her, built as a display high above the ocean. She wanted it double size with a replica of her bound inside the frame. As she explained it to me she said she wanted everyone that passed by to know that the woman that lived here had been claimed and was bound to the man she loves.

I marvel at the lengths that Cindy will go to tell and show everyone that she belongs to me. I still get choked up at the complete and unwavering depth of Cindy's love for me and I'm still in awe of this woman that has given herself so completely to me. I am indeed the luckiest man in the world.

The maintenance man and I began construction of Cindy's art project. Creating the frame and having and withstand the elements and the wind was actually fairly easy. Creating a replica of Cindy turned out to be a little more problematic. At first we tried having some of the locals carved her out of wood, but it was too rustic and Cindy wanted to look as life like as possible. So I sent an e-mail with a request to our producers of the videos and after several back-and-forth e-mails they finally got the point and found somebody that could create it for us.

It took six weeks to get Cindy's replica delivered and a large crowd hand delivered it, including our producers and the artisans that created it. Everyone wanted to see what was being created. The replica was Cindy down to her last mole and freckle. It was mounted on the hill facing the ocean on the edge of our property and from the house provided a magnificent portal to the ocean. However, from the ocean it was even more spectacular with the clouds and sky behind it was an erotic masterpiece.

With everybody there Cindy christened it and brought out two plaques she had been working on unbeknownst to me. The first one was the title of her masterpiece and she called it "The Perfect Picture". The second plaque was her dedication "To My Master Sean, the man who saved me and taught me all about true love and passion, I will always be your devoted love slave ... Cindy". As a read Cindy's dedication I pulled her into my arms and crushed her tightly against my chest because I couldn't say a thing, I was too choked with emotion. I could feel Cindy's tears bathing my chest as she said.

"With everything I am, I love you Sean. The day you became my Master is the day I started to live and every day since has been a dream come true. With all my heart, I will always be yours, Sean My Master."

At this point everyone around us had faded into the background and for me, Cindy was the only thing I saw. I bent down and claimed her mouth ravaging it with all the love stuck in my throat, I felt Cindy began to tremble and her arms began to clutch at my back. Cindy felt the intensity of my love sweeping her way and her knees started to buckle then her head started to spin and when I finally relented releasing her mouth Cindy's eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was hanging open. We completely ignored all of our guests as I caressed her face and her eyes opened I could see completely selfless love along with tears pooling in her eyes.

Without saying a word to our guests I wrapped my arm around her and walked her back into the house, back to our bedroom where I shut, locked it and then stripped her naked and tied to the bed. Cindy was looking into my eyes the whole time, she saw the love and hunger in my eyes and knew the love I have for her is going to be demonstrated in epic fashion on her body.

I began kissing her face lovingly, but my hunger took over and moved to her neck and ears and began to kiss, lick, nip, and suck on her leaving little nips and suck bruises over her neck and moved to her breasts my hunger increased and became more aggressive. Cindy began to tremble and shake as she felt my love and passion for her escalate driving her passion before me and leaving little nip and suck marks all over her breasts. Her nipples were engorged and distended begging for more and likewise her back was bowed pleading for my love to sweep her away.

Cindy felt me pour my love and passion into her as I hungrily ravaged her taut body that was beseeching me for more and more and as I bit down on her nipple Cindy started trembling and she felt her orgasm claim her. All this did was fuel my hunger as I aggressively move to her other breast and started driving her cum higher as Cindy started screaming her competition.


As I started leaving love marks all over her taut belly one of my hands stayed behind to keep wreaking havoc on her breasts and my other hand slid two fingers inside her and began to devastate her pussy. My love for this incredible woman was driving me mad and I felt like I had to show her the depth of my love. Cindy had never seen me lose control, but her dedication had proved to be my undoing, as my love for Cindy boiled over and in my mind I had to prove my deep love and commitment to this spectacular woman. I became obsessed with taking and claiming this woman with all the love in me.

Her whole body was bowed in hard cramping cums as they piled on top of each other. My mouth moved lower and as I claimed her clit Cindy's body tried to jump to the stars as her whole body exploded in an earth shattering cum. Every muscle in her body clinched in orgasmic rapture and as I continued my assault on her clit and pussy I felt all her tightly knotted muscles begin to quiver and tighten even more. Her cum continued and she wasn't coming down and then her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out.

I couldn't stop, I was in a feeding frenzy and Cindy was on the receiving end and within seconds of passing out she came back and immediately blasted into another orgasm. I continued to pour all of my unrelenting love into her pussy forcing her to cum seizing her body that was racked with tremors and spasms. Finally Cindy calling out to me broke through my unrelenting lust and I looked up at my beautiful Cindy and the devastation I had wrought brought me to my senses.

Cindy looked exhausted and all her muscles were spastic with the intensity of the orgasms and with fatigue. Her body looked like she had been in a muscle building competition with every muscle pumped and popping against her skin, distended and cramped from the hard unrelenting orgasms, her skin was marred with my nips and bites and glistened with perspiration.

I looked at the woman I love, the wreckage on her that I wrought and then I shouted. "Oh my God baby, what have I done?" I quickly climbed off of her and began to unbind her from the bed as she shouted in shaking, teeth chattering voice.


I looked into those love filled eyes pleading with me that she wanted this, no needed this is as much I did. With our eyes still locked in a loving gaze I slid back between her legs and started feeding my cock into her still spasming pussy. Cindy moaned loudly between her chattering teeth and her quivering body lifted off the bed reaching for more of my cock. I looked into those loving it is begging me to take her and I felt my heart overflow with love again and as I kept going deeper into Cindy I felt the madness returning.

I Love this woman with everything I am and when I was fully seated against her cervix the madness took over and I began to pound into Cindy and with every thrust displaying my love and claiming her as mine. Cindy screamed as her orgasms were once again controlling her body.


Cindy completely lost control of her body as every muscle had different ways of interpreting the passionate bliss traveling through her body like an unstoppable tsunami. Her whole body was shaking in a spastic fit as the erotic rapture took complete control. As I continued claiming love my life with every thrust, I leaned down, began kissing her shaking and trembling face and whispered to her.

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