tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPosing For Frank Wallis

Posing For Frank Wallis


It was Easter when my son Paul showed me some photos by Frank Wallis. If you've never seen his work before, basically they are black and white pictures of semi-nude women taken on the streets of New York. At first I found them merely interesting but after Paul returned to university I found myself constantly thinking about them. Eventually I put aside my aversion to our computer and located the photos on it. Not wanting to ask my husband, Martin to help me, it took me the better part of a day to first find them and to actually see them. In the end I accidentally double clicked one and it popped up on the screen.

As I said, I found myself thinking about them more and more. I started to go out during the week when Martin was at work, dressed in the same way as the model, whom I found out was Sheila Ward. We are of similar build, which made it easier for me to imagine that it was me in the pictures. I loved to walk around Chester where I live wearing only a thin dress and a pair of flat gym shoes. The next step was to actually assume the poses as if I was being photographed.

To begin with I only dared do this in my home and garden. Even then I could only bring myself to raise the dress, exposing my body if I imagined Frank was telling me how to pose. Before long as soon as I slipped on a thin dress I would became Sheila. I even kept my pubes trimmed in the same way as she does. Showing my bum or tits to him, gave me such an acute sensation between my legs; it was like nothing I had ever known in all of my sheltered life. Later I found that Sheila once worked as a dancer, which goes along way to explaining why she looks so relaxed modelling in public.

The obvious next step was to model for Frank on the streets of Chester. At first I only had the nerve to show my bum for him to photograph. But before long he began to insist that I show more and more of myself. By the end of May I got so that I could casually lift my dress, almost removing it as I walked up a quiet alley or deserted street. As you might have gathered I had always considered myself not only shy but also, I don't know, somehow above things like this. Both Martin and I were at university when we met. We married in the year we graduated and conceived our daughter Amy straight away, Paul was born less than a year later.

Looking after the two of them took all of my time and energy and I'm ashamed to say I neglected Martin. The up shot of which is that when I was ready to start enjoying sex again he had become so involved with his career that he was always too tired to try anything new. Sex was just that for him, when he needed the release we 'did' it but otherwise we lived a life of quiet domesticity.

Since becoming obsessed, because I knew that's what I had become, with the pictures I'd had more orgasms than the rest of my life put together. When I had walked around Chester wearing only a short loose dress, I would sit in my car even in broad daylight and play with myself. This was something I had never done, even as a teenager. But here I was at forty unable to stop myself. On these trips out I never wore anything under my dress, unless it was to pose for the picture called 'NY Railway station'. For this I had to wear black hold-ups and a short black skirt.

It took me a while to get around to analysing why I found these pictures so compelling. At first I thought it that it was because I looked so much like Sheila. Then it occurred to me that it might be something to do with the fact that in many of the photos she has her head either covered or averted. This made it easy for me to imagine I was the model. Also it is easy to imagine that we are seeing something that maybe we weren't supposed to see, a voyeurism eliminate comes into play then. But in the end I decided that it is the fact that Sheila had been asked to pose how she had which appealed to me the most.

Today I had 'posed' for a photo called 'Welcome'. I stood by a welcome to Chester sign as Sheila and flashed my pussy for my imaginary Wallis. I had to waited ages for a gap in the traffic but in the end Frank insisted I do it when there was a lorry coming! There were a couple of lucky men on the A41 this morning. I ran to my car and sped off as soon as I had done the deed. That was the first time anyone had seen me 'posing' and when I pulled into a lay-by a couple of minutes down the road I was shaking so much that I came as soon as I touched myself.

Later at home I went straight to the computer and pulled up the photos. It was late May by now and I had completely over come my aversion to computers. I regularly surfed the net looking for photos similar to Frank's. I've found some even one called nude in NYC, but none were anywhere near as erotic as his. Most missed the point and have their model fully nude or the model is looking at the camera. These lose all of the eroticism, which his are full of. I've tracked down every bit of info on him, even interviews with the Sheila.

A few weeks ago I came across a site full of personal adverts. Just why I looked down the list I don't know but one court my eye. It was from a man in Birmingham who was looking for a woman willing to pose in exactly the same way as I liked to. I contacted the man using my hot mail address, my alter ego's name surprise surprise was Sheila. Before long I was swapping emails with Peter as he turned out to be called. He too was a fan of frank's work. When I told him how his photos had effected me he told me how much he'd love me to model for him.

We communicated daily and I would always tell him where and how I had posed. One day as I wrote to him I felt particularly turned on from as I told him of my latest explot. I had never told him what I did in my car after I had posed, but today I let it slip that I had touched myself. His reply came back immediately; he wanted to know more about my playing with myself. He asked if I ever thought of him photographing me. At that point I hadn't, but I told him I would on the next trip. He then asked me to tell him more about my body. The e mail session last over an hour by which time I had not only given him an extremely detailed account of my slim body but also of my masturbating technique!

During the rest of the afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about what I had told this complete stranger. Before long I had started to wish I hadn't been so candid. The very next day though found me standing on a small-unmanned train station where I posed for NY Station. Frank had insisted I lift my skirt just as an Intercity went through. I couldn't help but look at the windows of the train and I know that at least ten people must have seen my pussy and bum.

Anyway when I got home, ten minutes later I was still hot. I had removed my skirt and now had on just the hold-ups and the tight black top. This was pushed up over my tits and I fondled them as. I made myself come before I checked my mail. Peter had of course written, he told me how much he had enjoyed the e mail session and that I wouldn't believe how much he wanted to photograph me. A wicked thought came into my head as I read this. I quickly replied telling him in detail everything I had done that morning also I told he how little I was wearing as I typed. As soon as I had sent it I regretted it but as you know once it is sent there's not much you can do about it. It was time to get Martin's and Amy's dinner ready, so I put all thoughts of my 'other' life out of my mind.

As soon as they had both gone to work, the next morning I went on line to see what Peter might have sent. He thanked me for sharing my inner most thoughts with him and once more begged me to meet me. He gave me a 'very' detailed description of the shots he wanted to take. In some I would be practically naked. He asked if there was any chance we could meet. He mentioned that the next Friday afternoon would be perfect with him. We had often talked about it but until then nether of us had actually asked for a 'date'. I thought about nothing else all day and late afternoon I e-mailed him to say that I wasn't sure, I didn't say no but said that I would think about it over the coming weekend and let him know on Monday.

I knew already that I had to pick Paul up on that afternoon, he attended Aston university in Birmingham, this fact alone was enough to convince me that eventually I would meet with Peter. I gave myself the weekend to talk myself out of it and I almost had when late on Sunday Paul rang to say he wouldn't need picking up until later on Friday if that was alright. That was it for me I even wrote out the e-mail that evening ready to send on Monday morning. All I put was that I would meet him on Friday at one. He just had to say where.

I logged on at midday to see that Peter had replied. He said how much he was looking forward to meeting me at last. He also asked if he could bring his camera, for a just a 'normal' photo if I wanted. I responded by saying he could bring his camera. I said I would let him take my picture but didn't want Boots processing any of me, which were indiscreet. There is no need to worry about anyone seeing the pictures he told me, as he planned to use a digital camera. He had access to a Sony camera that stored the pictures on floppy discs. This put things in a different perspective; a digital camera was something I had never thought of. To give me time to think about it I told him I was just on my way out to pose for Frank, and that I'd imagine it was him. I was already wearing his favourite thin dress. I liked to practice lifting it over my head as I walked around my home. I didn't get the same thrill as I did by posing in town but it was good practice. Today I used this training to create 'Cobbles'. As I walked up an empty alley I lifted the dress up until all my body except my head was exposed.

I couldn't get home quick enough to first play with myself and then e-mail Peter to tell him about it. I also asked him to once more tell me which poses he would want me to do for him. That was by way of telling him I would.

It was the next morning before I logged on again. Paul had been eloquent with his reply, in it he mentioned in great detail the shots he wanted to try. They were all ones I'd done for Frank but the thought of doing them for Peter made my legs weak. He suggested a small café, which I knew well and asked that I dress as Sheila had in NY Railway and to bring a dress to do the other shots in as well.

In my reply I told him I knew the café and that I would be there at one. Straight away I was seized by feelings of guilt, after all I had been married to Martin for over twenty years. Although I had no intention of doing anything but pose for Peter, some people would agree that it was so close to being unfaithful as to be actually having sex with him. If it was so 'innocent' how come I kept it from my husband? Should I tell him about what I had been getting up to? In the end I decided I would kind of tell him what I was planning on Friday. I waited until we were settled in bed that night before I said as casually as I could that I would be going into Birmingham before I picked Paul up on Friday. All I got in response was,

'That's nice dear, don't spend too much in the shops will you.'

'I'm not going shopping.'

'Well whatever you get up to, have a nice time, goodnight darling.'

With that he turned away from me and with his usual swiftness began to snore softly less than twenty seconds later.

'I'm meeting a man actually and I intend to pose nude for him on the streets of Birmingham.' I only said these words quietly, but I did say them out loud. Somehow hearing them spoken instead of typed onto a screen made it seem more real, so I said it out loud again.

'I shall meet him wearing no underwear and before long he will see my bum. Not much later he will see my pussy and then my tits as well.' The fact that he had fallen asleep while I was talking to him had annoyed me. Any doubts and apprehensions I might have had evaporated as I said out loud what I was planning.

'He is practically a complete stranger but he makes me feel more alive than you have in years. If he wants to I will even pose with strangers watching. In fact I want to have people see me. I want them to see how proud I am of my body. I will pose however he wants me to.'

When I had finished telling him what I was up to I touched myself and came several times before I was able to sleep. In the morning I confided in Peter what I had done and about how Martin's indifference to me had swept away any misgivings I might have had. I told him that I was absolutely determined to pose in 'any' way he wanted me to.

Our e-mails continued in a similar vein all week. By Friday morning I was so hyper I could hardly drive. I decided to leave on the sixty-mile trip at ten. As always happens when you leave early; I got there in just over an hour. I couldn't eat as I walked around the shops wearing just the thin black top, short black skirt and black hold-ups. At twelve I slipped into a quiet pub for something to calm my nerves.

At twelve thirty I stepped into the café dressed exactly how Peter had asked me to. I collected a coffee from the counter and sat near the back of the shop. As I drank I examined every man who came in and those who were already seated. I had expected to have doubts at some point during the day but so far I hadn't.

At five to one I had the biggest shock in my life. Large as life my son Paul opened the door and stepped into the café. I was sitting in a corner so there was no way I could escape without him seeing me and see me he surly would as soon as he looked around. I lowered my head and pretended to look in my bag. It was no use though, when I looked up he was looking straight at me, the look on his face matched mine perfectly. He was as shocked as I was.

He came over to my table and said,

'Mom what are you doing here. I mean you're early aren't you?'

'Yes dear.' I managed to say. 'I wanted to do some shopping.'

It was when I had said this, that he first noticed how I was dressed. A funny look crossed his face as he looked at me.

'You don't usually dress like that, do you mom?'

'No… I felt like a change today, you know how it is, a change is as good as…'

'Mom, are you Sheila?'

I felt the colour drain from my face as he said those simple words. We both knew without a doubt that we had made a date with each other! I was the first to crack and I suddenly burst out laughing at the situation. Paul joined me a moment later.

'Oh Paul what must you think of me?'

'Mom I don't know what to think. I never dreamed that you could do the things you said you did.'

My face coloured as I remembered some of the things I had told this 'complete stranger.' I couldn't look him in the face as they returned to my mind. I got up and ran to the loo. The things I had told him, the things I had been prepared to do for him that afternoon. I locked myself in the cubical and cried into my hands. At first it was through shear embarrassment, but before long I realised it was because now I wouldn't get to pose for Peter. He had vanished from my life just as surely as if he'd been shot. I eventually emerged from the loo to find Paul waiting patiently at our table.

'Paul.' I started to say but he interrupted me.

'Mom you don't have to say anything. No one else knows what we were planning and no one ever will from me.'

This relaxed me a little and we both laughed again at the absurdity of the situation. I asked him to show me the camera and he dug it out of his bag. It was a bulky thing, which I thought was awkward to hold. I handed it back to him and he took my picture. Ten seconds later he showed me the result on the back of the camera. I was impressed at the apparent quality and as I looked from it to Paul I could see that his mind was racing along the same lines as mine. I lowered the camera and we held each other's eyes. A smile slowly crept across my face as I saw one appear on his.

'Are you thinking what I think you are?' I asked him.

'That depends what you think, I'm thinking I suppose?' He replied coyly.

As much as I had wanted to be photographed this afternoon, surely I couldn't let my son do it and I told him so. He thought about this for a moment before suggesting that maybe I could pretend that he was Peter and he would imagine I was Sheila. I pretended to think about this but I already knew I wanted to pose more than I had wanted anything else in years. Could I do it for Paul though?

'You're dressed as he asked you to, aren't you?'

I blushed but nodded. He looked all around him to see whether any one was close. Before he said two small words.

'Show me.'

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