tagSci-Fi & FantasyPortal Ch. 01

Portal Ch. 01


A/N -- Thanks for starting my new series. I hope to have at least 4-5 chapters maybe more. This is NOT a stroke story, and things probably won't heat up until a few chapters in as I plan on this being plot-driven first, erotica second. I hope you decide to take this journey with me despite that fact. Thanks for reading!! Ten


Chapter One

"Working late again, Kendall?"

I glanced up to see Dave Harrison, the procurator of the Boston Natural Science Museum, standing at my doorway. I twisted my wrist over to note it was well after six already, but that was not anything new for me. I had no life. What did I have to go home to? An empty apartment with my two cats? A night of TiVo'd reality shows? Exciting stuff! Not.

"Yep." My clever retort impressed him enough to make him shake his head.

"You should go have some fun on a Friday night; a young lady such as yourself shouldn't be wasting your evening behind a desk." Dave's muttering was of no consequence to me and I went back to putting my nose in the reports that I was typing up for him. Yes, they were due in a month or two, but might as well get a start in case something happened like a bus accident, or my eyes fell out, that sort of thing.

It was approximately twenty-three minutes later when I decided to go home. But first, I had to visit my favorite part of the museum -- the Celtic section. The museum had just gotten in on loan a new exhibit for the section and I was eager to inspect it and admire the ancientness of it. So, I moved swiftly there, stepping over the roped wall so that I could get a good look at the object. It was huge, made of rock -- an actual standing stone from Stonehenge on the British Isles. I gaped at its size and admired how interesting it was that someone had made it and set it up with its brothers in that place.

"Hmmmm...what's that?" I examined the smooth stone by circling the base, but I happened to note a couple of symbols carved into the side. Had that been there before? I boggled at it since I did not think I had seen it just minutes earlier. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me? I did wear glasses after all. I sighed at the thought. If you could get any plainer than me, you'd be hard pressed to find her. My body held no curves and I stumbled over my two left feet every chance I got. My hair was long, stringy and a terribly embarrassing carrot coloring. My complexion held a million freckles that I hated with a passion. The only thing that did not match my appearance was my temper. I was very mild in that aspect, one of which my coworkers appreciated greatly, I was sure.

And you didn't want to get me started on my stupid name.

I decided to put my going home off a few minutes longer and went to the old tome we had re-created of ancient Celtic and Druidic speech and symbols. I copied the words down that I thought matched the symbols and brought it back to the stone. Touching the symbols on the side so that I was getting them right, I began to read off the words they represented. I was not certain I was pronouncing each one right as it was a very ancient tongue, but I did my best.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" A loud humming noise crackled into my brain the moment I finished followed by a bright light that caused me to step backwards quickly. I became tangled in the rope, clumsy me, and fell hard onto my butt, gasping in shock as the room flooded with the brightness. What was happening?

The light cleared almost immediately to reveal a swirling pattern in place of the stone. Where had it gone? What was the swirly thing? Of course, most sane people would have fled to get help. But not me! I had to step back to the swirly thing and reach out to touch.

Would it hurt? What was it? How did it come to be there instead of the stone? I had no answers for my questions!

The moment I touched the colorful swirl, I felt an odd sensation in the base of my stomach, almost as if someone had dropped the floor from underneath me. I shut my eyes as light blinded me once more, and before I knew it was faded from consciousness -- falling, falling...until I landed on something quite squishy and soft in some places and hard in others.

"Uhh! Get off of me!" The squishiness turned out to be a person and I struggled to right myself and take in the scenery around me. It was daylight, and thick trees surrounded me. What was going on? Where was I? What had happened to the museum? What had happened to Boston for that matter!

"I'm sorry." I apologized, my face flaring into redness as I did. How did I come to find myself in such a strange place? I knew immediately that the stone had to have done something to me. Was I dead? I stared at the man as he gathered himself up and when our eyes locked, we both froze, gasping in surprise. First of all, the man was not any man I had ever seen in my life. His skin was a purple-ebony color, almost like a opalescent coloring gone bad. His head was full of thick, white flowing hair that fell loosely around his shoulders. His eyes were dark as night, no whites showing except for slivers in each corner. His face was molded in such a pleasing way. In a word, he was beautiful.

I could only gape at him until I noticed we were not alone.

"What manner of intrusion is this, Vytex?" Another man stated irately in a majestic voice that told me he was important, at least in his own mind. I stared in awe at him as he blinked down at me. The harsh anger-lines of his creamy white brow smoothed almost immediately and he stared at me speechless as I did the same. What sort of crazy universe was I in? There was no mistaking the fact that the second man's ears were shapely and pointed, his gorgeous white hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. I had to be dreaming. I had to be dreaming!

"I claim no responsibility for this one, Anithis." The black-skinned one stared insolently at his direct opposite, glowering angrily as if he were on the verge of jumping the pale-skinned man. Wait, were they even men? They reminded me of the movies -- only Legolas never looked as hot as either of them.

"What have we then?" A third voice piped up and I was actually oddly relieved to see that the new one was human through and through. He stepped closer, staring at me with the same shocked expression as the other two did. I was clearly out of place and realized that my clothing was quite different from theirs. The creamy elf and brown-haired, brown bearded man looked to be wearing some sort of golden plate armor, while the black-skinned elf wore silver chain linked armor. Chain mail from the books I had read and exhibit displays I had seen. All three had swords hanging at their sides. I felt as if I had stepped out of my reality and onto the set of a fantasy movie.

"P-pardon me, but can you direct me back to Boston. I think I might be lost." I couldn't believe how frightened my voice sounded, but I truly was out of my element. I was lost. It was at that moment I missed my simple life. I missed my boring, simple life.

"Baaast-un?" The white elf shook his creamy-maned head and stared at the human beside him. The man merely shrugged back. They both looked to the black-skinned one, Vortex or whatever they had called him, who shook his head in denial. Were they mocking my accent?

"By the stars, but you must be the errant Princess." The human man spoke finally, after an uncomfortable silence. I nodded, uncertain of what would happen if I denied it. The two elf-men were glaring at each other, but it was the dark-skinned one who made the first move. A small dagger was unsheathed and put under my neck so fast I could not even see it, as I was suddenly his prisoner. The white elf and his human companion froze hands up in alarm as they realized what had happened.

"You dare to betray me this way, Vytex?" The pale elf barked at the dark one and I was terrified, feeling the sharp edge of the blade biting into my neck.

"I do not betray you, Anithis, but save the Princess from a fate she does not deserve." His words were cryptic to me but I knew I did not need any saving, so I thought about complaining. But with the blade there, I could not do anything except wait to see what happened to me. One move that was false on my part and I would be whistling out of my throat.

"You must release her. It is for the best." The human tried to plead, but I had a hunch the nasty black elf would not release me for any words. Maybe some gold or something?

"I shall, but under my terms." Vytex glowered at each face, ignoring the fact that quite a few human and white elf men had come up to support their apparent leaders. "I will be taking her. I will contact you with my terms soon. Fare thee well." He did a half-bow and I felt his body move backwards, pulling me along with him. We walked backwards for a few yards until the shrubbery of the forest ate us and I could see the good guys no longer.

"Please don't hurt me." I begged him, fearful that he would do something nasty to me now that I was alone with him. But he snorted derisively and stuck two fingers into his mouth, whistling softly as he did. From nowhere a lizard-like thing came from the sky, landing before us with a loud whoosh of air. The black elf had dropped his knife from my neck by now, but I was still captive within his strong grasp, else I would have run from the monster before us.

I wanted to struggle against Vytex when he began to push me to the monster, but I did not when I noticed the thing had an actual saddle on its gray, scaly back. It was his mount? How strange this place was! Vytex pushed me onto the saddle and leaped gracefully behind me, wrapping his arms around my body as he grasped a pommel there. It was very odd but I felt secure and protected within them. I was glad I had forgone the dress I normally wore to work and was wearing my black slacks instead. But where were my glasses? I had lost them in the fall, but did not seem to need them for some reason; I could see clearly. Strange!

"I will not hurt you as long as you keep your spirit to yourself, Princess. Do we have an understanding?" Vytex's sexy voice purred into my ear and I felt myself becoming turned on. Now how did that work? I was captive in a very strange place, being held tightly by a non-human entity, riding on the back of a monster. How could I be aroused by his arms around me and his voice in my ear? Magic?

"Spirit?" I could not help but ask shyly as we flew.

"Yes. Do not call upon it." He would not say any more than that and I did not have a desire to push him, so I just left it and waited to see where he was taking me. Would he hurt me? Would he rape me? I felt myself tremble, which was bad, as it caused Vytex to wrap his arms tighter around me. I took in deep breaths as the landscape swirled underneath us, turning from thick forests, to long winding rivers and finally mountains.

It was in the center of a mountain that he dropped the lizard thing down -- almost as if we were entering the center of a volcano. I hoped it was not full of lava and felt my stomach lurch angrily as we descended rapidly. I saw a massive amount of dark figures roaming the surrounding area, which was full of small cottages among what seemed to be a verdant valley -- a paradise within the mountains.

Once we had come to a stop, which seemed to be behind a thick wall of a palace-like place, Vytex dismounted and pulled me down gently so that I was standing beside him. At least he had put away the dagger. He grasped my wrist tightly and ignored another dark-skinned elf-like person as they came to tend the lizard creature. I had no choice but follow and did my best to keep up until he led me deep within the fortress, full of dark halls lit only by candles and sconces. I was a prisoner. Would he put me in a dungeon?

I tried to thrust in the heels of my work shoes, unwilling to go further until I had answers.

"Where are you taking me? Why did you bring me here?" I asked, not trying to be querulous but truly wanted the questions resolved. But my new host said nothing, just continued to pull me along at a fast clip until we stopped before a double-door guarded by two dark-skinned elves guarding it with tall spears. They both pounded their chest and pushed the door open to reveal a very opulent room, which we entered within. The walls were decorated ornately and the bed was canopied with mesh tied loosely and dyed the same color as the bedspread -- a maroon gold mix. It was lovely and I could not help but gape in awe. It was like out of a dream.

"These are your new quarters, Princess." Vytex stared at me as if appraising me. "I hope that you will be comfortable here. Knock on the door and the guards will gather whatever you need. Now I must depart but will dine with you in a short time. I will send in some servant women to attend you shortly." He did a bow and dashed out of the door before I could protest or do anything to stop him. Sighing, I went to the armoire and glanced inside to find four beautiful dresses that were full of velvet and looked as if they'd be floor-length. Like what a princess would wear.

"My lady?" It was not long after when two women of the same race of the black elf variety entered, bowing at the waist and curtsying constantly until I shrugged at them.

They immediately set to work, helping me change out of my clothes and preparing my hair, twisting it into braid after braid. I had attempted to protest at first, but they continued to tend to me, more fearful of the master of the palace rather than my weak threats, I supposed. When they finished and I was wearing a maroon floor-length dress that was very tight around my chest, I moved to the full mirror and gasped in surprise.

I looked like a princess!

The twin black-skinned elf women nodded in satisfaction and bowed at me as they left.

I continued to stare. How was it that my freckles were not standing out so much anymore? Why did my eyes seem to be highlighted as if lit up by makeup that I never wore? My lips seemed fuller. Heck, even my waistline seemed slimmer! Must have been the dress? But what about my appearance and the fact that I did not need glasses anymore? I glanced down at my watch, which I had made them leave alone, to note it was still showing almost seven in the evening. Stopped? I groaned as the watch was my grandmother's and I could not part with it, broken or not. I chose to continue to wear it and it was elegant enough it did not detract from my new appearance.

It did not seem too long after that when I was summoned by one of the guards standing outside of my door. They said nothing, just led me to a large room that held a huge table full of food. The smells were incredible and the fruit was normal such as bananas and apples, which was quite a relief as I was expecting it to be oddball alien food. At the foot of the table was Vytex, looking dashing in a silver-laced tunic that went to his mid-thighs, underneath were tights. Hard to believe, but he made them look good. The dark one motioned to the chair beside him, never taking my eyes off of me and I dipped politely in a brief curtsy like I had seen the maids do, sliding into the ornately carved wooden chair more gracefully than I ever had in my life. What was it with this world that made me so smooth?

"Thank you for joining me, my lady." He spoke softly, watching me as a cat would study a mouse that was playing too close to it. The stares made me nervous so I focused on watching the servant begin to dish him some food and then move to me, dishing me a good portion of what seemed to be (and ended up being) roasted venison and baby carrots. The meal was so delicious! I couldn't stop eating and enjoyed every bite. Apparently these dark-skins knew how to cook. I finished, dabbing my mouth daintily and then laughing mentally at myself as I did. I was quite the lady in this guy's presence it seemed!

He had spoken very little to me during the meal, but when done, he held out a hand, which I took and let him lead me to the next room over which held a small band of his kinsmen holding instruments. They began to play music and before I knew it, Vytex and I were dancing around in small, tight circles. Me? Dance? Impossible! I knew there had to be some kind of magic in the place, as I didn't even know how to dance! Yet, I twirled easily under his arm, twisting in the right places. It was so very, very odd!

At one point, Vytex dipped me low and I saw his eyes take in my neck. For a moment, a brief moment, it looked as if he wanted to kiss my neckline. My heart hammered against my chest as he stared into my eyes and told me, "You are beautiful, Princess." He lifted me easily back up and added, "For a human." His words reminded me of the situation and I sighed softly as he led me to a balcony over looking a beautiful little lake, surrounded by weeping willow trees. The air was thick as if it held a tang of volcanic ash, but it was not unpleasant. He began to point out the different places of his land, giving names to them such as "Spring Lake" and "Mole Hill". Time began to flow and before I knew it, we were watching the sun set in the horizon. The air began to chill and I rubbed my arms for warmth.

I felt my face heat nicely when Vytex wrapped his arms around me, his torso pressed tightly against my back. I knew he had recognized my lack of comfort and was simply trying to warm me, but I enjoyed the feeling of his body against mine. I began to tremble, not from being cold, when he pushed aside my hair on the left and began to nuzzle my neck. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch of his soft lips as they caressed my skin, sighing in bliss as he lavished kisses there. What was it about him that completely turned me on? I felt warmth between my legs and gasped mentally at myself. Magic? It had to be! He was a stranger and I was a meek, lowly girl from Boston Straights that never had a date, much less got laid. It was true -- I was twenty-two and a virgin, something that had haunted me since high school. Having to listen to the other girls as they bragged about it had been unbearable.

I stared at him as he studied the setting sun and wondered what would be so bad about giving him my virginity. It wasn't as if it would matter. And he seemed to be the first male in a long time that had shown any interest in me. At all.

"Come." He held out a hand and I slid mine within, letting him walk me back to my new room. Together we entered within and I stared at him, wondering what he would want with me now. Was this the part where he cut my heart out and ate it? I shivered at the image in my mind. So far Vytex had been a gentleman, seemingly caring about my feelings and comfort. Why would I picture him as a bad guy? Well, he did pretty much kidnap me at knife-point and take me who-knows-where. But other than that, he didn't seem like a bad sort, really.

"Lady," Vytex's black eyes smoldered as he stared down at me. "Would you let me put you to bed this night?" I gulped at his question. Was that the slang in this world for "doing it"? I nodded, unsure of myself. What would happen if I did let him take me? I had lost my hymen from years of masturbating and using vibrators, so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the pain, but the next morning? He was practically a stranger still. Even though all the negative thoughts raced through my head, I didn't care. Finally I had someone to show me attention. Finally I had someone actually interested in this ugly duckling. He had called me 'beautiful'! I didn't care if it was a line, it was effective.

He smiled, the pureness of the expression nearly took my breath away as he began to unlace the strings of my bodice one by one. I wasn't sure how someone could make unfastening a dress sexy, but he managed to do that.

After I was unlaced, I let him push the dress down, leaving me in the under slip which was just a thin cotton shift. I was trembling from both excitement and nervousness as he lifted the slip up by the hem and pulled it over my head revealing my body to him.

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