tagSci-Fi & FantasyPortal Ch. 07

Portal Ch. 07


"Lady Kendall?" I woke to the sound of Vytex's voice breathing in my ear, tickling my lobe as he spoke. I felt as if I had been run over by a train and groaned as I sat up to stare at the clock. The numbers read 8:32 but as I crawled slightly closer I could see it said it was "AM" instead of the "PM" hour I was expecting. We had slept all afternoon and night? Whoa!

"Aww man." I mumbled as I crawled off of the bed. We must have both been exhausted to have slept so long, but then I tried to recall the last good sleep I had, but couldn't. I supposed our bodies needed it. Stretching, I caught Vytex staring at me with a grin on his face and instantly became self-conscious in front of him. I had to remember, I was still the ugly girl with the flat chest in this world, and no matter what he said or did, that wouldn't change the fact that it was true. I tossed him a brief smile in return and slid into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet to relief myself.

As I did, I wondered if Vytex would stand out with his long, snow-white hair. When resting against his black skin, it made quite a statement and would draw attention to him. But I couldn't see myself backing out on my promise to show him my world.

I had an idea: I would tuck his hair under an old baseball cap I had up in my closet. That should do it and I nodded in satisfaction as I stepped into the shower, feeling the urge for a short bathe to help wake me. As I washed, trying to knock any remaining sleep from my body, I did not hear the bathroom door open or the shower stall door until Vytex slid into the shower with me, nearly sending me through the ceiling from the surprise of it.

"Vytex! Ugh!" I spun and would have chided him except for the fact that there was a naked man standing in the shower with me, his cock swollen and hard and calling for me.

I recalled that I had been left without a climax the last time I had been with him. I wondered what would happen if I tried to have sex – would I hit more frustration? Not to mention that I was sore from the previous encounters as well. My recently deflowered body protested against the idea of having his manly shaft shoved inside of me so soon. But who was I fooling? I was ready. I wanted him as much as he apparently wanted me.

"Shall I help the lady?" His teeth stood out against his dark mouth as he reached into my hand for the soap bar and spun me around. I felt myself smirk as he scrubbed my back, spending extra time around the base of my tailbone. In fact, when he started to lather my anal opening, I peered over my shoulder at him. I could only see one of his eyes, which he blinked in a wink at me. The action caused me to snort and I shook my head, becoming extremely aroused as he stroked, rubbed and prodded both of the holes between my legs. "Me thinks you need some extra washing here, my lady." Vytex's voice was dirty and sexy and all I could do was nod in agreement as he continued his washing of my genitalia.

When he was apparently satisfied with the state of my cleanliness, he turned me back around and lifted me up so that I was leaning against the shower and he had easy access to my lips. I began to grow nervous and did not know why. I had made love with him twice now, why was I suddenly insecure? And then I realized as he touched my left breast with his tongue, my body hadn't changed – it was the same ugly pathetic body that I had been born with. I groaned but he must have taken that as a good groan and he swirled the tip of his tongue around the nipple, bringing it up sharply into a tipped ridge. I was extremely turned on now, but sickened by my own body. The sensations warred against each other until finally I gave in to my vanity and put my hands on his head to stop him.

His eyes were smoky as he stared at me with a languid smile on his handsome face.

"I am going to get out of the shower now, okay?" Immediately my words turned his expression serious.

"Why, lady? Did I misstep in my advances?" His face twisted into confusion and I regretted stopping him, but how could I explain to him that I hated him looking at me when my body was so ugly? And why was he not getting physically ill at the sight like I was? I hated my body so much!

"Oh, Vytex," I wrapped my arms around his neck, sad that I had upset him and made him think he was in the wrong. "I just can't let you touch me when my body is so repulsive like this. Let us get back to your land and I'll let you ... um... ravage me all you want." I smiled slightly to show I was happy with the idea and was shocked when he pressed his lips fiercely against mine.

"My lady Kendall, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes upon. In this world or my own. Do not belittle yourself so. It makes me so very angry! And sad as well." He placed gentle kiss on my forehead. "I." He kissed my nose. "Think." He kissed my chin. "You." His tongue slid across my water-stained lips. "Are." He kissed my lips hard. "Perfect." And as he said that he spun me around and 'speared me like a rabbit'.

After he thrust a few times inside of me, Vytex removed himself, which caused me to complain bitterly. What was the deal? Was I destined to have constant frustration with my new-found sex life? I wanted to scream! Before I could say much, he put his finger on my lips and pulled me out of the shower. I hastily turned off the water as he pulled me to my bed. I wanted to complain again when he pushed me on my back since it was getting the top of my bed wet from the showering we had done. But when he stuck his tongue in between the folds of my labia and clit and began to lick me, I stifled any gripes.

"Ooooh." I sighed in bliss as he gave me oral pleasure by swirling and sucking gently, nipping the bud of my clit a few times and thrusting his tongue deep into my vaginal opening, tongue fucking me until my back arched in complete pleasure. And then he moved down to my anal opening and began to tongue fuck that too. He moved back and began to drink of my overflowing juices as if it were made up of nectar. The happy noises he made turned me on even more, adding to his drink of choice and I shook my head at the imagery in my mind of it. It was at that point I decided it was time for me to share the pleasure and so I removed myself, spinning around underneath him, hoping I was not making any mistakes since I was new to the whole sexual experience. I took his hard dick into my hand and guided it into my mouth as he re-positioned and attacked my clit with his tongue. Gasping from pleasure, I tried to focus on sucking his cock, but I was so inexperienced, I felt as if I were doing it all wrong, not making any progress at all.

It only took a few more licks from him before I was screaming into his dick at my release; I could hardly believe how intense it was this time around. I really felt as if it were twice as intense as when Anithis had pleasured me orally and knew it had to be because I loved Vytex. Once I had climaxed, he continued though I was a bit sensitive. He seemed to know that fact and took it easy, which gave me the opportunity to focus on sucking his cock correctly. It did not take long before he was pressing downward so much that I thought I was going to choke. But it was effective and before I knew it, he was moaning and twitching, getting close to his own release.

I wanted to have him continue since he was so near to climax, but he began to move up and out, taking his cock away from me. I wrapped my arms around, grasping his butt cheeks and pressed down, keeping him firmly in place and so he continued to fuck my mouth slowly at first, building up faster and faster until he groaned once and shot his load down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, struggling to not choke or spill any of his seed out of my mouth. It was a challenge but I managed to keep it down and stayed like that until he was cleaned out, finally allowing him to roll over and flip me gently up so that I was resting my head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me, stroking my back as we sighed together in sexual bliss and relief.

"That was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, lady." Vytex's words were soft, kind and I believed him. It amazed me that he would still find me attractive and sexy despite the way I looked. He was not being merciful either. He had meant it. He kissed the top of my head and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "I love you, Lady Kendall."

It made my toes curl to hear the words, especially with my horrible appearance so strong in my mind. I lifted my head so that I could stare into his eyes, and well, honestly, I wanted him to see my face – to see exactly what he had just orally pleasured. The reaction was not what I expected. He leaned in and kissed my nose.

"Show me your land now?" His arms loosened and I groaned, not ready to let him go. But I knew time was short and if I did want him to see it, then we had to go now. I nodded and crawled out of his arms, dressing as quickly as I could so that I could spare him from staring at my body for too long. He dressed as well and soon, we were ready to go. I gave my cats to the woman in 2B with the indication that I was going on a long, long vacation. I wanted to cry, of course, for leaving them behind, but I knew it was for the best. Hand in hand, with Vytex's hair tucked under a baseball cap to hide it, we began the trek through my neighborhood and to the local tourist traps so that I could give him the grand tour.

It was a blast. We spent hours walking and talking, enjoying each other's company with the great backdrops that Boston had to offer. I introduced him to ice cream, mustard-topped giant pretzels, hot dogs with relish and onion, and shaved ice soaked with rainbow swirled flavoring. It was an incredible morning and I was actually surprised at how much I had missed my wonderful city. I'm fairly certain that Vytex enjoyed taking in my world and he definitely asked quite a few questions, much of which I could not answer simply because I did not know how certain things worked or were made. I valued his open curiosity and enthusiasm and it made me proud to be part of it.

"Lady Kendall," Vytex stopped me just before we entered into the back door of the museum. "I wanted to thank you for taking the time to show me your world. It was incredible in so many ways. Your people are so open and friendly, warm and welcoming. I wished that the people of my world acted the same. We would surely have less war and squabbling. Of that, I am certain." He bent down and kissed me and we continued inside.

The museum had just closed and so I knew it would be safe to go to the room with the stone and make our way back to his world.

Just before I led him into the Celtic section, I stopped Vytex. I wanted to explain that my people and his weren't that much different. After all, my world had its fair share of war and violence, but he spoke first.

"Are you certain, lady, that you would have us leave this land? It seems so full of spirit and light." His eyes glittered with emotion and I knew it was probably because the world was so strange and new to him. If he hung around a few years, he'd grow mighty tired of it. Probably. Maybe. I sighed wistfully. Maybe my world wasn't so bad.

"I don't want to stay, Vytex." I stared into his eyes, memorizing them since they'd soon be mostly black once again. "It's for selfish reasons." I replied back honestly, meaning I hated my appearance here compared to his world.

"You are not a princess in this land?" His question reminded me of the role I played on the other side of the portal - a role that mocked any real royalty there. I shook my head negative, feeling guilty for that lie. "That is all right, my lady. If at some point you feel me worthy of your future, perhaps you would consider becoming my wife. My family has ruled the Drows for many, many years. You could be my Princess."

"Whaaaat?" I looked at him, studying his handsome face in confusion. Had he just proposed in some way?

"Well, Prince Anithis, I and another share the governing of the lands so there is not one individual King. But being a wife to any of the three of us is a high honor." His dark eyes searched mine, as if seeking a reason why I wouldn't want to be married to him. I could not help myself but smile. I had been eager to marry Anithis simply to become a part of that world. How much better would it be if I were to marry a Prince of that land AND it be one that I loved?

"Hmm... I would like to be somebody's wife some day." I teased him, enjoying the soft growl as he pulled me into his arms. But there were still a few museum guests milling around and so I stifled any loving he would give me by pushing him gently away from me after I kissed him lightly. I tugged at his hand, taking him into the Celtic section, where I asked him to stay put. I had to go tell Dave goodbye.

But my boss was not in – he was gone for the day, so I sat at his desk and typed up a quick note that said I was going to be visiting friends overseas and that I'd be gone a while. I also told him that young Marcella was dead and to inform her parents. There would be no way to implicate myself or give details if I were in another world, so I had no problem stating the fact as I knew her parents would have liked to know the truth and that she had not just run away or kidnapped.

I felt my heart lighten as I returned to Vytex in the Celtic section of the museum. I was going "home" soon and so I was happy. I stepped into the room to note Vytex off to the side, looking down at something. I went to his side and saw that there was an odd look in his eye as he stared down into one of the display cases. I watched him splay his ebony fingers on top of the glass and followed his gaze down into the case where a couple of hand-carved figurines from just before the Celtic period of time were supposedly made. He looked as if he were ready to smash his fist through the glass, so I grasped his wrist tightly to prevent that from happening.

"I must take a closer look at that wooden wolf head." His voice wavered with some strong emotion as he pointed to a crudely carved figure of what looked to be a wolf with tiny rubies set in for the eyes. I nodded, curious as to why it interested him so much. I bent down and unlocked the case using the code we had for the section and slid the back open. I reached in and grasped the carving gently, careful not to cause it to splinter since it was so very, very old. I brought it out and placed it into his extended palm, watching as he studied it.

"That's from my people's history." I told him in my most informational voice. "That rock is thousands and thousands of years old." I pointed to the Stonehenge stone. "The carving in your hand is supposedly thousands older than that magical rock." I realized his word for 'magic' was 'spirit' so added, "That spirit rock." Vytex was so entranced by the carving he spared no time to look at where I was pointing, so I stepped closer, peering over his arm to stare at the carving with him. I was not certain why it intrigued him so until I asked.

"My father carved a wolfhead for me when I was a boy. It looked just like this, down to the rubies he had chipped for me from the stone of our mines." His eyes pierced mine as I realized the coincidence of having something he recognized. How could it be?

"If this was given to me by my father, I shall flip it over. As a young boy, I often bit upon it to suffer through the rites of testing my people endured." Slowly, with gentle care, he turned it over to reveal a smooth back except for seven places in a crescent shape that looked as if they had been put there by very young teeth. There was no mistaking the bite marks - it was the same carving. I think we might have gasped at the same time as the implications of the object in his hand hit us simultaneously.

"How? How can this be, lady? If you say this is from your ancient past and I see how old it is as the wood has long since rotted. Does this mean that our worlds are one in the same?" Vytex continued to stare at the carving, shaking his head from time to time in wonder. It was then when his eyes landed on the rock from Stonehenge. I could see recognition within, which surprised me, but I suppose it shouldn't have. He put the wolf carving down gently on the top of the display case and made his way to the stone. Hands hesitantly reached out and finally landed, the tips going over the surface as if touching rock for the first time.

"My lady, these are the Standing Stones of the Druidic people that once had inhabited my land. They have been in my world from before my father's father was sired." Vytex's face twisted into confusion. "How is this here? Is this a mock of it perhaps?" I stepped closer, staring at the rock as he continued to touch it as he circled it slowly.

"This is the real thing, Vytex." The thought of having both objects familiar to the Prince of the Drow troubled me. How was it possible? His expression told me he was as confused and amazed as I was. But when he circled to the far side, I heard his exclamation of surprise and joined him. He was touching the carved wording in the side.

"Do you understand what that says?" I asked him, staring at it as he rubbed his fingers against it. He was quiet for a long time, his wonderful face twisted in confusion and alarm.

"I do." The Drow looked sharply at me. "You cannot read this?" I shook my head, curious as to why he thought I could. "It gives a warning, Kendall. I wrote it."

"Whaaaat?" I was saying that a lot lately.

"I shall read it then." His eyes caressed the writing as he began to speak the words to me. "It says 'Kendall, Do not return. Death awaits. Vytex'" I gasped softly, surprised that our names were on it. The dark man spun quickly, grasping both of my wrists within his hands. "You cannot return, Kendall. It is obviously written by me later than when we left for your world. I did not write that before now. I have no recollection of ever visiting the stones except as a young boy. I do not believe I wrote them then, so that means I have not written them... yet." His face was troubled and I bit my lip in consideration of the possibilities that it meant. Yes, it was a warning, but what kind of warning? What was it warning about... besides a death? Would it be immediate upon my return or when I'm nearly ninety years old and it was my time anyway?

"I am not ready to die," I told him honestly. "But I don't want to stay here. I think I'd rather face whatever obstacle that is in my way in the future with your world, than to remain here and never return back there." I knew what I was saying to him; I knew I was pretty much writing my death warrant by requesting to return. But I couldn't stay in my world! It was at that point I made the conscious decision to return. But I would not go back unarmed and ill-prepared. I opened the display case that held the re-creation of the tome and tore a few pages out, tucking them in my pocket as I did. I hoped I wouldn't regret it later as I stared at Vytex, mentally preparing myself for what might or might not happen once the portal opened.

"Are you ready, Vytex?" I stared at him with a hard gaze, hoping he would not be the next obstacle. And as I feared, he shook his white-tipped head.

"I cannot let you enter the portal, Kendall. I shall not risk your life for some notion that you want to be royalty." He stepped close to me, eyes blazing. "I will not lose you." I sighed at his response, although it told me just how much he cared. I would have been hurt had he not thrown some sort of fit.

"I understand. But I'm going and you cannot stop me." As I said the words, I immediately sifted my memory and recalled the words that would open the portal. I spoke them quickly and like I had hoped, the swirly portal opened, inviting me into its deceptively warm center. I would have leaped if not for Vytex's grasp, attempting to prevent me from taking the portal.

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