tagMind ControlPower and Pleasure Ch. 02

Power and Pleasure Ch. 02


Carol was awakened by a gentle kiss on her ear. "Good morning," Nathaniel's voice said.

She really didn't want to wake up. She was warmly nestled in a bed that was soft and deep. "What time is it?"

"Zero seven hundred," Nathaniel's voice said against her ear. "You can sleep some more if you want to."

Carol forced herself upright. "No. I can't believe it's after zero five-thirty. I never sleep later than zero five-thirty."

"Maybe there wasn't a good reason to stay in bed," Nathaniel observed.

Carol looked at him and smiled. He was still nude and she could see his whole body. She had seen it the previous night of course, but she had much more intent on touching rather than seeing. Now she regarded him as she would a statue in a museum: with an artistic eye. He lay on one side, leaning on an elbow. She swept her eyes from his chiseled face passed his broad chest to flat stomach. Her gaze continued lower to his half-erect manhood and over muscular thighs. Part of her said that he was too perfect to be the man she had slept with the previous night. What would such a magnificent creature want with her?

He, in turn, looked at her as though he was memorizing every detailed of her body. He let his gaze lingered on her large sparkling brown eyes, her high, well-defined cheeks, and her flowing brown hair which was now in an appealing state of disarray. He lowered his gaze to her breasts; firm and sized so that he couldn't quite fill a hand with one. He took in the firm flatness of her belly and the carefully groomed hair between her legs. Lastly, his eyes regarded the solid but exquisitely shaped thighs and the perfectly formed calves of her legs.

Carol suddenly covered herself with the sheets. An abrupt feeling of self-consciousness had gripped her. Nathaniel was so beautiful, and she was so plain. She left the bed and searched for something to put on. The dress she had worn last night was gone, and there was nothing else. "I need something to wear." She almost pleaded.

"Why?" Nathaniel said, moving toward her in an almost predatory manner.

"I can't walk around naked all day." Carol said.

"I mean why do you need cloths right now?" He was in arm's reach now, but did not reach out to her.

"I just do!" She said, growing angry because anger was better than fear.

He took her gently by the wrist. "Why did you panic when I looked at you?"

Her face turned red and she looked at the ground. "Because I'm naked," she said.

Nathaniel Laughed. The laugh was hearty and came from deep inside him. "After what we did to each other last night, you're worried about being naked in front me?"

"That was different. It was dark and we were..." She searched for a word, "...distracted."

There was another laugh. "Oh yes, I was distracted alright," the emperor said; still chuckling. "Let me show you what distracted me."

He led her over to a full length mirror hanging on one of the suite's walls and stood her in front of it. Standing behind her, he took the bed sheet she was using to cover herself away. "I was distracted by this face," he said caressing her cheek with his fingertips. Carol closed her eyes at the touch.

"Open your eyes," he commanded gently. "Look at yourself. Look at those gorgeous eyes of yours. Look at the graceful curve of your neck," he continued, trailing soft kisses from her jaw line to her shoulder. "You have beautiful breasts," he purred into her ear as his hands massaged the fleshy globes. She wanted to close her eyes and enjoy his touch, but she couldn't take her eyes away from his hands as they kneaded her breasts and made her nipples stiffen and grow.

His hands smoothed their way down her abdomen. "Your whole body is fantastic; so well toned, but not so muscled that it doesn't look feminine. You have curves in all the right paces, but your muscles are firm and tight. Not many women can get that mix of firm muscles and softness right, but you have."

Carol watched his hands move downward from her abdomen. The palm of his left hand circled of her pubic mound in a gentle massage while the fingers of his right hand stroked between her legs. "I love the way you trim yourself down there; just the right amount of hair. I love you thighs; they're luscious and smooth."

Carol's knees were week. Nathaniel's hands were stimulating her with such skill that she thought she would faint. His fingers did not search randomly within her; they found the perfect spot inside her with confident ease. His palm on her mound moved in perfect counter rhythm to his fingers. She could feel him, hard and long, against her skin from behind. But, even as he drove her toward climax, she did not; could not, close her eyes. She was watching herself react to his Nathaniel's ministrations. In the seconds before orgasm he whispered in her ear.

"You are beautiful," he said, his tone commanding her to believe what he has said.

She shook in his arms. He drove until he was supporting her weight almost completely. When, at last, he lowered them both to their knees she closed her eyes and reveled in the aftermath of her climax. He turned her to face him. Her eyes opened to find his boring into them. "You are beautiful Carol; don't ever forget that."He hugged her then. It seemed like a long time before she stirred in his arms.

Her body was only slowly surrendering control to her mind. She had never thought of herself as beautiful. She was attractive perhaps; but not beautiful. She had had her share of boyfriends, and even a few girlfriends in her life, but she had not considered herself as anything but average in appearance. But it seemed so important to Nathaniel that she knew she was beautiful in his eyes. His wives were so very lovely. Did he consider her to be their equal?

Nathaniel helped her to her feet. "That door over there is a closet," he said gesturing towards a door on the room's far side. "Find something to wear," he said smiling. "I've had your things brought over from your old room, but you'll find everything in the closet fits."

Carol opened the closet. It was three meters wide by six meters long and was filed with all types of clothing ranging from lingerie to complex evening gowns. A rotating rack contained at least fifty pairs of shoes. She selected a red, gold-trimmed, knee-length robe made of a material that seemed to have to qualities of silk but was many times lighter. It was so light she could barely feel it against her skin. It felt as though she still wore nothing. Nathaniel was donning a fresh pair of red pajamas that must have been brought there by the palace staff while she slept.

Carol became aware of the perspiration that had covered her during the incredibly energetic lovemaking she had engaged in the previous night. "I need a shower," she said as she tightened the belt of her own robe.

"No," Nathaniel countered, "You need a bath."


Nathaniel led her by the hand through the palace corridors. Four body guards fell into step around them as they left her suite. Carol became nervous at the sight of the guards. Two were male, and two female. They were armed with plasma pistols, and intricate sabers. Carol knew that the sabers were nano-blades; blades with edges were only the width of a single molecule, and forged ofcarbonized tele-forged adamite alloy. They were incredibly durable and so sharp that they could slice between the molecular bonds of their target. It would cost Carol a year of her commander's salary, including combat pay, to purchase one.

Each guard wore blood-red tunics and trousers and each had red and gold metal breast plates protecting their torsos. The female guards wore thigh-high black leather boots' the males' boots were knee high. The red marked them as the Emperor's personal guard; his blood guard. The current corps of blood guard was the first generation and was comprised equal numbers of males and females. On joining the blood guard they had agreed to marry only among each other. Their children would be the next generation of blood guard and their children the next. This, it was hoped, would produce an elite, supremely trained, cadre of guards of unquestionable loyalty to the royal family. Carol regarded the guards with not a little trepidation.

Nathaniel noticed her scrutiny of the guards. "It's sad that we have to live with so much security, but the government is young, and I've made an impressive array of enemies."

Carol had been caught up in Nathaniel's seductive lifestyle and had nearly forgotten that she was in the home of the Emperor. While the War against Chaos was over, the Old Federation's enemies still lurked behind their borders and looked at the fledgling Dynastic government with hungry eyes. She, herself had nearly been killed repelling an attempt by the Hadian Union to annex a border colony belonging to the Dynasty. At this point the death of the Emperor would likely doom the Dynasty in short order; guards would be something she would have to adjust to.

As they approached another set of wooden double doors their escorts positioned themselves on either side of the doors, joining two other guards already station there. Carol could here muffled voices and feint splashing sounds coming from behind the doors. When the doors opened they revealed a large bath.

A round bathing pool dominated the room. Carol estimated it to be ten meters across and it had a fountain at its center. A submerged bench lined its inner perimeter, and retractable rinsing hoses were spaced every other meter. It was made of white marble and ringed by a lovely assortment of potted and hanging plants that filed the room with their scent. Nathaniel's wives were all immersed in the water. Unknown to herself, Carol had stopped abruptly and blushed.

Shayal stood waist deep in the water and was being lovingly bathed by Sandra and Kalin who gently scrubbed her with soft-looking sponges. Shayal seemed utterly content as the two women worked the sponges in circles across her body. She was very fair-skinned, and this made her ebon hair seem all the darker as it was wetly mated on her neck and shoulders. Her breasts were small, but the general smallness of her body made them proportional. She was very lightly muscled, but her muscles still played sensuously under her skin. She was carrying on a conversation with Sandra and Kalin as they attended her; giving every indication that she had been bathed by them quite often.

Kalin was tall and voluptuously built with heavy, slightly pouting breasts. Her eyes betrayed some Asian ancestry but her height and robust frame made it clear that any Asian heritage was a distant one. Her hair was dark brown, and very curly. She was tall but not overly slim. This gave her a fleshy, feminine softness that was most apparent in her the graceful roundness of her bottom.

Sandra had a dancer's body. The muscles were well formed but had only a subtly sculpted appearance. Her blond hair reached to the middle of her shoulder blades and was currently damply matted so that it partially covered her medium-sized bosoms. Her body could have been used for a classical sculpture; its proportions perfect; its contours smooth and elegant. Her statuesque face help pale blue eyes the beamed with intelligence and passion of equal intensity.

Nearby, Miranda, the Dynastic Minister of industry, sat on the underwater bench while Monica, the Physician General, washed her silky back hair. Miranda was also of partially Asian lineage and was blessed with that smooth, luminous skin that only oriental blood could endow. She was taller than most Asian women, had sensual, flaring hips, and pert, grapefruit-sized breasts. Her eyes were now closed as Monica massaged her scalp and worked in the thick shampoo lather.

Monica' skin was darkly tanned and radiant. Her hair was light brown and curly and was currently pinned high on her head. She was well endowed with cleavage, and her nipples were large and dark. Her body was contoured in a profoundly womanly shape; one curve flowing smoothly into the next. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying attending to Miranda's hair and pleased at Miranda's enjoyment.

Carol would have given the other wives an equally thorough, if unconsciously motivated, visual inspection, but she was interrupted by Nathaniel' hands touching her shoulders. "We always bathe together in the morning before breakfast and get to work after we've eaten," he told her as his hands slipped around her to untie her robe's belt. "Thanks to you, I slept late and we all are getting a late star," he added playfully.

Jordan realized it was too late for modesty on her part; she had just spent the last several seconds blatantly ogling the women in the pool. She allowed Nathaniel to removed her robe and help her into the water, which was hotter than she expected, but still soothing. She lowered herself until her head was fully submerged, shaking her head as she surfaced. For several moments she sat on the pool's bench with her eyes closed as the heat melted into her.

Nathaniel sat beside her. "Feel better?"

She let herself sink a little lower. "Yes," she purred.

She was allowed to sit in silence for several minutes before Nathaniel, stood up and offered his hand to help her to her feet. She stood, and he led her toward the waist-deep center of the pool. He circled his arms around her from behind.

"You'll like this," he said intro her ear.

Shayal and Sandra came to her and began to lather her with the wonderfully soft hands and sponges. Carol had never been pampered before. Her childhood had been lived in a spartan fashion and her entire adult life had been lived in military service. But in this place; with these people, it was alright to be pampered. Still her body tensed as the two women spread the rich lather over her skin.

"It's alright," Nathaniel told her as that incredible energy went through her. "Relax."

The tension left her body and she sighed. The sponges were incredibly soft and the soap smelled of lavender and citrus. Nathaniel released her, took up a sponge himself, and scrubbed her back in long, loving stokes. The sponges slid over her body, the soap's fragrance filled the air, the hot water loosened her muscles, and Carol let herself drift away. She had never felt so welcome among any other group of people. She had just meant them, but she knew instinctively that she belonged with the people in the pool with at that moment. She could feel their love for her in the way they touched her; in the way they enjoyed seeing the pleasure they were giving her.

When Carol had been bathed from head to toe she was led back to the bench where Monica was waiting. Monica sat on the edge of the tub with her feet on the submerged bench. Sandra led Carol to the edge of the tub and had her sit on the submerged bench in front of Monica. Carol rested her head against Monica's stomach. To her right, she could see Miranda and Kalin bathing Nathaniel with the help L'vera the Commandant of the Dynastic Marine Corps.

L'vera was over six feet tall with straight black hair that cascaded to the middle of her back. Her muscles were the best defined of all the wives but were not so developed as to appear masculine. Carol thought that L'vera had the perfect mixture of muscle definition and fleshy softness that Nathaniel had told Carol she had. Although Carol really didn't believe it was true about her.

Sandra smiled and helped Carol get situated comfortably "Washing hair is Monica's specialty. You get clean hair and a scalp massage; you can't beat it."

Carol felt a copious amount of shampoo spread over the top other head. Skilled, loving fingers began gliding over her scalp; working the shampoo into a lather that had a scent Carol couldn't quantify but blended with the bath soap's fragrance perfectly. Monica's fingernails scratched the scalp with just the right amount of pressure; her fingers kneaded and loosened the tiny muscles in the forehead. Carol found herself pleasantly lazy as the overall serenity of the environment seemed to absorb her into its peacefulness.

"This feels wonderful. Thank you all so much," she sighed.

Shayal sat next to her and touched Carol's face. "You are very welcome Carol. We take care of each other in this family. You have a lot of healing to do and we will help you with that. When you are well you will help us build the Dynasty and take care of us just as we are caring for you now."

"M hmm," was the only response Carol could manage. She was immersed in a wonderful lethargy. It was much like being on the verge of sleep, but she was fully awake and experiencing every touch and sensation with keen, if somewhat drowsy, awareness. She was only subtly aware of Shayal's voice speaking to her. It seemed distant and soft, but very soothing.

Shayal spoke to Carol in soft half-whispers "That's it, Carol; let yourself go. The water is so hot and soothing. The soap and plants smell so good. Monica's hands are so soft on your scalp. It's so easy to let yourself relax. You're safe here among people who love you. There is nothing to worry about; nothing to do but relax and drift." Shayal continued her induction for twenty minutes, taking Carol into a deep trance.

Nathaniel waded across the pool to stand next Shayal. "Well done," he told Shayal.

"She went under so easily; and went deep very quickly as well," Shayal said, Looking down at Carol as Monica massaged her shoulders and neck, more because she was enjoying the feel of Carol's skin in her hands than for Carol's enjoyment.

Nathaniel took Shayal's hand. "I know, she went under quickly for me too, but it doesn't take long for her to tense up again. I could feel her tense up again about an hour after we went to sleep. I felt her muscles bunch up as she slept and used my telepathy to keep her from having a nightmare."

Monica caressed Carol's cheek. "I'm not surprised. Her file said that she had severe burns over eighty percent of her body. I can't imagine what the pain would have been like. The surgeries would have been grueling as well."

"I can't imagine how she survived," Shayal said, moving closer Carol and kissing her lightly on the shoulder.

Monica continued to enjoy the smoothness of Carol's skin. "When we decided to bring her into the family, I called her doctor on Fort Hope and asked him how she survived."

"What did he say?" Shayal asked.

"He said he didn't know," Monica replied. "He attributed it to will power. He said that Carol just refused to die. According to him, he'd never had a critical patient fight harder to live. Put simply, she's a very strong woman."

"She will make a fine wife and give you strong children," Shayal said.

"Yes she will," Nathaniel's said sitting on the other side of Carol. "She is so strong, so capable but she is also so insecure."

"She did not strike me as insecure," Shayal said.

"You're not going to believe this, but she doesn't think that she's beautiful." Nathaniel said.

"That is ridiculous; she's exquisite," Shayal observed gesturing toward Carol.

"It's not surprising, though," Monica said. "Her parents were part of the minimalist sect of the Order, and down-played physical beauty; stressing intellectual development."

"They could not tell their daughter that she was beautiful?" Shayal asked.

"Minimalists don't even acknowledge the value of art. Beauty is considered a transient illusion," Monica elaborated.

Nathaniel looked down at Carol as she drifted in trance. "There is nothing illusionary about her," he said with a hint of anger.

"Actually I'm amazed that she responded to life with us so quickly. Minimalists also try to deny physical pleasure, and view sex as only as a means of procreation," Monica observed.

"After all the pain she went through, she is entitled to all the pleasure we can give her; all the love we can give her." Shayal said stroking Carol's hair.

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