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Power Out


Damn it was cold! For the past few days, temperatures had been in the low 20's, a dash of frozen snow covered the ground from a week ago. Now the weatherman was predicting temperatures would rise a little and we might have a blizzard tonight. I was shivering in my wool sweater, and fleece lined jeans, as I walked around my one bedroom apartment making sure I had things ready just in case the power would go out like it had a dozen times already this month. 'Well that took 30 seconds' I thought to myself with a giggle.

My small fluorescent lantern sat on the table in front of the couch, my feet resting next to it, the glow of the TV filling the otherwise darkened room. Some stupid movie was on, but not holding my attention at all. Almost drifting off to sleep, the phone rang, and startled me back into reality.


"Amy? This is your cousin Jan Johnston, your Mom's sister's daughter."

"Oh my God. Jan! Long time no hear from. How are you doing?"

Growing up Jan and I had been close until we moved away when I was 14 or 15. Maybe 'close' didn't quite capture it very well, for me, I hope for her too. Then after my Mom died about 20 years ago, I pretty much lost touch with all my relatives, what few I'd not already lost touch with. Dad had been in a car wreck and died a long time ago and I had never liked any of the relatives on that side of the family, don't think they much liked me either. Don't know why that was.

"Freezing my ass off right now."

"Where are you?"

"I was on my way to California, moving, everything I have is inside the car, and had some car trouble. Thought I remembered you living here, sure hoping so, actually one of the reasons I took a detour. Looked in the phone book, and found your name. Aren't you the lucky one?"

"What? As the winner of a house guest tonight?" I laughed just in case she missed the joke.

"If you don't mind? The car is fixed, but all the motels, all 3 of them, are filled because of the chance of a blizzard. Everyone is pulling off the Interstate early."

"Just a one bedroom place, but I'd love to see you again. Would be like old times. I have a big bed, promise not to bite."

"Feels like at least a 'one dog night'.

"Glad to be your dog tonight."

I gave her directions and she promised to call if she got lost.

There was a knock on the door and I flipped on the ceiling light. I opened the door, standing a little behind it to shield myself from the cold. I didn't even take time to look at her, the wind was howling, filling the place up with icy cold air.

"Get your sweet little frozen ass in...." I didn't finish before the lights went out. A quick glance and I saw the whole neighborhood was dark, I mean really dark.

I reached out and touched her. "Take my hand and I'll lead you." We walked, slowly, hand in hand, through the dark the 10 feet or so to the couch. "Stop. Let me turn on my lantern."

"No, wait. I want to hug you in the dark so I can remember what it was like as kids when the lights would go out. Remember how scared I used to get and you would 'protect me'? Keep me safe from the monsters that were under the bed?"

She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight. It felt so good. Her hands slid down my arms, across the soft wool.

My right arm wrapped around her neck and I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her lips. Something we had done many times as girls. Sure we had a few boyfriends, not many, but Jan and I had been special to each other. We stood for a while, hugging and kissing, just letting the wonderful memories of long ago flood back into our awareness.

I leaned over and flipped the lantern on; a bright white light flooded the room. It had been such a long time, long, long time. We were now both in our late 40's. Time had been okay looks wise to both of us. Still were both slim, her long hair was graying, mine still brown with a little gray starting to show. Maybe not knockouts to most, but to me, she was still just as lovely as I'd remembered.

I pulled on her hand. "Come sit next to me. I'm dying to hear all about you. You and John still together?"

"That was a short lived marriage. He ran off with some bimbo after a few years. Just as well, he never could satisfy me in bed. Guess you spoiled me way back when. Don't know what this little chick saw in him, maybe just money. My God, you look so good Amy! Wow!"

"Sorry about John. No ... never married. Have had a few guys that I hung out with, nothing serious, just some good fucks once in awhile. There were a few women, little serious, but nothing that lasted all that long. While it did, it was good."

"Have to pee. Mind?"

"Let me show you where. I can hold the lantern."

"Just like the old days."

I carried the lantern as she followed me into my bedroom.

"This is a cute place. Very nice from what I can see right now."

"Yeah. I like it. Been here maybe 2 years. Let me just stand and hold the light for you." I leaned against the doorframe, lantern in my right hand. As she turned, her back now to the wall, the light illuminated her face in the otherwise darkened room. I just looked, said nothing, just looked.

"I remember how you used to like to watch me do certain things." Jan slowly pulled her jeans and panties down around her ankles, wiggled her bottom a little to tease me, then sat on the toilet.

"God, how I liked to watch you masturbate." I could hear the urine splash in the water, and then stop. As she reached for the toilet paper, I asked, "Can I?"

She rolled some together and handed it to me, then parted her legs.

After a slow wipe, I dropped it in the toilet, then slid my finger through where I'd just wiped. I looked in her eyes; the radiance was over powering.

She grabbed my wrist and moved it, forcing my finger to be pressed a little harder, a little more forcefully, against her. Her face scrunched looking like she was having an orgasm. "Still nice, you know, ... after all these years."

"Wish we hadn't lost touch. Leave those there and come here."

Jan slipped the clothes from around her ankles over her shoes, stood, wearing just her sweater, took the lantern from me, and held my hand.

"Anywhere you want to go sweetie. I'm in your spell."

Through the harsh light of the lantern, I lead her to the bed and sat down. She walked back to the wall and put the lantern on the floor behind the chair so the light would reflect up the wall and across the ceiling. Then she joined me on the bed.

"I feel like I'm a kid again." Jan kissed me on the ear, the neck, and then a lingering soft kiss on the lips.

"I know. I was just thinking about that. It's been 35 years, but it feels like just yesterday." I put my hand over her chest; letting it slide across her breasts. Even though her sweater, it still felt good to me.

"Oh babe, I'm so hot suddenly. Sure the furnace is not working?"

"Maybe it's just my beauty?" I laughed.

"Amy, you don't know what you are doing to me with your touch." She reached down and pulled my sweater and t-shirt up and over my head in one slow motion. "Still don't wear bras. Nice." She leaned down and without touching anything else, she put her lips over my nipple and began to lick and suck it.

I leaned my head back and moaned. "Oh fuck me Jan. Just take me like a horny teenager." I fell backwards onto the bed and smiled at her.

She unfastened my jeans and pulled them down over my hips and knees. "Baby! Forgotten how lovely you were down here. Soft smooth skin. I like it bare the way you have it now." Without even getting my jeans over my feet, she scooped a fingertip through my pussy lips and licked her finger. "Shit! You still taste so good."

I knew I could hardly wait, but I begged, "Please take our shoes off."

Jan sat up, finished removing any remaining pieces of clothing, and then lay back down next to me.

I laid on my right side. Lightly, tenderly, I stroked the side of her face with my hand while looking into her eyes, those blue eyes I loved to look at so many years ago. I touched my lips to hers in barely perceptible kisses, all across her mouth, one way, and then back a few times. Her lips had always been one of my most favorite parts of her body; I could kiss and nibble on them for hours.

"Touch me everywhere." she whispered in my ear, and then nibbled on my ear lobe.

Without the electricity, the room grew colder as time passed; but I, no we became hotter. I was almost tempted to open a window a few times. As much passion as was raging though my body, I still just wanted us to continue touching, stroking, gently kissing each other, the way were. That was one of the joys of being with another woman, one I'd come to savor over the years, the slow long foreplay, the lack of a rush, no hurry, the fact that little imperfections age can provide us has less meaning. I was in heaven as we explored each other's body once again, after so many years.

Morning light filled the room, the battery in the lantern seemed dead, dead once again, the heater now working again, Jan's head rested over the space between my legs, her mound against my nose, an interesting aroma filling my senses, better than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. I moved my head slightly and kissed her protruding clit, then warped my lips around it and tenderly sucked it like a nipple.

She moved her hips, at first just a little, then again. "Good morning love. What a nice way to be awakened."

"Well ... it was just there pointing at me when I woke up. What else was I to do?"

"Careful, doing that may make it impossible for me to leave."

"Oh damn!" I giggled. "I don't want you to go Jan. Stay. Please stay."

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