Power & Wealth: A Grandfather's Control Pt. 02


I remember how competitive I felt towards my daughter as we were dressing and I could feel the same thing back from her. As we dressed we would slyly glance over at each other, taking mental notes how we each looked compared to each other as we slowly put on our thongs, then our stockings and finally our high heels. As we walked around the fitting room before we put on our mini dresses, we looked at our bodies approvingly in the floor length mirrors while we sipped champaign that my father provided. It felt like a bizarre competition between mother and daughter which was brought on by my very own father. Our outfits were both very sexy and each highlighted our very different bodies.

My daughter Allison has a body that most men –especially older men fantasize about. She just turned 18 and has long blond hair and stands 5'8''tall and weighs 105 pounds. Although she is very skinny she has a huge set of breasts that measure 36DD! To add excitement to her huge breasts are an enormous wide and sinfully long pair of nipples. Even when I gave birth to her my nipples didn't get that big! 36DD-21-33; my daughters body is definitely what all men want, especially older wealthy and powerful men-men like her grandfather -my father!

Now about me. Without being conceited I have a body that exudes sexuality. At 54 years of age I am in better shape than most girls in their mid-twenties. My measurements are completely different than my daughters, but I am proud to say that I attract a lot of attention too, especially from younger men. I work out regularly to maintain my perfect toned body. My breasts are very small, almost flat measuring 30AA, and my waist and hip size is a perfect 24-36. At 5'6'' tall and weighing 115 pounds, my 30AA -24-36 turns a lot of heads, especially younger heads like these three horny Middle Eastern guys that can't wait to fuck me and of course my daughters former boyfriend Bobby who came by the house every day when my daughter was at cheerleading practice and while my husband played golf.

As my daughter and I sipped our champaign and walked around the room all I could think about was how powerful and wealthy my father was and that if he wanted me to dress like this I was more than willing to please him, especially since he provided us our wealthy lifestyle and everything we own. The strange thing was that I knew that my daughter Allison was thinking the exact same thing.'

Allison then thought to herself.

While my mother and I were dressing, we were each looking at each other slyly as if we were competing for my grandfathers' attention. It was more like we were rivals instead of mother- daughter. By the confident way my mother was acting I just knew she was thinking the exact same thing that I was, which was,

"What would it be like to fuck him?"

Well as you know, later that night I watched my sexy grandfather fuck two young girls my age with his massive cock for more than five hours. The image of that enormous cock fucking in and out of those two girls my age, non-stop for hours and watching the amazing amounts of cum that shot out of it more than five times that night was too much for me to take. I remember not sleeping at all then going to his study early in the morning, while my boyfriend; rather ex-boyfriend was asleep. I went to his study sinfully dressed in a pair of black high heel pumps and a pair of ultra- tight shorts and a sheer white blouse without any bra on. The image of my 74 year old grandfather and I playing with each other to the point of him making me cum just by the way he sucked my big swaying 36DD tits and my inch long nipples through the sheer material of my see-through blouse while he finger fucked my scorching pussy and my burning ass while I ran my fingers up and down his giant 13nch cock is something that is forever burned in my brain. That was when my grandfather told me that he would take me to one of the hotels he owned in Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate my 18th birthday and spend it by fucking all weekend long. I remember how jealous my mother seemed to get when my grandfather told her and my father what his plans were for me.

Looking down into the living room Allison watched her mother continue to eagerly and proudly suck and pump the three young Middle Eastern cocks as she moaned in a throaty voice about how much she loved jacking their big powerful cocks and couldn't wait to fuck em. As she continued playing with the three big cocks, Vivian's mind drifted back to the meeting she had with her father yesterday. When the call came from her father that he was in LA and needed to speak to her about a matter of business she instantly canceled her luncheon plans which included her afternoon fuck with her daughter's former boyfriend. Although she was excited to meet her father, she was also jealous that he was going to take her daughter to Las Vegas for a long weekend.

Vivian thought to herself,

'I remember how fucking jealous I got when my father told my husband and I that he was going to take our daughter to Las Vegas for a long weekend to celebrate her 18th birthday. Of course the reason I was so jealous was because my father was always in the company of young, very sexy teenage girls between 18 and 20 and because he is very powerful and very wealthy and also very sexy especially for 74 years of age. Just the way my father could control and manipulate a situation and have my daughter and I were eager to dress the way he wanted turned me on, and I'm quite sure turned my daughter on too. I knew the way my father took in the appearance of his granddaughter at his party while the three Middle Eastern men were flirting with me and lecherously taking in my body, my father was equally lusting for my daughter, and I could tell she was loving every second of the rapt attention her wealthy and powerful grandfather was giving her.'

'Even though I had 2 hours to get ready before his limo arrived I was having a hard time deciding what to wear. All I knew was that my mind was racing from the party and how my father had my daughter and I dressed for him. I was actually getting really turned on to be alone with him. First I took a hot bath in the jacuzzi and shaved my legs. When I dried off I put lotion on my entire body. After I dried off I had an hour to get dressed. I felt so wicked, as I tried on outfit after outfit with the single purpose to turn my father on. I went from outfit to outfit thinking," Will this outfit turn my father on? Is this hot enough? Will this one make his cock turn on to fuck me?'

Change after change the outfits became more and more revealing. Finally, I selected a very sexy and quite daring outfit. Thinking about how my father had my daughter dress in a more classic and sexy look, I chose a very tight black short pencil skirt. It clung to my hips and was about 8 inches above my knee. I was all legs. I wore a pair of elegant tan thigh high stockings and black open toed high heel pumps just like my daughter wore for my father. I decided to be daring and not wear a bra. The material was so sheer that you could easily make out my ultra-flat 30AA tits and my long pink turned-on nipples. This in itself was very sex and very naughty. I was confident that this classic sexy look would drive my wealthy and powerful father wild.

When my fathers' limo arrived I took one last look in the mirror and admired my devilish look. I couldn't believe how much sex I exuded. I began to think what the neighbors would say when they saw their socialite 54 year old neighbor walk out of the house dressed in a short tight black pencil skirt with tan thigh high stockings and black open toed high heel pumps and a sheer blouse without a bra. The sheer blouse being so transparent that you could see her flat chest and big turned on nipples piercing through the sheer fabric a mile down the road!' I then said out loud slyly,

'Well father, I know that you like fucking young girls and I know that you are taking your granddaughter to Vegas to celebrate her 18th birthday, and there is no doubt in my mind that you two will be fucking all weekend, but hopefully once you see how sexy your daughter is, you'll want to add this tight and very talented pussy to your endless list of sexy fucks.'

My father called on the limo phone to announce that he had arrived and sent the driver out to escort me to the car. When I walked out of the house the limo drivers eyes were glued to me. I could see my reflection in the black tinted glass as I walked towards the limo and knew my father was watching. Wow did I look sinful! The clicking of my high heel pumps drew the drivers' attention to my long shapely legs then up to my silhouetted hard pink nipples as they pierced through the sheer fabric lewdly.

I could tell the effect my hot outfit had on him and couldn't wait to be sitting next to my sexy father. The driver was smart enough to know not to make small talk with me because a man as powerful as my father could easily make his measly little life and all of his family miserable. This is something I knew about the power my father and it was something that literally turned me on. It was this kind of power that commanded loyalty from his employees. It was the kind of ruthless power he processed. My father had a complete disregard for anything except acquiring more power and wealth that turned me on like crazy.

When I got into the limo my fathers eyes were riveted to my body. It was exactly what I had hoped for. When I slid into the plush leather seat I crossed my long stocking covered legs and let him take in every sinful inch of me. I could feel my fathers eyes travel slowly form my black high heel pumps up to the top of my tan thigh high stockings to my ultra-flat chest with my braless pink nipples piercing through the transparent material. I then noticed how amazingly fit he was dressed in a white dress shirt and pants. His slender physique gave him an even more distinguished look.

He then said as his eyes roamed in an almost sinister way over every inch of my body, "You look very sexy Vivian...Very sexy."

I looked at him in a very mischievous way and said, "Ummm... I was hoping you'd like it Frank ( My father never wanted us to call him anything other than his name), I wanted to dress in something that would really impress you"

My father then leaned into me and said in a commanding manner, "Oh yes baby, you most certainly have captured my attention."

At that point his tongue came out of his mouth like a snake and I instantly opened my mouth and pushed my tongue out to meet his. For nearly 10 minutes the tips of our tongues flicked wildly across each others which caused me to moan excitedly. It was so devilish and naughty. Here I was, sitting in a limo dressed in a sinfully short tight black pencil with a sheer white blouse without a bra on with tan thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps and a sheer thong, wildly kissing my 74 year old father who was impeccably dressed in an expensive business suit.

After our naughty kiss my father opened a bottle of champaign and made a toast and said slyly as he took in the sight of my long toned stocking covered legs then to my hard turned on braless nipples that shot off of my ultra flat chest, "To my very sexy daughter, who deserves the absolute best in life."

It was then that I noticed the enormous bulge and length of his cock as it ran along the inseam of his left leg. I nearly died from the shock of seeing this giant bulge run a few inches from his knee!

He then noticed me staring in shock and said almost arrogantly, "That's right baby, your father has a very big cock."

As he watched the look of stunned shock on my face turn into heated lust and he said in a conceitedly voice that made me aware that he has seen this take place millions of times,

"I can tell you like looking at this big cock too Vivian....don't you baby. I'm quite sure it's huge compared to your weak, pathetic husbands.

He ten said arrogantly,

"Go ahead and play with it baby."

At that moment I knew I had to play with it. After the amazing weekend and all the stories I had heard about my fathers ruthless reputation and his reputation for being with thousands of sexy young girls and knowing that my daughter was going to be fucking him all weekend in Las Vegas I needed to play with it myself. I looked up at him deviously then put down my champaign glass and began running the tips of my fingers ever so slowly over the massive girth of his monster cock. I could feel the pulsing through his pants then looked up at him and said in a naughty voice,

"Oh baby now I know why your so popular ...Oh god Frank ... its huge... soooo fucking huge...I've never felt a cock this big. Oh baby I've been thinking about what it would be to fuck you for a long time...A real long time father. When I was in the dressing room with your granddaughter, all I could think about was wishing you were there watching me put on my sexy stockings and garter belt then those sexy glass platform high heels and then taking me and fucking me right in front of her. Oh baby you had us both competing for the chance to see which one of us you wanted to fuck. God all I wanted was for her to see that you wanted to fuck me over her father. I wanted you to take me right in front of her and fuck me with this fucking huge cock while she watched her mother get into a sexy hot fuck with her grandfather!"

I then let him know that I was well aware that he planned on fucking his granddaughter this weekend in Vegas and said hotly,

"I know your going to fuck your granddaughter this weekend father and I have to say that I was jealous before but I'm extremely jealous now, especially knowing that my big titted 18 year old daughter is going to fuck her 74 year old grandfathers huge-unimaginable cock all weekend long!"

As I continued playing with my father's enormous cock he said assertively,

"Yes Vivian, I'm going to fuck Allison all weekend. Her body has driven me wild for the longest time, and now that she is 18 I'm going to enjoy introducing her to her grandfathers' 13 inch cock."

As soon as I heard my father say that he was 13 inches my throat made a guttural low groan and caused me to actually cum. After I came our tongues met for a nice slow-flicking kiss that lasted almost 5 minutes. We then took our glasses and sipped some champaign. My father then told me that the reason he was here was that he needed me to entertain the three Middle Eastern men from the party on their private yacht for the next ten days. When he said entertain I knew that this translated to fucking all three of them. Although what I really wanted was to spend ten days fucking my father's giant 13 inch cock, the thought of fucking those three men that were openly stripping me with their eyes was very appealing too. I also remember that they didn't seem at all interested in my daughter which added to the thrill of fucking them.

He told me that the three Middle Eastern men were really turned on to me. He added that the reason he needed me was because while I entertained them he was planning a takeover of the company that they were trying to acquire. My father said that while I was entertaining them he had planned a way to take over the new company and sell it off before they knew what hit them. This was exactly what my father was about, corporate greed. If someone had something he wanted, there was no stopping my father from getting it. This included more wealth and now his own daughter and granddaughter. I had to admit I have never been so turned on. Just thinking about my father being so ruthless and cold-blooded with no regard for the fate of so many innocent people who worked their entire lives to build homes and families and that gave their all to a company that was just swept out from under them, and that their entire lives were instantly shattered and the fact that he was reveling in his success and their fate and sent shock waves way up into my tight pussy.

My father then signed the deal with me when he said,

"Baby, after I take over their company, I'm going to take you to my villa in Monte Carlo for an entire month to really get to know my daughters sexy pussy."

My father said that if I agreed he could make the arrangement for the men to pick me up tomorrow morning. When I mentioned that my husband would be home at that hour he just laughed and said that it was time to humiliate him for being such a poor excuse for a man anyway. My father than reached for a few boxes and said that they were for me to greet he three m young men and to wear during the ten days on their private yacht. . In the boxes were the most sinful cloths imaginable. Even more devilish than the outfits he chose for my daughter and me for his party last week.

One box had 5 of the most daring string bikinis I have ever seen. I wear string bikinis, but nothing I have were like this. I new my father selected these because they were designed specifically to keep their attention riveted on me at all times. As I held up each bikini my father and I would meet with our tongues flicking each other for a few minutes in a very sexy and very naughty kiss. I was really getting turned on to the thought of being dressed in these sinful bikinis in front of these three young Middle Eastern men for ten days. As I was flicking my fathers hot tongue I began to moan as I imagined myself teasing these three young men dressed in these naughty string bikinis that would barley cover the nipples of my tiny flat tits.

My father then handed me another box. In this box there were five styles of high heels. They were my exact size which was an 8. When I told my father that my daughter and I were surprised that he seemed to know our exact measurements and dress, right down to our shoe sizes he responded assertively,

"I make it my point to know everything about my employees, my business rivals and especially the daughter and granddaughter im going to fuck."

I then ran my hand up and down that monstrous cock again and met him for another sinful father –daughter kiss and moaned hotly,

"Oh baby I can't wait till it's me getting fucked by this huge 13 inch cock instead of my daughter!"

There were two pairs of classic high heel pumps. One was a classic white high heel pump and the other was an open toed black high heel pump. I had an idea that I would wear these during dinner either dressed in a strapless tight dress or perhaps for a very devilish look coming to dinner dressed in just a sheer white lace bra and a pair of nude or beige thigh high stockings attached to a white lace garter belt. The next three pairs were different types of those porn-like glass platform high heels. One was a strapless 6 inch glass high heel that I could see myself easily slipping on and off getting in and out of a jacuzzi or for getting up from a lounge chair on the deck of the yacht, or for removing when we finally got to bed after fucking all day and night.

The second was a pair 7 inch glass high heel that had an ankle strap on it. At one point my father said that these young men were going to love fucking me, but that he had learned that they could be very aggressive especially because I was a white American woman, and in their culture women are very reserved. I told my father that I saw the look of lust on their faces at the party and that I was going to enjoy letting them use my pussy, especially knowing that while I was fucking the three of them and distracting them with my pussy, he was going to be taking over their company. Of course that brought my father and I back for a sexy kiss. I then thought that this would be the pair I knew I would wear when the four of us would be fucking non-stop and very aggressively. Having the strap on my ankle would assure that the 7 inch glass high heel would remain on while they aggressively fucked their spoiled white American woman. I knew that just the fact that I was a white American would make them turn angry when they were fucking me.

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