tagFetishPossessing Bella Ch. 12

Possessing Bella Ch. 12


Authors Note: This is a chapter in this series primarily based in BDSM practises. If that is not to your tastes please stop reading and find one of the other wonderful stories on this site more suited to your kink. Thank you once again to everyone who leaves comments and feedback on my writing, it is much appreciated. ~ellie


Bella had been beyond busy for the rest of the week. She and Andrew took over some space on the lower floor of the company and put together a workshop in which Louise could begin work until they decided on a location for their first store. In the evenings, she worked with Nyx or Steven on the speech and body language she would be required to have in her training with Master Mike in the following weeks. In the small amount of time, she had to herself she made decisions about the furniture in Mel's apartment and asked Stephen for his help in locating particular items and removing others.

Once she had decided on the beautiful antique bed from the storage facility, Bella found it easy to continue the theme throughout the apartment's décor. By Friday, she had labelled all the furniture to be removed and had ordered several pieces that would get delivered while she was away. Once she had made the larger decisions Stephen took control of the logistics reassuring her that he was more than happy to do so.

She had begun to accept what the others had said about Stephen's intentions toward her and enjoy the time he spent with her letting her see the softer caring side of his personality. She still found it hard to know exactly what he expected of her, but she relaxed more in his company and took on his offered tutelage to enhance her understanding of the Gorean Lifestyle. He showed her affection and his tender kisses still made her knees weak, and she found herself wishing for more. No matter how sexy her service was to him during their tutelage sessions he showed no inkling of wanting to take things further than just the occasional kiss. Every time she thought she had moved him in some way he still addressed her in his usual self-controlled manner.

His manner both frustrated and confused her, but she kept the words of her friends in her mind. Stephen wanted more than just a playdate. He wanted her commitment, her acceptance of him as a Master, and she couldn't do that until the training schedule that had been set out was complete. Until then, they seemed to be locked in this oddly intimate dance in which they acknowledged their feelings and attraction but never truly acted on them. Stephen had been honest with her about his intentions, but Bella had not told him about her feelings yet. The truth was; he still confused her.

The fact that she had not voiced her growing feelings for him as he had done for her hit her like a slap in the face as she lay in bed on Saturday morning. She realised that she had never done more than thank him for his constant care and protectiveness. Bella was stunned that she had pushed him, because of her confusion to announce his intentions and had given nothing no indication of her thoughts regarding him in return.

As always when she felt a pang of guilt she turned introspective and cursed herself for being a brat. She had expected him to show his hand completely while keeping hers close to her chest. Taking a deep breath, she examined her feelings carefully. He was a harsh and uncompromising man, but he was also good and kind in ways she had not expected. His expectations of her were high, but he also accepted that she did not have the skills or background to understand all of those expectations. He helped her, tutored her, corrected her, cared for her and protected her. She knew now that he didn't just do this out of obligation or duty. He did it because he cared deeply for her and held her to a higher standard than the other girls at the club that he cared for out of obligation and duty alone.

She wondered at the amount of time he spent with her and how he was managing his role within the club. She knew that the girls relied heavily on him to protect them, and she wondered if the man who took his place when he wasn't there was as protective of them as he was. She somehow imagined that Stephen would have hand-picked a like-minded man to be a manager in his absence and she knew Jake would have taken some of the responsibility Stephen held in his absence.

Bella smiled thinking of Jake. Unlike Stephen, he was very easy to read. He was more relaxed and easy to be around. He too had made it clear that he cared about Bella but had left it at that seemingly happy to sit back and allow her the time and space she needed to get her life back together. It seemed strange to her that she knew Jake more intimately on a physical level than Stephen. He had been part of that crazy night in the Kava Lodge, yet she did not have the same feelings for him that she had for Stephen.

She also knew Sire and Hunter more intimately than Stephen and yet for all her time with them she had not felt the intimacy that she felt from Stephen's hand holding and tender kisses. She laughed as she realised she had become a player. She had sex purely for the endorphins, the joy the twin mix that pain and pleasure gave her, not for the intimacy of being with another person. She remembered Mel and the tender aftercare he gave her that gave them both the intimacy their sex lacked. It was something Hunter lacked entirely, and Sire did not dwell upon, in his self-appointed role of teacher.

Climbing from the bed, she grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower still smiling. What she needed to do was reciprocate those small acts of intimacy and Stephen would know how she felt without her having to voice it. She laughed again as she stood under the water. It was always the women in magazine columns and talkback shows who accused men of not showing any commitment or intimacy. Here she was the one to shy away from it when Stephen showed his intentions toward her every day.

Master Mike and Nyx were spending the weekend preparing for a caravan that they wold take her on during the following week. Nyx had been very forthcoming with the things that would happen there. She had taught her several services of particular drinks and food to practise along with two dances that would highlight her needs to the potential Masters that would be present. Nervous about the many protocols expected in this lifestyle Bella had planned to practise most of the weekend with Stephen spending some time with her in the afternoon before she went to dinner with her parents.

She had almost forgotten that she had planned to invite her parents to the city this weekend to see a show. Luckily as always Stephen had put everything in place for her, including inviting himself along to a dinner at a wonderful restaurant he had chosen. He was become a key figure in every aspect of her life rather than the looming dark presence she had always known to be looking over her shoulder since Mel's death. Even in her work, though he maintained he would never influence her decision-making there, he had found her their first artisan and his brother would make some exquisite one-off pieces from them. She was looking forward to dinner. It seemed to have been forever since she had seen her parents, and she missed them, and acknowledged that her father enjoyed Stephen's company.

Bella spent the morning going over the slave positions and walked around the small apartment in the diaphanous piece of silky fabric she knew would be her only form of clothing during the two weeks ahead. Nyx had told her the once she would be required to know the protocols well, and she was determined to not embarrass her or Master Mike. Bella had committed as many as she could to memory, and while they may not all be perfectly executed, she would at least not be at a total loss if commanded to a particular position.

She had read the books and studied diligently, but it was such a strange lifestyle that she didn't feel even close to ready to join it. She knew that the reality was never going to be like the books and online forums but still she worried and went through the paces of the dances she had painstakingly prepared with Nyx. Firstly that of the new slave, a dance of submission and secondly the dance of beauty that would show her desirability to all of the Masters present.

Taking a break just before lunch she decided to go over her plans for Mel's apartment one last time. Pulling a light coat over the silk she wore she grabbed her keys and went across to the other side of the floor. She reminded herself once again that she should stop calling it Mel's apartment but in the state it was in, she couldn't help herself to remember. Maybe when there was new furniture she would feel different about it.

Leaving the door open she stepped into the now familiar space, her fingers trailing over the back of the large leather armchair as a smile came to her face. When she returned, all of these things would be gone. She would have a lot of work to do to try to put all the new furniture she had ordered into the vision of what she wanted for the space.

She was just coming out of the bedroom when she saw Stephen standing in the middle of the living area. Bella slipped off the light-weight jacket and placed it over the back of a chair before padding softly toward him conscious of making her movements graceful.

"Greetings, Sir Stephen, I trust you slept well," she kept her eyes lowered and her hand relaxed at her side.

"Good morning, little one, I did sleep well despite the lateness of my evening," he placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face up to his. A smile touched his lips as he kissed her softly and resumed his stance. "I am glad you are here. I was hoping you could run me through your plans for this place properly before you left tomorrow evening."

"Of course," Bella began to speak about her plans for the main living area including longer term ideas for painting and artwork that she hadn't had the time to look for yet. She had definite colours and schemes in mind to match the furniture she had chosen. At various intervals, Stephen stopped her to ask questions but for the most part seemed content to listen as she gave detailed explanations of her plans for each room.

"Once my personal things from my apartment have been moved across I will be able to see better what I need or would like to make it truly my place," she said wistfully. "At the moment it is still Mel's apartment," she voiced her thoughts from earlier. Stephen murmured in acknowledgement as they re-entered the living room.

"I have a few other concerns to talk with you about would you like to join me for lunch downstairs?" he asked. He too felt that the memory of Mel remained strong within the apartment and would rather talk with her on neutral ground.

"Yes, thank you, Sir Stephen. May I have a few moments to change first, please?" Bella looked down at the ragged piece of silky material she wore.

"You may," he went to the door and held it open for her. His hand curled around the back of her neck as they walked from one apartment to the other. Bella found the feeling of that hand reassuring now, protective even, the odd feeling it had originally given her regarding Mel having dulled over time.

She changed quickly, did her make-up and hair with the practised ease of someone who was constantly under a time constraint for such things. When she emerged, Stephen looked up from his phone where he had been checking emails and then back at the time again with satisfaction.

"Thank you for your patience," Bella said quickly misreading his look as one of being concerned at having been kept waiting.

"I had expected you to take longer, but you are most welcome," he gave a half smile. "Shall we go?" He held out his hand beckoning her to him.

That small smile had come to mean a lot to Bella. She got a small thrill every time it appeared because of something she did. She looked forward to the day she could elicit the wide happy smile he seemed to reserve for only a special few like his brother, Pete. She had seen it of course, but it had never been there just for her. The most she had managed to elicit from him was this half smile, but she basked in its warmth just as happily as if it had been a full smile. She took a breath and decided now was as good a time as any to voice the things she had been thinking about all morning.

"Sir Stephen," she said letting out a breath and watching him furrow his brows and lower his extended hand. "When I said thank you for your patience, I didn't mean for just now I meant...," the words suddenly ran out and she felt lost in what she wanted to say.

"Go on," he said in a dangerously low rumble.

"What I meant to say was... I mean... it's just that," Bella stammered. Stephen's expression became darker, and he stalked back toward her taking a seat in the one armchair threw a pillow on the floor at his feet.

"Speak, I am not a mind reader as I have told you too often already," Stephen growled. He hated not being in control of situations, and this girl had a way of making him feel as if everything he wanted was about to be pulled out of his reach. He hated that he wanted her so badly that it messed with his emotions in such a way that his frustration showed clearly even to himself.

Bella knelt carefully in front of him and for once looked up to try and read his eyes. See had handled this badly. It wasn't a good time to talk about these things. Now she had started, however, and made them both uncomfortable, she felt she needed to keep going in order to clear the air between them and maybe ease his moodiness as well as her confusion.

"I wanted to thank you properly, for your guidance, protection and especially your patience with me over the last few months. I know I have not been the easiest girl to look after. Although I am naïve and often totally out of my depth, I think I do understand what you said to me," she swallowed noisily. "I am committed to the training program and I would not want to let anyone down who stood for me when the program was put in place. I am grateful too, that you are letting me get to know you better as well." She let her voice drop and continued to search his eyes for any indication that he understood what she was saying.

"You have been so very patient with me, especially when I don't understand the motives behind the things people do. You have cared for me in ways I didn't even realise at the time, like back at the beach house. You made me take responsibility for my mistakes and face them. You have supported me through everything. Even though I may have thought you were severe and even harsh at times, you always told me the truth, even when it was unpleasant," Bella gave a half smile. "Thank you," she said simply.

Stephen was speechless. This was not what he had expected to hear when she had started stammering nervously. He had thought she was worried about her parents or her readiness to visit Mike and Nyx and needed reassurance. He stared at her silently, his heart thumping loudly in his chest as she looked up at him with those beautiful green eyes and said she understood his intentions.

"I will continue to protect and care for you as long as you need me, little one," he spoke softly his low voice full of the emotion he so rarely displayed. "I will also continue to wait patiently because I believe as you do that you should live up to the commitment you made. At least to the original five Masters," he paused and searched her eyes seeing no confusion there despite the bottom lip that had been pulled between her teeth. He bent his head to kiss her lightly before beginning to talk again in the same soft, quiet tone.

"Know that should you choose me when you are ready, there will be no others to train or test you. You will belong to me and me alone. So honour this commitment, learn about yourself and your needs as much as you can, show the world the real woman you are and be sure of what you want. In the end the choice will be yours," he kissed her again, deeply this time, taking her breath away and leaving her trembling with the force of it.

At that moment, Bella believed she could love him as deeply as she had Mel. He had said the very words she needed to hear. If she chose him, she would be his one and only and he hers. She couldn't help the smile at split her face as she looked up at him after the kiss and was rewarded with one of the rare full smiles that she craved from him.

Stephen let out a small growl, "You are far too tempting looking up at me like that. Let's go and have lunch downstairs before I become another notch on your bedpost," he gave a crooked smile but noticed the fleeting look of disappointment on Bella's face. "When I take you, it will be because we both know you are meant to be mine, not the day before I must hand you to someone else." He helped her to her feet and kissed her tenderly softening his words, "That day is not so far away now."

Bella felt a rush of mixed emotions. The bond between them had begun to deepen with her words to him, she could feel it wrapping invisibly around her. She knew too that the training program was a journey she must take so she could be more confident in who she was both as a submissive and in her chosen career. If Stephen had have asked she would have considered deferring the time she had committed to going to Nyx and Dusty, she was sure Dianne and Kurt would not mind her deferring their portion of the program. He didn't ask though. He had said he would wait patiently while she did what she needed to do. She wasn't sure she wanted to wait though, at that moment all she wanted was more of him.

Jake had joined them for lunch and Stephen it seemed was pleased to put some space between himself and Bella sitting on the opposite side of the table. The conversation was as usual lively and full of good-natured ribbing and after her initial disappointment she relaxed and enjoyed Jake's company and the way he interacted with Stephen. The more time Bella spent with Stephen, the more she saw the side of his personality that only close friends saw. She had known him so long that the softer caring nature he had shown her recently still came as a surprise.

Towards the end of lunch, Theo, one of the trainee managers, motioned Stephen from the table and after a brief conversation with the man, Stephen came back to the table. "It seems your parents are here," Stephen said. "At the front desk," he added with a low chuckle after seeing her look around quickly, "Come, they are waiting."

"I can't! I need to change, to clean up my apartment," she sounded panicked.

"Your apartment is always spotless, so I will give you a moment to change and collect your parents for you. Shall we go?" Once again, Stephen held out his hand for Bella to take.

"Thank you so much for lunch, it was wonderful as always I am sorry I have to rush off," Bella said hastily to Jake and took Stephen's hand hurrying from the club.

"I was supposed to meet them at their hotel later," Bella whispered apologetically.

"Did you think Rosie would forego the opportunity to check on you properly?" Stephen chuckled and shook his head.

"I guess not, but Dad usually at least warns me," Bella said plaintively.

Stephen took the elevator to the third floor letting her out and promising her only a few minutes before returning. Bella hurriedly pulled off the tight skimpy outfit on her way to the bedroom. Grateful that she had had time to organise her closet recently she grabbed one of the sweet summery dresses that her mother had brought her and pulled it over her head. Satisfied with a quick glance in the mirror, she hurried around the small apartment making sure everything was in place.

The door opened moments later to reveal her parents her mother blushing under Stephen's quiet compliments and her father good-naturedly pretending to be jealous of the mock flirting, men always showered on his wife. Bella came forward hugging them both and smiling widely.

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