tagGay MalePost-Thanksgiving Drumstick

Post-Thanksgiving Drumstick


I hadn't seen my lover in little over a month, as our schedules had not meshed to that point, but he sent me an early morning email telling me he was free today, Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I was, but for only part of the day as I had to go to work in the early afternoon. I replied, letting him know if he could be here early, we could play.

I'd been fantasizing about him a lot lately, his awesome eight-inch uncut dick, and how much I love sucking it. I want him in my bottom again too, but only when we have time to really play as I'm so very tight! I've also been thinking about threesomes, as my wife has finally agreed to play with us. I want both of us to suck him together, and I want to see him fuck her bareback and shoot his hot load into her tight pussy. After that, I want to suck him hard again, and have her sit on my face while he fucks me. Can't wait to do that!

Anyway, I was sitting at my laptop when a knock came on the door. I hadn't heard back from him, but thought it might be him anyway, and I opened the door to find him standing there. I welcomed him inside, and we spent a few minutes catching up before he began taking off his shoes and lowering his shorts. I was still in jeans and shirt, even though he prefers me nude, as I was just eager to get to his growing cock.

He sat on the couch and waved his erect cock at me, telling me to get down there and suck it. I went to my knees in front of him, and began to lick and suck his stiff penis. He moaned and held my head to his cock, telling me how much he loves my mouth on him, and I sucked greedily on his meat. He began to play with my nipples as I sucked, and I pulled off him long enough to pull my shirt off and throw it on the floor. Moaning as he pulled my nipples, I went back to sucking him. He wanted more though, and reached down to fondle my dick through my jeans. I stood up and finished stripping him, and went back to kneeling in front of him. He reached down and fondled my cock, hugging me to him, kissing my neck and gently biting me as he played.

This went on for some time, him fondling my cock and kissing all over my body, as I rubbed his dick and felt how wet and hard it was. I told him that I didn't have time for him to fuck me, but that I would love to make him come. He relaxed back on the couch, and told me to get to work. I did eagerly, and pulled his dick back into my mouth. We spent a good few minutes that way, him telling me to suck him and lick his balls, then pumping my mouth and telling me how much he loves the way I pleasure his cock.

After a few more moments, he pulled out and told me he wanted to see me jack my cock for him. I sat back on the other couch and began to play with my cock, and he stood over me and pulled on my nipples. We talked about fucking my wife and how much I wanted to see his bare cock penetrate her tight cunt and about her sitting on my face while he fucked me. That turned him on even more, and he began rubbing the head of my cock and sliding the pre-come around. He then ran his finger around my ass, teasing me and telling me that he wanted to fuck me.

I told him I was too tight and didn't have enough time, but he continued to tease me. He asked me to lay down on the floor for him, but I knew that if I did, he would simply pull my legs back and fuck me, so I told him I wouldn't do that today. He then stood up and raised my leg, giving him more access to my tight hole, and began rubbing his cock across my ass. I was still jacking my cock, and could now feel him rubbing my hole and begging to just put the head inside. He finally realized I wasn't going to do that today (I wanted it, but couldn't work with a sore butt!), and decided to finger-fuck me instead. I moaned as he penetrated me with his finger, kept jacking, and told him I was just too tight for it today.

He moved back up and brought his dick to my mouth, plunging it in and telling me to suck it. I sucked and jacked, and told him I wanted him to cum all over my face. I love that, it just feels so damn hot to feel his hot sticky sperm exploding all over my mouth, nose, and face! He was jacking hard now, telling me to eat his sperm, that he was going to cum in my mouth. We both worked our cocks furiously, me trying to keep his dick in my mouth as we both got closer to shooting our loads.

Finally, he groaned for me to take it, and began shooting hot sperm into my mouth. I took a mouthful and swallowed, and it just kept shooting, I lost track after eight shots. I finally came as well, pumping my load out as I worked to finish swallowing his.

We finally collapsed and he went to clean up, then thanked me for a great morning and asked when we can set up the threesome. I told him I would work on it, and we parted company. I can't wait until my wife can see this in person!

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